Why do you dream of shaving your head? Shaving your head interpretation of the dream book.

When interpreting why you dream of shaving your head, you need to pay attention to the sacred meaning of the action carried out in a dream. Such manipulations speak of the rejection of the old (habits, connections, relationships, things), the desire to radically change reality, the desire to move to a new stage in life. Dream books associate the hair seen with the success and well-being of the sleeper, so getting rid of it indicates problems and obstacles: contrived by the dreamer or intentionally created by others.

What if you dream about a shaved head?

For example, the dreamer may dream of a person he knows who also has a shaved head in real life. Such a dream means absolutely nothing, and you should not pay attention to it. It’s just that the dreamer could have thought about this person the day before, which is why his thoughts were reflected in his dream at night. If you dream of some stranger or stranger who has a shaved head, then this dream can already be interpreted depending on what gender this person was, because the meaning of the dream due to such seemingly trifles can be completely different , and have the opposite consequences.

Meeting a shaved woman in a dream foreshadows hunger and need, but when meeting a shaven-headed man, one can hope for prosperity in life and wealth. If you dream of your own husband or wife with a shaved head, then this indicates that there may be alienation in the family due to financial issues.

How can you answer the question, why do you dream of a shaved head, if it is your own head or the head of a loved one? Such a dream does not bode well. It means that the owner of a shaved head will have either serious health problems or no less serious troubles with people around him. After this dream, you should pay more attention to your well-being and solving possible problems at work and in the family. As a rule, such a dream does not bring personal problems, but only problems at work or in another team.

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  • 15-Oct-2021 Natasha My husband had his hair cut in a dream.
  • 23-Mar-2021 Lyudmila INNA, I had exactly the same dream as you, what does this mean?
  • 8-Dec-2020 Irina My daughter-in-law dreamed that my son shaved my head and I was cold. What does it mean?
  • 9-Aug-2020 Olga I dreamed that my friend shaved me bald. While I was sleeping in a dream. And he even hurt himself while doing it. There is a scratch on the head, what does it mean? Should I be afraid of him? Help me to understand
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