Why do you dream of a dead brother crying: interpretation using a dream book

Analyzing the nature of crying

It would seem that even people who are very far from dream interpretation know why they dream of crying. But sometimes, the surrounding environment of a dream still makes you cry when typing a dream book into an online request. Or look for your favorite book with interpretation.

Crying bitterly - mental hardships will end, and a new period of life will begin, which will bring a lot of pleasure.

Quietly pouring tears into the pillow means a slight discomfort. Once cured, the disease will never appear again.

Crying silently, without making a sound - just tears rolling down - renunciation. In real life, the dreamer will be able to withstand difficult moral tests without losing face.

The reason for the tears

Tears in a dream

It is very easy to explain why you dream of crying from resentment. In real life, the dreamer will be able to save face in almost any situation. If the offender is a real acquaintance, then even very strained relationships will suddenly improve. If you were offended by your mother or father, then they are very worried about you and are waiting for your visit.

With the help of a dream, the brain helps to get rid of overwhelming emotions; no special interpretation is required to look for a dream book to cry.

Crying at the grave of a deceased relative is a good sign. Dreams are very disturbing if a father or mother has died, but they indicate that the parents will live a very long time in health and surrounded by loving people.

Brother according to the General Dream Book

If you saw a brother in a dream: this portends you happiness and good luck.

Seeing the death of a brother: a sign of grief, big problems for you.

Getting into a fight with a brother in a dream: experiencing tender family feelings in reality, usually observing a brother in a dream If you saw a cousin in a dream: you will become acquainted with a decent and kind person; a cousin seen in a dream: deceit, you are surrounded by gossip.

Frequent correspondence with a brother or sister: a serious quarrel between families.

Identification of the shedder of tears

To get a deeper interpretation of dreams, if you dreamed of crying, it is important to consider not only why the emotions poured out in tears, but also all those who were also upset in the dream or cried with the dreamer.

Relatives crying

Dreams in which relatives cry are not uncommon. Depending on how close the ties connect the dreamer with the crying person, the dream can be interpreted differently. Then you will be able to receive timely warning or good advice in a difficult situation.

Mom - taking care of health

Mom is crying - to obstacles

When a mother dreams, it symbolizes inner softness, the protection of the hearth, the comfort and care that a person was enveloped in as a child. A mother whose tears flow in a dream can symbolize an obstacle in any of the areas: love, comfort, health.

If you dreamed that your mother was crying, the dreamer needs to seriously think about the state of his health. Such dreams come when the situation can be corrected with simple prevention. There is no need to postpone a visit to the doctor, even if nothing worries you, says Miller’s dream book.

If the mother cries with happiness, then the dream can be interpreted literally. She will rejoice at how the dreamer’s life will turn out. Very soon, fate towards him will change anger to mercy, and the person will receive everything he lacks in the areas of interest to him. Otherwise, there will also be profit, and the mother will actually be able to be proud of such a child.

Dad - “do what you have to, and come what may”

Dad appears in a dream as an image of a moral core, family foundations and a protector from the influence of the external environment. If dad cries in a dream, it is quite possible that the dreamer has problems with self-esteem. Or a crying dad may mean that the success that the dreamer achieved was not obtained in a completely honest way.

If dad cries in a dream

You need to pay attention to the reason why dad is shedding tears. If there were no special reasons or vivid plot in the dream that made you cry, then it is quite possible that dad will resolve his past problems very soon. And the dreamer will be very happy about this.

If dad is upset or offended by the dreamer, it is still worth paying attention to the qualitative difference between his moral core and his father. Perhaps this is unprofitable at the moment, but after a while, the dreamer will be able to make sure that dad was right in the dream.

Grandmother is the keeper of family values

Grandmother is a symbol of the wisdom of past years, the foundation of the family. She is the keeper of family traditions and true values. If your grandmother cries in a dream, there are serious reasons to think about your own way of life. Perhaps the dreamer forgot his main purpose, which his grandmother once mentioned?

If your grandmother cried in a dream

Living without a main task and without a goal will very quickly lead to spiritual emptiness. Grandma knows this like no one else. Therefore, if your grandmother cries in a dream, you need to seriously reconsider your attitude towards life. It is quite possible that you missed the right moment for something important: moving up the career ladder or starting a family.

A dreaming grandmother will definitely remind you of this. If you haven’t seen her for a long time, be sure to call or stop by - grandma will definitely be happy.

Brother - routine chores

Seeing your brother crying in a dream means minor troubles. Minor quarrels and misunderstandings are possible. If you observe from afar that your brother is crying, you will receive unpleasant news, due to which a lot of time will be lost.

If you dream that you had a big fight with him, and your brother cries from resentment, your selfishness can ruin your relationships with loved ones. If a brother cries at a relative’s funeral, a noisy feast is expected, the result of which will be disastrous.

A brother symbolizes support and reliability - he is the pride of the family and the heir. If in reality the dreamer has a brother, then his tears may be due to news of the upcoming celebration. Otherwise, you need to be wary of intrigues that could destroy family relationships.

Daughter - the formation of femininity

If your daughter cries

If your daughter cries in a dream, then in reality she really needs support. Parents, most likely, guess what problems their daughter prefers to keep silent about, and pretend that in reality they do not exist. The daughter, wanting self-sufficiency, supports such a game, but at this time she suffers greatly.

You need to pay a little attention to the girl, and the daughter will have a frank conversation. At the moment, his parents need him no less than she herself. And after a while, you will have the opportunity to make sure that you did everything correctly.

When you dream of a little daughter and she cries in her sleep, unexpected events will happen in reality. Fate has not yet revealed whether they are for good or for ill, but the fact that they will greatly surprise you is for sure.

Son - the desire to be yourself

If your son cries

Hearing your son cry in a dream means that behind his self-confidence and insolence lies a sensitive nature. My son is now very worried about whether he can live up to his parents’ expectations. If he is not helped, the son will withdraw into himself and, quite possibly, will commit a number of rash acts, which he will later regret.

Seeing your son cry means he needs your attention and support. He wants to meet his parents' demands, but is afraid that his personality characteristics will cause your rejection. Allow him to be himself, and your son will definitely please you.

Wife – important decisions are postponed

If you dream that your wife is crying, soon the bureaucratic affairs that you have started will stall, and it will be very difficult to move them forward. A crying wife means that the moment when you can calmly enjoy the quiet comfort of family is being delayed.

In a dream, a wife symbolizes peace, tranquility and comfort of the family nest. If your wife cries in a dream, it means that there may be some difficulties in the financial sphere. You should analyze your activities over the past week - perhaps the wife tried to convey useful information, but the dreamer never found time for it.

This dream does not symbolize a complete collapse or crisis in a relationship. All problems that arise will be temporary and will end very soon. It is important to pay attention to her desires and requests.

If your ex-wife cries, you dream of such dreams to meet her soon. You will have several points of contact, thanks to which the relationship will be established. It is quite possible that the ex-wife will want to return the broken marriage, but even if this does not happen, communication with her will no longer bring negative emotions.

The cry of a deceased relative is a warning of trouble

It’s a bad sign if you dream of a deceased relative who is crying. This is a very bad sign. Such dreams cannot be ignored, especially if it is a father or mother.

Such dreams occur before disastrous events. At this moment, it is important not to make important decisions. Trouble can be avoided if you carefully listen to your intuition and correctly interpret other aspects of the dream.

Crying of familiar or distant people

If your loved one cries

If you dreamed that your loved one was crying, then your relationship is under threat due to your unwillingness to hear your interlocutor. If a loved one cries silently and tears just roll down his cheeks, this is a bad sign, it is quite possible that he will be drawn into a bad environment.

If a loved one cries bitterly at the grave, he is ready for further development of the relationship. It is quite possible that you will be invited to a magnificent celebration as guests of honor (for example, to witness a wedding or baptize a child).

A dream in which a loved one seeks solace in the tears of another woman can be interpreted in two ways. On the one hand, there are intrigues and gossip around the dreamer’s person, and on the other, your loved one is tired of your uncertainty, because he wants a stable relationship.

In this case, in reality, you need to listen carefully to his desires. Perhaps your loved one wants to spend the rest of his life with you, and his tears are a sign of a magnificent wedding.

Friend. Girlfriend

If a friend cries

If a close friend or girlfriend cries in their sleep, this is not a bad sign. Perhaps a friend or girlfriend is on the eve of solving many problems, and when it’s all over, and not without your help, a great drinking session awaits you.

You need to be careful during this period of time. Perhaps during the feast this friend or girlfriend will provoke a very negative attitude from people close to you. The shadow of this will fall on you. And if a friend or girlfriend can come out of the water clean, then the dreamer will clearly not succeed.

It is likely that in this situation a friend or girlfriend will treat you dishonestly.

If you dream that your ex-girlfriend is crying, this promises a quick joyful meeting, and if in the past the separation was cold or strained, then now the relationship will improve.


Seeing your enemy cry is a complete advantage over him. If you dream that the enemy is crying, he is almost defeated.

When you dream that you had to console someone if your enemy was crying, there is a rigid moral core in your life. It is quite possible that your enemy will become your friend, thanks to precisely this position in life.

If the enemy first bursts into heart-rending tears and then leaves, in reality, this person will never appear in your life again.


Seeing the bride cry

If the bride sheds tears, you need to seriously think about the expediency of the appointed marriage. It is quite possible that the bride herself is not ready for serious actions, and chose this path not at the behest of her heart, but for other reasons. In any case, a bride crying in a dream foretells that the future marriage will be short-lived and unhappy.

Seeing a bride dressed in white cry bitterly is unlucky. Soon events will occur that will touch to the core not only you, but also everyone around you.

Lifting a white veil and seeing that the bride is crying is a disappointment. Your relationship with your other half will not work out.

The ex-bride is crying - to a pleasant meeting that will bring many joyful moments.


An interesting interpretation of dreams in which strangers cry. If among them and everyone around is sobbing inconsolably, the dreamer will be the center of attention at some kind of celebration. Maybe his wedding is coming, popular online dream books report.

It is a very bad sign if you dream that strangers are crying in church. You need to listen to such dreams, and if you are planning a trip, it is better to refuse it.

Being in church and hearing people’s prayers and cries means an unstable political situation, mass protests and military action are possible.

When children cry

Crying children in a dream

Dreams in which you see children crying are depressing. For a person who, in reality, does not have children, these messages indicate that sometimes they are too serious and have long ceased to be surprised by ordinary things.

Sigmund Freud, who compiled a unique dream book, interprets crying as an active action. And if a woman sees a crying child in a dream, then on a subconscious level, she strives to become a mother, even if this desire is denied in reality.


Seeing a little boy crying in a dream means worries and troubles that will turn into joy and, possibly, a feast. For women, seeing that the boy is a complete stranger means they will have to solve the problems of strangers. The dreamer will then greatly regret that he was drawn into this matter.

Seeing a completely naked boy crying means serious financial difficulties. You will have to take on unpleasant, petty work that will only irritate you, and the reward for it will be minimal. To see him among adult women, and one of them wants to console him, means the dreamer will find himself in an alien environment that will seem to him not only ridiculous, but also aggressive.

The boy is lost and crying bitterly - to receive unpleasant news. Due to a misunderstanding between relatives, the planned event will be in jeopardy.

Seeing a boy get hurt and crying loudly because of it - such dreams symbolize minor quarrels with relatives. They will come without an invitation and will behave completely unceremoniously. Even after pleasing them, a person will still remain guilty.

Little girl

If a girl cries

A little girl who cries is a surprise to dream about. If the girl cuddles and sobs loudly at this time, you will find yourself in a depressing situation that will, however, bring you many positive moments and important life lessons.

If a person sees a little girl crying and calls her to him, you hope for a miracle. If a girl comes up to you and you console her, you will get what you want.

A sweet little girl with an angelic face - to the fulfillment of her cherished dream. Wiping her tears from your cheeks means getting help from people you didn’t count on. Implementation of the most daring plans.

Someone else's child crying

To interpret in detail dreams in which you saw children crying, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Just hearing a baby cry is good news.
  • If a woman hears the loud cry of a baby, it means news from afar. They will make her very happy.
  • Seeing a child crying is a surprise; it is possible that you will soon become the organizer of an important trip - there will be a lot of trouble, but the impressions will be very vivid.
  • An ex-wife takes a crying stranger's child in her arms - you will solve the problems of complete strangers.

Brother according to the Dream Book From A to Z

A dream in which you see your brother and talk with him foretells that everything will be fine with you and with him, and there is no reason to worry about him; the news of the illness will turn out to be false.

If in a dream your brother looks sick, then in reality unpleasant events await you, which will happen due to your own oversight and imprudence.

Cousin in a dream: to disappointment and chagrin.

Such a dream foreshadows sad events that are beyond your power to prevent.

Receiving a letter from your brother in a dream means a further break between your families.

Kissing a brother in a dream in a fit of kindred feelings means happy reconciliation and long friendship.

To be at your brother’s funeral in a dream: in reality he is destined for a long and happy fate.

If on the day of the funeral the weather is clear and sunny, you will forget about any illness for a long time.

If the day is gloomy and rainy, bad news about the illness of one of your relatives is inevitable.

Seeing a brother in a coffin means longevity for him and yours, as well as profit and joy.

Separating from your brother means a happy occasion.

Missing brother: - a future filled with turbulent events awaits you.

Quarreling with your brother in a dream: you will be upset by the imminent news from him.

The role of consolation in sleep

if you consoled

When you have to calm crying people in a dream, this indicates involvement in future joyful events. Perhaps a grand feast is being planned, and many will pay attention to the dreamer.

If a man dreams that a woman is crying and he has to calm her down, Freud’s online dream book says that he is ready to become a father.

To reassure relatives, especially women who are crying, to justify their hopes. If you dreamed that your ex-girlfriend or wife was crying and you were comforting her, you can be sure that she regrets the breakup.

He himself will be consoled by uncontrollable crying - the dreamer will have to go through a serious test alone, explains Miller’s dream book.

Religious objects crying icon at home and in church

Not only people, but also objects can cry in a dream. If an icon cried in a dream, expect trouble. This is a warning dream.

A crying icon can speak not only of an upcoming serious illness in the house, it can warn of disasters for an entire city or country.

Seeing an icon that is always in your home crying in a dream is a bad sign. If you dream of a prayer in a church during which an icon began to cry, only true faith will help you survive a difficult time. Especially if the mother or father indicated that the icon was crying.

It is difficult to correctly interpret why you dream about a crying icon in a church. It’s one thing if clergy or novices dream of religious objects, another thing if laymen dream of them. If such a dream is seen by a person far from faith, this is a warning about a possible bad conscience. And for those who are directly related to the church, the dreamer’s mentor will be able to suggest an accurate interpretation.

Why do you dream about a dead brother?

A dream about a deceased brother promises a series of problems and troubles.
They will fall on your blood relative, whose upbringing will not allow other people to be involved in their resolution. Intuition will tell you which of your relatives cannot do without your reliable shoulder. I dreamed about the death of my brother - to a fierce conflict in reality. It will happen between you and your best friend or family member whose ideas you fundamentally disagree with. Tolerance and compliance will prevent two close people from turning into dangerous enemies.

your dead brother alive in a dream - in reality, fate will test your strength. It is possible that you will join the ranks of the unemployed, lose a roof over your head, get into large debts, annoy an influential person, or hear a disappointing diagnosis. Composure and hope for a bright future will help you get out of the darkness of difficulties and worries.

The vision also has a positive interpretation. She promises an interesting offer, and if you decide to accept it, you will receive more than you expected. Participation in a profitable project of a friend or relative will bring you closer to buying an expensive car or apartment in the city center.

A dream in which you dreamed of a dead brother in a coffin advises you to show mercy. The problem with which you were approached on the eve of sleep cannot be delayed. With your indifference you risk bringing an innocent soul to the grave.

If you dreamed about the death of your younger brother , you still consider him alive. You have not come to terms with the loss and continue to talk to him, imagine him within the walls of your home, as if he were the same person as you. A strong spiritual connection with the deceased will not allow his soul to find peace.

In the case when he is alive and well, the vision signals drastic changes in his fate. With a high probability they will be unfavorable, which is why he will be on the verge of despair. An improvement in his life can only come if you or another blood relative intervenes in it.

The vision in which your deceased cousin is warning. In the near future, a misfortune will happen to a close relative that you can prevent. The clue to how to do this lies in the words or actions of the deceased relative.

According to another interpretation, the problem that bothers you will be successfully resolved. Most likely, you will pass a job interview, recover from a serious injury, clear your reputation in court, or resolve a conflict with your significant other. The clarity and coherence of your actions will ensure that you forget about lack of money or say goodbye to thoughts of divorce.

A drunk deceased brother means moving abroad.

A deceased brother cries - your loved ones will change their attitude towards you.

A deceased brother fights - to improve well-being.

The deceased brother hugs and kisses - to the need to become more decisive and courageous.

The deceased brother is eating - remember him or order magpie for his repose.

Hugging your deceased brother in a dream is a negative dream. It signals the vicissitudes of fate that will affect current affairs. In light of what is happening, your dreams and hopes will be destroyed.

Sometimes such a vision visits people who lack love and care from relatives. They moved away from you, which provoked a wave of mental suffering. If you are the first to meet them halfway, the situation will change for the better.

Arguing with your deceased brother means you will learn good news.

Talking to your deceased brother means the information you are waiting for will come.

The funeral of a brother who has already died warns of a dispute. It will break out over money or inheritance with a person with whom you are closely related. If one of you does not give in, communication will cease for many years to come.

Wedding of a deceased brother - you will be lucky in a risky undertaking.

The grave of a deceased brother predicts a breakdown. You will feel exhausted due to stress, physical overload, or inability to keep up with the dynamic pace of life. Organize your daily routine to make time for proper rest.

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