Hitting your husband in the face, body, hands in a dream: interpretation from dream books

Quite often, dreams seen have an unusual interpretation. For example, if a wife had to beat her husband in a dream, then in reality their life together will not only be long, but also happy. There are many interpretations of what was seen, since emotions, the environment, as well as events that occur in reality are of great importance. Reputable and little-known dream books will reveal all the secrets.


Why else do you dream about this event? Hitting your hubby in the face means that you will forgive him for a long-standing insult or stop suspecting him of infidelity.

In addition, the dream book believes that if a wife hit her husband in the face in a dream, then illness awaits him. If a man happened to see that he was whipped on the cheeks, then this symbolizes self-confidence and calmness.

Other interpretations

It happens that in a dream there are non-standard images and it is not easy to interpret them. Other dream interpretation options:

  • for treason, suspicion of treason - life difficulties, troubles;
  • strike with raw fish - a married family will have a comfortable life and many joyful moments;
  • for drunkenness - external influence, someone is constantly influencing the spouse;
  • hitting your husband with a dirty towel means failure;
  • a clean towel - to the opportunity to rest and relax in the near future;
  • with a wet towel - a strong offense;
  • for insults - loss of personal and valuable things;
  • for offense - the spouse will draw incorrect and hasty conclusions;
  • blows were inflicted with a doormat - a passive lifestyle, submission to authoritarian people;
  • a fight due to jealousy - unpleasant discoveries are coming;
  • hit with a frying pan - all matters will have a favorable outcome for the woman;
  • strike for no reason - pleasant surprises await ahead;
  • hitting with a rolling pin - incontinence, regret about what happened;
  • to strike as a joke is a sudden decision;
  • hitting with a stick - to profit;
  • fight - to illness;
  • hit on the butt - the husband will always support his wife;
  • hit on the head - to victories and new achievements;
  • on the back - it’s time to take the situation into your own hands and do everything necessary;
  • on the cheeks - to good news;
  • on the shoulders - the wife does not see strength and support in her husband;
  • by the ears - bad rumors are spread in close circles;
  • on the legs - loss of work, deterioration in financial well-being;
  • hands down - you need to make concessions, look for compromises.

To correctly interpret a dream, you must, first of all, listen to your emotions and intuition.

The surrounding environment is also of great importance when interpreting what you see.

Everything will open up!

Why dream of beating your ex-husband? This means that a carefully kept secret will accidentally become known to everyone.

If you dreamed that you beat up your ex, then in real life you will meet a new friend, receive an unexpected gift, or find something valuable, but not necessarily material.

This vision also has a negative interpretation. Beating your ex-hubby like this in a dream means the failure of far-reaching plans.

How were the blows delivered?

A more extensive interpretation of dreams can be obtained if we remember what exactly the wife used to strike:

What was used to strikeDream interpretation
HandA beaten man is in dire need of rest. His physical and moral strength requires restoration. Otherwise, the development of a disease due to nervousness cannot be ruled out.
LegThe dream characterizes a man as a self-confident person with a strong position in life
ScourgeTo unexpected guests, meeting whom will leave pleasant memories
PanThe dreamer expects success and prosperity in all matters
rolling pinTo sadness and worries
BeltThe dream promises conflicts with loved ones

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