Why does your husband’s mistress dream: interpretation of the meaning of sleep for women and men

As the dream book says, a husband’s pregnant mistress in a dream does not always indicate her husband’s infidelity. Interpretations of what the sign means in dreams often have the opposite meaning: irrepressible, baseless jealousy can bring disaster. At the same time, the symbol makes it clear that not everything is rosy in the relationship; perhaps it is due to a lack of expressions of love. Interpretations suggest ways to overcome the crisis and improve the psychological climate.

What do the dream books of Miller and Zedkiel warn about?

Explaining what a rival in position means in a dream, Miller’s dream book focuses on the business and social sphere. The “culprit” is in serious trouble. An unseemly act committed inadvertently will create a resonance and arouse the contempt of friends.

The ancient predictor Zedkiel considers the main danger to be the moral degradation of the family, which will result in quarrels, a noticeable deterioration in the financial situation, and loss of status.

Dream for a man

The man in the dream saw that his wife found out about the existence of his mistress - beware of the old enemy.

If a man had a dream

Did you dream of a naked woman in the dreamer's bed? Did you like her?

  • The girl’s body was seen as attractive in a dream - everything is going well in your professional activities.
  • The girl's appearance was repulsive - get ready for difficulties at work.

Beating or killing her in a dream means that a man dreams of power over others.

I dreamed about the husband of my mistress - it means separation.

Whose closet has more skeletons?

This is not the only explanation for why a homewrecker dreams about giving birth. Some interpreters note a lack of trust and the inability to have a heart-to-heart talk. Hence all sorts of omissions and illusions about each other’s biographies. Marital secrets are not necessarily related to personal life.

The dream book reveals men's secrets

Extramarital affairs are inextricably associated with secrecy. Interpreters proceed from this observation, explaining the origin of the alarming plot. In fact, a man can hide much more serious things, for example, countless debts, problems with the law and, yes, illegitimate children whom he is forced to support.

Having seen something like this in a dream, the wife will act wisely if she finds a way to tell her loved one that now is not the time to get involved in risky ventures or enter into dubious contracts.

The dreamer also has something to hide

Interpreting what the symbol means in dreams, Freud’s dream book makes no less interesting assumptions. Perhaps the dreamer’s frivolity or dissolute behavior led one of her friends to have unkind thoughts. It is possible that, willy-nilly, a woman created problems for her other half in other everyday spheres: in business, in relationships with relatives, the presence of a lover is not denied.

If a woman dreams of passionate, exciting scenes of betrayal, family intimate life will become bright and rich.

Psychological significance

A lot depends on your personal attitude towards this woman, on how exactly you broke up - peacefully or with a big scandal.

In a general sense, we can talk about forbidden fruit, desired but inaccessible, about fears hidden deep inside you and about the shame associated with wrongdoing.

You shouldn’t think that a woman you dreamed of promises a renewal of communication or a new connection with another. This cannot be a harbinger of changes in sexual life. Very often, such night dreams are caused by a lack of vivid impressions and emotions in life. If a man dreamed of his ex-lover, he remembers the drive from this kind of connection and wants a repetition of memories and emotions.

Sometimes this is a reflection of the current relationship. Perhaps you want to have someone on the side of your spouse or you are afraid that your wife will have someone else. Perhaps you are not aware of such fears or desires when you are awake, but your subconscious persistently whispers to you in your sleep: “your wife is cheating on you” or “it’s time to look for someone else for entertainment.”

In this case, the interpretation depends on what kind of dream you managed to see: if you are uncomfortable with the appearance of this girl in a dream, you are afraid that your sweetheart will go to bed with someone else’s man; when you like what is happening, your brain gets bored and wants more.

Why does a pregnant mistress dream of a husband who is not there?

Dream books will help you figure out why such dreams are visited by an unmarried lady in reality:

  • The stranger symbolizes a social circle that is not the most suitable for a girl;
  • The image is a projection of the lack of paternal attention;
  • The dishonest hero of night dreams reflects uncertainty about attractiveness;
  • The dream represents mistrust of the opposite sex;
  • Pleasant experiences in a dream speak of inner freedom.

A woman dreams of a rival

If you dreamed about your husband’s mistress

It is quite unpleasant to see your husband’s or boyfriend’s mistress in a dream. A dream is quite emotional and ambiguous. In dream books, quite a bit is noted about this night vision. Basically, this plot may indicate that your spouse has some kind of secret that can affect your family life. Often a dream plot can indicate your subconscious fears and concerns. In rare cases, a dream can be prophetic and indicate the true presence of another woman in her husband’s life. When you see a dream, do not rush to suspect your husband and pester him with strange questions.

We saw the fact of betrayal:

  • In a dream, you dreamed that your loved one was kissing another girl - in reality you will find yourself in an unpleasant situation.
  • If they caught someone cheating in time, the dreamer does not trust her husband.
  • The plot simply saw a spouse with a rival, whom they recognized as their friend - a favorable sign indicating good relationships in the house.

In your dreams, did you see a stranger in the role of your beloved, and he cheated on you? This means that the dreamer needs to be more careful and beware of betrayal.

Did you see your ex-husband's mistress? In reality, everything is going very well in family life.

Not only your husband or your boyfriend can have a mistress. Let's consider other options:

Who had a mistress

  • Father - the dreamer's relationship with his father is rather cold. Forget the grudges and try to make contact.
  • Boss - the dream hints that you are too passionate about your dreams and have completely forgotten about current affairs.

What did the opponent look like?

If you saw a girl pregnant from your husband - beware of nervous shock. Another plot seen foreshadows the receipt of unpleasant news.

Was the girl in your night vision naked? The degree of satisfaction in your real life depends on how her body looked.

Relationship with a rival

It is important to note what kind of relationship you had with your lover in the dream.

  • Friendly. In the dream, you communicated very well and friendly with her on various topics - night vision indicates that your spouse is faithful to you in real life.
  • Conflict situation. In a dream, you dreamed that you were quarreling with your rival - perhaps in reality you and your husband have moved away from each other. The dream book advises a woman to be calmer, not to be fooled by provocations and not to take this plot to heart, since such negative emotions will definitely provoke a conflict in your family. Just calmly talk to your husband.

The dream book interprets: an unmarried girl dreams of a mistress as a bad sign that foreshadows life’s difficulties in real life. The girl will need to be strong in order to live through the difficult period with dignity.

Do you know your mistress?

In a dream you saw a homewrecker you don’t know - the dream book advises the dreamer to take a close look at her surroundings. Perhaps there is a traitor lurking among the people with whom you communicate closely.

Beat the homewrecker

According to the interpretation of the dream book, beating a rival in the plot is a rather bad sign, foreshadowing a conflict in the family, which can lead to divorce. If you had a dream in which you had to beat your opponent - don’t be overconfident. This detail, seen in a dream, may indicate the real presence of a mistress in the life of your spouse.

In the story, it was not easy to beat her, but you were able to win the fight - after passing all the tests, the dreamer will have a favorable period in real life.

Be yourself in the role of a homewrecker

In a night vision, a representative of the fair sex saw herself in the role of a homewrecker - try not to provoke evil gossips, be careful and control your actions and words. Otherwise you will damage your reputation.

Why did you have to see your rival in a dream?

The esoteric dream interpreter notes that seeing your husband’s pregnant mistress in a dream happens during periods of family conflicts. Concerns about the safety of the marriage are transformed into frightening visions.

Jealousy is not a feeling that should be given the go-ahead. Lively interest and fresh ideas for joint leisure help strengthen relationships much more effectively than attacks of suspicion.

Often there is no reason to worry: the betrothed remains faithful not only thanks to, but sometimes despite, circumstances.

Actual meaning of sleep

A husband's mistress in a dream does not always mean the presence of a real mistress or temporary girlfriend. Seeing your husband’s mistress in a dream and in reality are two different things. But such a dream always becomes a reflection of doubts about the fidelity of the spouse and one’s attractiveness. Doubts rarely appear just like that.

What to do if you have such dreams? A psychologist will give you the full answer. In advance, you can only give simple advice - pay attention to your husband. Don't be intrusive. Just be present. Anything can happen, and the reason for the distance is currently unknown to you. Catch the mood, understand how to get into the right groove, tune in to it.

It’s probably worth reminding modern women about tolerance. The dream about your husband's mistress is not the worst. A dream about his lover can bring much more excitement. Many women managed to resolve the situation with their mistress in reality or in imagination. The situation with a lover cannot be reversed.

I dreamed about my husband’s pregnant mistress in person

A female dream interpreter considers possible scenarios for a meeting with a competitor who is expecting a child, the outcome of which characterizes the situation.

A public scandal, quarrel, or fight emphasize the difficulties and disagreements in a marriage. The relationship is so strained that the reason for divorce may be a trifle. Friendly dialogue means that in reality a parallel romance is unlikely to take place in real life.

If in a dream you find yourself with a cute belly, look what a normal pregnancy means!

Your real partner

If in a dream there was a woman in front of you who actually is or was once your close friend, then such a dream means changes in your relationship with her. If your lover ignores you in a dream, doesn’t notice you and behaves completely unusually and coldly, then the dream book writes that in reality she is dissatisfied with you. Quite often, a woman wants her chosen one to make the relationship permanent, that is, to marry him. If she is no longer satisfied with gifts or his attention, and she expects a proposal from a man, then the dream book writes that such a dream predicts conflicts on this basis. But in some situations, seeing your real lover as cold and indifferent to you means a cooling of the relationship. It is possible that she has found someone else or that the relationship with you has reached a dead end and she is very soon tired of it.

Seeing your lover fantastically beautiful at some event, bright and even more interesting than she actually is - means a flash of new interest in her or jealousy. The dream book writes that such a dream predicts complications in your relationship with her and intrigue. It is possible that in her game she will defeat you, after which she will suddenly change her interests. Just at the moment when you really need it.

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