Interpretations from dream books about why you dream of beating your mother in a dream

Hitting someone in a dream means transferring energy to that person in real life. Fighting may also mean the need to defend yourself from attacks from others or to take decisive steps to improve your own life. Interpreting dreams in which one dreams of beating a mother is a rather difficult task, since such a plot can foreshadow both prosperity and a significant deterioration in affairs.

Better times will come!

The dream book offers another interesting interpretation. If you dreamed of a beaten mother, then according to the law of inversion, after long failures and disappointments, a joyful period will come.

Did you happen to see her being beaten? In fact, you will get rid of other people's influence, perhaps even your mother's, so you will finally get the opportunity to move forward or develop in a completely different direction.

“Dream Interpretation of Beating Mother dreamed of why you dream of beating Mother in a dream”


Today I had a dream that made me uneasy all day. I dream that in my husband and I’s one-room apartment, I suddenly discover streams of water on the floor. Cold. I didn’t touch her, I just know - that’s all. But the water is not dirty. I understand: there is a leak somewhere. (In reality, we live on the 9th floor, the apartment is damp. And the pipes... leave much to be desired) From somewhere I realized that water was leaking either from the wall or from the ceiling. Pipes, leaks... (although where are the pipes in the wall in our room???) Water is oozing out in streams, I’m panicking: we’ll flood the neighbors!!! You have to wipe it off!!! And then my mother somehow ends up in the apartment. Instead, my mother and I begin to look for the cause of the flow (my husband, I feel, is nearby, but in the “arena of action” only my mother and I). And with our joint efforts, searching the walls, we discovered that it was leaking from the ceiling - the wallpaper had come off a little, everything was wet... It was oozing from under it... And then my mother sat down on our sofa, so upset and dejected, and began to read us out in a raised voice with my husband, what kind of goofballs we are, how we don’t know how to run a household, how much we struggled – etc. and so on. And how she screams!!! It’s already ringing in my ears!.. I sat down opposite her, on my haunches, trying – with a sick (in reality) – throat to wedge myself into this shout: they say, mom, listen to me!!! The reason for the leak is different! And it flows not because WE tore apart something there - but... (I’m not making excuses, but trying to give logical arguments). But the voice is hoarse, and she is screaming excitedly, and she doesn’t care that my face is in front of her nose, trying to “wedge” herself into her tirade... AND THEN I TAKE IT AND WITH MY LEFT HAND I GIVE HER A SMALL SLAP. More precisely, not just on the cheek, but on the right ear and cheek, I spanked with my palm. Because I was blown away: listen to me in the end!!! And this stupid cry has already made me unbearably unbearable. Mom seemed to come to her senses, switched gears, said a few words to each other... Then there was a short pause and silence. And then my mother takes and runs her palm over the ear where I clicked: in order to check if there is blood. I looked - no, everything is fine. And she’s sitting there, kind of depressed and doomed, or something... And then they doused me like water... GOD!!! I dared to hit her in my heart!!! (albeit not much) In my mind I understand that I barely said it - rather for the sake of warning. But the very awareness of what my slap could have turned into, that I could have deprived her of hearing by hitting her in the ear... FUCK!!!..)

By the way, since childhood I have been dreaming that I can’t shout to my mother and grandmother: I’m desperately screaming, calling for help, and they’re chatting in the next room, and don’t pay any attention to my screams at all... Just think, another whim... They don’t even listen ... Or that my mother/grandmother will say or do something that turns me upside down - and in such a... semi-affection I’ll hit them... And then they look at me so reproachfully and pitifully... And then it turns me upside down both in my sleep and throughout the day in reality... From what a bastard I am... My e-mail:


Who is the culprit?

Why else do you dream of a thoroughly beaten mother? For a clearer interpretation, we should remember who exactly beat her.

  • Children – forgiveness, peace of mind.
  • A familiar person means well-being.
  • Father is the joy of the family.
  • The stranger is a strange occurrence.
  • Bandit is dangerous.
  • Dead person - troubles, melancholy.

If in a dream your mother managed to inflict serious beatings on herself, then expect good luck, fulfillment of desires or a long journey.

Opinions of famous interpreters

The appearance of parents in night dreams is usually considered a good sign and promises success in all areas of life. For a woman, the dream promises pleasant chores and marital happiness, for a man - good luck in the entrepreneurial field.

However, plots in which the sleeping person raises his hand to his mother are interpreted in dream books somewhat differently:

  1. According to Gustav Miller, beating a parent means huge troubles, the cause of which will be the dreamer’s rash actions. If the mother cries bitterly when receiving blows, a person should be wary of a long-term illness.
  2. Sigmund Freud is inclined to regard any fights in a dream as a desire to commit sexual intercourse. In addition, such a plot can warn of emerging mental disorders, a tendency towards sadism or the formation of an obsession, especially if a person in a dream takes pleasure in torturing his mother.
  3. Evgeny Tsvetkov claims that hitting a parent will lead to conflicts with colleagues. Although in some cases, a beaten mother dreams of reconciliation with ill-wishers.

The Bulgarian seer Vanga considers dreams of beatings to be a harbinger of family misfortune, which a person cannot prevent in any way.

Think about it...

Did you dream that your severely beaten mother was dying? In the daily bustle, you lose sight of what is the meaning of your whole life.

Sometimes a bruised loved one is a reflection of the dreamer himself. In this case, the dream book believes that you feel like a victim, you allow yourself to be pushed, but most likely, you do it consciously.

It’s bad to see a mother who died from beatings. This means that some tragedy will lead to long-term depression.

Other transcripts

Dreams in which you have to beat your mother indicate hidden grievances that you can’t get rid of. If in the process the sleeper does not awaken to pity, he needs to figure out real life as soon as possible - most likely, he is too carried away by the pursuit of money and has completely forgotten about spiritual values.

There are also a number of alternative interpretations:

  1. According to the New Family Dream Book, beating a dead mother means getting injured. Perhaps the person will soon have an accident or become a victim of an accident. If a parent is crying, you should try to control your emotions in the near future - otherwise you can seriously offend a loved one with a careless attack.
  2. Healer Akulina believes that the dream promises bad news from relatives or unfair accusations from colleagues.
  3. According to the Modern Interpreter, hitting someone close to you in a dream means worrying too much about him in reality. Such a plot signals that the sleeper needs to relax and realize that everything will be fine with mom.
  4. The French dream book claims that beating a parent can mean work conflicts and a serious quarrel with a business partner.
  5. According to Catherine the Great's dream book, a fight with one's mother symbolizes a scandal with a stranger.
  6. Simon Kananit believes that the deceased mother appears in a dream as a harbinger of a nervous breakdown. If it is beaten and bleeding, you need to beware of health problems.

Meneghetti's dream book assures that quarreling with a parent that has reached the point of assault means a quarrel with the child, the cause of which will be the latter's bad behavior.

Decay or understanding?

Did a seriously beaten mother appear in your dream? This is a very bad sign, foreshadowing domestic scandals up to the breakup of the family.

If you yourself have injured a relative, then the dream book suspects that you are afraid of unusual desires hidden in the depths of your soul.

However, the plot is very often subject to inversion, according to which a dreamed fight promises complete mutual understanding and excellent relationships in real life.

Who had the dream

To a woman

If a woman beat her mother in a dream, according to the sorceress Medea, selfishness and unwillingness to take into account the opinion of her partner can lead the relationship to the brink of separation.

To a man

The dream book of Nostradamus warns that you should not believe everything they say. Someone is deliberately trying to mislead you.


According to the Family Dream Book, it’s time for a pregnant woman to learn to live with her own mind, and not consult her friends on every issue.

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