Interpretations from dream books about why you dream of digging or digging the ground

Often dreams serve as clues for solving problems in reality or reflect the emotional state of the sleeper. Esotericists give different interpretations of what dreams of digging the earth mean. Night dreams in which a person works usually mean his development and the possibility of receiving some kind of reward. But such visions can have a dual meaning and affect the immediate future.

Dream Interpreters

Digging the ground is considered hard work, but this activity helps a person get food for himself. Such activity greatly tires and takes away strength, but at the same time it ennobles and makes you more resilient.

Esotericists give different meanings in their dream books to dig the earth in a dream:

  1. Freud believed: poking around in the soil means that in reality the sleeper has a rich intimate life with frequent changes of partners, of which he will soon get tired. If in a night vision a person was digging the earth with his hands, this personifies his desire to find a constant companion.
  2. Miller’s dream book says that dreams foreshadow wealth, which a person will achieve with great difficulty. If during excavation work a person discovers sparkling crystals, minerals or other jewelry, the vision promises happiness. A dug hole with voids means problems in all areas of life.
  3. Vanga claimed that digging up soil in a dream speaks of imminent changes that depend on the type of land. Hard and fertile soil promises joyful events; dry and loose soil is considered an omen of misfortune.
  4. According to the esoteric interpreter, digging in night dreams symbolizes the sleeper’s tendency to look for shortcomings in himself. He becomes increasingly dissatisfied with himself, which is why his self-esteem decreases. A person needs to be simpler and stop being demanding of himself.
  5. Miss Hasse's dream book says that digging a hole is honest and hard work, from which the sleeper will not receive any benefit or benefit. In some cases, night vision promises participation in a trial in which a person will be able to justify himself.
  6. According to the Muslim interpreter, the dream foreshadows the imminent onset of a life crisis.
  7. In Felomena’s dream book, such dreams can promise the development of a serious illness that will lead to death.
  8. The soothsayer Nostradamus believed that a dream of digging a hole in which a person will find jewelry or treasure predicts great luck. A person’s innermost and daring desires can also come true.

The birthday interpreter explains the vision of digging the earth for people born in the first trimester of the year as the need to beware of close communication with people and trust them less. If the plot was dreamed of by a person who was born between October and December, a lot of money awaits him in the near future.

Seeing someone digging the ground in a dream

What does it mean to dig the ground in this case? The dream book says that such a dream promises long and hard work, which will subsequently free you from material difficulties.

If you watch how earthworks are carried out without your help, then a long and rich life awaits you.

In your dream, did you see someone digging a ditch? This is a bad sign. You have serious health problems. The dream book advises you to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

If your friends or close relatives are digging the ground, then in difficult times, expect help from them.

What if you watched a dead person digging? The dream book advises you to take care of your health.

Type of soil and tools

The symbol of the earth has a mystical meaning both in real life and in dreams. The value of night vision also depends on the type of soil with which the sleeper worked.

Interpretations of dreams according to the type of land:

  1. Fertile promises success and profit. For girls, the dream predicts a rich wedding.
  2. Dry. Such dreams promise a young man a quarrelsome wife.
  3. Smooth and solid. It means that in reality the person will choose the right path of life.
  4. Unsteady. Symbolizes doubts and obstacles.
  5. Raw. In reality, a person will face troubles and problems in love relationships.
  6. Warm. The dream foretells abundance and prosperity.
  7. Black. Speaks of sadness, despondency and apathy that will accompany a long time. If the ground was cold and wet, the person would become seriously ill.

Dreaming of the ground covered with holes and uneven surfaces represents a person's lack of composure and concentration. He should learn to organize himself, otherwise he will face a collapse in his work affairs.

Usually people see themselves digging the ground with a shovel in their dreams. This instrument portends unexpected changes in real life. There is another interpretation of what dreams of digging the earth with a shovel mean: dreams can mean a comfortable existence, which will not require special efforts to achieve.

If a person dug up the soil with a pickaxe, in reality he should be more careful and avoid conflicts. The use of a plow in night dreams suggests that the sleeper is in control of his own destiny. When the ground is dug up with glass or another sharp object in a dream, a person will achieve his goal in a way that is strange to those around him.

If in a night vision the sleeper was digging the ground with his hands, in reality he will try to earn money by any means, but such dreams do not indicate the final results of his efforts.

Dream Interpretation of Dmitry and Nadezhda Winter

The authors of this interpreter believe that the image is the embodiment of many worries and difficulties. Most often, its appearance in a dream indicates hard work. Depending on whether the environment in your dream was favorable, you can judge whether your efforts will bring the desired result.

If you dream of a dirty garden tool, it means that numerous complications will arise that will not be easy to deal with. The weapon turned out to be broken - in the real world there is no need to postpone the resolution of important issues. Take care of them now, because there may be even more problems in the future.

Value by type of crop grown

A dreamed plot of land is associated with the fruits of a person’s activities in reality, as well as making a profit and his financial condition. When interpreting night dreams, it is necessary to take into account what was planted.

Dream meanings based on the type of crop grown in the ground:

  1. Potato. Large fruits mean good luck and success in work and personal relationships, and small fruits mean troubles that will cause a person to shed tears.
  2. Plant tomatoes or peppers - life will soon become pleasant and interesting.
  3. If these were eggplants, cucumbers, carrots or other crops with long fruits, you can wait for the birth of a son.
  4. Round-shaped vegetables and berries promise the birth of a girl.
  5. Planting greens or cabbage foreshadows empty beginnings.
  6. Dreaming of garlic symbolizes the development of independence.
  7. Planting onions in a dream is considered a negative sign. In reality, a person will experience powerlessness, hatred, envy and other negative emotions.
  8. Planting a tree in a dream usually predicts new meetings and acquaintances. If it is a pear or a lemon, in real life a betrayal of the other half awaits.
  9. Planting flowers in a greenhouse or conservatory serves as a harbinger of the fulfillment of a cherished dream.

If a person sows seeds in a dream, this promises new beginnings or an exciting journey. In some cases, the vision predicts good news. For a woman, night dreams foretell conception. Planting seedlings in the ground means that a person should teach his children to be independent. Sometimes such a dream speaks of the beginning of the implementation of plans.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the result of planting the plant. A dream in which weeds and grass grew instead of crops means that in reality a person’s plans will not come true. If in your night dreams the plants being grown are flooded with water, you should expect trouble in reality.

Popular interpretations

Most often, such a plot indicates the need to make every effort to implement your plans. Having set the bar high, you must follow the intended path, despite obstacles and fatigue. Only in this case can you count on increasing your material well-being.

Did you dream that you were digging with a shovel? You should beware of rash actions. In addition, you need to bring the things you started earlier to the end, otherwise you will soon have to pay severely for your inattention and laziness.

Sometimes, digging a hole in a dream means that in reality honest work will not bring the results and benefits that you hoped for.


Digging up the soil in a garden that is clear of excess grass promises good luck and positive results in various matters. If the area is strewn with weeds, the sleeper’s efforts will be in vain, and he will not be able to achieve his goal. A vision can also mean that a person will discover unlimited possibilities in himself or discover some secret. If a girl dreams of such a plot, in reality she will meet an interesting person or even her future husband.

Digging the ground in a flower garden means that in reality the sleeper will get what he wants in any area of ​​life.

Working in the garden with dry soil promises trouble, while working with wet soil promises success and luck.

Digging in a field symbolizes a person’s desire to start a risky and unreliable business. He should think several times whether it is worth taking on a difficult task.


Sometimes you have the most predictable and, at first glance, ridiculous dreams. But if you try to figure it out, you can understand why exactly these images came to you. Let's talk about why you dream of a vegetable garden. If you try to understand symbolism, then first of all what comes to mind is everything that surrounds us in everyday life.

That is, the garden can be considered as a collection of objects and phenomena that surround us. But in order to achieve certain specifics, it is worth clarifying all the features and details, then you will have a clearer picture and an understanding of what is happening.

Pumpkin in the garden

If a pumpkin grows in the garden, this means that you will have quarrels and showdowns with your relatives. And if a girl has such a dream, it could be an omen of an imminent wedding or a meeting with her future groom. When an older woman dreams of a pumpkin, such a vision can mean insoluble problems in everyday life.

And if you dreamed of several pumpkins planted nearby, take a closer look at those around you. Maybe you should reassess your values ​​and not trust those you trusted before.


If in a dream you have to dig a garden? Such a dream should be treated with great trepidation and attention. The earth carries crazy negative energy, but once on the surface, it transforms into positive energy.

There are a lot of explanations for such a dream. This is a rather contradictory vision. On the one hand, the earth is a symbol of fertility, hope for a harvest, and on the other hand, it means funerals, related events, and farewell to loved ones.

To give a more accurate interpretation of such a dream, you should remember some details and nuances. Only then can you understand what the subtext of such a dream is. First, remember who had to dig the garden. If you do the work yourself, then this is a good sign. Most likely, such a dream indicates your readiness to fight difficulties and not be afraid of any obstacles. It is likely that in the near future you will be promoted or receive some significant award or praise from your superiors.

If someone else does the work instead of you, it means that you lack the proper determination in some matters. You expect active actions from anyone except yourself. Think about it.

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