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  • It is always pleasant to be surrounded by gold and jewelry, even if it did not happen in reality. Skeptics will say: you are simply too fixated on jewelry or, probably, dreaming of a new ring or earrings. But dream interpreters will be careful with interpretations. According to them, every detail matters in dreams: what kind of jewelry you dreamed of, what it was made of, what stones it was used with. After all, precious dreams are not always harbingers of good news.

    How to correctly interpret dreams about gold and jewelry? Is everything so simple and easy with this metal? Read about this below in the new article by YUK.

    Seeing Jewelry in a dream: Intimate dream book

    If you had a dream about jewelry

    Seeing jewelry on store shelves in a dream means concern about sexual fantasies. Buying jewelry - your fears will be justified. If in a dream you are talking with a jeweler, it means that you will have to seek advice from an authority figure regarding your sexual fantasies. You will read magazines about sex, you will be interested in psychological literature. You will do everything to find answers to your questions. If in a dream you refused to buy a piece of jewelry, which displeased the jeweler, such a dream promises you relief from anxiety, and your partner will help you with this.

    Why do you dream about Jewelry - Seeing broken or broken jewelry in a dream - foretells an acute disappointment that you will experience; having achieved the desired goal. This dream may mean that soon your devoted friends will cheat on you, and worries about business will fall only on your shoulders. “Therefore you will have night instead of vision, and darkness instead of foreshadowing; The sun will set on the prophets and the day will darken over them.” bible, book Prophet Micah, iii, 6.

    Type and value of jewelry

    To find out what jewelry and costume jewelry are for in dreams, you need to pay attention not to the type of metal and the value of the embellishment. According to the dream book, gold in a dream is a symbol of wealth, prosperity, strength and nobility, the metal of kings and winners.

    Seeing gold jewelry in a dream, according to the dream book, means profit and prosperity in the sleeping person’s house; it can also speak of the dreamer’s greed and stinginess. False gold signifies finding truth in real life.

    The opportunity to achieve honor, celebrity and respect among others is what precious jewelry dreams about. For a man, precious stones on jewelry in a dream are, according to the dream book, a sign of honor among family and friends, as well as a symbol of a leader.

    If a girl dreams of jewelry with stones, then in real life the young lady will have a great prospect at work, or a chance to change her life for the better. And only by reacting in time and deciding to take a rather risky step, you can achieve the fulfillment of your most cherished desires.

    Why do you dream of silver jewelry? This vision foretells excellent health and longevity of the dreamer. Silver is considered in many cultures to be a talisman that protects against evil spells and spirits, therefore silver jewelry is interpreted by the dream book as an invisible protection of a person from the machinations of ill-wishers.

    To understand why you dream of expensive jewelry, you should remember their type and purpose. Gold rings speak of imminent marriage, matchmaking or marriage proposal, rings are a sign of prosperity, influence and authority.

    Many dream books ambiguously interpret why you should remove neck jewelry. This dream may be evidence of sexual claims dictated by the desire to please someone from the environment. The second interpretation of the image is a loss of control in real life, or the emergence of problems that do not allow the dreamer to go higher.

    A jewelry box symbolizes the values ​​of a sleeping person. If the chest contains only pairs of jewelry (wedding rings, earrings, a pair of bracelets), then, according to the dream book, the person is focused on starting a family. If the box contains predominantly single values, it means that at the present time, the person’s own ambitions and benefits are important.

    Seeing Jewelry: N. Soboleva’s dream book

    How to understand what a piece of jewelry is for in a dream?

    Jewelry and ornamental stones - AGATE The business started will end successfully. Imagine that the ring on your hand is decorated with agate. DIAMOND Your relationship with your loved one will be tested to its strength. Imagine that a diamond is kept in your home, it is well hidden in a cache, and no one but you can find it.

    DIAMONDS Recognition of your merits and the expected reward for your righteous labors. Imagine that your clothes are strewn with diamonds. GARNET Your courageous act will solve many important problems. Imagine that your ring is decorated with a garnet. PEARL The dream foretells successful trade and good luck in social activities. Imagine that you have a whole pantry filled with pearls. You enter the pantry and admire the pearls. EMERALD Receive a rich inheritance from a distant relative) Imagine that you have a whole chest of emeralds.

    An unforgettable event awaits you. Imagine that you are putting corals in a box (see Box). MALACHITE Patronage of a good person. Imagine that your house is decorated with malachite. You are admiring YOUR HOUSE. MARBLE Financial success. Imagine that your workplace is decorated with marble: the table is marble, the floor, walls, ceiling are also marble. You admire the beauty of your workplace. OPAL The work started will end successfully. Imagine that the ring on your hand is decorated with opal. SAPPHIRE You will gain wisdom and wealth. Imagine that the ring on your hand is decorated with a sapphire. RUBY Gain power and wealth. Imagine that your fingers are studded with rings with large rubies. AMBER Good health and a stable financial situation await you. Imagine giving amber necklaces and bracelets to all your relatives and close friends.

    Respect and honor will come unnoticed

    Seeing yourself in a chic salon, choosing jewelry with stones, buying them in a dream means a sharp rise in social life. For a man, a dream means receiving a new position, recognition of his authority in the service, at home. For a woman, this is a signal of the appearance of a reliable protector in her life.

    The dream book of Nostradamus guarantees a quick marriage if you dreamed of paired jewelry with or without stones. Necklaces and bracelets with diamonds indicate the partner’s serious intentions. An engagement, a marriage proposal - this is exactly what earrings and rings received as a gift mean in dreams.

    Jewelry according to the Mythological Dream Book

    Interpretation of Jewelry

    Dreams about jewelry are most often associated with wish fulfillment. Man always strives to decorate himself, and some jewelry is used on certain occasions. Thus, jewelry in a dream can be associated with desires, which in turn are associated with important events in our lives. Sometimes we see jewelry as if from the outside - perhaps we look at it with envy or are eager to acquire it. Such dreams reflect the dreamer’s aspirations to achieve social position, status or financial prosperity. The dream may also reflect envy towards others on an emotional or psychological level.

    Positive value

    Dreamed of Jewelry – Jewelry as a gift – this dream indicates that you feel recognized. Who was the gift from and why was it given? Did you expect a gift or was it a surprise?

    Negative implications

    A dream that you are admiring a piece of jewelry that does not belong to you means that you will not be able to realize the importance of friendly relationships in the future. Failure to accept this friendship can lead to difficulties later on.


    Losing jewelry in a dream may reflect fear of loss in reality. You are probably worried about the possible loss of a friend or some valuable personal item.

    Diamonds. Dreams about diamonds are often associated with personal friendships. The many facets of a diamond may imply the need to consider the relationship with a loved one from a variety of angles, or to think about specific aspects of the relationship, rather than considering the friendship as a whole. Pearl. Women most often perceive a dream about pearls on their neck as a positive sign; the dream speaks of the possibility of marriage or the birth of children. Falling pearls in a dream may also refer to future transactions or purchases. Rings. Rings in dreams are often associated with sexuality. Perhaps the sexual part of your personality is not completely satisfied at the present time, you should deal more deeply with these problems. A ring in a dream can symbolize the potential for deeper attachment to friends or a friend.

    Interacting with Jewels

    It is useful to know why you dream of stealing jewelry in a dream. Such a vision is considered an unfavorable sign, signaling a loss of trust or respect from loved ones. Only deep repentance can soften the fate of a sleeping person and, over time, build trusting relationships with others.

    If in a dream a girl’s jewelry was stolen, it means that in real life the young lady should be wary of the appearance of a strong rival who is capable of fighting off her loved one. Only demonstrated wisdom and patience can protect a young lady from an unpleasant situation with her lover. For men, this dream promises a missed chance to improve their financial situation and an inability to take advantage of a successful situation.

    If a girl was given jewelry in a dream, it means that in real life the dreamer will receive generous gifts from fate, by taking advantage of which the young lady can ensure a stable financial position for herself. If a man is given jewelry in a dream, then in reality the young man will meet an influential person who will help the dreamer in solving problematic issues. If the trinket turns out to be fake, you should expect a dirty trick from higher-ups who can use the person as a pawn in their dishonest game.

    Trying on jewelry in a dream, according to the dream book, is deciphered as the dreamer’s subconscious envy of the successes of loved ones, as well as the pursuit of selfish motives when communicating with people of the opposite sex.

    Unjustifiably large financial expenses, this is what dreams of buying jewelry mean. For women who had to buy jewelry in a dream, the dream book foretells a thrashing from their husband for unnecessary expenses. For men, thoughtless actions that are fraught with a sharp deterioration in their financial situation or a violation of the favorable atmosphere in the family.

    It is considered a fairly reliable sign to choose jewelry in a dream, indicating that the dreamer will soon significantly increase his monetary income, which will subsequently allow the sleeping person to live in grand style.

    Unprecedented success and luck in love and work, this is what you dream of finding jewelry for. For young girls, such a picture foreshadows a meeting with a young man who, in addition to moral and ethical qualities, has great financial wealth. The young lady should not lose sight of such a worthy candidate for husband.

    For men who happen to find jewelry in a dream, the dream book foretells improved working conditions and increased financial and material well-being. For businessmen, this dream speaks of the emergence of new business connections that will ensure work and, accordingly, profit for the enterprise.

    In a dream, collecting jewelry, according to the dream book, warns of committing frivolous acts, which you will bitterly regret in the future.

    Why do you dream about jewelry according to the dream interpreter according to N. Stepanova

    For those born from January to April:

    Sample - Seeing a sample on jewelry in a dream means some kind of doubt.

    For those born from May to August:

    Means – To receive a high-grade gold ring in a dream for a wedding.

    For those born from September to December:

    Sample – If you fail to see the sample on a piece of jewelry, it means it’s a fake.

    Profit is nearby

    Finding long-lost jewelry in a dream means reconciliation with a loved one or loved one. Especially if you dreamed about earrings and necklaces that were given to them. In addition, success in the business sphere awaits everyone who has had the chance to see sparkling stones on themselves.

    The interpretation of sleep in Tsvetkov’s dream book and some other psychologists comes down to financial success. People who stumbled upon chests and safes with jewelry will receive a worthy reward. But holding a fake in your hands is not always good. Most likely, you will have to face deception from colleagues, partners, and competitors.

    Interpret Jewelry according to the Everyday Dream Book

    If you dream of gold jewelry, then soon you will have to shoulder an exorbitant burden of worries and troubles. Think about the fact that perhaps you do not have to deal with all the everyday adversities alone; maybe it’s worth reminding other family members of your responsibilities.

    A dream in which you dreamed of jewelry with stones suggests that in reality you think too much about the well-being of your family; these thoughts, as well as your heroic efforts, may soon have a bad effect on your physical and emotional state.

    If you dreamed of jewelry, when you picked it up, you realized that it was broken, then such a dream predicts acute disappointment for you. This disappointment may be a consequence of the inability to achieve some goal, you only blame yourself for this, and at the same time, your strength is simply running out. Not only is this wrong, but it is also very dangerous for your health.

    If you saw gold jewelry broken and defective in a dream, it can also portend you in reality to be betrayed by your partner, and the betrayal will not necessarily be physical, you will just suddenly realize that he does not share your aspirations at all, but is only enjoying the fruits of your labors.

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