Why see a mirror in a dream: interpretation of the dream

People endowed the mirror with magical properties and used it very carefully, believing that careless use of it could lead to disastrous results. It was considered a bad omen if the mirror broke, which foreshadows failure and problems for quite a long time. Many popular beliefs are associated with this subject, the meanings of which have been transferred to our dreams. Therefore, the dream book will help you understand why you dream of a mirror in a dream.

During the period of Epiphany fortune-telling, when many girls try to find out their fate with the help of one or two mirrors, trying to form some kind of portal in which, by the light of the moon or a candle, one can recognize the features of their betrothed. In magic, it is believed that a mirror is a reflection of a parallel world, as well as a portal (door) to another dimension. In order to find out what it means if you dream about a mirror, you should analyze your dream, highlight the key points in it and turn to the dream book for clues.

Why do you dream of a Mirror according to S. Karatov’s dream book

If you dreamed of a mirror, then they will soon cheat on you.
If the patient dreamed that he was looking in the mirror, then he will soon die.

If a man saw in a dream that he was looking in the mirror, then he will soon get married.

If a girl or young woman saw in a dream how she looked in the mirror, then she will soon get married.

If you saw your reflection in a full-length mirror in a dream, then you are underestimated and you will have financial difficulties.

If a woman saw an unfamiliar man in a mirror in a dream, then a random hobby awaits her.

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Aggression from a stranger

An unknown person, as the personification of everything unknown and unknown, often signals in a dream a real danger for the dreamer. Moreover, if the stranger displays aggressive actions directed against the dreamer, then, according to the dream book, this is a doubly bad sign.

Why do you dream about an aggressive stranger? If a successful young man dreams that he is being attacked by a stranger, who is also armed, then this is a symbol of the presence of hidden enemies around him who are trying to plot intrigues, obstacles that can easily interfere with career growth.

However, if in a dream you had to run away from an unfamiliar man, then this is not so bad, especially if he fails to catch up with you. Obstacles that arise on your way will be easily overcome, and any gossip about yourself will be refuted. If, nevertheless, the aggressor managed to catch up with you, then expect big troubles.

According to Freud's dream book, a stranger in a dream for a single woman is a symbol of an ideal partner, and by his features, you can understand which representative of the stronger sex to choose from your environment. For a man, this is a subconscious rival, and all those qualities that he considers to be his shortcomings are displayed as opposites on his opponent.

Based on the above, we can draw the following conclusion: if a married woman is accosted by an unfamiliar man in a dream, then this is a reflection of true preferences, and the personification of those qualities that she currently does not see in her soulmate. But this is only in a situation where she does not feel disgusted by the advances.

If in a dream an unfamiliar man in the house pesters a woman, and at the same time she feels fear and tries to escape from his embrace, then the dream book promises the dreamer big troubles that will arise due to the excessive jealousy of her husband, and from her inability to hide her sensual impulses, and love of flirting.


Why do you dream of Mirrors: dream book of Peter I

A mirror in a dream is a bitter sign, foreshadowing troubles with loved ones. A dream in which you see reflections of other people's faces in the mirror foreshadows someone's unfair actions towards you in real life. Disappointment and loss mean animal faces reflected in a mirror in a dream.

For a young woman, a broken mirror in a dream promises an unfaithful friend. This is not a very lucky sign. Seeing a lover in the mirror, pale and emaciated, means a failed engagement. A slight distance between you will grow if he looks happy in a dream, but after a while agreement will reign in your hearts again. To see just a mirror without a reflection in a dream is a sign of possible deception or difficult obstacles to overcome.

This dream for a young woman can be a harbinger of domestic contradictions or divorce. Seeing a mirror also means that an ambiguous situation awaits you soon. Looking in a mirror in a dream means illness; breaking a mirror means bad luck.

Seeing a dirty mirror is a sign that you have evil and fake friends.

Using a mirror in a dream is a sign of an approaching wedding. To see that you saw a mirror framed with pearls, this dream foreshadows a quarrel in reality. Sadness promises you a rusty mirror in a dream.

For a woman, seeing her reflection in a mirror in a dream is a sign that she needs to take care of herself. A mirror in a rich frame dreams of discord in the family. What does it mean to dream about seeing yourself in the mirror - Seeing other people in the mirror instead of yourself is a harbinger of unfair actions towards you.

If you saw several mirrors in a dream, it means that you are the center of attention of others.

A curtained mirror dreams of sadness. Seeing your reflection in the mirror means you took the wrong step, did something that you will be ashamed of later.

Looking in the mirror, but not seeing your reflection in it, promises you changes that will affect, first of all, your inner world, your outlook on life. To see that you have found your mirror in someone else’s bag, then in reality this is a harbinger of an unpleasant event, about which you will be very worried.

Item Shape

You should pay special attention to what shape the mirror had in the dream. This is an important nuance that should never be overlooked. Most often we dream of mirrors of the following shapes:

  • A round object hints that the sleeper has already repeated the same lesson many times and cannot learn it. You should think about what you can learn from the current problem. Most likely, it contains a deep meaning. As soon as a person is able to realize it, his situation will improve, and a difficult situation will stabilize. In any case, you shouldn’t give up and despair, there will be a way out in any situation.
  • An oval mirror indicates that now everything is good in the sleeper’s life. He likes how events are developing, his work pleases him with a high salary and a friendly team, and his family is in complete order. The only thing that gnaws at the dreamer is his self-doubt and the fear of simultaneously losing all these benefits. We need to increase self-esteem and work through internal blocks.
  • A square-shaped mirror indicates that the dreamer’s personality is conservative and thorough. The person doesn't want to change anything. He feels inner satisfaction and peace when everything goes as usual. If the sleeper learns to be more flexible and perceive changes positively, it will be much easier for him. It is recommended to walk in the fresh air more often and communicate more with friends.
  • If the object was pulled down, this symbolizes the desire to improve life and solve all the problems that have piled up, but getting rid of a heavy load is not so easy. You may need to ask other people for help. The dreamer has taken on too much, but he no longer has the strength to control the situation. Many people around take advantage of the kindness and generosity of this person, because he is ready to rush to help at any moment. He should avoid those who try to sit on his neck.
  • A mirror with strange outlines hints that the dreamer is confused in himself. He needs to figure out where to move next and what to live for. There are many questions, but none of them have a specific, satisfactory answer. Perhaps after some time the situation will change and the person will understand how he needs to act. So far, nothing motivates him to achieve his goal. In addition, there are many difficulties that haunt us.

Mirrors in the dream book for girls

Looking in the mirror and seeing another person - such a dream means that in real life you are often overcome by attacks of dissatisfaction with yourself. And the point here is not so much in external data, but in the behavior and abilities that nature has awarded you. You would like to improve, but you don’t know how to do it so that the result is effective.

You know, many people try to work on themselves, not without success. They analyze their behavior and think about what they would do in this case and what they would do in another. They imagine themselves in different situations and “try on” different roles to find the one that suits them best. Try to do the same. Most likely, you will be able to change for the better, because you already realize the need for such a change.

Why do you dream about a Mirror in the Universal Dream Book?

Brief interpretation: opposite; observation; vanity.

Popular expression: mirror image; backwards; like in fog.

You can tell a lot about yourself if you dreamed of a mirror, especially if you saw your reflection in it. The dream means that you would like to understand yourself better. The mirror screams: “Look what I have become!” The dream also suggests that you should look at the situation or circumstances from a different angle. The mirror reflects. Is there a situation in your life that needs to be looked at from a different perspective? Are you the kind of person who needs to face problems head on? Or does the mirror only reflect your outer side and show how people perceive you?

It is very important to pay attention to the emotions you experience in your dreams. Do you like your reflection in the mirror? Does the mirror reflect the image you strive for, or the character traits you would like to have?

Through the mirror, Alice found herself in Through the Looking Glass. Do you want to travel? Are you tired of everyday life and want to experience a world where everything is possible?

Dreaming of a Mirror? See the following interpreter.

Interpretation of the meaning of sleep depending on the details

A dream in which we see our reflection in the mirror will help us get to know ourselves and discern the essence of the events happening around us. This will allow you to look at your life from a different perspective. Try to remember as many details as possible that your memory has captured. What emotions they experienced, where they were, what objects and people were around.

Who saw the dream: a woman or a man

To correctly assess the meaning of sleep, you need to pay attention to facial expressions. What is it: funny or sad, old or young, beautiful or scary. Much depends even on who exactly is watching the dream, a man or a boy, a woman or a girl.

Why does a woman dream of looking in the mirror?

What does it mean to look in a mirror in a dream.

  • You will see yourself as old. Soon you will have the opportunity to improve your financial situation - this could be a promotion or even a job change. Respect and influence in your family will grow.
  • You really like your reflection. Such a dream promises prosperity and family happiness. Soon you will find yourself in a situation where you show others your best qualities.

Why does a man dream of looking in the mirror?

  • The reflection had gray hair. You need to pay attention to your work or business. There may be disappointments in business and partners.
  • You saw yourself as young and beautiful. Your business will go uphill, and any conflict situations will be resolved in the best possible way. Most likely, you are about to get a promotion or move into a management position.
  • Look in the mirror before you go to work - you'll get great advice from your colleagues and boss about a job well done and a smart approach.

Whose reflection was it: yours or someone else’s?

Look at yourself in the mirror. Try to evaluate the truthfulness of your actions, understand the dark corners of your soul, and take the right path.

  • Pleased with your face and smile - this month you will experience global changes for the better. They will be quite serious and noticeable.
  • We saw each other sadly: this is a sure omen of future worries and disappointments. However, all problems can be solved.

Look at someone else's face. If you see a stranger in the reflection, it means that a stranger will appear on your life path. Also, this dream may be a sign of your uncertainty, rejection of certain personal qualities, denial of internal experiences. Don't be afraid to be yourself and show your true colors to others.

  • The reflection of the face is barely visible and fades - this is a good sign. You will get rid of useless and exhausting relationships. There will be improvements in stagnant business. You will be able to resolve conflict situations.
  • If you yourself are in an unusual shape (different color of hair, eyes, etc.), this indicates that the time has come to change your life. Try to adjust your internal settings and introduce something new, for example, change your image or place of residence.

Was the mirror big or small?

Large mirror. Soon serious events will begin to happen in your life. It is possible to fulfill global plans, serious business or expensive purchases.

  • You like what you see - positive changes will not take long to arrive. Feel free to take on any task and you will achieve success in the best possible way.
  • A narrow mirror means a one-sided perception of reality, and there is a risk of making a serious mistake. You need to seriously evaluate your skills to prevent deception and mistakes.
  • Seeing your face in a huge mirror promises success in your profession. Get to work quickly, indecision only hinders the realization of your dreams.

Dream interpretation of looking in the mirror.

Small mirror. Seeing your face in a small mirror in your hands is a good sign - you will come out of this predicament with honor. With the right approach, you will get maximum returns with minimal investment.

  • For a girl, such a dream foretells important news. You will learn the truth about a company or understand the true opinion of others about yourself.
  • A broken mirror means problems in your personal life, failures on the love front.
  • Seeing yourself beautiful and well-groomed means great news awaits you, new meetings with interesting people, illnesses and problems will pass you by.

Other sleep circumstances

  • Trying on clothes in front of a mirror is a good sign. They will make a lucrative job offer - career growth or a transition to another field of activity is possible. Pleasant changes await you in life; you can move to a new place of residence or change partners.
  • If your clothes are unkempt, you need to be careful about the tasks you set for yourself. There is a risk of making the situation worse.
  • Look in the mirror with a massive frame - wait for the money to arrive. You may receive a bonus or a salary increase over time.
  • Frameless mirror: problems will literally fall on you from all sides. But if you take decisive action, it will end as unexpectedly and quickly as it began.
  • I saw your reflection in the mirror installed in the bedroom - your feelings for your partner will most likely flare up with renewed vigor or a dizzying romance on the side will begin.
  • Combing your hair in front of the mirror - try not to commit rash and frivolous actions in the coming weeks. If you smiled and combed your hair smoothly, most likely, serious changes will occur in your destiny.
  • A mirror standing on the table indicates a close connection with relatives or spouse. You will soon find out which ones.

If you dreamed about Mirrors: Everyday Dream Book

Seeing a mirror means that you are trying to understand yourself. It is quite possible that you are dissatisfied with your life, your relationships with other people.

Seeing that you see a broken mirror means that you will be torn between your family and career. It is quite possible that the reason for your doubts and tossing will be two close people who will fight for your attention.

Broken mirror - But if you dreamed of a mirror that was broken, this is a very bad sign. In the near future, trouble will visit your home - it could be ruin, illness or the death of a person close to you.

Dream with a Mirror according to the dream book of E. Avadyaeva

Reflection in the mirror - If a woman dreamed that she was looking in the mirror and saw a witch in the reflection, then she herself is a witch.

If you saw a cloudy reflection in a mirror in a dream, then sadness awaits you.

If you see your lover in the mirror, then you will soon get married.

To see that you saw the reflection of another person, and not yourself, means that you are not appreciated.

Looking in a mirror in a dream is a sign that you will become aware of something that has been hidden from you for so long. If you dream that you are moving a dressing table from place to place, then in reality you will be greatly disappointed in love.

A mirror in the bedroom is a love affair. At a high level - knowledge of your purpose. Magical practices.

Practical guidelines for interpretation

Next, we will give some tips for interpreting a dream about how you look in the mirror. Astrologers recommend taking into account not only the details of the dream itself, but also the position of the Moon.

Estimated sleep sales as of November 2, 2022, according to the Gadalkin House website. Today is the fourth quarter of waning Tuesday from October 28 at 23:06, the night sun entered the fifteenth house. If you had a dream on another day, you can see the tips in this table. Now let's look at today's main indicators that, according to astrologers, influence interpretation.

Probability that the dream will come true: no more than 50%
IndexInterpretation Guidelines
Day of week: TuesdaySleep from Monday to Tuesday is often colorful, interesting and calm. Its interpretation will most likely have to do with your relatives or friends, their actions or words. If in a dream you see some changes in your life, and the dream itself was vivid and seemed like a reality, get ready for new interesting acquaintances and pleasant meetings.
Lunar day: 2727th lunar day. This is a very interesting day, when dreams and the events occurring in them are very symbolic. For example, if you assume that a person is cheating on you and takes you out of the fire in a dream, your suspicions are in vain.
Moon in sign: Libra (18°14'46");Libra - in the case of a dream, it implies company, business negotiations or the purchase of something. In any case, you need to weigh everything well and try to make the right decision.
Phase: 4th quarter descendingFalling moon. Whatever the interpretation of the dream, keep in mind that this period is characterized by a loss of strength and energy. The person becomes more passive and tired. If any global projects are planned or active actions are required from you, postpone them until the period of the waxing moon.
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