Why do you dream about a thin cat: a suitable interpretation of the dream

According to interpretations, choosing a cat means making an important decision, being filled with inspiration and motivation, and being on the threshold of a new stage in life. According to Loff - to a large number of guests, set the table, prepare a festive surprise. Much less often - for an imminent wedding, seeing distant relatives, planning a future life. In some cases - for an imminent wedding ceremony, to see distant relatives, to make family plans.

The meaning of this symbol has historically caused much controversy among interpreters. To succinctly answer the question of why you dream about picking up a cat, we took information from the most reliable dream books. Classic collections by Vanga and Miller will tell you about the meaning of the dream. And the lunar dream book will answer the question of whether it will come true, when, and with what chance.

According to Vanga's dream book

Picking up a cat in a dream means an imminent wedding ceremony, seeing distant relatives, making family plans. Cats are an incredibly happy symbol of dreams, in her words. Their regular appearance portends a passionate and lasting love. And a long sleep indicates a long feast and a long celebration.

If you want to speed up the sale of cats from dreams, is it possible to do this? Following the recommendations and instructions from Vanga, this can be achieved. First, remember well or even write down all the details and details of the dream. And, keeping all the memories in your head, walk around the house with a lit candle.

Why do you dream of cats according to Miller’s dream book?

Miller considers it a warning sign if you dreamed about a cat. The dream book describes different types of cats and their behavior options:

  1. Meeting a cat means intrigues on the part of competitors. Perhaps there are two-faced people around you hiding under the guise of friends.
  2. Seeing a kitten in a dream means receiving a warning about possible troubles. Problems can be avoided if you drive him away from the path or threshold of the house. If the animal does not leave, most likely you will meet an enemy - you will have to deal with gossip and intrigues.
  3. An angry cat that shows its claws, is angry, hisses or is preparing to jump means a big scandal. If you manage to scare her, you can avoid trouble.
  4. If you dreamed of a cat that looked sick, dirty and weak, you should pay attention to your health and the well-being of your loved ones, as this is a very specific sign.

Miller's Dream Book: pick up a cat

According to Miller, if you dream of picking up a cat, it means an imminent wedding, seeing distant relatives, planning your future life. But this successful symbol promises not only a quick wedding. Miller pointed out that it is associated with many fundamental events in a person’s life. For married people, such a dream can also portend an imminent pregnancy or the birth of a child.

Cats, Miller believed, have a fairly broad meaning. If they appear regularly, this promises positive life changes. Sometimes they promise the appearance of very good friends, colleagues or partners. At the same time, Miller leaves a recommendation to remain cautious and not make hasty decisions.

dream book abandoned cat in a dream

The cat is a symbol of evil forces, a witch, home comfort, shrine, and good luck. To see a tabby cat walking along the road to the city - this dream suggests that before the appearance of a great man who will bring wisdom from above, people will recognize a cat or other animal that will be sent as a sign.

Seeing a cat the size of a lion lying on the threshold of a house means that well-being depends on thoughtful policies regarding animals.

Seeing a black cat with red eyes - this dream indicates evil intentions that may end in bloodshed that characterize the year 2023.

Seeing a cat in a robe made of mouse skins is a symbol that the events of 2008 will lead to a reckoning that will take place in 2011.

Accidentally killing a cat means that in 2045 a particularly dangerous international criminal will be caught in Egypt.

Seeing a city filled with cats is a symbol that foreshadows an environmental disaster, drought, or famine.

Seeing a basket of kittens being carried with honor into the palace, accompanied by a column of people, means that in ten years a very strong and unpredictable person in his actions will be in power, who will be revered to such an extent that it can be compared to deification . This period can be called the era of democracy and independence in everything.

Seeing a gallery of stuffed cats is a harbinger of official reprisals against those who believe in higher or otherworldly forces.

Seeing a pack of cats attacking a huge dog means that in 2022 there will be a major clash between the forces of good and evil, which will affect primarily family life and housekeeping.

To see a tabby cat caught in a mousetrap - this dream foreshadows death or deliberate reprisal against a person - a messenger from God who is not recognized.

Seeing a red and yellow cat with green eyes is a harbinger that an absurd event involving the traditions of Japan will lead to aggravation of relations between this country and the states related to this event.

Seeing a cat couple decorated with colored ribbons means that in 2047 an event will occur that will unite the rulers and peoples of states that have not previously cooperated.

Seeing a cat pouring wine into silver bowls is a symbol of good luck and prosperity in 2011 as a result of hard work and a law-abiding lifestyle.

According to Miss Hasse's dream book

When asked why she dreams of picking up a cat, Miss Hasse answered - to expect distant relatives to visit, to visit an old friend, to receive an unexpected gift. If possible, it is worth preparing in advance for the development of certain events. When meeting with guests, a rather sensitive topic may be raised, and this may cause conflict. If possible, try to avoid difficult and sensitive topics in the dialogue.

It is necessary to pay increased attention to such dreams. Cats, by their nature, are considered a very good and lucky sign. As Hasse argued, an accurate interpretation cannot be obtained by analyzing only single dreams. The overall picture of the interpretation can easily change due to the details in one of them.

Cats according to modern dream books

If you dream of picking up a cat, it means material and monetary success, buying a long-awaited item, achieving your goals and dreams. Try to remember as many details of the dream as possible to get more clues. A large number of clear and distinct elements indicate imminent enrichment. And a recurring dream can indicate the right life decisions.

Recent modern studies have discovered that some of the old interpretations are no longer accurate enough. The past time has had a strong influence on human perception and culture. As an example, the meaning of cats in dreams has already changed several times. Also, it is modern publications that are able to answer the question about the latest symbols.

What does it portend?

If a thin, hungry cat scratches a person in a dream, it means that a large amount of money received from a profitable transaction will have to be given to some unpleasant person.

A cat that falls asleep and is very thin means quarrels with loved ones, and the problem may turn out to be so serious that a conflict not resolved in time will result in insults and alienation of the quarreling people for many years.

A cat washing itself and licking its fur warns of an imminent meeting with a narcissistic person who does not think about anyone around him except his own appearance and reflection in the mirror. You should stay away from this person, since communication with such a person will bring ridicule from others and undeserved barbs that belittle the dreamer’s honor.

A thin cat running circles around a person who directly sees this situation in a dream shows that you should not blindly trust your intuition; at the most crucial moment this feeling will definitely let you down.

Dreams about cats and about any animals in general are often unexpected and unpredictable, but that is why it is worth remembering with precision everything you saw at night, in order to be able to interpret everything as correctly as possible, and then use the information received for good.

Tsvetkov's edition - expanded version

According to Tsvetkov, picking up a cat in a dream means making an important decision, being filled with inspiration and motivation, and being on the threshold of a new stage in life. Soon you will be faced with a difficult choice. Don’t forget that there is no point in rushing to make decisions. Give yourself time to think, use rationality and prudence.

Is there a way to make cats from dreams come true positively? Tsvetkov gave advice to mentally focus on goals and dreams. Thus, without knowing it yourself, you will be on the path to achieving them. And at important moments in life you will feel the right decision.

How did you kill a cat in a dream?

Have you had to kill a cat in a dream? What does this dream mean? If you tried to kill this animal, then in reality you have cunning and resourceful enemies. To defeat them you will have to use their own methods. If in a dream you managed to deal with a cat, then in reality you will win and will be able to expose hypocrites and liars.

If the murder was committed with a brick, then this indicates many problems around you. But for some reason you don’t want to fight them. You kicked a cat, but it survived? This means that methods of dealing with problems in your life do not bring success; you are not able to defeat your enemies on your own.

Pick up a cat - according to Loff's publication

According to Loff, pick up a cat for a large number of guests, set the table, prepare a holiday surprise. Here, in the publication of dream books, some confusion arose between holidays and receptions. These images have such a strong connection that they lead to the appearance of the same symbols. However, researcher Loff believes that this dream largely foreshadows the appearance of guests.

In his publications, Loff never divided dreams into positive and negative. According to his theory, many dream books are mistaken, and every dream also carries a positive meaning. Also, the analysis is complicated by people’s too different attitudes towards equivalent harbingers. So don't worry if you dream about cats - it's almost always a good sign.

Cats and other animals in a dream

Aggressive cats and cats are interpreted negatively. If they are peacefully in the attic in a dream, this reflects the internal contradictions and conflicts of the sleeper.

Dreaming about cats and kittens

portend minor troubles. The reasons will be the actions of hypocritical people around.

The motley company surrounding the sleeping person is personified by cats and dogs

in a dream. It’s worth taking a closer look at people and not trusting everyone.

Cats and mice have a negative meaning

. However, the best thing you can do in reality is not to interfere in other people’s squabbles, so as not to get hurt.

Analysis according to the lunar dream book

The first and third phases of the lunar cycle have the highest percentage of such dreams coming true. This high probability continues for all days of the full moon. The chance of picking up a cat at another time is significantly less. Try to avoid doing important days and tasks during this time.

In its essence and purpose, the lunar dream book is strikingly different from others. It contains the probability of dreams coming true depending on the lunar cycle. A big step towards its creation was serious research into the dependence of dreams on lunar phases. To use it, you need knowledge about the current lunar cycle and a lunar calendar.

Dreams and days of the week. When do dreams come true and when do they not?

  1. From Sunday to Monday. Such dreams are prophetic. For those born on this day of the week, the likelihood that they will come true is quite high.
  2. From Monday to Tuesday. Dreams that occur during this period come true within a week to a week and a half.
  3. From Tuesday to Wednesday. Particular attention should be paid to these dreams. Most often they come true. These are prophetic dreams.
  4. From Wednesday to Thursday. Very rarely, dreams dreamed during this period come true.
  5. From Thursday to Friday. It is very important to remember the dream that you had at this time. Try to remember details and details, because these are prophetic dreams that are most likely to come true.
  6. From Friday to Saturday. Here the probability is 50 x 50. But you should still pay attention to such dreams. They warn of possible troubles and trials that you will have to face in reality.
  7. From Saturday to Sunday. Such dreams do not need to be told to others. Quite often they come true.

Some people believe in dreams, others don't. But still, every person has dreams that later come true in real life or foreshadow something important. Whether to give meaning to a dream or to forget about it is better - the decision is yours.

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