“Why do you see a puddle in a dream? If you see a Puddle in a dream, what does it mean?

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  • Freud's Dream Book
  • Maly Velesov dream book
  • Dream Interpretation Meneghetti
  • Dream Interpretation of Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima
  • Dream book of the medium Miss Hasse
  • Tsvetkov's Dream Interpretation
  • Dream Interpretation of Fedorovskaya
  • Dream Interpretation of Grishina
  • Eastern women's dream book
  • American dream book
  • Idiomatic dream book
  • The newest dream book of G. Ivanov
  • Modern combined dream book
  • Psychoanalytic dream book
  • Russian dream book
  • Dream interpretation of a modern woman
  • Dream book of the future
  • Dream book for the whole family
  • Dream Interpretation from A to Z
  • Collection of dream books
  • General dream book
  • Ukrainian dream book
  • Esoteric dream book
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  • In real life, getting into a puddle is a guarantee of not the most pleasant experience. Wet feet and dirty shoes and clothes can ruin your mood for a long time and even lead to a cold. But well-known dream books will help you figure out whether this event is so negative in the vision.

    Seeing a puddle in a dream usually means that in reality a person cannot realize his plans. He tries to achieve his goals, but cannot, because instead of taking decisive action he prefers to have his head in the clouds. If a person finds himself in an awkward position in a dream by stepping into a puddle, it means that in reality he is afraid of the consequences of his actions and decisions, and this phobia interferes with self-development: the sleeper risks falling into melancholy and apathy and missing the opportunity to change his life for the better.

    Also, falling into a puddle in a dream can be a metaphor for the fact that the dreamer in life will be overwhelmed by a wave of everyday life and become overwhelmed by everyday life. There is a high probability of tears due to the fact that a loved one will be disappointed in the sleeping person and will turn away from him. The puddle itself is an unfavorable sign, usually meaning certain troubles that the dreamer may get into. But a more complete interpretation depends on the depth of the puddle and the type of liquid in it.

    A puddle in a dream - Vanga’s dream book

    If in a dream you step over a puddle, you should be careful when communicating with loved ones. Perhaps your words or behavior deeply upset them.

    If in a dream you slipped and fell into a puddle, be careful. Your good reputation will probably be tarnished in the near future. You are surrounded by envious people who will try to discredit your good name.

    Swimming in a puddle is a bad sign. This may be a sign that there will be bad gossip around you that you will not be able to refute.

    If you dreamed of a clean puddle, then you can be sure of the fidelity and love of your soulmate. If the water in the puddle is heavy, your loved one is cheating on you and this will soon become known.

    Interpretation of various dream books

    Dream books are of the same opinion that a puddle in a dream means troubles and minor problems in life. A more detailed interpretation depends on the details of the dream.

    Miller's Dream Book

    If the water in the puddle you fell into is clear and clean, your troubles are temporary, you should be patient.

    Dirty water - a streak of failures and minor but annoying troubles awaits you.

    If you get your feet wet, your joy will be replaced by tears.

    Freud's Dream Book

    The famous psychoanalyst considered water a symbol of conception and orgasm. If a woman has a dream about walking through puddles, she will soon become pregnant. And dirty water may mean that the partner is not attentive enough and does not take into account the dreamer’s intimate desires.

    Maly Velesov dream book

    According to this study, the symbol of a puddle means unpleasant small incidents and gossip. Especially unpleasant and slanderous rumors will be spread about a person if he saw dirty water. If you manage to jump over a spilled puddle, the sleeper will successfully overcome life’s obstacles, and if you fall into it, you will be mired in troubles and troubles for a long time.

    Dream Interpretation Meneghetti

    The Italian believes that dirty slurry in a dream can mean the sad end of an existing romantic relationship. In the near future, there is a threat of learning a lot of unpleasant things about your partner.

    Dream Interpretation of Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima

    Esotericists interpret the dream about puddles from a psychological point of view. It reflects the internal state of a person and means that at the moment he is wasting his energy. You should set priorities so as not to lose your energy on small and useless tasks. This is especially true for sleep, where the water in the puddle is clean. The puddle itself is shallow - and denotes a shallow, superficial attitude towards everything in life. You are an inquisitive, but not serious person. To succeed in life, you should already decide on your interests and goals.

    The obstacle is filled with dirty water - due to your frivolity and laxity, you have lost the respect of others and are now in a difficult life situation.

    Dream book of the medium Miss Hasse

    The medium interprets the meaning of the puddle as an unexpected monetary gain. If a person falls into the water, he will associate with bad company; if he manages to cross an obstacle without getting his feet wet, this means success and victory over dangers.

    Tsvetkov's Dream Interpretation

    Tsvetkov also believes that stepping into a puddle means getting in touch with bad company. But clean rainwater means unexpected money.

    Dream Interpretation of Fedorovskaya

    Fedorovskaya agrees with Miller’s interpretation:

    • clean water - to quickly resolved troubles;
    • dirty - the streak of life difficulties will drag on;
    • wet feet after a puddle - what seemed like joy will turn into sadness.

    Dream Interpretation of Grishina

    Grishina also emphasizes the importance of the contents of the puddle:

    • clean water - you should trust your intuition, there is a chance to unexpectedly improve your affairs;
    • dirty - unexpected obstacles along the path of life.

    Eastern women's dream book

    If a girl runs through puddles of clean water, simple joys await her, reminiscent of childhood;

    Dirty and muddy water, on the contrary, means a dark streak in life.

    Getting your feet wet is a reminder that you have to pay for any pleasures in life.

    American dream book

    Interpretation of sleep according to the American dream book – minor troubles and worries.

    Idiomatic dream book

    This dream book plays on the well-known phraseological unit: “sit in a puddle,” and interprets the dream as the likelihood of the sleeper getting into an awkward, unpleasant situation, disgracing himself.

    The newest dream book of G. Ivanov

    Interpretation of sleep - quickly passing troubles and difficulties or a slight cold. If you see spilled oil, a humiliating event awaits you in life; they may laugh at you.

    Modern combined dream book

    A puddle is an unpleasant sign. If it contains clean water, it means disappointment, but also possible profit. A dirty puddle means trouble. Getting your foot wet in a puddle is retribution for indulging your whims.

    Psychoanalytic dream book

    Psychoanalysis considers this symbol as a woman’s unconscious refusal of her nature. She strives to be more courageous, afraid of being weak and soft.

    Russian dream book

    This treatise interprets the meaning of a puddle in a very positive way: it portends unexpected joy for the sleeper.

    Dream interpretation of a modern woman

    These three dream books offer a standard interpretation:

    • a clean puddle is a quickly passing minor annoyance;
    • dirty - a series of failures;
    • wet feet - experiences after joys.

    Dream book of the future

    To the family dream book stated above, the future dream book adds another detail that a dirty puddle can mean rumors and gossip around the sleeping person. Beware of troubles due to slanderous statements of enemies.

    Dream book for the whole family

    If a person sees himself in a puddle, then his affairs have suffered a loss, but he does not realize it.

    If a puddle in a dream is regarded as an obstacle, difficulties in life will also be small and insignificant.

    Trying to wash your shoes in dirty rainwater is aggravating the situation by your actions.

    Dream Interpretation from A to Z

    This dream book gives the most complete interpretation of the dream:

    • being doused with water from a puddle (for example, because of a passing car) is a waste of money and useless expenses;
    • stepping into a puddle means trouble, especially if the water is dirty. Clear water - failures will soon go away and a bright streak will begin;
    • fall into a puddle - bad society;
    • getting dirty or wet by falling into a puddle - partying in a noisy company;
    • jump over an obstacle - getting rid of troubles;
    • seeing bubbles during a heavy downpour - an additional financial source will appear;
    • ice on a puddle is a sad ending to the beginning of a passionate romance.

    Collection of dream books

    The interpretation here ranges from annoyance to extraordinary happiness. A puddle can mean gossip, betrayal, and retribution for pleasure - it all depends on the circumstances of the vision.

    General dream book

    The general dream book gives a traditional definition, where the degree of trouble from falling into a puddle depends on the purity of the water in it, and wet feet will mean tears after fun.

    Ukrainian dream book

    Seeing a puddle in a dream means troubles to come; falling into it means troubles.

    Esoteric dream book

    Here are some non-standard interpretations:

    • to see spilled liquid - treat yourself with irony;
    • clean water - humor will help you get out of trouble;
    • dirty - insulting attitude, ridicule of the dreamer;
    • “get into a puddle” - find yourself in a stupid situation.

    Why do you dream of a big or small puddle?

    If you dreamed of a large puddle that you were able to cross without getting your feet wet, you can achieve everything without the help of others.

    If you dreamed of a huge puddle and in your dream you are surprised by its size, you can count on the fact that your hard work will be rewarded in the near future.

    If in a dream you were surprised by a small puddle, it means your personal freedom is limited by some circumstances or people.

    What is a puddle made of?

    What you dream of about a puddle of water may be a harbinger of tears. Most likely, their cause will be an undeserved insult, a slander, evil gossip behind one’s back. Inner moral preparedness for such a turn of events will become your weapon.

    When you happen to see a puddle of urine in a dream, the dream book believes that this auspicious sign promises extraordinary luck. It is possible that you will be able to win a really large sum in the lottery, or that a wish will come true that you never dared to hope for.

    The dream book advises to remain calm if you dream of a puddle of blood. The dream only warns of a meeting with one of your direct relatives whom you have not seen for a long time. If you saw blood on the floor of your house, this person is coming to visit you.

    Dream Interpretation - walk, run through a puddle, fall into a puddle, swim in a puddle

    To dream of falling into a puddle indicates possible real danger in the near future. Therefore, it is recommended to restrain yourself from communicating with bad company or making rash decisions. A dream in which you fall into a puddle always indicates mistakes in the future. Therefore, you need to be more careful when making decisions and minimize risks.

    If you get your feet wet while walking through a puddle, your time of carefree life will soon end, so it's time to come to your senses and make up for lost time.

    If you swim in a puddle or wash your feet in it, then such a dream suggests that it is time for you to think about the consequences of your actions.

    Falling into a puddle indicates imminent troubles in work or personal life.

    Deep, dirty, rainy

    Dreaming of a deep puddle, which you managed to cross without getting your feet wet, will tell you the optimal path to success in reality. By jumping over it, you will achieve everything on your own. Having crossed the plank, you can hope for outside help.

    A puddle on the floor often reflects your excessive concern about what others think of you, what impression you make on them, and whether you are burdening them with your presence. The dream book assures that you are too biased towards yourself.

    Everything about a puddle of mud in a dream warns that your authority is not as unshakable as you think. The Dream Interpretation believes that now is the time to remind others of your undeniable superiority.

    According to the interpretation of the Eastern Dream Book, puddles after rain symbolize the connection of times. The past gradually evaporates under the sunlight, forming a light haze. Behind this veil lies the future.

    General meaning of the image of dirt

    When interpreting, it is necessary to take into account several important factors in the scenario:

    1. They got dirty themselves or someone else.
    2. Where exactly did you notice dirty stains: at home, on the street, at a party.
    3. Clothes were damaged or the body was smeared.
    4. Did you manage to wash off the unpleasant substance?

    Esotericists interpret dreams negatively. Subconsciously, people associate pollution with losses, sorrows, and troubles. The image prophesies the following:

    1. Falling into the mud, failing, drowning is a serious problem. Options: sudden dismissal, reprimand, severing a heartfelt connection due to betrayal. To fall, or not to get covered, means an imaginary danger.
    2. Sucked into a swamp - a breakthrough is needed in a situation of inactivity for a year. You create the problem yourself.
    3. Drowning but getting out is a happy coincidence. You can clear your reputation.
    4. Bathing intentionally means entering into a disreputable relationship. Lying about on purpose means a desire to amaze the public with an extravagant prank. Be careful, they won't understand.
    5. To save drowning people is to be distinguished by kindness, for which you will not receive gratitude.

    The type of substance is important. The following nuances of the image are highlighted:

    • liquid mud - conversations, slander;
    • slush on the road after rain - business mistakes, manipulations of colleagues;
    • dried - old grievances;
    • black - crisis, losses;
    • white - a skirmish without a bad outcome;
    • with garbage - theft;
    • with the ground - a temporary stop in an important process;
    • with clay - an attempt to drag you into a bad event;
    • viscous, sticky - immersion in depression;
    • with manure - profit;
    • with blood - disease;
    • healing - for a fun time.

    Sometimes the forecast is positive. If the slurry on the floor, shoes, boots turns into dry dust, then all current disasters will turn into victories. If you managed to shake it off or sweep it away, you will soon understand the benefit of your own position.

    Which means a lot of dirt

    Entire rivers of sewage are a double image. Here it is advisable to stock up on self-control so as not to get involved in a conflict that has nothing to do with the sleeping woman. Options:

    1. A dirty mountain means a quarrelsome team. Keep to yourself. Do not join any opposing faction.
    2. Current flows hint at financial issues. Businessmen need to stop their tracks. For salaried employees, double your attention. They can deceive.
    3. A whole sea of ​​filth is treason. Swimming in it means being in unreasonable confidence about the moral qualities of your partner. The reality will be much more pessimistic. Your loved one is ready to go left at any moment.

    Falling face down in the dirt is a sign of public embarrassment. Try to be silent as much as possible and don’t get on the podium unnecessarily.

    Troubles, empty chores, disappointments

    Did you dream of swimming along a very polluted river? In reality, life changes await you, which will turn out to be quite unpleasant.

    Seeing yourself splashing in a muddy river in a dream means: empty chores and worries will appear. They will only waste time without bringing any benefit.

    Have you sailed down a river whose waves turned out to be polluted? The dream book explains: there will be troubles on the love front, unsuccessful, dubious relationships. A person who at first seemed ideal will greatly disappoint.

    Where did you swim?

    Remember where you happened to swim in your dream. This was in the muddy:

    • river - you will lose a valuable thing;
    • sea ​​- a loved one can betray you;
    • lake - you will suffer damage;
    • pond - someone close to you will get sick;
    • big puddle - you will become friends with a dubious company that has a bad reputation.

    Also, if you dreamed of swimming in the mud on a small pond, this means that family squabbles will soon begin.

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