Greeting a deceased person by the hand in a dream: meaning and interpretation, what it portends

Veracity of interpretation

The first thing you should start with when analyzing your dream is its assessment. And to do this, you will need to remember what events or actions preceded the moment you went to bed. Of course, if a person the day before played creepy computer games, watched a scary movie or read a book in the thriller genre, he will probably dream of a similar plot. After all, the brain is designed in such a way that at night it processes the information received during the day. Also, if a person has recently experienced grief - the loss of a relative or friend, he may also experience terrible visions in his dreams. For example, many people dream of a dead person trying to take them with them or blaming them for what happened to them. In this case, the meaning of the dream, where the dreamer had to shake hands with a deceased person in a dream, is attributed to a psychological factor. Therefore, it does not require analysis and portends absolutely nothing.

It’s another matter if the dream arose spontaneously. That is, the day before the person did not think about anything like that. Only then can we say that the dream is a harbinger of certain events in the dreamer’s life.

Follow me!

How dangerous is it to see your palm in the palm of a resurrected person in a dream and voluntarily follow him? In ancient dream books, such a turn of events means the worst: this is a direct path to the next world.

Our contemporaries decipher this sign more reasonably: often a deceased person leads by the hand in a dream someone who is morally tormenting himself with grief and longing for him.

If you dreamed of traveling with such an unusual travel companion, it doesn’t hurt to pay attention to your health and be doubly wary of accidents. Stopping on time in a dream is considered a good sign.

Dream interpretation

According to dream books, greeting someone in a dream means meeting one of your relatives, friends or just acquaintances in the near future. Therefore, such a dream does not foretell any dangers. Especially if it had a positive connotation. The situation is completely different if you had to shake hands with a dead person in a dream. This process is an omen of very negative and even alarming events.

However, you shouldn’t immediately panic or stress yourself out, preparing for various troubles. After all, it is quite possible that the dreamer began to feel longing for his deceased relative or friend. Even if he hadn't even thought about it the day before. Even a single thought that arises in the subconscious can result in a long and intense dream with a strange or creepy plot.


Predictions of why you dream that a dead person is pulling your hand can somewhat puzzle the sleeper. Most dream books are reassuring that the symbol does not foretell anything fatal. Hasse's dream book notes that seeing the deceased longing for something happens in a state of malaise. Sometimes the symbol means longing for that person.

If you dreamed that you were dragging a lot of dead people along with you, in reality you have a lot of reasons to worry. If the dead man stuck his bony hand out of the grave and pulled, overcoming the difficulties will not be easy, but it is possible.

Seeing a deceased person stretching his hands out of the coffin means a change in weather or an unexpected visit.

What does the dream promise?

For every night dream, even if it is negative, it is important to consider not only the meaning, but also the omen. As we noted above, shaking hands with a deceased person in a dream foreshadows negative events. But it is not at all necessary that they will be fatal for the dreamer.

In general, dreams in which dead people appear promise sudden changes in weather. But it is also very important to examine your dream more carefully. In particular, try to remember exactly what action was performed on the deceased. For example, it is well known that in dreams it is strictly forbidden to take anything from the hands of the deceased. Also, you should not go to the place where a person from the other world is calling. Otherwise, the consequences for the dreamer will be extremely negative. There is even a possibility that the dreamer himself will soon go to another world.

If a person had to shake hands with a deceased person in a dream, then he should prepare for the fact that in the near future he will experience a deterioration in his health, a dangerous illness, and even death. If you don't pay attention to your illness in time.

Why do you dream about a deceased grandmother holding your hand?

Seeing deceased relatives in your night dreams is not an entirely favorable prophecy, but the interpretation of any dream depends, among other things, on the smallest details. Why do you dream about a deceased grandmother holding your hand? Do you need to fear for your health in this case?

If a deceased grandmother holds your hand in a dream, this is a very unfavorable sign. When people dream about this, many people start to panic. After all, nightmares in which deceased relatives are present do not bode well. In this case, these fears are not groundless.

If in a dream you had to hold the hand of your deceased grandmother and watch her very worried and sad, this predicts health problems. In the near future, a person may become very ill. For those who are already struggling with a terrible diagnosis, the vision does not foretell a speedy recovery.

But experts in the field of dream interpretation urge you not to get upset ahead of time. Many nightmares come to people in order to warn them of danger, and not to demonstrate the inevitability of trouble.

If the vision came immediately after the death of a relative or after a funeral, you should not attach too much importance to it. Most likely, the sleeping person simply regrets the loss very much, which is reflected in nightmares.

Sometimes you dream of relatives who have gone to another world when it is necessary to remember them, or if during their lifetime there was some understatement between them and the dreamer. When there is a feeling of guilt and a person is ashamed in front of the deceased for some actions, such dreams may also torment him. You must remember your grandmother, read a prayer and mentally ask her for forgiveness.

If you dreamed about your late grandmother holding your hand and not letting go, this is a symbol that the chosen path is not entirely correct. When such a vision comes on the eve of making a serious decision, it is worth thinking about everything again and not rushing to answer. This can have very negative consequences.

It is considered a bad sign to have a dream in which your grandmother holds your hand and cries on the eve of your own wedding. The marriage union will not be very happy. If in a dream your grandmother held your hand and led you to the altar, on the contrary, everything will turn out very well and the other half will be support and support for the dreamer or the dreamer in life.

What does it portend?

If in a dream the grandmother holds the hand and at the same time looks cheerful, joyful, stroking the palm of the sleeping person, this symbolizes approval. Most likely, the person made the right choice or committed an act that all his relatives can be proud of.

To understand what night vision prophesies, sometimes it is enough to remember the words of your grandmother from a dream. They may contain a secret meaning. Some visions should even be taken literally. For example, if a deceased relative held her hand in a dream and asked for something, it is advisable to fulfill her request.

In a nightmare, feeling like your grandmother is holding your hand, but at the same time experiencing a great desire to escape - in reality, running away from pressing problems. The dreamer will want to change something, to move away.

Such dreams also symbolize a weakening connection with one’s family. Relations with parents and other relatives will become much cooler. At some point, a person will no longer feel the need to communicate with family.

In a dream, holding your deceased grandmother’s hand and at the same time seeing how sad she is is an unkind sign. Such dreams predict health problems, which can even be fatal. It is worth considering the vision as a warning and take care of yourself, not to deliberately put your life in danger.

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If you had a dream on the eve of important negotiations or a deal

When analyzing your dream, it is very important to take into account not only the events preceding the dream, but also those following it. This is why it is worth postponing or canceling any event related to obtaining financial benefits. Because hopes for success will not come true. And even if you manage to achieve what you want, it will not bring happiness.

It is much more correct to pay attention to your loved ones and spend the day after a difficult dream with your loved ones. This way you will be able to ward off future troubles and problems.

Firmly and firmly

Explaining why you dream of holding the hand of a dead person, dream books consider various everyday situations:

  • If you dreamed of holding the deceased by the wrist at home, bad news will affect the whole family;
  • When the dream hero holds a sleeping person, he is trying to warn against mistakes;
  • If you dreamed of holding your wrist, realizing that it was a corpse, your life will be long;
  • Seeing and touching the hands of dead children occurs with problems associated with pregnancy;
  • Not seeing, but knowing exactly who is holding your palm, happens during periods of loneliness.

Positive interpretation of sleep

The question of why shake hands with a dead person in a dream is asked by every sane person. After all, even not very superstitious people can be frightened by such a dream. Especially if in a dream you had to see a loved one or friend who is now alive and well.

However, such a night dream does not foretell danger. Firstly, it can be explained from a psychological point of view. According to experts, such a dream means the dreamer’s great love for the person in the dream, as well as the fear of losing him. Secondly, somnologists - specialists in the study of dreams - claim that such a vision portends longevity for the person who was in the image of the deceased.

Another important feature of the dream is that in a dream, greeting a deceased relative who was married during his lifetime promises a quick wedding or a meeting of his soulmate. But if a married dreamer dreams of a married relative, then he himself will face a divorce.

Holding hands of the deceased dream book

The degree of relationship and relationship during life will help you understand why you dream of shaking hands with the deceased.
When in a dream you had the opportunity to shake the hand of a deceased person towards whom you felt hostility, in reality do not rush to accept gifts without stipulating the conditions. What they will demand in return may be shocking, warns Velesov’s dream book. At the same time, a handshake with a former enemy indicates an opportunity to improve relations with someone living today. The traditional greeting of deceased parents recalls a previously made and hitherto unfulfilled promise.

Kind figures like your grandmother or childhood friends are always on your side, there is nothing wrong with walking hand in hand with them. At the same time, they happen to be seen on the eve of unexpected changes. What they said in a dream will help predict their character.

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  • Capricorn 22.12 – 20.01
  • Aquarius 21.01 – 20.02
  • Pisces 21.02 – 20.03

Why do you dream of holding hands in Miller’s dream book?

Walking hand in hand with someone you know in a dream means a joint test or a common undertaking.

If a woman in a dream happened to walk hand in hand with a man unknown to her, she learns that she has a secret admirer.

I dreamed that a man I knew took my hand - in reality he would make an offer of a piquant and indecent nature.

A young man dreams that his girlfriend is walking hand in hand with someone else - he is doing something wrong, she is in doubt about her choice.

You dream that they took you by the hand, but you don’t see who - they will provide you with secret protection.

If someone takes your hand in a dream, and you find it unpleasant, they will help you, but in return they will demand something that you would not like to do. You may regret this help.

Walking hand in hand with your father in a dream - for an unmarried woman, such a dream promises early marriage.

Walking hand in hand with your loved one through a beautiful area, a picturesque valley - to a wonderful future together.

If you happen to walk hand in hand with your loved one in a desert area with very sparse vegetation, you will have to experience something together, and this will bring you closer.

For a girl to dream that she is walking hand in hand with a guy in the dark - such a plot means that they both made a mistake in their choice.

Taking a guy by the hand herself - such a dream indicates that the sleeping woman will have a close relationship with a characterless man, without an inner core, he will not achieve any heights in life and will not live up to her hopes for a solid male shoulder.

Walking arm in arm with your husband or wife in a dream means a long and prosperous marriage.

What does holding hands mean in dreams, Loff’s dream book

Holding a person’s hand is a dream that has no clear interpretation. A very important aspect of such a dream is the feelings that you experienced, who this person was, whether the woman or man was holding your hand, and also for what purpose - did they want to keep you from something or, conversely, forced you to go somewhere or do something.

Another key aspect of decoding a dream is the hands themselves that you see in a dream, how they look.

Quite often, lovers dream that their loved one is holding their hand. In this case, you may face a difficult joint test in reality, and you may also need protection. If you were pleased to hold the hand of a loved one in a dream, then you will be able to go through adversity together.

If a girl dreams that a guy is holding her hand, she feels calm and good, despite the unfavorable circumstances of the dream in general, then in reality she will receive protection from him in a sensitive or directly threatening situation.

She dreams that holding hands with a guy in a dream was unpleasant for her, she wanted to pull her hand out (if only to just straighten her hair) - this union is doomed to failure.

A dream for a woman in which someone holds her hand tightly, but she does not see this person, is not prophetic, but only reflects her spiritual loneliness, a subconscious desire to trust someone, the need to “pour out” her soul to a strong person.

If in a dream she happened to hold hands with a man who was completely unfamiliar to her in real life, then one can expect a proposal from a representative of the stronger sex that is not entirely decent.

If you dreamed that you were holding hands according to Tsvetkov’s dream book

If you and your loved one hold hands in a dream, in reality you will face a joint test. The results of this test will determine the prospects for your future.

Holding hands in a dream with a competitor or enemy means a reconciliatory situation. If you have an inner need to end this hostility, then now you can easily do it.

Holding the hand of a man unknown to you - the dream says that you will be offered participation in a charity event.

Taking the hand of a fantastic character in a dream, for example, the hero of some fairy tale, means an amazing acquaintance. You will meet a completely extraordinary person who will leave strange memories of this meeting.

If in a dream you saw that people who in reality experienced enmity and hostility towards each other decided to join hands, in reality they may begin to “be friends against” you, or their confrontation will escalate very much, and as a result of this you will indirectly suffer.

Holding hands with friends in a dream is a good omen, indicating that you will support each other, and the reason for this test will present itself very soon.

If you dreamed that a dead man was holding your hand and not letting go - there is great danger ahead, treat the circumstances with extreme caution.

If your deceased father held your hands, then in real life you are going to do something extremely unfavorable for you. This is an attempt to stop, make you change your mind or not let you go somewhere.

If a young man dreams of his girlfriend holding the hands of her girlfriends or girlfriend, they (the girlfriends) are making attempts to destroy your friendship.

Take a loved one in your arms in a dream - the dream says that he or she will need very serious support from you, he (she) will find himself in a difficult life situation in reality.

The meaning of the dream of holding hands - Hasse's dream book

Walking holding hands in a dream means spending time together, a project, a test, a deeper personal relationship.

If you have a so-called “scary” dream, a nightmare, and a guy holds your hand, in real life he will come to your defense in a dangerous situation.

A similar situation, but in which the girl has to hold the guy’s hand herself, suggests that in a critical situation he is not completely reliable, may let you down or become cowardly and, with all his other advantages, may not live up to expectations of a reliable male shoulder.

If in a dream a man holds the hand of an unfamiliar woman, they will turn to him for help, and this may be fraught with some danger.

A dream in which a young man holds the hand of his friend’s girlfriend warns that he may lose friends because of his free behavior, even if there are clear prerequisites for flirting on the part of the fair sex.

Holding a dead person's hand is a dream with an ambiguous interpretation. If you were afraid to hold the hand of the deceased, there is danger ahead, but if in a dream and after waking up you experienced peace of mind and tranquility, you will receive help from above and bypass the dangerous place.

Why do people dream of holding hands, Longo’s dream book

Holding hands with your loved one in a dream means a long and happy relationship.

For a representative of the stronger sex, holding hands with a man in a dream means fruitful cooperation, a successful partnership.

If you are an unmarried woman, you dream of a man holding your hand - a very unexpected marriage proposal may come.

A guy holding a girl’s hand in a dream means he will invite her to marry in reality.

If a girl dreams that a guy takes her friend’s hand, she expects an explosion of unfounded jealousy, which can lead to a breakup.

An unmarried girl dreamed that her father took her hand - she will receive a marriage proposal, but there will be disagreements about this with her parents.

Why do you dream of holding hands - a modern dream book

Taking someone by the hand in a dream means providing this person with support and help in reality.

If they take you by the hand, you will need help, and it will be received in full.

An unmarried girl dreamed that a guy took her hand - she might receive a marriage proposal in reality.

Walking hand in hand with a guy in a dream means your relationship will be long, but you will not get married soon.

For a married lady to walk hand in hand with a man - such a dream speaks of a great temptation that awaits her right at the workplace, in her own team.

If in a dream a man takes another man by the hand, they will enter into a mutually beneficial agreement on partnership or on peaceful coexistence in a common territory in case of disagreement or intersection of interests.

Emotional coloring of sleep

In order to interpret your vision correctly, it is important to pay attention to what feelings the dreamer experienced when “viewing” the night images. After all, the deceased does not necessarily have to be in a coffin. He can easily move around the world just like us. That is, in this case there is nostalgia for the times when the current deceased was still alive. And then shaking hands with a dead person in a dream is not at all scary. And for many people it’s even nice. If you dream of a relative or acquaintance.

So, if the dream had a positive connotation and the dreamer woke up in a good mood in the morning, then the dream foreshadows:

  • quick profit;
  • receiving help or support from an unexpected source;
  • an opportunity to achieve something for which hope has already been lost.

If after the dream a difficult impression remains, then the dream foreshadows dangerous illnesses, disappointment, obstacles to the fulfillment of desires, difficulties at work and in personal life. In other words, the beginning of a black streak.

However, according to experts, it is still possible to protect yourself from the negative effects of sleep. To do this, you need to ask for forgiveness from the deceased or light a candle for his repose.

Frightening gestures

You should know why you dream that the deceased is showing aggression. Vanga's dream book suggests that the sleeper in reality could do something that could upset him.

When you happen to see him with a knife, drastic changes are coming in romantic relationships. A breakup, an unexpected acquaintance, or a new surge of feelings is possible - something will certainly knock you out of your rut.

When in a dream you happen to find yourself in a cemetery, where several blind man’s buffs are grabbed at the same time, you will soon learn about a large-scale disaster.

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