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Its appearance in a dream almost always causes fear, but in reality it appears only in 30% of cases. Most often, the appearance of a coffin symbolizes a lost cause, troubles, the approach of illness, but not fatal events that can literally come true. This is why different people dream about the coffin and how to correctly interpret its appearance. Remember where you saw it and what was in it.

Connection with circumstances

It’s another matter if you dreamed of a lot of coffins with dead people. The dream book gives a number of interpretations to this phenomenon, the relevance of which depends on the circumstances.

Firstly, it is a symbol of the completion of some business or relationship. A large number of houses with corpses predicts an imminent wedding.

Why else do you dream of numerous boxes with dead bodies? For the young - to a comfortable life and a successful marriage, for families - to profit and prosperity, for the elderly - to news from relatives.

What does a coffin mean in a dream?

From time immemorial, everything that has to do with death has evoked awe and horror. Many of those who saw the coffin in a dream were afraid to wake up and walked around dejectedly for several days, expecting trouble. In reality, the coffin has the following meanings:

  • Literal prediction. Usually dreams about death come true the next day or after some time. If no one has died within 5 days and you have not received an invitation to a funeral, think about the symbolic meaning of the dream;
  • Block. The coffin means that your wish will not come true in the near future or that something will interfere with your plans. Don't expect anything to come easy;
  • Disease. An unexpected deterioration in health can knock you out of active life for a long time. To understand why you dream of a coffin, remember where you saw it. If it was instead of a bed or in a hospital, but the dreamer did not touch it, beware of misfortune, injury or illness. More caution will have to be exercised in the near future;
  • Unpleasant circumstances. Courts, litigation, financial difficulties, caring for a sick person can overshadow a cloudless existence and cause a lot of trouble in the near future. In this case, the coffin either means wasted efforts, or symbolizes something that will spoil your mood for a long time and which will not be easy to get rid of if it is not taken away from your eyes. Notice where he was;
  • Separation, parting. Seeing someone you know dead does not always mean his death. Most likely, your paths have already diverged, but this will become obvious after awakening;
  • Warning. For those who are prone to risk, the coffin can warn of danger in a dream. After such a dream, an extremely unpleasant turn in life is likely. Pro-Sonnik advises not to take unnecessary risks and to be more careful than usual;
  • Lost business. If the coffin is in the way, you see it on the way to work or to any other place, you will stop visiting this or that place. For those who make important decisions, such a dream promises failure in implementing their plans.

To understand exactly why you dream of a coffin, remember whether the plot of the dream repeated a frame from a recently watched movie or news. Many people see it after watching action films or scary fairy tales, but such dreams should not be interpreted. In other cases, the unexpected appearance of a coffin in a dream foreshadows major troubles and losses, news of death and deteriorating health. To understand the approximate meaning, think about whether such a plot could happen in reality.

  • The place where you saw the coffin hints at what will bring you problems. Sometimes a dream foreshadows the loss of relatives and friends if it happens to be at a friend’s house or entrance. In some cases, a funeral hints that you will soon stop communicating, but nothing bad will happen to anyone;
  • If the place was not clearly marked or did not exist in reality, some news could greatly frighten you and cause extremely unpleasant emotions;
  • A coffin in a temple may portend an extremely negative development of events or loss;
  • Seeing him in the room means beware of illness.

Unrealistic stories indicate some kind of fear or disappointment. They do not foreshadow death in reality for almost anyone. Real places that are familiar to you, even in other cities and countries, can promise you bad news. Pay attention to what exactly they meant to you, this will tell you what happens next.

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