Why do you dream about a penis (male organ)? Dream interpretation

  • March 26, 2019
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Have you thought about why you dream about a penis (male organ)? To interpret such a confusing night plot, you should turn to one or several esoteric reference books. After this, you should compare the information written in them with what happened in the realm of dreams, as well as nuances from real life. In addition, sometimes you should try to find the deep meaning of the image in your own subconscious, since it is simply impossible to create a universal interpretation.

Gustav Miller's opinion

To understand why you dream about the penis, you should remember exactly in what state this image arose in the realm of dreams. For a man, an erect penis foreshadows the successful completion of an important task that the sleeping person will have to cope with alone. But a flaccid penis is a harbinger of diseases that promise serious inconvenience. Miller recommends undergoing a comprehensive examination at the clinic.

As for this image for the fair sex, the interpretation will almost always be associated with the girl’s desire to quickly enter into intimate intimacy with a man. An excited genital organ indicates that the beauty experiences dissatisfaction during sexual intercourse or does not have sex at all in reality. But the penis in “sleep mode” indicates that the girl should take the initiative in her relationship with her loved one.

Tsvetkov's Dream Interpretation - interpretation of the dream

  • If a woman observed the male genital organ in her night dreams, then in reality she feels completely safe with her loved one. This image also marks good luck in business;
  • For a man, this dream is very ambiguous for interpretation. If you see your genitals, then your reputation will remain clean, no matter what happens. Such a man is surrounded only by the most devoted people. And if you see someone else’s reproductive organ, then your reputation will be lost. This man has allowed “wolves in sheep’s clothing” into his life, who maintain contact with him only for personal gain. It's worth taking a closer look at your surroundings. There may be intrigue behind your back, so it’s worth protecting yourself once again in order to save your place in the sun. In addition, you should think more carefully about every minute of your life.

Source: tayniymir.com

Ancient esoteric reference book

If you believe this dream book, a man’s penis portends a beauty an unpleasant conversation with her significant other in the real world. Most likely, the partner will find out that the girl cheated and will want to leave her. However, this interpretation is only relevant if you dreamed about your lover’s penis at night.

The penis of your significant other promises to spend an unforgettable night with your life partner and get satisfaction from sex.

A large penis portends a girl to be more careful in the real world. Most likely, one of the enemies or envious people will want to discredit the good name of the beauty by starting to spread false rumors and fabrications about her. Such statements should be ignored. Otherwise, people will begin to think that there is some truth in this information. Be that as it may, recognizing someone who speaks negatively about a beauty will be quite simple.

Mind-blowing sex

Well, here's the good news. If you dream about ecstatic or amazing sex, that's great, right? “These dreams can be a powerful meditation, especially if you have trouble realizing your desire in waking life,” says Vida. Also remember that whatever you feel in your sleep, you can feel in your waking life. “Think about how to achieve this ecstasy while you are awake,” Vida says.

If you are having any of these sex dreams, consider talking to a therapist or professional to find answers and begin the healing process, if possible. For really good dreams, maybe try spicing up your sex life by making those fantasies come true.

Psychologist Gustav Miller interpreted such dreams as positive / hochu.ua

Interpreter from the Middle Kingdom

Why does a married lady dream of a man’s penis? The Chinese interpreter warns the fair sex that in the near future she will have to experience serious emotional trauma, which may be associated with the death of one of her loved ones. Such an interpretation should be treated with particular caution if the genital organ bled in the kingdom of Morpheus.

Touching a man’s penis means meeting in the real world an interesting young man who will be ready to spend several unforgettable nights with a beauty. However, you should not expect anything more from such relationships. The girl will receive sexual satisfaction, but she runs the risk of alienating truly worthy suitors who have been eyeing how the beauty behaves for a long time.

Sex with a celebrity

“Of course, you are clearly attracted to this person, and you may have even used his image as a fantasy during a sexual experience. However, when he appears in your dream as your sexual partner, it's not just another layer of falling in love with him, says Milrad. Unfortunately, “more often than not, dreams about sex with someone famous reflect your desire to feel special, important in this world, and to make people pay attention to you. This may come from feeling the opposite in your daily life,” Milrad explains.

Interpretation of Sigmund Freud

Of course, the famous psychoanalyst, who became famous among people for his intimate interpretations of even ordinary images, could not ignore the plot in which he dreamed of a male penis. Freud's dream book notes that for a more detailed interpretation, one should remember the emotions that the sleeping person experienced in the realm of dreams. It should also be understood that such interpretations are only suitable for adults:

  • to get arousal from one type of penis means to experience sexual dissatisfaction in the real world;
  • enjoying oral sex (for a man) in a dream means the need to add variety to your waking sex life;
  • to feel disgust from touching the male organ is a disease that is sexually transmitted.

Freud also focuses his readers' attention on the age of the dreamers, since this nuance plays an important role in the correct interpretation of the plot. For example, for a young beauty, the image of manhood in the realm of dreams foreshadows the first sexual contact, as a result of which the girl will lose her chastity. Well, for a man to see his own penis in an excited state means to get to know a young lady in reality.

Abusive or violent sex

"If you're being sexually assaulted in a dream, it's worth wondering if something like this has ever happened in your waking life," says dream worker and relationship expert Kezia Vida. There is also a big difference between actually being abused in a dream and being afraid that you will be abused.

“If you are concerned that memories of your trauma may return, seek support. Often dreams reflect sexual trauma we have experienced to help us cope,” says Vida. What to eat before bed:

Meanings from the book of the Wanderer

Have you ever seen your penis in a dream? Get ready to get big fame in the real world. In addition, such an image is very positive for a person who is engaged in creative activities. Soon the man will experience a flow of inspiration that will allow him to create a real work of art. Well, if testicles were clearly visible in the kingdom of dreams, then the man will receive a large material profit.

As for the fair sex, the interpretations are not as rosy as for men. For example, for a girl who is in a serious relationship with a young man, seeing a penis in the realm of dreams means betraying her loved one in reality. Most likely, a charming man will appear among the beauty’s acquaintances, whom the dreamer will not be able to resist. Sooner or later, betrayal will become a reality and the girl will face shame and separation from her loved one.

What does a huge penis symbolize?

Miller's dream book reports that a deliberately huge penis personifies the dreamer's secret desire to diversify his sex life.

The Chinese dream book believes that the one who dreamed of his own penis of enormous size is in reality completely satisfied with his family and social status.

If a woman dreams of a huge erect penis, Denise Lynn’s dream book is convinced of the dreamer’s ambition, fortitude and determination.

The erotic dream book believes that a frighteningly huge penis in a woman’s night dreams indicates her aversion to physical intimacy.

If a woman dreams of an erect penis , the dream foreshadows a long period of sexual activity.

A small boy with a disproportionately large penis symbolizes upcoming troubles, warns the Ukrainian Dream Book .

What do the French think?

Why do you dream about a (large) penis on the eve of an important meeting or signing an agreement? An interpreter from France assures his readers that any events that are in one way or another related to finances should be postponed to a more favorable date. Otherwise, the sleeping person risks becoming a victim of fraud and deception, as well as losing a significant part of his money.

Did you happen to see your own penis, stained with seed? Soon the man will have to greatly disgrace himself in front of his close relatives. To prevent undesirable developments, the French dream book recommends monitoring the words spoken and actions taken. Otherwise, the shame will be so strong that the sleeping person will even want to move to live in another city, breaking ties with relatives.

Analysis according to the lunar dream book

The second phase of the lunar cycle has the highest probability of this dream coming true. Full moon days are also considered very good. During the rest of the period, the chance of a blowjob happening to a man is significantly less. It will also be very wise to plan your future at the time of the lunar waxing.

The lunar dream book has a rather unique purpose. With its help, you can find out with what probability and when a dream can come true. Its creation required enormous efforts by researchers of the relationship between the lunar cycle and dreams. To use it yourself, you need information from the lunar calendar.

Mayan prophecies

Have you thought about why an adult woman who hasn’t had sex for a long time dreamed about the male organ? As a rule, such an image suggests that the beauty is wasting her time in the real world. The dreamer’s main sins are laziness and gluttony, which prevent her from developing normally. If a woman does not begin to change something in her life, she risks being left alone for the rest of her days, since none of the men will take her as a wife.

Pleasuring a man in front of other people in the realm of dreams means getting into an awkward situation in the real world, which will be associated with intimacy. Most likely, the dreamer will see a couple making love in the wrong place or be caught herself. Be that as it may, it will not be possible to avoid such a fate. All that remains is to mentally prepare for the fact that your cheeks will turn red from shame.

Dream Interpretation: sexual organ - general interpretation

The images of most dreams are born deep in the subconscious. Therefore, it is worth taking into account what a person has been thinking about lately and what he has seen during the day.

To understand this issue, it is necessary to take into account a number of details: gender, age of the dreamer and other circumstances. Most dream books pay great attention to this.

Many dream books do not give this image any positive predictions for the future, but on the contrary, they believe that this is a symbol of great disappointments, the evil eye and black magic.

  • If a virgin girl managed to see the male organ in her dreams, most dream books personify this plot with puberty and hidden sexual desires. But if in a dream the male genital organ frightened the girl, then in reality she will have to go through a number of troubles, perhaps they will be associated specifically with the first sexual contact. Notoriety can stick for a long time on a young girl;
  • Seeing the genital organ in a man's dream. There are many interpretations of this situation. One of them is an inferiority complex. It can be caused by an unsuccessful love affair or sexual contact with a mistress, which is sometimes better not to remember. The image is intensified if in a dream a man watched his organ;
  • If you dreamed about a large genital organ, the dreamer faces serious troubles and obstacles on his life’s path. It is also possible for a loved one to betray you, which can drive the sleeping person into depression for a long time. Also, dream books do not recommend withdrawing from the help and advice of friends;
  • Seeing the male genital organ in a dream for a mature woman. This dream symbolizes complete sexual dissatisfaction. The woman also yearns for the days of her youth;
  • Seeing your relative's organ means trouble. You should expect a deterioration in the financial situation in the family and problems at work;
  • If a young lady managed to see the organ of a man unfamiliar to her, then in reality she will meet the man of her ideal. But this meeting will not bring anything good, but will only leave pain and disappointment in the soul. Dream books recommend that married women not lose their heads, since cheating on a spouse will only bring negative consequences. For men, dream books interpret this image as deception of friends and loved ones. You may fall for fraudulent tricks;
  • I dreamed of an organ of gigantic size - to a pleasant time alone with a loved one. For young girls free from relationships, this image marks a fateful meeting;
  • Looking at a friend's genitals is a sign of betrayal. The interpretation of the dream applies to both men and women;
  • Seeing your boss's organ means hard work. Also, your superiors may set you up in order to put “their man” in your place;
  • Older people see this image when regrets over missed opportunities in youth burst out. Regret that you can’t get anything back. Dream books also mark a meeting with unpleasant people or past enemies;
  • A very strange image when the genitals are out of place. He warns of a quarrel with loved ones out of nowhere. It is unlikely that you will be able to avoid disagreements, but you will easily be able to smooth out their consequences;
  • Seeing the organ of an adult man on a little boy in a dream means deception and gossip behind your back in real life.

Vanga's opinion

What does the Bulgarian clairvoyant think about why a member of the fair sex dreams? Vanga is sure that the girl will soon receive a promotion up the career ladder, which she deserves. However, the beauty must be aware that a high position also promises great responsibility. If a girl cannot cope with her new responsibilities, she will greatly disappoint her superiors.

We hope you now better understand why you dream about a penis. Of course, not a single dream book in the world can give an accurate interpretation of what awaits a sleeping person in the real world. That is why it is so important to correctly compare the information from the esoteric reference book with the state of things in reality. In addition, in order to make the most accurate interpretation, many experienced dreamers recommend listening to the inner voice of the subconscious.

Miller's Dream Book: blowjob to a man

According to Miller, if a man dreams of a blowjob, it means finding new friends, going through an extraordinary experience, and restoring mental strength. According to this publication, such a dream promises, first of all, an expansion of the current circle of communication and interaction. In most situations, it simply foreshadows another acquaintance with a new person. But sometimes he predicts the restoration of old communication and forgotten connections.

Men are placed in a separate category in Miller's publications. Their appearances promise positive life changes. Sometimes they promise the appearance of very good friends, colleagues or partners. At the same time, Miller strongly advised to remain reasonable and not make hasty decisions.

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