What does the dream book mean when a cat is caressed in a dream?

When petting a cat in a dream is good

  1. Petting a cat in a dream and enjoying the action - the dream promises simple joy in life, the possible arrival of an important guest or an event that can bring certain benefits or opportunities in the future.
  2. If a cat in a dream asks to be held, it means that in real life the dreamer will find people with a large supply of love and patience: the dream foreshadows the arrival of friends and loved ones, and even the return of a person from the distant past.
  3. If the cat himself enjoys the actions, it means that the dreamer will have a chance to show his best side or reveal himself in a way that is unexpected for the people around him: the dreamer will have to show courage, but it will only lead to the most positive results.
  4. A favorable dream, if you dream of a familiar animal - it is a harbinger of news or the resolution of an old problem that has long tormented the dreamer; the main condition for fulfillment is the desire to believe in a better outcome.
  5. A favorable interpretation of the dream, if the cat fell asleep while being petted, the dream describes positive changes in his personal life: if the dreamer is lonely, it means that he will soon have a chance to change his status.

General interpretation of dreams with cats

In order to understand the meaning of sleep, you need to take into account many nuances. In addition, each dream book reveals information in its own way, so it is worth familiarizing yourself with different sources before drawing conclusions:

You need to think carefully about the meaning of dreams involving cats and kittens. A dream for a woman can have a very ambiguous interpretation. An adult cat is a symbol of femininity and sexuality, but kittens are a sign of helplessness and loneliness.

A cat swimming in the water portends an awkward situation with long-term unpleasant consequences. Moreover, a person will find himself in this situation of his own free will.

Several cats increase negative omens. Soon signs of hypocrisy and lies will appear in life. There will be deception from an unexpected side. But if you dream of a cat and a dog, this is a very good symbol. Loyal friends will protect you from troubles.

All representatives of the cat world are associated with otherworldly energy . The deceased cat represents a connection with the world of the dead. He warns that you need to take care of your health, as well as that of your relatives and loved ones.

When petting a cat in a dream means trouble

  1. One of the most negative predictions is that if you have to pet a cat in a dream that bites you, it means that in real life there is a real energy vampire next to the dreamer: he is the cause of constant failures and troubles.
  2. If a cat cuddles in a dream, but looks sick or very dirty, the dream promises temporary but serious financial difficulties: the dreamer will not be able to avoid them or minimize negative consequences.
  3. The dream has a negative meaning if the cat breaks out and the dreamer’s actions are unpleasant for it - in real life a person will have to deal with unpleasant and deceitful people, although they will be hiding under the guise of a friend.
  4. In a dream, stroking an animal against the growth of its fur means in real life harming the one you love: the dream warns against selfish behavior with loved ones.
  5. If a cat strokes itself on different parts of the dreamer, the dream foreshadows minor troubles, and even if they do not radically affect the dreamer’s life, they will greatly upset him.

Relax, plan your wedding

Seeing in a dream how a cat caresses and jumps into your arms means: there will be a desire to relax and have fun. Everything is in your hands - arrange a get-together with friends, visit a nightclub, go to a restaurant with your loved one.

A dream about a cat that is constantly petting itself suggests that an excellent period for romance and love will soon begin. Moreover, this is a good time for engagement and wedding.

Why hold a cat in your arms in a dream for a woman and a man

Who had the dream:

  • for a woman - to non-reciprocal, but very strong feelings;
  • for a man - to the desire to get someone else’s beloved or to recapture her from a rival;
  • for a girl - to a difficult new relationship, where there will be a lot of quarrels and misunderstandings;
  • for a pregnant woman - to excessive concern about the unborn child.

Where were you in the dream:

  • at home - to household chores, urgent solutions to domestic problems;
  • in someone else's house - to envy or dependence on someone else's opinion;
  • on the street - to play for the public or the desire to play a certain role in order to please others;
  • in the forest - to a lack of time for yourself, the need for urgent rest.

Which cat did you hug in your dream?

What color was the cat?

  • white - to favorable circumstances in the near future;
  • black - to delays and annoying delays;
  • red - to a passionate meeting or a stormy but short romance;
  • multi-colored - to a quick change of situations.

What size was the cat?

  • large - to serious and rapid changes;
  • small - for small but pleasant gifts;
  • medium - to a well-deserved reward in the near future;

What does the animal do in response to the dreamer’s actions:

  • caresses - to dependence in a relationship;
  • breaks out - to the desire to seem like a better person for the beloved;
  • tries to escape - to forbidden desires;
  • falls asleep - to a calm and measured life in the near future.

How the dream ended:

  • I had to see an affectionate cat in a dream, but from a distance without the opportunity to stroke it - to desires without fulfillment, empty dreams;
  • kissing a cat in a dream in order to hold it - to the desire to receive love from a certain person;
  • running away from a cat because it sheds means high expectations for others, but minimal expectations for yourself.

Need for attention and love

Sometimes the appearance of an affectionate purr in a dream predicts that a friend or acquaintance needs your affection and care. Or the child requires attention and warmth. Usually the dream book interprets a dream in this way, in which a cat meows pitifully and asks to be poured milk.

For girls, such a plot in a dream means that a friend or even a mother needs their affection and encouragement. Sometimes a cat shows a sister or friend who is suffering due to loneliness or unrequited love, so such a dream is a call to pay attention to this person. Especially if the animal was bloody or white. By the way, the shade of her fur can mean the character of a person who is interested in you, needs warmth and care, or the intentions of a friend or relative.

A white cat always means tenderness, purity of intentions and care. The dream book writes that most often a child or relative needs your love and understanding, less often a teenager or girlfriend. But there is no doubt about the sincerity of such a person’s feelings and his kindness, as well as the fact that he really needs help.

A gray cat shows a calm, modest and unassuming person. The redhead is cunning, bright and hot-tempered, theatrical, insincere, and the spotted one, for example, black and white, is changeable and contradictory, prone to harsh actions and even harshness, but at the same time soft and naive, like a child. A purebred cat of noble color most often means your own desire for a luxurious and prosperous life. Black - a cunning and insidious person with a secretive and complex nature. It can become a symbol of deceit, especially if after caressing it immediately attacks you in a dream. The dream book interprets such a dream as a sign of cunning and deceit, something that is worth looking at the behavior of people from your environment, as they are trying to earn your trust for the sake of their goal.

Why hold and caress a cat in a dream according to dream books


An affectionate cat in a dream, according to Freud’s dream book, personifies sexual desires. The dreamer either suppresses desires within himself or is in a relationship where his full potential is not revealed.

If the cat behaves strangely or constantly breaks out, it means that the future chosen one will be dishonest and will hide his true motives.

Holding a cat in your arms in a dream that behaves indifferently or even aggressively means dependence on a certain person, on his mood and actions.

What did you have to do in your dream:

  • petting different cats means a lack of understanding of one’s own actions and desires;
  • catching an animal first means escaping from real problems;
  • running away from an animal means fear of a new relationship;
  • touching dirty or sticky fur means gossip about the dreamer, destruction of reputation.

How many animals were there?

  • one - to intimate conversations in private;
  • couple - to flirting;
  • a lot - to several affairs or just an active personal life.


According to Miller's dream book, hugging a cat in a dream means trouble and all sorts of troubles. A bad sign represents problems that take up both the dreamer’s time and energy.

If a cat is a stray, and the dreamer takes him in his arms, it means that he himself agrees to a low position or to poor treatment. The dream promises certain obstacles on the path to happiness created by self-doubt.

  • fluffy - to praise from a loved one or loved one;
  • bald - to a sharp change in priorities.

What the animal looked like:

  • for patients - to painful thoughts about themselves, far-fetched fears;
  • healthy - to healthy competition;
  • for the wounded - a desire to hide health problems;
  • dirty - to an unfair fight with competitors;
  • pure - to minor actions without enthusiasm.

The meaning of dreams with kittens

It's always a pleasure to see a cute little kitten. The appearance of a furry creature in the Kingdom of Morpheus also has many interpretations:

  • Vanga’s dream book explains why a girl dreams of kittens. This always portends an unpleasant period. A woman will have many difficulties in life. Unfortunately, you will have to deal with the problems yourself. There is no point in asking others for help; you won’t be able to get it anyway.
  • If the baby is sleeping peacefully and the dreamer is just looking at him, there is no need to worry about problems. They will resolve on their own. Perhaps she will find out that there were difficulties when they are already leaving her life.
  • In Miller's dream book, kittens playing with each other are a good sign. Enemies will no longer harm the woman; most likely, they will find another victim. If the kittens were driven away, it means that these ill-wishers will no longer appear in her life.
  • Tsvetkov’s interpreter says that a small kitten hiding from a woman is a warning. It is necessary to monitor your behavior and reputation. Perhaps frivolity will lead to shame.
  • If the kittens are newborns, it means that a meeting with a new chosen one will soon occur. The romance will be memorable, but short-lived. It is possible that the fruit of love will be a child. If you do not want to have children, you should be careful when choosing contraception.
  • Freud argued that a woman who sees kittens being born in a dream greatly craves intimacy with a man. And if a girl herself gave birth to a cat, and the kitten was the only one, this is a sign of good luck.
  • If the dreamer picked up a little furry on the street, it means that she is the source of all her problems.
  • Dead or dying kittens dream only for the better. Troubles will soon resolve themselves, perhaps a solution to financial problems, a cure for the disease. A pregnant woman who has such a dream will give birth to a child without difficulty.

For centuries, people have collected knowledge about dreams. Dream books are compiled based on thousands of years of experience and are of great benefit to the modern generation. Furry animals from the Kingdom of Morpheus can tell a lot about the dreamer’s life, and it’s worth listening to.

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