Let's discuss why you dream about fingernails. Let's look at the interpretations in foreign dream books.

Nails break in a dream

Nails that break in a dream act as a warning sign that, in the dreamer’s opinion, minor troubles can develop into major difficulties. The dream encourages you to control your feelings, emotions and not say rash phrases. Rudeness and aggression towards loved ones and friends should not be tolerated.

Also, such a vision indicates to a person that he needs to refuse to do things the feasibility of which he doubts. A thoughtless desire to do everything at once can lead to both financial waste and loss of respect from others.

Another interpretation of a dream in which breaking nails are present is marital status , where one of the family members behaved unreasonably, and the dreamer experiences a deep sense of shame for him.

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Coating color

Depending on the color of the nail coating, the meaning of the dream may change, so it is necessary to remember the details of the dream.

  • Red color - a difficult period awaits you in life. The richer and brighter the color, the more problems you will encounter in real life.

    However, in some dream books there is also the opposite meaning - a passionate and stormy feeling awaits you that will swallow you whole.

  • Pink - a romantic date or non-binding flirtation awaits you.
  • Yellow - speaks of the dreamer’s spirituality; you are developing in the right direction.
  • Black - promises disappointment, deception. Perhaps you will be overcome by melancholy or depression, you will be disappointed in your life.
  • White - good news or a pleasant event awaits you.
  • Green - you will have to do a good deed, maybe help someone. But all this will definitely come back to you threefold.
  • Blue – peace, satisfaction, tranquility.
  • Blue - you are a very honest person, so you are not afraid of evil tongues.
  • Golden - you have been seized by the mistaken opinion that the most important thing in the world is money, you need to get rid of this pattern.

Painted nails

The interpretation of the dream is influenced by the color of the varnish with which the nails were painted. Red nails warn a young woman about the likelihood of being drawn into the web of passion and erotic madness. A married woman who sees her nails painted red will be very tempted, and it will be in her best interest not to give in to it.

Adult women and men may see red nails in a dream as a sign of imminent reconciliation with relatives, friends or colleagues. This color of nails indicates a quick restoration of the emotional balance of the sleeper .

Black nails warn of a serious struggle between the dreamer and ill-wishers, where the sleeper will have to defend his dignity and honor. The dreamer is likely to be accused of actions and deeds that he did not commit, as well as of his insincerity.

In addition, nails painted with black varnish can indicate dark, soft nails that haunt the dreamer. psychological disorders may soon .

My toenails fell off without pain and I chewed them and spat them out, but others grew in their place.

I dreamed that my nail extensions came off painlessly.

I dreamed that in a dream, an extended nail fell off on my right hand on the big finger and my nail underneath it, I also removed it painlessly. And underneath there was just dry white skin, there was no new nail.

I dreamed that my toenail fell off.

I removed the nail on my left thumb without pain, and in its place there was blood.

All my nails fell out in a dream, why is this?

Why did I have a dream last night that a thumbnail fell off on one of my hands? The hand did not understand which one was right or left. I take it off and see just skin under the nail, and a small piece of a new nail is already growing from under the old nail.

A toenail fell off, and underneath it was a new good nail.

A new nail is probably good, maybe new changes for the better or good health. May God grant that everyone will be fine, especially with health.


Long nails

For girls, a dream in which her nails are long and well-groomed has a positive meaning . Most likely, very soon a person will appear in her life with whom she will have a pure, gentle and kind romantic relationship.

Also, such a dream may indicate that she will soon receive a marriage proposal from her chosen one.

For married women, long fingernails promise family well-being.

Men who have such a dream can prepare for unexpected financial profits.

Why do you dream that a fingernail has fallen off?

Dream Interpretation A nail fell off a finger dreamed of why in a dream a nail fell off a finger? To select a dream interpretation, enter a keyword from your dream into the search form or click on the initial letter of the image characterizing the dream (if you want to get an online interpretation of dreams by letter for free alphabetically).

Now you can find out what it means to see a fingernail fall off in a dream by reading below for free interpretation of dreams from the best online dream books of the House of the Sun!

Dream Interpretation - Nail, claw

Indicates victory over enemies. And cutting nails is following the Sunnah.

They also say: seeing your nails in a dream means you have a good idea of ​​your capabilities in life. Seeing that your nails are broken promises death. White nails indicate good memory and quick memorization.

A missing nail in a dream promises bankruptcy. If the nails seen in a dream correspond to their size standards in life, then their owner is sincere and pious in religion and in life. For a woman, painting her nail means that her husband will treat her well.

Moderately long and beautiful nails mean an increase in the number of money and clothes. Too long nails in a dream mean that their owner can ruin the work he has begun with his excessive strength and ability.

Dream Interpretation - Fingers

The fingers of the right hand in a dream mean male relatives, and the fingers of the left hand mean female relatives.

Seeing your fingers beautiful in a dream means that your intentions will come true. For lovers, such a dream foreshadows love pleasures and pleasures.

The thumb is the father or mother, and sometimes very big changes that you will achieve in a not entirely honest way; little fingers - children; middle fingers - property, money.

Being left without fingers in a dream is a sign of the loss of children or great material damage.

Losing a finger in a dream foreshadows some protracted and troublesome matter (or litigation). If you lose your thumb in a dream, then poverty and loneliness await you. Losing a finger or losing it in a dream means losing exactly what it means. After such a dream, obstacles in business and financial losses await you; if you owe someone money, then you will have to repay debts, etc.

A dream in which you saw that one of your fingers has increased in size portends you a big profit or an addition to your family.

A wounded finger or fingers in a dream foreshadows loss, damage, collapse of plans, loss of money.

Scratching your finger in a dream means profit.

If you dream that your fingers hurt, then failure and trouble await you.

If you dream that your eyes are located on your fingers, then you will have to do something at random. Sometimes such a dream foreshadows eye disease.

A severed finger in a dream with blood foreshadows the loss of a relative.

Cutting or scratching your finger in a dream means troubles that you will experience painfully.

Burning your finger in a dream predicts that you will soon enter into a second marriage.

From which finger and what exactly happened, you can judge the content of the dream.

A dirty finger in a dream foreshadows suffering or shame due to relatives or loved ones. Such a dream could also mean that you will succumb to temptation, which will bring you a lot of trouble.

See interpretation: Burn, Point, Feel.

Nails fall off

Dream Interpretation Nails fall off dreamed of why in a dream Nails fall off? To select a dream interpretation, enter a keyword from your dream into the search form or click on the initial letter of the image characterizing the dream (if you want to get an online interpretation of dreams by letter for free alphabetically).

Now you can find out what it means to see nails falling off in a dream by reading below for free interpretations of dreams from the best online dream books of the House of the Sun!

Dream Interpretation - Nails

If you dreamed of cutting your nails, polishing them and getting a manicure, this means that you care too much about what people say about you. The dream in which you see your nails long and brightly painted has the same meaning.

False nails in a dream indicate that you are prone to lying and your friends do not like you for this.

Seeing your nails healthy and strong means your efforts will be appreciated.

If your nails are yellow, sick, or break, you will have hard work for a meager pay.

If in a dream your nails were dirty, it means that someone is spreading dirty rumors about you - alas, not without reason.

If a man has such a dream, in reality his aggressiveness can cause a quarrel with the woman he loves.

If you scratched yourself in a dream, this means that some mistake of yours will bring you a lot of trouble.

If you are scratched until you bleed, your family will also be involved in these troubles.

If you dream that your nails have fallen out (or have been pulled out), this is a very bad dream and may mean the loss of a loved one.

Throwing away or burning your own cut nails - you will commit an accidental crime, which you will try to hide from others.

If no one was present in your dream, in reality you will be able to hide the ends.

If someone was nearby in a dream, it means that in reality you will have witnesses. You can work through this dream by imagining that the cut nails are not yours, but someone else’s.

Seeing your nails grow is a favorable sign. The dream suggests that you will live to a ripe old age.

Excessively short nails mean a short life.

Seeing toenails is a sign of travel.

Fungus on the nails - to gossip and intrigue.

A universal way to work out a dream about nails is to imagine that your nails are of normal length, not too short and not too long, clean, healthy and strong.


Why do you dream about a nail falling off in a dream according to the dream book?

If you dream that a nail has fallen off, you will be able to free yourself from relationships that have lost relevance for you and caused unnecessary worries. Glued-on nails falling off means the destruction of planned plans, deterioration of well-being, and illness.

  • The ability to interpret dreams is a valuable gift, because sometimes it is in dreams that the conscious mind gives us the deepest and most important clues.
  • Source: https://uslugavsem.ru/k-chemu-snitsya-chto-na-paltse-otpal-nogot/

Short nails

Shortly cut nails indicate the dreamer’s reluctance to change anything in his life , although the upcoming changes promise only well-being. Fear of change prevents a person from understanding his true desires and goals, which hinders his development in all areas of life. Dream books advise you to take a break from your daily routine, look deep into yourself and put your feelings and thoughts in order.

Fingernails that are nibbled

Watch your hands

To more accurately interpret why you dream that a nail falls off, dream interpreter Loff suggests taking into account its location. Trouble on the finger means lost profits, forced unemployment.

If an “accident” occurred with a nail on the finger of your right hand, only categorical confidence in your own rightness will help you defend your interests. An affected left hand indicates a high probability of delusion.

When you see damage to your false manicure, there is no point in waiting for mercy from fortune. Trying to fix a problem on your finger yourself indicates a tendency to devote too much time to self-digging.

Dirty nails

A dream in which a person sees dirty nails on his hands warns of squabbles and clashes in a team . Solving such problems will be difficult and painful.

Some dream books interpret a dream about dirty nails as an indication of the dreamer’s immoral and indecent behavior, which should be reviewed and changed at all costs.

Sometimes such a vision speaks of envy and gossip from ill-wishers, who will soon become much more active. You need to face such blows with your head held high and not give in to the desire to prove that you are right. In this case, a wise wait-and-see tactic is best suited.

Why do you dream about a broken nail?

  • In your dream, did a man cut your nails? Your loved ones may have difficulties if you dream about nails in this interpretation.
  • Have you cut a man's nails yourself? You will move up the career ladder.
  • The universal dream book interprets this plot as a harbinger of trouble. If you have conceived a business, it is better not to start implementing it: you will not have enough strength and capabilities.

    If the nails belong to a third party, the plot promises conflicts with others.

    Breaking your fingernails on your own means creating a hard life for yourself, taking on difficult projects. Completely torn nail plates warn of a disease.

    The modern dream book considers a fallen nail to be a harbinger of a break in an unnecessary relationship that the dreamer wants to get rid of. This applies to any relationship - personal or business. Dirty plates portend illness and financial losses. Biting your nails and breaking them is a sign of disappointment in a good friend.

    Miller's dream book considers the plot depending on the fingers. A broken nail on the little finger of the right hand promises financial losses, on the ring finger - a quarrel with relatives, on the middle finger - a long journey, on the index finger - problems in personal relationships, on the thumb - troubles in business.

    The fingers of the left hand make their own adjustments to the interpretation. A nail on the little finger promises an unexpected arrival of guests, on the ring finger - good news, on the middle finger - a noble risk, on the index finger - respect, on the thumb - an unexpected pleasant meeting.

    The esoteric dream book gives a positive interpretation to this plot: the end of a streak of failures. Ahead of the dreamer awaits a favorable stage in life, good luck and fortune. All the hardships and trials are in the past, you can breathe freely and deeply.

    Seeing the loss of nails in a dream, tearing off nails, tearing nails, falling off on the hands and feet

    • Did your nail crack in a dream? You are trying with all your might to cling to the past. Throw out of your head everything that has lost some meaning. Go forward, never look back.
    • The next interpretation of a cracked nail is that you are not confident in your own abilities.
      Because of complexes, you cannot live normally, like other people.
    • Did a nail fall off on your hand in a dream? There will come a time when you will only have one failure. But this period will soon end, and therefore you will be able to accomplish what you have long planned.
    • Do you dream of nails that started to fall off on both hands? They fell off, did you immediately lose them? Get rid of those relationships that have lost their relevance.
    • You had diseased nails on your hands, they fell off, and healthy ones grew in their place? You will separate from your loved one, but you will meet someone else.

    Dirty nails

    Dirty nails warn of spreading gossip about the dreamer. Also, a broken, dirty nail can warn of the onset of a disease: watch your health, take care of yourself.

    Dirty nails can warn you not to get involved with people whose reputation is questionable. If you are invited to participate in a dubious transaction, refuse the offer.

    Sometimes you dream of a broken dirty nail before public humiliation. In some cases, this dream warns of an unpleasant situation that will not be easy to cope with.

    Dependence on days of the week

    Researchers and dream interpreters have long noticed that on different days the same vision can have different meanings. In order to most reliably assess what you saw, it is necessary to take into account what day of the week it happened.

    Why did you dream about bloody nails, cut the nail down to the flesh?

    • Have you pulled out your nails until they bled in a dream? To a serious illness. You may face a premature death. Be extremely careful.
    • Did you scratch your nails and there is blood on them? You will have troubles in which even close people will be drawn in.
    • Someone pulled out your nail and it started bleeding?
      Sleep is considered quite negative. You may lose a loved one.
    • In a dream, someone scratches you with their nails until you bleed? To failure, illness.
    • Did you break your nail until it bled, did it hurt? Get ready, you may have to make an important decision. You will be responsible for this decision.
    • Do you dream of nails cut to the meat? Major problems, they will affect your affairs and work.

    Why dream about painted nails, painting your fingernails and toenails?

    • Night vision where you looked at painted nails suggests that you should exercise caution. Your ill-wishers don't stop. They are trying with all their might to come up with various intrigues against you.
    • Are your nails painted on your hands in a dream? You can become a successful person in society. All the efforts you make will not be unsuccessful. Other people will be able to appreciate your results.
    • Did you see a man whose nails were painted? You will find an unusual way out of this situation that will be effective. To prevent this from happening to you again, be extremely careful.
    • Do you dream of nails with dark varnish? You have bad thoughts, they constantly overwhelm you. Get rid of negative feelings quickly, otherwise you will fall into deep depression.

    Why do you dream about your fingernails and toenails: the meaning of the dream

    • As a rule, such stories warn that it is necessary to prepare for some kind of struggle.
    • In the dream, the nails were long enough, then you will encounter limited conditions. You will not be able to act correctly, as external interference will interfere with you.
    • Do you dream about long nails?
      You realize your own inadequacy. You will try to do your best, but in the end you will get meager results.
    • Nails in a vision can show the image with which you are trying by all means to solve problems. Have you seen elongated nails on another person? Meaningless hopes await you.
    • Are your nails short in a dream? You will make a hasty decision that will not bring any benefit.

    Dreaming of an ingrown toenail

    • Dreaming of nails that have grown into the skin is considered a sign of pain and torment. You will suffer greatly, for example, due to a serious illness or depression. Perhaps someone offended you.
    • But believe me, after a month you will forget about everything and feel a significant improvement.

    Dream Interpretation - false, extended nails, nail extensions

    • For women, extended nails are considered a pressing issue. Why do you dream about nails?
    • Did you dream that you had your nails done? In reality, you will put a lot of effort into following the chosen path correctly. Get ready, maybe someone will want to interfere with you. The person will provoke you to do thoughtless things.
    • Extended nails have the following meaning - so that you maintain control, ask your family, acquaintances, and friends for help.
    • In your dream, did you have curved, very long nails?
      You will have difficulties that will prevent you from reaching your own goal. You have envious people who want to do you harm. If you have competitors, all your projects can be ruined because of them.
    • Did you tear off your nail extensions in a dream? In the near future you will become weaker, you will have no help.
    • Have you looked at false nails from the outside? You just don't have enough attention. You try to constantly be beautiful and confident, but you very rarely succeed.
    • Did your false nail come off in a dream? Someone will make an incredible impression on you. This will make your heart beat faster.

    Source: https://sandra-cretu.ru/sonnik-otpal-nogot-na-ruke/

    Another person's nails

    If you see someone else's broken nail , the dreamer needs to prepare for some difficulties in communicating with friends.

    If a nail plate has peeled off , you need to pay attention to relatives; perhaps one of them needs emotional support.

    Beautiful and well-groomed nails on someone else's hands speak of impending joy and good luck, happiness and good health.

    Ugly, dirty nails on a stranger are a warning of impending troubles and difficulties. You should think about your own reputation and not allow your honor and dignity to be denigrated.

    Very long alien nails symbolize wealth, changes in the dreamer’s level and quality of life for the better.

    Problem pedicure

    Tsvetkov's dream book explains in detail why you dream that your toenail has fallen off. If you dreamed about how the nail plate of your thumb fell off, in reality you will be able to get rid of an unpleasant person. If you happen to see your little toe without a nail, there is a risk of ruining your relationship with someone you care about.

    Nostradamus’s dream book regards the loss of a toenail as a harbinger of illness for the sleeping person or a person from his immediate environment. An incident in a dream also portends strong disappointment in one of your family and friends or extreme dissatisfaction with reality.

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