Why do you dream about kissing hands? Dream interpretation for men and women

Sometimes dreams are so vivid and memorable that immediately after waking up a person begins to wonder what they mean. Waking up, people look for what they dream about, that they kiss hands or something else that they dreamed about in order to find out what fate has in store. Its interpretation depends on what the vision was like, what day of the week it was dreamed about, and how it was perceived.

Why do you dream of Kissing a Hand?

Dream interpretation of kissing a hand

According to the modern dream book, kissing the hand of your superiors means showing respect for your superiors, and touching your parents’ palms with your lips means a feeling of love and care towards mom and dad.

It happens that it is necessary to understand what the visions promise, where the hands were kissed by the dreamer? The answer to this question can also be found on the pages of the dream book.

Kissing your hands by friends or strangers is a sign of the subconscious, warning of deception.

Nostradamus' Warning

The famous French predictor Michel de Nostradamus was able to foresee dozens of world catastrophes and armed conflicts between countries. Also during his lifetime, he compiled a small interpreter, in which there is one small interpretation about a dream where he happened to kiss the hands of his mother or father. The author is sure that such a plot foreshadows the imminent death of a relative. However, the dreamer has the power to prevent a sad outcome if he warns a loved one about the danger in time.

Thus, a kiss on the hand in the realm of dreams is not always a favorable sign for the dreamer. However, do not be upset if the interpretation does not bring anything good. As a rule, the authors of dream books give recommendations, if followed, the owner of the vision will be able to avoid evil fate.

The meaning of dreams

Touch your lips to your brush in a dream

When choosing the appropriate meaning for what a kiss means in a dream, take into account your own actions and current events.

As the dream book says, a kiss from a stranger’s hand in a dream for a sleeping person predicts new acquaintances, thanks to which he will be able to conquer new heights and open his own business.

A rather unexpected vision of children kissing their fingers on their palms promises pleasant worries and chores around the house.

If in the story a man showers his hand with kisses, then do not miss the chance given by fate. Be on your guard: if you start acting in time, you will quickly get rich and become famous.

Popular interpretations

When looking for an interpretation that is as close as possible to the scenario of events, you should first of all pay attention to the known meanings that exist among the people.

  • Did you happen to kiss a dirty palm in your dreams? You have to commit an act that contradicts your own moral principles,” explains Miss Hasse.
  • According to the Wanderer’s dream book, visions where you need to give a kiss to a king or leader hint that the time has come to start living independently, relying solely on your own strength.
  • A family interpreter for married people identifies such a process with equality, trusting relationships, and support.
  • According to Tsvetkov’s dream book, if you had to put your mouth to a lady’s hand, this is a favorable sign, foreshadowing a romantic adventure, the awakening of a former passion.

The hour has come to repent of your sins, to atone for your sins, to correct your mistakes, when you dream about kissing the hands of a priest in confession.

Features of women's visions

Oddly enough, almost all interpretations for the fair half of humanity carry a love connotation.

A special gesture from a daughter to her father

  • A girl who has dreamed of a kiss from her father's hand will receive a blessing for her future marriage.
  • A kissed and happy dreamer in reality will become the owner of an expensive gift, will finally receive what she wanted, and will be surprised by a present from her lover.
  • In the story, a man kisses a woman's hand? You need to be more careful when choosing a partner so as not to shed tears in your old age.

In dreams, the ex-boyfriend begs for forgiveness, kissing the fingers of the sleeping person - the wound from the loss has healed, now it is the lady’s turn to enjoy life and break men’s hearts.

Communication with the deceased

Longing for a recently deceased person overcomes a person in reality when the dream shows the main character on his knees in front of the deceased, kissing cold palms, calling out prayers to heaven.

Possible meanings provided by the dream book:

  • The one whose hands the late grandmother kissed in dreams will get tired of hard daily work.
  • The man who bestowed kisses on his deceased father will find family happiness and build a nest.
  • Did you dream that dead people pressed their lips and forehead to your hand? Using rational means, you will be able to organize a profitable business that will ensure financial stability.

The interpreter calls for taking into account not only the kiss, but also all the words spoken by the deceased, through which the subconscious transmits important information.

Interpretations by psychologists

Tribute to the ruler

Quite often the plots are unpleasant. For example, according to Miller, kissing the hands of a sleeping person by unpleasant people is internal fears and complexes that are a serious obstacle to a dream.

When a dreamer kisses the hands of the woman he loves, healthy heirs, an interesting job, a faithful wife and a calm old age await him.

You need to stop being shy, start openly expressing your own opinion, guided by facts and common sense, if you dream of the need to bestow kisses on the hands of rulers, says the psychoanalytic dream book.

Vision Scenario

Why do you dream of kissing a hand? To begin with, the dreamer will need to remember all, even seemingly insignificant, details. The overall picture of dreams restored piece by piece will speed up the search for a suitable answer to the questions that have arisen.

Touching your lips, you felt that your fingers were icy - change your manner of communication so as not to remain lonely, and a warm palm is a sign of support from your family and friends.

When the kiss happened after sunset - a hint from the subconscious that it’s time to quit the wild life, it’s time to stop and think about plans for the future.

Quarrels and scandals will stop happening at home, comfort and harmony will reign after night visions of kisses in the morning and afternoon.

Dreamer's Kiss

Special feelings between lovers

What the sleeping person strives for, what heights she will be able to overcome, and what will be left “overboard” will be told by night travels through the kingdom of Morpheus.

  • If you happened to kiss a friend, then in reality a long-awaited meeting will take place, which will remain in the memory for a long time.
  • Kissing the hands of a loved one in a dream means pestering with constant control. Fencing off personal space leads to disappointing consequences, including separation.
  • You may dream that the dreamer touches his face and hands with his lips in the case when the person herself needs affection.
  • The interpreter describes a person as deceitful and hypocritical if the sleeping person gives kisses to someone who in reality evokes a feeling of disgust.

A parental kiss to a child in a dream predicts all sorts of benefits, unforgettable impressions, and emotions of happiness.

Communication with relatives

The people closest to us often visit our visions.

  • Kissing hands with mother - the path has been chosen, to achieve your goals you must stick to it.
  • There is another, no less relevant explanation for the plot seen. The touch of mother's lips will hint that the dreamer is under the protection of higher powers.
  • The girl who kissed the hand of her future mother-in-law will have to be more careful.
  • Kissing mother-in-law's hands in dreams means gratitude, respect, and care for the family.

Regardless of the scenario of events, after touching the lips to the palms of the parents, in reality it is worth visiting them, spending time with them, sharing news.

Interpretation of Sigmund Freud

A well-known sex therapist and psychoanalyst has compiled several interpretations of what a kiss on the hand might mean in a dream. However, it is worth understanding that Freud’s interpretations in most cases are related to the dreamer’s sex life, so the following interpretations are only suitable for adults:

  1. Kissing the hand of a member of the opposite sex means experiencing a great desire to have sex with this partner in reality. For a more detailed interpretation, it is necessary to remember exactly how the guest of the night’s story reacted to the kiss. If you withdraw your hand and scold the dreamer, you should not expect reciprocity from this person. If the second participant in the plot did not resist, this indicates that in reality he will show a desire for intimacy. Although Freud warns that you should not expect anything serious after this.
  2. Kissing the hand of a friend (for a woman) or a friend (for a man) in the kingdom of Morpheus is a very rare phenomenon that has a fairly clear interpretation. In reality, the dreamer experiences warm feelings for a loved one, but is afraid to admit his homosexuality. However, Freud advises interpreting such a dream as a call to action (especially if the guest of the night vision did not resist). Otherwise, the dreamer risks being completely alone for the rest of his life instead of living a happy life.
  3. Kissing a stranger's hand and then putting his finger in your mouth is a clear sign of the dreamer's dissatisfaction in reality. Freud advises going to the nearest dating establishment to find a new sexual partner and spend a few unforgettable nights with him. If such a plot is dreamed of by a person who is already in a relationship, but has no desire to cheat on his partner, he should tune in to a serious conversation with his other half. It is necessary to subtly hint to your life partner about dissatisfaction, but in no case should you blame him for it.

The plot where the dreamer happened to kiss the hand of a sleeping person has a rather interesting interpretation. Freud is sure that such a dream is for those who want to add variety to their sex life.

If a person does not wake up during the manifestation of tender feelings, this means that she will not be against experiments. Waking up from a kiss is a sign that your partner will take a long time to persuade.

Other options

If you dreamed that a sleeping person passionately kissed their hands, then you will be able to satisfy sexual desires.

There will be a chance to improve the financial condition of ladies whose hands were kissed by a charming young man.

Kissing your hand in a dream symbolizes all sorts of chances: increasing your capital, finding love, becoming smarter and happier.

Trouble will arise before the wedding ceremony when the groom kissed the bride's hand through her glove in a dream.

Dog licks hands

Sometimes in a dream you may dream that a dog is licking your hands. Such a dream is considered favorable. A dog is a faithful friend who will help you cope with any difficulties. He will not leave the sleeping person in trouble, he will provide any help.

If you dream that the dreamer kisses or licks his own hands, then in reality you feel sorry for yourself, consciously avoiding problems and difficulties. You are afraid to face them.

A dream in which hands are kissed is considered prophetic. However, for a more accurate interpretation, you should remember as many details as possible, take into account the day of the week, the marital status of the one who kisses and who is kissed, the status of the person. The emotions felt by the sleeper must be taken into account. If they were positive, then such visions can indicate good things, while disgust and a negative feeling are a sign of something bad.

Why do you dream about a kiss?

With a kiss, a person shows his sympathy and respect. It is quite difficult to associate any negative events with this action. Now we will figure out what symbols dreams about kisses refer to and what they predict. To obtain the most accurate information, it is necessary to correctly interpret what you see. To do this, take into account not only the main action, but also other details of the plot. The emotional load is also of great importance.

Why do you dream about a kiss?

A mother's kiss indicates that friends and loved ones will appreciate and love you. If you kiss a brother or sister, it is a symbol of pleasure. Night vision of a stranger kissing you warns that you may commit an immoral act. Seeing children kiss means there will be peace in the family, and work will bring exceptional pleasure. If you dream of a kiss on the cheek, this is a symbol that you feel some responsibility towards this person. A dream in which you were kissed on the cheek indicates that at the moment you are looking for an opportunity to show feelings.

Dream Interpretation - a man kisses his hand

A passionate kiss predicts changes that will happen in the near future.

Why do you dream about kissing your hand?

Such a dream is a warning that you should not sign any documents in the near future. You should also be attentive to new acquaintances. If a gallant man kisses your hand, it means that you will soon have a chance to significantly improve your financial situation. Kissing your hand is also a sign of respect.

Why do you dream about a man's kiss?

If your best friend kissed you, it means that in your heart you hope for a close relationship. A dream in which a kiss occurred with a handsome guy may indicate a lack of attention from the opposite sex. Kissing your loved one in a dream means you can make a profit in a completely unexpected way. If you dream of a kiss with your ex-boyfriend, this is an indication that the relationship is not over, and you will either get back together or become good friends.

Vanga's predictions

The Bulgarian soothsayer is sure that in order to correctly interpret a night vision with a kiss on the hand, it is necessary, first of all, to pay attention to who was its owner . For example, kissing the palm of a small child means showing maternal or paternal care in reality. For a person who has not yet had time to have offspring, the dream should be regarded as a sign of fate that the time has come for procreation.

Kissing the hand of the boss or his deputy means a favorable combination of circumstances that will be associated with the professional activity of the sleeping person.

If the guest of the night story did not resist, you should expect a promotion up the career ladder or an extraordinary bonus in reality. Otherwise, all attempts to earn the trust of the boss will be in vain, and colleagues will no longer respect the dreamer.

Kissing an old man's hand means gaining great wisdom in reality . The knowledge gained will be so important that it will be able to change the usual way of things and the dreamer’s worldview. One of the close relatives will push the dreamer towards the truth (you should first of all look among those who are elderly). If you use the knowledge you have acquired correctly, you can radically change your life.

For a young girl to kiss her husband’s hand in a dream on the eve of an engagement or wedding is an extremely favorable phenomenon that promises a rich and carefree family life. Harmony and mutual understanding between spouses will always reign in the house, and none of the household members will know the need for money. Well, if problems come, it will be as easy as shelling pears to cope with them, finding together with your loved one the only right solution.

Dream Interpretation Kiss


Why do you dream of Kissing, interpretation of Kissing in dream books. Dreaming of kissing - the meaning of dreams online.

Dream interpretation of kissing - it all depends on the nuances in the dream, so a dream can bring both friendship, happiness and betrayal, separation, quarrel

Why dream of kissing hands - you will have a pleasant acquaintance with a person, by the way, who can become your loved one

Dream interpretation of kissing with your loved one - the dream symbolizes complete peace of mind, happiness, harmony in the family.

Dream interpretation of kissing a stranger - a dream about immoral acts, kissing a stranger in a dream, indicates that a romantic acquaintance with a man awaits you

Dream interpretation of kissing a guy - in the near future there will be a pleasant pastime with loved ones.

Dream interpretation of kissing a dead person - a dream can be interpreted in two ways, if kissing a dead person causes fear or hysteria, then a difficult period is coming in your life.

Dream Interpretation of kissing your husband - such a dream can only speak about the sexual desires that you feel for your husband at the moment.

Dream interpretation of kissing a friend's husband - a dream predicts an unexpected quarrel, possibly a break in the relationship.

Dream interpretation of kissing a friend - can bring you joyful events in reality and often dreams of happiness.

Characteristic kisses

To see a dream where the sleeping person is forcibly kissed means that in reality he is used to being subordinate. Soon you will no longer like this role, so you need to develop leadership qualities in yourself.

Meanings of pleasant actions:

  1. A gentle kiss means a person is popular with the opposite sex. There will be many fans who will invite you on dates and give you nice gifts.
  2. Passionate - speaks of discord in a couple. It will be enough to throw out a careless phrase, and the conflict will begin. It is necessary to show wisdom and tact to get around this situation. The action took place in the dark - the dreamer may become carried away by another person; in the light - the relationship with the other half is bright, happiness awaits the couple ahead.
  3. Airy - speaks of romance and dreaminess. A person is not yet ready for a serious relationship, but he cannot admit it to himself.

A kiss that is unpleasant in a dream may indicate a pleasant surprise. Perhaps this will be what the dreamer has been waiting for for so long.

Why do you dream about Kissing?

Why do you dream of KISSING? Dream interpretation of kissing - if kissing a hand in a dream is a symbol that dream books interpret as a kind of warning.

Dreamed of kissing a man - when in a dream you dreamed of kissing a man, then such a dream speaks of your desire to awaken passion.

Dream interpretation of a guy kissing - if an unfamiliar guy kisses you in a dream, it means that soon there will be pleasant changes in her life.

Dream interpretation of an ex kisses - when an ex kisses in a dream, most likely, he will want to return soon, but allowing the resumption of old relationships to the detriment of new ones will be a mistake, which, by the way, must be prevented.

Kissing hands according to the dream book

Dream interpretation of kissing a loved one - often dreaming of kissing a loved one means that you will soon part with him in reality, because this kiss is a farewell kiss.

Dream interpretation of kissing a dead person - in general, kissing a dead person in a dream means good luck.

Why dream of kissing on the lips - it means that big changes await you in the near future, be prepared for them

Dream interpretation of kissing your husband - kissing your husband in a dream can talk about the sexual desires that you feel for him. Kr

Dream of kissing a girl - when in a dream a man dreams that he kissed a young girl, he will make a profit soon.

Dream interpretation of kissing a woman - kissing a woman you know in a dream means that serious conflicts and disputes with someone will occur in your life.

Why dream of kissing on the cheek - when you dream that you are kissing someone on the cheek, then in real life there is a person to whom you feel gratitude or recognition for the help provided.

The dream book kisses another - the dream predicts that you will be drawn into an unpleasant story

Dream interpretation of kissing a child - this dream suggests that communicating with loved ones and good friends will bring you joy

Why dream of kissing a dead person - when a woman dreams that she kissed a dead person, this means that in her life there is a person who is madly in love with her.

Dream Interpretation ex-boyfriend kisses - such a dream can be interpreted as that she regrets that their relationship ended

I dreamed of kissing an icon - such a dream brings happiness and success, so don’t be alarmed, it’s a good dream

Dream interpretation of kissing a friend - most likely you will adhere to the principle that any means are good to achieve a goal, and thus you will be able to get everything you want.

The dream book kisses your ex-husband - predicts in the near future a situation in which you will have to experience too much surprise, perhaps from receiving some news

Why dream of kissing feet - if someone kisses your feet in a dream, this means that in real life you will gain great power over this person.

Dream interpretation of a man hugging and kissing means that in reality she will soon have problems with her lover

What does it portend?

When interpreting such a vision, you need to pay attention to the place and time of the event. If a lady’s hands are kissed by numerous men in the dark right on the street, it means that in real life she leads a dissolute lifestyle. The girl should change her behavior before it becomes a source of constant trouble.

If someone kisses a person’s hands, and they seem dirty or covered with sores, then the vision does not bode well. Most likely, the owner of the vision is subject to bad influence, and because of this, the emotional and financial situation only suffers.

If in a dream a person sees a child kissing his hand, it means that in real life a person will appear who will need the dreamer’s protection. Such a vision may also mean that in real life a person patronizes decent and conscientious people. Usually such a vision has a purely positive interpretation, foreshadowing personal and financial success.

A contradictory vision about kissing a hand can confuse the owner of the vision a lot, so it is better to remember the details of what is happening right away. In the future, these details will help organize the most complete and rational interpretation of what happened in the dream.

“rule with an iron hand”, “iron fist” (strength, strong power), “hairy hand” (patronage, money), “hand washes hand” (support). “I wash my hands of” stepping away from business.

“warm your hands on this” income, a winning situation. “Without getting your hands dirty” without risking anything. “Give or extend a hand” (help, friendship).

“second-hand” (second-hand, gossip). “Getting your hands dirty” means getting involved in an unseemly event.

“to grab the hand” to catch, to catch. “Sticking to your hands” or “floating into your hands” is easy enrichment.

“my hands are itching” (for a new business, for a fight, for money).

"at arm's length".

“at hand” (very close).

“your hands are bloody or dirty” (bad deeds). “Pull yourself together or control yourself” - strict self-control.

“You can’t take it with your bare hands.”

“arms are short” (difficult to achieve).

“to go with an outstretched hand” poverty, misery.

“as if it were gone” a quick, miraculous deliverance, a cure.

“the hand does not rise” (no desire).

“give up” (inactivity).

“to let go” to miss, to miss something. “Give up” to call, refuse the activity.

“give on the paw” (bribery). “Hands tied” - inability to act.

“to be the right hand of an influential person”, “dishonest” (a deceiver, a swindler. “Ask for someone’s hand” to propose marriage. “We have long hands” is a threat of inevitability of punishment.

“giving hand”, “punishing hand” (fateful, invisible force).

“I can’t get my hands on it” (lack of time for something). “A light hand”, “with a light hand” luck, favor, skill.

“heavy hand” (difficulties, rejection). “Handshake”: meeting, farewell, acquaintance, support, friendship. “Give military honor with your hand” to pay tribute, a sign of honor, respect.

"tit in hand" “Hold something in your hands” i.e. possess, have what you hold. “Carry in your arms” to nurse, cherish, help, protect, revere.

“feet in hand” run from fear. “Keep your arms wider” - failure to get what you want, failure. See add. fingers, touch.

Interpretation of dreams from the Dream Book of Idioms

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Dream Kiss

  • Dream interpretation of kissing a baby - it is worth saying that you will preserve freshness until old age.

Dream interpretation: a dead man kisses on the lips - for girls, a dream about kissing a dead man means that in reality someone will reveal a secret that you would not want to make public.

Dream interpretation of kissing a dead grandmother - you are destined to experience a surge of emotions, new impressions that will be so unforgettable that they will remain in your memory for a lifetime.

Kissing your mother - in general, the dream book interprets kissing your mother as a harbinger of good luck in business endeavors and the respect of friends.

Dream interpretation of kissing your beloved man means that your relationship is strong, your feelings are sincere and strong.

A stranger kisses - in general, a kiss with a stranger predicts that you will commit immoral acts.

Dream interpretation of kissing a man on the lips - problems, troubles that will arise in the near future due to the fault of the one you kissed in your dream

Dream interpretation of kissing a friend - most likely you can quarrel with a friend, so be careful.

A guy kisses another - to see in a dream how a guy kisses another girl, dreams of a good relationship with a loved one.

An unfamiliar guy kisses you - most likely, new acquaintances and great happiness await you.

The boss kisses you - a warning that in the near future you may be fired and will experience serious financial difficulties.

Dream interpretation of a guy you like kisses - the dream predicts a calm, long-term relationship, it is possible that it will end in marriage.

Dream interpretation of kissing a dead person on the cheek - when in a dream you experience discomfort while kissing a dead person, in reality you may be faced with an anxious period and material expenses.

Dream interpretation of a guy kissing a girl - the dream can be considered a warning that you should not take part in adventurous, dubious enterprises.

Dream interpretation of kissing a dog - when a girl dreams that she is kissing a dog, it means that her chosen one will completely trust her and will never reproach her for infidelity or promiscuity.

Dream interpretation of kissing on the forehead - in general, kissing on the forehead has spiritual overtones, so the dream means protection and blessing of higher powers.

Dream interpretation of a man kissing his hand - when a woman sees a man kissing her hands in a dream, then in reality she needs to beware of gossip and traps.

Who kissed whose hands in a dream?

I dreamed that a man was kissing his hand ▼

If you dreamed that a man was kissing your hands, you would have the opportunity to significantly improve your own financial situation. Be careful in your actions, one of them can ruin everything.

Kissing a man's hand in a dream ▼

A dream about a man kissing a hand indicates the nobility of the sleeper, and also foreshadows the coming of the moment when he will have to prove it. Your destiny will be in your hands.

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    Hello, Tatyana! I unexpectedly came across you, I wanted to try it, there are a lot of incomprehensible things in my life and I am very interested in dreams. I had this dream for quite a long time, but it was imprinted in my memory. The guy I’ve loved for a long time is talking to a stranger, and at the same time I’m on my knees and kissing his hand. At the same time, he doesn’t seem to notice me, but he doesn’t pull his hands away. As far as I remember, in this dream we were in a lighted, clean, but half-empty room, similar to a corridor or a dance hall with light parquet floors, and stood near a large broken mirror, however, the glass was crystal clear and unclouded.

    Many people, including me, sat on benches and watched as an unknown man kissed the hand of another and bowed to him, low, humiliatingly, we laughed, it looked like our oligarch to an American, that was the feeling...

    I dreamed that my ex-husband kisses his hands and puts his head in them, and I stop him, while looking back at his ex-wife, who is nearby

    Help me to understand. I dreamed that my ex-husband died. I came to his home. And on the platform near the apartment there was a red coffin, and my husband lay in it, as if alive. There is some woman walking around all in black. I sat down next to the coffin. And I look at his hands folded on his stomach. Very beautiful hands. I take them (they are warm) and start kissing and crying. And I say: everything will be fine. Just don’t die.

    I hugged my loved one and kissed his hand. We were lying and hugging in the apartment where we were for the first time, the apartment was in the south

    Hello! I dreamed that I was sitting on a bench with an ex-man - he is my first love, and we were talking. After which he takes my hand and kisses it.

    Hello, I dreamed that they forcibly kissed my hands and these kisses burned my hands, especially my right one. I was on the bus and accosted by a young man

    Kissing women's hands - both, followed by a very long (on the mouth) kiss. She says: “Are you with us?” ", - awakening. Joy !

    From Saturday to Sunday I dreamed of my ex-boyfriend, who wanted to start a relationship with me again, he kissed my hands, and this didn’t make me feel disgusted, but pleasant and good

    podruga uvidela chto moy svyokr zashol v nash kabinet celoval mayu ruku i mi vmeste vishli, chtobi ya pokazala where sidit evo rodsvenik

    I dreamed that I was driving a truck with a tank trailer, and then a woman extended her beautiful hands to me and I took them into my hands and kissed them. The hands were warm, very pleasant and beautiful.

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