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  • Children are the flowers of life. And the dreamed child should carry a positive meaning. But the details of the dream can change the interpretation, and even a cute girl seen in a dream may foretell not the best events in the near future. And this is worth looking into carefully.

    Interpretation of the details of a dream about a girl

    A female person is a good sign. In general, the script means such pleasant things:

    • well-deserved victories;
    • career prospects;
    • important acquaintances;
    • love joys.

    The little princess, dressed in white, promises to speed things up. Something will happen that will turn the sleeping woman’s life around and radically improve the situation.

    The specificity of the decoding is associated with the most striking detail. Can you describe the little character in one word? Let's look at the explanation:

    1. Sad - lack of results. Energy is wasted in vain, there is no approach to the cherished goal. It is necessary to change tactics.
    2. Angry - relatives harbor a grudge against the sleeping woman. It is advisable to apologize for wrong words or actions.
    3. Long hair - for an interesting journey. If the voyage is not planned, they will call you suddenly. Tangled curls are a sign of pregnancy in the family; implementation of plans in an incredible way.
    4. Blue-eyed - to reciprocity, long-term romance. Smiling happily is a great signal for singles. The moment of change in social status is coming.
    5. Green-eyed - to problems with colleagues, losses.
    6. Naked - to illness.

    A joyful child running through the door foreshadows guests, a cheerful feast, and gifts. You'll have to spend money on food. But the expenses will be pleasant. Talking to a girl means fame and increased material well-being.

    Seeing a dead baby in a dream means troubles and resentment. Unexpected difficulties will arise in any area of ​​life: work, personal, money.

    Hold in your arms

    A warning is a dream in which you happened to carry a girl. The meaning of the picture is a heavy burden that hinders movement and hinders development. So far, getting rid of it is problematic.

    Feeling a fever in a child means depression of morale, fatigue, depression against the backdrop of a serious experience. An alarming plot foreshadows material losses and separation from a loved one. Calming a crying child in your arms means death in your family.

    If someone else is holding the baby, then the interpretations are different:

    • man - to increase wages;
    • woman - for a romantic date;
    • a stranger - to a change of place of residence.

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    Feeling a child's kiss on the cheek is a harbinger of pleasant, tireless household chores. A girl hugs a relative - a pleasant meeting; stranger - to a long-awaited purchase.

    Kissing a baby means events, the outcome of which depends on the dreamer.

    Yours or someone else's

    Babysitting a stranger's child is a sign of the working class. Namely:

    1. A tearful stranger's girl means problems with the authorities. Options: reprimand; public shaming; deprivation of bonus.
    2. Well-groomed and joyful - to amazing news from afar, an invitation to a celebration.
    3. Sloppy, dirty - to the collapse of plans, mistakes, bankruptcy.

    A friend's baby - to a rival in the love field. You will have to seriously fight for your chosen one.

    Seeing your daughter means the implementation of existing plans. An influential friend will support you in your achievement. But you have to ask him.

    Combing your own child, braiding your hair - means a long journey: an exciting journey, a business trip. My daughter cries a lot and doesn’t calm down - this means she is seriously ill. The treatment will take longer.

    Dreamed of a newborn girl

    A breastfeeding baby predicts failure to fulfill promises. Your best friend will let you down and get you into trouble. You need to rely only on your own strength.


    • blond - for support in a difficult situation;
    • dark-haired - to meanness, betrayal, deception, gossip;
    • red - to surprise, great joy, great happiness.

    Feeding a baby means solving serious problems and paying off debts. Bathing - to the implementation of the plan, fulfillment of desires, movement towards the intended goal.

    Carrying her in a bright stroller is a sign of a sudden event affecting the future.

    Lots of girls

    The appearance of twins in a dream speaks of future unrest:

    • calm in a stroller - to concern about the health of relatives;
    • crying - to worries about work issues;
    • having fun playing - to cheerful communication with colleagues, discussions of current events.

    Girls dreamed of holding hands - to reconciliation with their lover. Playing with several babies means a lack of attention from your chosen one. Hearing a simultaneous scream or seeing a fight means a difficult assignment from the boss. The level of its implementation will affect your career.

    Three or more children mean the arrival of unexpected guests. The mood will drop, but you will have to show joy, obeying decency.

    Dream: boy and girl

    Babies of different sexes symbolize the bustle of life and the variety of events. Ups, subsequent difficulties, and loss of strength are likely. Smiling twins - to the need to take a break from the hustle and bustle, to retire. They are capricious and cry - to boring, painful everyday chores.

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    Treating them with sweets means the recovery of a seriously ill person. Illnesses in the family will subside.

    The dreamer's actions

    Try to remember what you did in the dream:

    • Gives birth to a child - you are on the threshold of a new, happy life.
    • Sees a child - a miracle awaits you.
    • Sees himself as a small child - you will find yourself in an unpleasant situation.
    • Sees a real existing daughter at a different age: younger than in reality - to trouble for your child; older than in reality - your child will have health problems.
    • Helping your child to be born means a successful resolution of affairs.
    • Helping a friend or sister’s child be born is a favorable development of events for your relatives.
    • Choosing a name for a new baby girl - you will be assigned a new task.
    • Talking to a child - a good dream, foretells good things.
    • Playing with a child - a quick date, a pleasant meeting.
    • Breastfeeding - to an amazing event, news.
    • Feeds – successful advancement of your business.
    • Holding a child in your arms - your days will be filled with melancholy and sadness.
    • Teaches a child to swim - to have the strength and ability to overcome difficulties.
    • Kisses a child - warm relationships in the family.
    • Swaddling a child - you need protection.
    • Bathing a child - starting a new business.
    • Washing a child’s hair is a new hobby, passion.
    • Dresses the child in beautiful clothes - you will be invited to a dinner party.
    • Saves a drowning child - emerge victorious from a difficult situation.

    Meaning for a married woman

    Baby - for upcoming news. Sweet, well-groomed, friendly - good news. Dirty, ugly, sick - disturbing, stressful.

    A strange girl in the dreamer’s house means secret betrayals. The faithful looks to the side, wants to have an affair with a rival. There is still time to correct the situation. You need a frank conversation with your loved one, dotting all the i's.

    Playing with a joyful baby means improving your relationship with your husband. Your personal space will again become bright, sparkling, igniting. A joint trip is possible.

    Give birth to a baby girl

    A woman dreamed of a newborn girl - such a dream comes as a pleasant surprise or wonder. Moreover, if a woman realized that a midget was born, this could mean bad news or information distorted by gossip.

    Childbirth, long and difficult, with the appearance of a girl, according to Freud, recommends that a woman be patient. Moreover, such a dream says that the long wait for any news will end well and it will be joyful.

    For pregnant women

    The little girl looking at her promises the expectant mother the tenderness of her chosen one and the devotion of her friends.

    Talking to her and smiling means an easy delivery; good health, pleasant care for the offspring. Crying - to complications, poor health, but quick recovery.

    In the early stages, the dream foreshadows the appearance of a daughter.

    Analysis according to the lunar dream book

    It is during the second and fourth phases of the lunar cycle that this dream comes true most often. And the periods of new moon and full moon have a peak probability. It is also important that the chance that a sick girl will come true the rest of the time is much lower. This time is also considered a fairly favorable and good period in life.

    The lunar dream book is rightfully considered a very special tool. It contains the probability of dreams coming true depending on the lunar cycle. A big step towards its creation was serious research into the dependence of dreams on lunar phases. To use it yourself, you need information from the lunar calendar.

    For an unmarried girl

    For a free person, the scenario promises self-development and a change of interests. The renewed sleeper will build a long-term partnership with a person according to fate.

    Laughing together as a baby means meeting a guy, a whirlwind romance, marriage. Wiping tears from a small face and calming down means difficulties in the workplace, a serious conversation with your superiors.

    Holding you close means solving financial problems, serenity, emotional calm. Walking with a girl means climbing the career ladder, respect from colleagues and boss.

    Child girl actions

    Remember what the baby did in your vision:

    • Sleeping - overwork, lack of free time.
    • Laughs - you will be greatly upset.
    • Running - to pleasant troubles.
    • Crying - you will find yourself in an unpleasant situation, your reputation will be damaged.
    • If you are born, you have a happy and long life ahead of you.
    • Dies - you will be very disappointed, unsettled.
    • Sad means trouble.
    • Capricious - you will have problems communicating with others.
    • If the child is sick, your children will not have health problems.
    • A child drowns in water - difficulties at work, it will be difficult for you to cope with your responsibilities.
    • Splashing in the water means you are filled with energy and ready for action.

    For a man

    For the stronger sex, the dream prophesies a meeting with loved ones from whom there has been no news. You will see that you worried in vain.

    Specific scenes are explained as follows:

    1. Being with several girls is a harbinger of an important event. Options: meaningful negotiations, profitable acquaintance at a holiday; conclusion of a successful contract; signing of a long-prepared agreement.
    2. Dressing a baby means success in business, new ideas, and increased wealth.
    3. Braiding your hair means a responsible business trip. If you cope with the tasks, you will gain fame and wealth.
    4. Talking to the little one and laughing at her pranks means quick enrichment. Find a highly paid position, open your own project, win a tender.

    Who dreamed about the girl?

    It is important to consider who had the dream:

    To a woman

    • for a married woman - good news, household chores related to children;
    • unmarried - to conceive a child;
    • pregnant woman - the birth will be easy, without complications. The dream also indicates the gender of the unborn child;
    • for a young girl - a quick meeting with her future husband.

    To a man

    • single - business prospects;
    • for a married person - successful progress in business, career growth;
    • for a young guy - amazing news, an unexpected meeting.

    Interpretations by day of the week

    Do not forget about the time of the dream. Days are ruled by planets. The luminaries influence the significance of the forecast. Astrologers give the following recommendations:

    1. Monday - exciting events, good emotional state.
    2. Tuesday - profit is nearby. Try to notice the chance.
    3. Wednesday - homely mood, calmness.
    4. Thursday - material omens with excellent prospects.
    5. Friday is a hint of future trials. It is necessary to overcome obstacles. Don't shy away from difficulties.
    6. Saturday is for victory, the discovery of talents, and earned rewards.
    7. Sunday - to distant prospects.

    Dreams that come the night before a big church festival are also important:

    1. On Epiphany - symbolize financial success, change of activity, place of residence.
    2. Before Christmas - for acquaintance, passionate emotions, marriage.
    3. On the eve of Trinity - good health, the retreat of serious illnesses.
    4. On Annunciation - to solve problems with real estate, large debts, loans.

    In the arms of parents

    In dreams where mom and dad (as well as grandparents) are holding a newborn daughter in their arms or simply looking at someone else’s child, the baby may mean some kind of request or proposal addressed to you. Sometimes this vision hints that you will surprise some person.

    If you dream that a baby falls from your arms and an elderly person cannot hold her, then what you want will not come true. Most likely, it will not be possible to give you any surprise. Holding a falling child means that you will be able to save the situation and complete some task. If your parents or grandparents are very ill, the dream predicts a deterioration in their condition, but you can take measures to save them.

    If you are faced with a disabled child who cannot walk or move on his own, and you are forced to hold him in your arms, then be patient. It is possible that an elderly mother and father may become helpless, like very young children. Therefore, you will have to spend a lot of time and effort to care for them.

    If this situation does not apply to the dreamer, then the business you have in mind will not bring anything good, but will only place a heavy burden on your shoulders. It is possible that you will have to correct shortcomings and your own mistakes for a long time before you can rest or resolve other issues.

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    Miller's Dream Book

    The psychologist believes that girls prophesy hope in their dreams. Hearing a child cry is a sign of anxiety and worry.

    A newborn baby portends joy, amazing chores, and success in most matters. Events will change your outlook on life and fill your everyday life with fresh sensations.

    A joyful girl is a signal of fate’s favor. The gifts are: a desired trip; fateful acquaintance; patronage of people or angels; reaching a higher level.

    Seeing your child sick

    Seeing your son (or daughter) sick in a dream is a signal that in the near future you should be very careful and careful, try not to enter into controversy with anyone. Otherwise, serious problems cannot be avoided. Especially if you were unable to determine the cause and nature of the disease that struck the child.

    Giving birth to your sick child in a dream means the need to make some changes in your life. Perhaps you need to try to change your own character, start learning something new, give up junk food, bad habits, etc. In this case, you should also learn to hide your emotions - this useful skill will come in handy in the very near future.

    Islamic dream book

    Muslim interpreters claim that a sleeping baby means tightness and stiffness. This condition prevents you from achieving the desired heights. It's time to develop determination and courage.

    The child crawls around - to the upcoming choice, making fateful decisions. Crying - to minor troubles.

    In Islam, girls are a symbol of happy change. A woman is signaled about an impending change in marital status, the birth of children. For a married woman - about the strength of the existing bonds, respect from the spouse’s relatives. For a man, this portends success in business and an increase in the financial component of the budget.

    Girls according to modern dream books

    If you dream of a sick girl, it means making the right decision, feeling an unprecedented surge of strength, and facing an important choice. Unfortunately, interpretation will not allow you to suggest in advance the essence of the choice and decision. The researchers point out that there probably won't be time to think before making a decision. Your life experience, ingenuity and resourcefulness will become necessary at this moment.

    The main goal of the modern dream book is to correct old interpretations using recent research. This is also influenced by changes in human perception over the years. This was also reflected in the meaning of girls in dreams - their descriptions in dream books constantly underwent changes. Also, it is modern publications that are able to answer the question about the latest symbols.

    Vanga's Dream Book

    The prophetess connects the plot with upcoming minor troubles and problems. The sleeper should reevaluate her own positioning. Your behavior is not perceived by those around you, causing persistent dissatisfaction and harsh criticism.

    The scripts alert parents that their own children lack affectionate attention. How much time do you spend together? A son or daughter is sad alone. This way you can lose parental authority and miss the child.

    Seeing the birth of a baby is great news. Playing with a girl is an indicator of stagnant energy. The sleeping person does not like her current job, or latent dissatisfaction with everyday family chores has accumulated. It's time to upgrade. Options: look for another area of ​​application of professional talents; learn to delegate some of your worries to your loved ones; remember your childhood dreams and focus on realizing them.

    Making a child cry means difficulties in your personal life, a break in relationships, and loneliness.

    Crying girl, capricious

    • According to the Mayan dream book, a capricious and crying girl means impending discontent among close or distant relatives caused by the dreamer’s action or behavior.
    • If she cries in the arms of a stranger, it means tedious troubles in the interests of others.
    • Such a dream is considered good only if the baby was calmed down and she smiled. Then in reality everything will end well.

    According to Tsvetkov

    A newborn baby prophesies to the girl a separation from her lover and his moving to another city for permanent residence.

    Breastfeeding leads to peace of mind and physical health. Giving milk/formula from a bottle and observing a good appetite are wonderful signals. Plans will soon begin to come true, bringing income and satisfaction.

    A beautiful little fairy - to glory from the realization of old ideas for which there was not enough determination. Being sick means big trouble, worries, severe depression, from which you won’t be able to get out of it on your own.

    If in real life there is an adult daughter, then a baby in a dream means quick preparations for a wedding and a new addition to the family.


    For a woman to dream of breastfeeding is a sign of making a profit or solving family problems. There is another interpretation - to the onset of a stable period.

    If another woman is breastfeeding or the baby pulls the nipple into her mouth and cannot reach it, the dream represents dreary and useless chores or minor losses.

    Good or bad: the options are different

    Interpreters do not always offer such positive consequences of sleep. For example, if a pregnant woman dreams of a sick child, this may indicate mental tossing, strong emotions and even severe suffering. The meaning of sleep is considered similar for mothers and fathers who are responsible for their parenting. Perhaps the vision speaks of the person’s excessive anxiety. A child can symbolize an impending loss. To determine as accurately as possible what to prepare for, you need to remember what your child suffered from.

    If parents see their child sick in a dream, they should be wary of trouble. Dreams of this kind are common among those who worry about the physical condition of their child, even without reason. Sick children are often dreamed of by those who panic because of any redness and belching. Such parents tend to exaggerate problems with the condition of the body, and even a simple allergy seems to them to be a fatal disease. If you do not needlessly exaggerate the risks and dangers, you can live a happy life. In infancy, many children show symptoms of minor illness, you need to be able to understand and accept this.

    It also happens that parents see a terrible dream with a seriously ill child suddenly, without any prerequisites for this in real life. Dream books suggest viewing a vision as a bad sign, especially if you dreamed of a baby, but the dreamer could not understand what he was suffering from and how he could be helped. The vision is supposed to indicate imminent pain and suffering, resentment and failure.

    If you dreamed of a sick boy

    If the child is a stranger, then this means problems with finances. In reality, you need to be more careful with money and not spend it too much, since very soon you will need it in large quantities. What else does a sick child-boy dream about is complications in the things he has begun. In this case, everything depends on the outcome of the dream: if the baby has recovered, it means that you will achieve your goals, despite all the obstacles. If not, you will soon fall ill yourself. To prevent this from happening, be more attentive to your health. And one more thing: if the boy you dreamed of is a stranger to you, try to call your relatives after waking up. Some of them are seriously ill.

    Attention to detail

    A pregnant woman may dream of the birth of an unhealthy girl. This is interpreted as the first sign of imminent surprise, and the surprise will be extremely unpleasant. It is not a fact that the vision speaks of a child’s illness in reality, but sometimes such a development of events is possible.

    A child who is terminally ill in a dream symbolizes the failure of a planned task. The plot may indicate an imminent betrayal. For some, the subconscious, through such a picture, suggests the likelihood of being deceived. There is a risk of betrayal by a loved one. For entrepreneurs, a dream can mean the failure of a deal on which literally everything was staked. If a person is involved in a trial, night vision indicates a significant risk of loss, followed by scandals and various problems.

    A woman who dreams of giving birth to a frail and sick baby should worry about her own health. If a person had some desire that was important to him, the dream may mean a loss of hope for its realization. Such interpretations are extremely relevant if the baby died in a dream.

    Some people dream that their child has chickenpox. This indicates the likelihood of bad influence from the outside. Dreams in which a child has mumps are interpreted in a similar way. It will probably not be possible to get rid of this influence soon. But a frail child is a harbinger of troubles and problems. A teenager suffering from a serious illness can signal the possibility of a repetition of the plot in reality, a strong negative influence from a dubious person on his beloved child.

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    The answer lies in the details

    A completely naked stranger - for men, such a dream is a reflection of sexual desires and fantasies that will most likely never come true. If a woman dreams of a naked unknown girl, then in reality you are too dependent on other people’s opinions and take any trouble to heart.

    Seeing a stranger dressed all in black is a warning dream. Your competitors and enemies will become more active and will try to do everything possible to trample you into the dirt. An unknown girl dreaming in a nightgown is an extremely unfavorable dream for married people. Most likely, you will experience a difficult separation from your loved one, melancholy and depression.

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