“Why do you dream about legs? If you see Legs in a dream, what does it mean?

The dream book believes that the person who has hairy legs in your dream has power over you. In this form, you may dream of a boss or relative on whom you are emotionally or financially dependent.

Why do you dream that hair has grown on your legs? The dream means that now is the opportune moment to give free rein to the thoughts, feelings and desires that you are used to keeping to yourself.

If you see toenails in a dream, pay attention to their appearance. A dream in which your nails are quite attractive promises you victory or gain, but the dream book interprets unpresentable nails as a sign of defeat.

When you have to wash your feet in a dream, in reality you will soon have to resolve a question that will arise completely unexpectedly. The dream does not promise that the goal will be achieved, however, you will be able to extract some benefit on the sly.

If this is not the first time you have had a dream in which you had to shave your legs, it means that you are used to choosing the path yourself, plotting a route and not deviating from it, even if you have to travel alone.

The dream book considers toes seen in a dream to be a good sign. The dream means that you are equally successful in your personal life and in work or study. If your toes don't look good, the dream takes on the opposite meaning.

The dream book interprets dreams of dirty feet as an omen of trouble. The dream also means that minor quarrels can seriously upset you.

Why you dream about a broken leg, the dream book calls intractability. The dream advises not to count on the support and understanding of others. Now is not the most favorable period for negotiating or concluding agreements.

Bare feet in a dream symbolize the vulnerability of their owner. If you walk barefoot outside, the dream means that you may encounter obstacles or someone will try to interfere with you.

Getting a wound on your leg in a dream means that you should be careful in real life. The dream warns that the range of possible troubles is quite wide: from minor losses of property to an accident.

If you dreamed about a dog biting your leg, the dream means that you have to deal with treachery. The person you are used to trusting unconditionally will trip you up.

Miller's dream book considers legs to be a contradictory symbol. The dream can simultaneously personify cunning and vanity, and at the same time, prophesy losses due to one’s own frivolity.

Cut off legs in a dream mean a high probability of falling under total control. The dream book advises to beware of surveillance, audits, visits from law enforcement agencies, as well as excessive care from one of your relatives and friends.

Feet in the water portend an unforgettable vacation, which will make a short and non-binding holiday romance so. The dream book advises to perceive what is happening as an exciting adventure that will end on its own without any consequences.

If it is common for you to cut your toenails yourself, the dream indicates your tendency towards restraint. The dream book reminds you that sometimes you should still express your emotions and desires.

A dream in which you have bruises on your legs means that in the near future you may make a mistake, as a result of which your position will be greatly weakened. The dream book is encouraging that this is a temporary phenomenon, and everything will return to normal.

Dreaming of long legs represents an easy attitude to life. The dreamer is characterized by the pursuit of pleasure and short-sightedness. It is not surprising that such an approach entails troubles - that’s what this dream is about.

If you dreamed that you had someone else's legs, the dream suggests that it is time to sit down at your desk. You have to learn something fundamentally new or move to the next level of mastery in what you already know.

Everything that a person without a leg dreams about speaks of his lack of independence. Even in reality this man strives to lean on his neighbor’s shoulder. The dream book does not deny that the dream can symbolize your second self.

A snake bite on the leg in a dream promises the dreamer considerable difficulties and all kinds of trials. At the same time, the dream book is encouraging that after going through all the hardships, you will be generously rewarded by fate. For a woman, a dream can mean a long-awaited pregnancy.

A dream in which you saw your feet covered in blood threatens to ruin your relationship with one of your relatives. The Dream Interpretation believes that the reason for this may be an unseemly act.

If you dreamed about sore legs, you can pack your suitcase, the dream book assures. According to him, the dream means that the dreamer will have a long business trip or long journey.

Anyone who is planning to wash their feet in a dream will in reality have to work collectively on a project that, unfortunately, is obviously doomed. The Dream Interpretation advises initially not to place much hope on the result and to perceive this test as an opportunity to demonstrate to your colleagues your best business qualities.

A dream in which you happen to cut your leg urges you not to lose your vigilance and look not only forward, but also to the sides and even sometimes under your feet, because no one knows where a catch might lie in wait.

A dream in which you enjoy kissing feet indicates that you are comfortable playing second fiddle. You do not strive for leadership, which does not mean a lack of will. It is quite possible that a “gray eminence” is dormant within you, the dream book suggests.

The dream book interprets everything that you dream about being bitten by a snake on the leg as an omen of a streak of failures. A dream can mean a lost cause, deterioration in well-being, or betrayal of a loved one. However, having overcome all the challenges, you will receive a fortune.

A dream about being bitten by a dog on the leg warns that in your close circle there is an ill-wisher who is just waiting for an opportunity to pull the rug out from under your feet.

Miller's dream book believes that if you dreamed of a severed leg, the dream foreshadows the loss of everything acquired, simply put, bankruptcy and poverty. You will have no choice but to go with your hand outstretched.

If you not only shave your legs in a dream, but also enjoy smooth skin, the dream promises that in reality things will go just as smoothly for you. The cooperation will be pleasant and fruitful, and the results of your work will give you true pleasure.

The veins in your legs can reveal a lot about your business acumen. A dream in which the veins are smooth and beautiful promises you success in business, but thin or knotty veins portend financial difficulties, the dream book explains.

The dream book interprets the dirt underfoot seen in a dream as a harbinger of troubles and unexpected obstacles. The dream indicates the possibility that gossip could greatly harm you.

The dream of your right leg symbolizes your intention to restore order and rectify the situation. The dream speaks of your confidence in your own rightness and desire for leadership positions.

Why do you dream of a tattoo on your leg? The dream book advises to interpret it literally. The picture or hieroglyph depicts exactly what is stopping you from moving forward. The dream wants to show what is ballast in your life.

A dream in which you stare at someone else's feet reveals your secret envy of their owner in reality. If you look just as closely at your own feet, the dream may be a harbinger of losses and losses.

If you look at your bare legs with pleasure in a dream, the dream means that you feel at your best. You enjoy a feeling of comfort, stability and confidence in the future - that is, you are firmly on your feet.

A dream in which you managed to shave the hair on your legs and cut yourself at the same time portends a loss. The Dream Interpretation clarifies that this may be due to excessive self-confidence.

What the big toe dreams about is interpreted by the dream book as a sign of the upcoming visit of long-awaited guests. The dream says that you will soon be visited by friends or relatives whom you are always happy to see.

The foot in your dream indicates that in the near future you will have an impressive acquaintance and an exciting romantic adventure. The dream book advises you not to lose your head and relies on your common sense.

A dream in which your feet are in the mud promises that the dreamer will not be bored, as he will have a wonderful opportunity to spend an unexpected day off in carnal pleasures.

If you dreamed about your left leg, the dream book says that the past haunts you. Most likely, the dream is inspired by a separate episode of your biography, affecting the sphere of emotions and feelings.

As the dream book notes, desperate people often have to see their legs in a dream. The dream says the same thing as ancient wisdom: the night is darkest before the dawn. An unenviable situation will help you mobilize and steer the situation, the dream promises.

If you dream of the legs of a deceased person, the dream book promises that you will be able to return what you have long considered lost or lost forever. Do I need to clarify how much this event will please you?

Why you dream that your legs hurt is often associated in the dream book with the upcoming journey. It's natural to feel a little anxious about being away from home. However, the dream is reassuring: an easy and pleasant trip awaits you.

If you dreamed of long toenails, the dream book advises not to overdo it. The dream means that now is not the time to force things; it is much more effective to take a wait-and-see approach.

When you dream of a leg amputation, the dream is trying to warn its owner that in real life he got involved with bad company. If it is not possible to change your environment, at least try not to fall under their influence.

If you are walking barefoot in a dream and suddenly find glass on your foot, the dream means that you will be popular among friends and recognized in professional circles.

A broken leg in a dream often symbolizes an insurmountable obstacle that suddenly appears out of the blue. The dream book advises you to reconsider your plans to avoid defeat.

Why do you have a dream in which everything is upside down? The dream book considers it as a sign of readiness to turn everything upside down. You are not happy with reality, and you intend to fix it, even if drastic measures are required.

Severed legs in a dream are a reflection of your confusion in reality. You feel the vulnerability of your position, you are frightened by the prospect of helplessness in the face of the problems that have piled up.

According to grandmother Agafya’s dream book, if you wet your feet in a dream, such a dream promises an inexpensive, but nevertheless pleasant gift. The dream may also mean that you will soon receive a sign of attention from the person you are interested in.

Leeches on your feet in a dream symbolize envious people who are not averse to joining in with your success. The dream can also have another meaning: a reminder of the effectiveness of folk remedies if someone close to you is sick.

The dream book associates everything that an amputated leg means in a dream with a lack of leadership qualities of its owner. The dream suggests that the person seen in the dream is highly dependent on others.

Different shoes on your feet in your dream indicate that you are trying to move in several directions at once. The dream encourages you to decide and concentrate your efforts on the main goal.

If you allow someone to stroke your legs in a dream, the dream book considers such a gesture as a harbinger of a major scandal. The dream indicates the aggression that has accumulated in you, which is just waiting for a reason to spill out.

If you dreamed of women’s legs that you want to admire, the dream speaks of your impressionability. The dream book interprets a dream in which crooked, ugly legs appear as a harbinger of losses.

If in a dream you see the wet feet of someone you know, the dream thus lets you know that you are sometimes too arrogant, which offends others. The dream book advises you to be more delicate.

Why do you dream of a disabled person without legs overtaking you on his gurney? Such a dream suggests that you have much more serious problems than you imagined. It will take a lot of effort to solve them.

Dreaming of hairy legs symbolizes ambition and the desire for power. The Dream Interpretation does not see anything reprehensible in such desires, unless, of course, they take grotesque forms.

If you happen to get your feet wet in a dream, the dream book allows for the possibility that you will find yourself in the crosshairs of discussions and ridicule. The dream wants to say that this is just a short-term episode that should not be given much importance.

Why else do you dream about legs?

Deliberately enlarged or swollen legs, which are what you are dreaming about, promise profit. You will find profitable deals, unexpected success in business, and additional sources of income that will not burden you.

A dream in which you see warts on your feet means profit and prosperity. For a woman, such a dream can mean an upcoming visit to a beauty salon or successful shopping.

A dream in which your legs are unshaven reflects your desire for nature. It is good if such a desire makes itself felt in the search for harmony with nature, and not in demonstrating bad manners and unwillingness to take into account others.

Calluses on your feet, seen in a dream, encourage you to think: are you helping other people to your detriment? The dream reminds us that no one wins in a one-goal game.

Why do you dream about a cut on your leg? Your passionate desire blinds your eyes and your mind. You don't notice anything except your goal. The dream book advises to at least sometimes look at your feet to avoid annoying misunderstandings.

Dreaming of a wounded leg symbolizes significant financial costs, quarrels with loved ones and unforeseen difficulties in business. According to the dream book, the cause of all misfortunes may be your own inattention.

When you dream that a snake bites your leg, be prepared for serious trials, the dream book warns. For those who manage to overcome all adversities, the dream promises the fulfillment of a wish or a large profit.

A dream in which there is a foot massage indicates that you have started a big game. The dream book warns against being too gullible, so as not to become a victim of your own adventure.

If you dreamed of a man without legs, the dream warns that soon one of your friends will lose your trust. The personality of the man in the dream may contain some clues about who exactly the dream is about.

Long hair on the legs is dreamed of by those who have long and firmly occupied a dominant position. At the same time, the dream reminds you that it is advisable to refrain from manifestations of tyranny and despotism.

Everything that you dream about being bitten by a rat in the leg is attributed in the dream book to the machinations of an insidious enemy. The dream is reassuring that your opponent is not strong enough to lead you astray, and his tricks will not cause much harm.

A dream in which you saw beautiful legs symbolizes your desire for success in everything, including on the love front. The dream book promises that you will be lucky if you remain reasonable and do not fall into euphoria.

A needle in the leg symbolizes an annoying misunderstanding that seems harmless at first glance. And yet, the dream calls for resolving it as soon as possible before it develops into a serious problem.

The dream book explains why you dream about having surgery on your leg by your dissatisfaction with the current situation and your thirst for change. The dream reflects your desire to improve things and promises that you will actually be able to change something for the better.

Dreaming of a bump on your leg means an opportunity to assert your authority. The dream reminds you that power implies responsibility and some restrictions in which you risk getting bogged down. The dream book advises you to weigh the pros and cons in advance.

Thick legs in a dream mean that in a difficult situation you will be helped by someone who is firmly on his feet, or a favorable combination of circumstances will allow you to find ground under your feet on your own. In any case, this is a very encouraging dream.

A dream in which a prosthetic leg appears symbolizes future changes that are difficult to give an unambiguous assessment. How the upcoming events will turn out for you will be determined by the mood that the dream left behind.

If you dreamed of a burn on your leg, the dream means that it is pointless to try to repeat past success. The dream book reminds that everything has its time, and each period of life requires an individual approach.

Why you dream of a nail on your foot, the dream book explains by unexpected difficulties. The dream suggests that things are not going as easily and quickly as you planned.

A splinter in your foot from your dream means that someone from your environment has pretty much tired you with their persistence. Undoubtedly, he is trying for your own good, but the fact remains: his importunity prevents you from moving forward. The dream book advises getting rid of such acquaintances.

When you dream of ulcers on your legs, the dream book advises you to pay attention to your surroundings. The dream could mean that you are simply being used. The dream calls for you to reconsider your behavior; perhaps you are allowing too much.

If you had to wash your dirty feet in a dream, in reality you can once again be convinced that everything that is done is all for the better. Despite all your efforts, you will not be able to achieve your goal, but your efforts will be appreciated.

If you dreamed about your legs giving out, get ready for triumph. The dream means that you will be able to eliminate an opponent or rival, win a competition, or conclude a successful deal in spite of all competitors.

A dream about a dog biting your leg foreshadows serious disappointment in someone who previously set an example for you. The reason will be information that is beyond doubt. The behavior of your former idol may not contain malicious intent, but it is very much contrary to your moral and ethical concept - this is what such an image means in dreams.

When you dream that your legs won’t move, the dream indicates a feeling of helplessness, depression, and a willingness to surrender to chance. Such sentiments are not always justified; perhaps you exaggerate the scale of the problem and underestimate your own strengths.

If for some reason you have cold feet in a dream, you have to go on a trip. A dream in which someone else is wearing unseasonable shoes means that the person in the dream will have to travel.

Those who had to wash off dirt from their feet in a dream will have much ado about nothing. Accidentally heard news will cause a real commotion; you will certainly want to check the information. The dream book is more than sure that this is an ordinary “duck”. A negative result is also a result - that’s what this dream is about.

A dream about how sores formed on your legs reminds you that helping others is, of course, commendable, but forgetting your own interests is unforgivable.

Why you dream that your feet are in the ground will tell you the degree of their contamination. The dream book believes that feet slightly soiled with soil dream of minor squabbles and troubles, but a dream in which feet are literally stuck in the mud suggests that you are an enthusiastic person and know how to appreciate beauty.

If you often have a dream in which male legs appear, the dream book interprets it as a reflection of your passion and amorousness. The dream suggests that it is unthinkable for you to be alone.

According to Miller's dream book, hair on your legs expresses your desire to gain the upper hand. A dream in which you have hairy legs means that you will succeed. Otherwise, you will have to give up the palm to the dreamed owner of unshaven legs.

If in a dream you entrusted someone with cutting your toenails or doing a pedicure, the dream book warns that among your new acquaintances there may be unreliable people who are trying to gain your trust.

A dream in which you happened to step on someone’s foot speaks of your dominant position. The dream book promises that thanks to your leadership qualities, you will continue to remain at your best.

Why you dream that you have worms in your legs, the dream book explains by your immoderate craving for material wealth. The dream thus tries to remind you that, in addition to luxury, there are many other interesting things.

A growth on your leg seen in a dream indicates that your position will soon become stronger. The dream promises that the reputation you have worked for so long will soon begin to work for you.

A dream in which you had to lose your leg in reality threatens to turn into failure in business, the unattainability of the task. The dream book advises looking for another path, which may seem longer, but will nevertheless lead to the goal.

If you have a dream in which there is a child without legs, the dream book warns that you may soon find yourself in a situation that is beyond your control.

If your leg burns in a dream, the dream book believes that in reality you are seriously mistaken about something. The dream makes you wonder if it’s time to reconsider your beliefs and views.

The dream book explains why you dream of being shot in the leg as a sudden event that will upset your plans. The plot of the dream may contain some clues that could help prevent an unwanted incident.

Seeing a mole on your leg in a dream, which you don’t actually have, should be alarming: the dream is trying to warn you of a possible danger. The dream book believes that you have stepped on a slippery slope.

If a rat bites your leg in a dream, the dream book says that in reality someone intends to cross your path and interfere with your plans. To some extent, the ill-wisher will succeed, but minor troubles will not force you to deviate from your chosen path.

Dreaming of a fungus on your feet means that too much unnecessary ballast has accumulated in your life, and negative one at that. The dream calls for putting things in order, first of all, in the area of ​​communication.

If you happen to injure your leg in a dream, the dream may result in a conflict, which, in turn, will entail some costs. The dream book advises you to think about whether the game is worth the candle.

When you dream of toes, look at them carefully, as the appearance of the toes will help interpret the dream. Beautiful fingers with well-groomed nails mean well-being. The dream book interprets signs of injuries as a sign of impending losses.

Why you dream of a dog without a leg is interpreted ambiguously by the dream book. The dream could mean victory over an enemy or disappointment in one of your friends. Either way, you'll stay on top.

A bullet stuck in the leg symbolizes the unpleasant aftertaste left after a quarrel with friends, which the dream foreshadows. The dream book suggests the possibility of a serious conflict, and at the same time, it is encouraging that in the future the relationship will improve and resume.

Scratches on the legs are often dreamed of by those who see the intended goal and move towards it, completely forgetting to look at their feet. Purposefulness is certainly commendable, but caution won’t hurt either, notes the dream book.

Why you dream about a cat biting your legs, the dream book explains the impending betrayal of a loved one. This news will not only upset you, but will literally cut the ground from under your feet.

When you dream of pain in your legs, the dream calls for caution when undertaking anything. The probability of incurring losses instead of the expected profit is too high, warns the dream book.

The dream book considers dreams of legs in a cast to be not the most favorable sign in the implementation of your plans. The dream suggests that you will be bogged down for a long time in a task that you hoped to accomplish easily and quickly.

A dream in which you had to shave your hairy legs with a dull razor is trying to subtly hint that you often create fertile ground for conflicts with others. And in the same way: you give a reason to sit on your neck, then you are sincerely indignant if someone took advantage of this reason.

If you dreamed of a man kissing your feet, the dream means that this man will be at your feet in reality. All you have to do is command and dominate.

Dream interpretation of sore legs - interpretation of sleep from Miss Hasse’s dream book

Painful sensations in the legs can be the result of an injury or a long-term illness. In the first case, in reality you will have to face the loss of your job. At best, you'll get away with a demotion. In the second case, this indicates that you are unable to think through your steps ahead, so when faced with another problem, you simply freeze in place and wait for it to resolve itself. This is an extremely unproductive strategy, and you should work on yourself to learn how to make informed decisions in the future and leave a backup plan of action in case of emergency.

If someone else's sore leg , then this is a warning that should be taken seriously. Ahead of you is a choice between complete collapse and success. A sore leg from a dream symbolizes a miscalculation in these actions of another person, and now he suffers from pain. Do not repeat such mistakes - act extremely carefully and analyze your every step! Sometimes a thin leg may appear in a dream, which can be associated with the betrayal of a loved one. If, on top of everything else, your leg hurts unbearably, then this means that parting with your significant other will be incredibly painful.

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