Why do you dream of a cemetery and graves, walking around a cemetery, caring for a grave? Basic interpretations - why do you dream of a cemetery and graves?

The final resting place evokes negative emotions in people, so when a person sees it in a dream, he begins to fear that trouble awaits him. In fact, such a dream can have both positive and negative meanings, depending on the nuances.

Seeing a cemetery in a dream, the general meaning of the dream is a new turn in life. A negative interpretation indicates moral exhaustion of the individual.

Seeing an old, abandoned churchyard is a vain experience. The situation will soon improve and the problems will fade into the background.

A new, modern cemetery is a dream of acquiring rights to lost property in court.

Caring for a grave in a dream: interpretation in dream books

Caring for the graves of loved ones is considered a duty that has been passed on from one generation to another for many centuries. Of no small importance is the removal of garbage at the burial site of a family member and the responsibility to care for the flower garden and monument. Events in a dream have several interpretations depending on the details and emotions experienced.

The dream book advises you to trust your feelings

If the churchyard was crowded, Nostradamus’s dream book warns of a natural disaster on the scale of a metropolis or an entire state with casualties. The improvement of an abandoned burial site promises obstacles due to lack of funds.

Prophetess Vangi considers the feeling of fear to be a good omen. If the situation in a dream, a sudden incident, or the appearance of a ghost frightens you, it means that in reality you will not be frightened by any difficulties.

Interpretation of a dream about cleaning a cemetery

A person sees in a dream not only pleasant moments, but also sad and frightening ones. For interpretation, you should refer to dream books. A vision in which a visit to a grave occurs is an unpleasant and disturbing symbol. Such events foreshadow troubles. The task is to remember the details and interpret the vision:

The emotions experienced during a vacation can tell a lot according to the dream book. If there is anxiety about the upcoming funeral of a loved one, the person needs the support of parents and friends. When visiting the grave of a relative, a family member takes care of the monument and experiences joy - it is time to let go of problems and old grievances.

Caring for a grave in night dreams during the winter indicates separation from loved ones and the onset of depression. A person will face unforeseen circumstances that are difficult to overcome. It is necessary to show willpower and not stop there. Visiting a cemetery in summer or spring is a good sign. According to the dream book, it promises pleasant company and friends. Seeing a neat grave indicates receiving good news, the recovery of a sick relative. Caring for an abandoned graveyard indicates loneliness, a lack of support from friends to deal with difficulties.

Planting flowers and cleaning the grave of a loved one

The time of year when the sleeper cared for the grave is of great importance. The action took place in winter - changes will occur in the fate of those who saw the plot. In the warm season (spring or summer), planting flowers in the churchyard indicates a good time in life.

Interpretations from dream books:

Particular attention should be paid to the varieties of flowers that a person plants on a grave:

The color of the plants on the grave, which the sleeping person cares for, has a special meaning according to the dream book:

You should pay attention to the details of dreams; they often lead to thoughts about the future.

On someone else's grave

Caring for an unfamiliar tombstone is considered an action approved by Christianity.

See from the outside

It’s good if you saw a grave, cross or cemetery in a dream from the outside - and you didn’t have to dig or do anything else yourself.
Such “contemplative” dreams are interesting because the symbols and signs in them are bright and independent, and they should be given great, close attention. What the grave was like, and what other elements were in the dream - this is the most important thing to decipher.

1. As the dream book indicates, a grave seen distantly, from afar, is a vision that promises the dreamer news from afar. You will soon receive news or just a message from a person whom you have not seen for a long time, and may even have forgotten completely - and he will remind you of himself. You will obviously be very happy and pleasantly surprised!

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2. A cemetery in a dream is a symbol of peace and tranquility. If you saw a cemetery in a dream, you will have a rest from difficulties and problems, a good, calm period in which there will be no worries, but don’t expect any special bright joys or news either.

In addition, if in a dream you experienced anxiety or fear, it is likely that your peace of mind will be interfered with by your own thoughts - unnecessary, groundless and negative. Get rid of them.

3. A tombstone or grave cross in a dream is a very favorable sign. The cross is generally a very powerful and positive symbol, and in this case it portends great success after a period of troubles. Soon all your difficulties and problems will pass!

4. Such a dream, in which the grave turns out to be fresh, warns - beware of ill-wishers. Someone may be planning and even trying to commit a mean or dishonest act, and in order not to suffer from this, be on your guard and do not associate with bad people.

5. Old, abandoned, unkempt graves are dreamed of as a sign of lingering melancholy. Please note that this melancholy, by and large, does not have serious grounds, and it directly depends on you how long and hard you will remain in a depressed state.

6. Do not be alarmed if you saw your own grave in a dream. Such a dream is a harbinger of a great joyful surprise that awaits you very soon!

7. If you saw a high grave mound in your dreams, happiness, joy and great benefits await you from some easy and pleasant task.

8. And if in your dreams you saw the grave of a living person you know or even a relative, do not worry, this only promises great happiness for this person. If he is sick or has difficulties, it will soon pass without a trace.

9. As the dream book says, the grave of a deceased relative or acquaintance in a dream is advice to be more prudent, monitor your reputation and your own behavior. Don't go astray, watch yourself.

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10. An empty grave pit in dreams is a hint that your worries and fears are completely empty, they have no basis. You should calm down, and everything will be very good, no troubles will threaten you.

11. If in your strange dream you saw a light rising above a grave hill, great happiness awaits you! All problems and worries will disappear and be forgotten, and a new life path will open, open, full of joy and harmony!

The meaning of sleep in popular dream books

Dream books are considered to be the main interpreters. Currently there are a large number of them, the interpretation of each is different:

According to Venesov, this vision leads to trouble. Watering bushes and trees is a symbol of joy and happiness in the family. Seeing dew on flowers means that the planned business will end in failure.

Miller's dream book considers it a good sign to take care of flower arrangements. Cleaning up the cemetery means good news or a surprise awaits a person. Sow dry seeds on a grave - efforts related to improving your home will have results.

Sigmund Freud wrote that planting plants with a loved one leads to marriage; caring for a plot in a churchyard leads to quick offspring. For a couple who is already married, the psychologist predicts a new addition to the family. According to the dream book, planting grass in the grave soil at night together with your chosen one means that love will only become stronger over time.

It is a bad sign if someone pulls out newly planted flowers - the picture indicates the negative plans of ill-wishers. Caring for fading flowers - the plan is not going according to plan.

Planting flowers on a grave is a sign of happiness. In dream books, such actions mean achieving goals, but with the obligatory provision of some kind of sacrifice on the part of the sleeper. A person has to decide for himself what is most meaningful to him.

Why do you dream of a cemetery and graves according to Freud’s dream book

Freud's dream book says that one dreams of a cemetery and graves before the beginning of the final stage in a relationship. This could be the end of a transitional stage in a relationship, or a harbinger of the end. It is important to remember all the details of the dream. If in a dream a man sees his chosen one walking alone in a cemetery, something is gnawing at her in reality. She does not find the strength to admit this to her beloved.

The dream book advises a man after such a dream to find out what is bothering his beloved. Try to understand the problem, otherwise misunderstanding will strengthen between lovers. If a girl sees her lover walking through a cemetery with someone else, such a dream foreshadows the breakdown of his relationship with his mistress. This is a very favorable sign, since now you can safely build strong relationships with him.

A dream in which you are buried means that you should prepare for long-term health problems in the sexual sphere. For a girl, such a dream may mean that she will not be able to get pregnant for a long time. For a man, such a dream can mean a loss of masculine strength. The dream book advises you to seriously address issues of health and its strengthening after such a dream.

Can a dream predict death?

Sleep is a process occurring in the human body during which physical and moral strength is restored. It has long been established that visions in which sleepers take care of a plot in a churchyard lead to certain consequences. When humanity noticed this fact, dream books began to appear. People turn to them for interpretation and clarification. Everyone wants to know about their future in reality. Dreams with graves or the dead are divided into those that bring consequences, and those that promise trouble and negativity.

In dream books there are certain symbols that indicate the imminent departure of the dreamer or his relatives from life:

You should not concentrate on negative consequences, because thoughts are material. The situation can be improved. You need to analyze dreams where you are caring for a grave or seeing the dead, and think about what can be avoided. Sometimes you need to cancel a trip, stop visiting certain places, change your lifestyle, or completely give up bad habits. Life is in your hands, even dreams of death do not indicate the exact fulfillment of the event. The main thing is to have a positive attitude, regardless of the interpretation according to dream books.


What the burial site looked like

The English dream book will help you figure out why you dream about this or that detail of the dream. Fresh strawberry warns against rash actions. An ancient burial portends an illness.

When something frightens you in a dream or is haunted by inexplicable anxiety, interpreters assure that in reality there is no real threat. Only a pessimistic attitude can cause some discomfort.

If you dream of an empty pit, the execution of the plan is postponed for now. An unkempt mound reflects despair.

Why did I dream about so many flowers?

The gypsy dream interpreter explains in detail where the many fresh bouquets and living plants around the gravestone came from. It looks like the dreamer has wonderful friends. Planting flowers yourself happens on the eve of joyful events and new prospects.

In women's dreams, wreaths represent family well-being. A man will be able to accept a fact that he has not been able to come to terms with for a long time. Artificial bouquets symbolize falsehood.

Whose grave was being cleaned in the cemetery

If you happen to be improving the burial place of a deceased person, it’s time to start solving long-standing problems. If the buried person is actually alive, it is better for the dream hero not to throw around promises: each one will need to be fulfilled.

If the sleeper has the opportunity to restore order in his own tomb, in reality the activity of his enemies will increase. The extraordinary plot suggests reconsidering life values ​​and not wasting your time on the rat race.

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