Why do you dream of a feast: a wedding, a holiday or a wake? Basic interpretations: why do you dream of a feast, what to expect

If a married woman dreams of a wedding , pleasant worries await her. They will be associated with the arrival of guests, going to a celebration or the birth of a child. If you learn to accept the help of your spouse, you will cope with your tasks perfectly.

A wedding for a married girl indicates upcoming health problems. Your body will begin to send alarming symptoms that will lead you to the hospital. To stabilize your condition, you will have to give up bad habits or your favorite hobby.

Interpretation of the dream Wedding: G. Miller's dream book

Wedding - If you dream that you are at a wedding, this means that you will quickly find a way out of circumstances that may cause your anxiety and obstacles to success.
If a young woman dreams of a secret wedding, then this is very unfavorable for the characterization of her nature. It is possible that this dream will lead her to the idea of ​​​​the need to curb herself.

If a woman dreams that she has accepted a proposal, this means that she will rise in the opinion of those above her, and the expected promises will not be deceived.

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Why do you dream of a Wedding according to S. Karatov’s dream book

Wedding - if you dreamed about your own wedding, this is a sign of joy.

According to another source, we learn that being at a wedding means sadness, death or trouble awaits the one who is getting married.

For someone who dreams of a wedding, this portends illness. To be a guest at a friend’s or acquaintance’s wedding in a dream means that you will do something together.

To see that you are dancing at a wedding means that you will have troubles with the opposite sex.

Communicating with guests at a wedding in a dream means your affairs will become confused.

If you dreamed about Weddings: Pocket Dream Book

Wedding - you dreamed of a wedding, preparations for a wedding - then death will pass by, but will touch you with its wing.

Being a guest at a wedding means you will soon receive news of a sad event that will affect your affairs.

Seeing yourself as a bride at a wedding in a dream means that a wish will come true and a joyful event awaits you.

What does it mean to dream about someone else’s wedding, a friend’s wedding? If you dreamed about your lover with someone else’s bride, then slander against your lover awaits you, which will end after the wedding.

Dreaming of a failed wedding

During the wedding ceremony, various unexpected things can happen. If you dreamed of a wedding in which something went wrong as it should have been, the dream needs to be interpreted in a special way:

  1. The absence of a groom is a harbinger of various problems. Your goals may not be realized, you will suffer a global defeat in life. In general, such a dream predicts the course of development of an important life situation, on which even the distant future depends.
  2. A runaway bride is an omen of an unwanted marriage. This is the opinion of many dream books, including Gustav Miller.
  3. Canceling a wedding is a warning about possible deception on the part of strangers. This interpretation is most relevant if third parties interfere with the registration of marriage in a dream. The dreamer needs to be extremely careful when signing contracts and concluding agreements. Don't trust suspicious people.
  4. The celebration stops in full swing - the interpretation of the dream depends on the emotions of the sleeper. The dreamer is upset - this means there are things that you don’t want to complete. The sleeper rejoices - an omen of liberation from the oppressive load, but the apparent “relief” will not bring anything good.
  5. Why you dream of being late for your own wedding, the dream book explains by the likelihood of committing a rash act that could lead to unpleasant consequences. The dreamer needs to think through his actions in advance.

If on the eve of an important undertaking you dream of a disrupted marriage ceremony, you should abandon the dubious businessman, who is clearly a gamble. Also, in the near future, you should not accept tempting but dubious offers.

A wedding that didn’t take place in a dream is a sign of the experiences of people who have recently separated from their loved ones, gone through a divorce, or a warning about the difficulties of achieving their goals.

If you dreamed about Weddings: Everyday Dream Book

Wedding - To dream that the bride or groom is at your own wedding is a sign that you will soon make a very important decision that will affect your entire subsequent life. It will probably help change your life for the better.

Why do you dream about preparing for a wedding? Someone else’s wedding - If you dream that you are present at a wedding as a guest, this means that the changes taking place will not affect your life in any way. You will strive to be in the thick of things, but this attempt will be in vain.

If you saw yourself in a dream at a wedding as a witness to one of the young people, then quick changes await you in your personal life, and these changes will be for the better.

Activities at the wedding

To accurately interpret the dream, it is important to remember what you did at the wedding:

  • To be a bride or groom at a wedding - a dream promises problems at work, in your personal life, and also with health.
  • To be a guest at a wedding means to avoid trouble, big trouble.
  • Walking and having fun at your wedding means tears.
  • Walking and having fun at someone else’s wedding means trouble, problems.
  • Getting married without wedding fun means trouble will pass you by.
  • Getting married secretly means a desire to hide from people, a need for privacy.
  • Seeing your own wedding from the outside means you will encounter difficulties, but solve them easily.
  • Getting married in a church is a sorrow.
  • Seeing a wedding train means moving or changing your place of residence is possible.
  • If you see a wedding party on the street, you will be surprised with news.
  • Dancing at a wedding means an affair with a respectable person.
  • Playing a wedding planned in reality is an experience.
  • Getting ready for your own wedding means unnecessary worries and worries.
  • Getting ready for someone else's wedding is a successful outcome of an important matter.
  • To be present at a wedding as a bridesmaid or a witness - you will find yourself in control of the situation, the situation will be under your control.
  • Being late for your wedding means coping with a difficult life task.
  • Being late for someone else's wedding means missing out on a chance.
  • Going to a wedding means changes in life.
  • Going to a wedding means a new interesting event will happen soon.
  • A wedding procession passes through a cemetery - illness, severe illness.
  • To be afraid of parental disapproval – fears, anxieties.
  • Accepting a marriage proposal speaks of your desire to find a family.
  • To rush to a wedding but still be late is to be powerless in the face of circumstances.
  • Planning a wedding is a need for intimacy and love.
  • Cry at your wedding - you will laugh and have fun.
  • To honor newlyweds at a wedding means to reach heights, to achieve what you want.
  • Signing and sending out wedding invitations means lack of communication, loneliness.
  • Running away from a wedding means avoiding problems.
  • Going on a honeymoon means meeting an old friend.
  • Making a match - promotion, career growth.
  • Sewing a wedding dress means making plans, hatching ideas.
  • Having a wedding again means financial difficulties, conflict with a loved one.
  • Entering into a fictitious marriage means lack of confidence in yourself and your strengths.
  • Seeing a wedding but not being invited to it means you should not make serious decisions; an unfavorable period is coming.
  • Going to a wedding with another man or woman (not who they are in reality) means difficulties in relationships with the opposite sex.
  • The wedding has failed - you shouldn’t rely on someone, they will let you down.
  • Talking about a wedding means serious negotiations and a showdown with your partner.
  • Hearing a wedding march is bad news.
  • Trying on a wedding outfit is a bad dream.
  • Eating at the wedding table means health problems.
  • Getting your wedding hair done is a long journey.
  • Taking photos at a wedding means problems in the team, dissatisfaction with management.
  • Postponing the wedding until later means fatigue, loss of strength, apathy.
  • Finding out about cheating before the wedding means you experience anxiety and excitement.
  • At your own wedding, to see a person in mourning clothes - there is an ill-wisher in your environment.
  • Looking forward to your wedding night means sexual dissatisfaction, lack of sex life.
  • Being a toastmaster at a wedding means you will be assigned new responsibilities.
  • Interfering with a wedding in a dream means you are unhappy with the current situation.
  • Trying treats from the wedding table will cause health problems.
  • Cutting a wedding cake means malaise, poor physical health.
  • Ruining a wedding means you will be drawn into an unpleasant situation.
  • To refuse a wedding is to avoid trouble, trouble.

Seeing a Wedding in a Dream: G. Rasputin’s Dream Book

Wedding - Seeing a wedding means you will rejoice at the successes of others. Your joy will be sincere and genuine; a wedding in a dream is always a sign of a good mood and joyful events in life. If you have something in mind or have decided to bring to life a long-cherished idea, after such a dream the most favorable moment for this will come. Your own wedding - To see your own wedding - this dream is symbolic and, as a rule, indicates that decisive changes in life await you, which will become decisive for you. If you are at your wedding in an inappropriate outfit, you will take the event that is decisive in your destiny lightly, but it is thanks to this attitude that it will become successful for you.

Being sad in a dream at a wedding - this dream is not very favorable for people who are doing well and have virtually no problems. It foreshadows deep internal conflicts and struggles with oneself. To be a witness at a wedding in a dream means you will have to show your friendly support, they will count on you as a responsible person who is not capable of letting you down. Receive an invitation to a wedding in a dream - you will become aware of some event that has a certain meaning for you, but you will not be able to take part in it due to circumstances beyond your control.

A fight at a wedding means that in your relationship with your loved one there will be a need to sort things out. This conversation will become life-giving for your future life, because it will further strengthen your feelings. To see a deceased person at a wedding - your work will be suspended for some time, and you will be able to replenish your strength, while your work will not suffer from this.

What does a wedding mean for a woman, girl, man?

For mature but single men and women, a wedding in a dream can be the beginning of new partnerships, both in business and in love. Sometimes a dream is a harbinger of a real marriage, but more often just success. However, with the latter option, it is necessary to take into account the age of the chosen one.

So getting married or getting married to a young man means quick promotion in your career and concluding profitable deals in the near future. If the bride or groom were of advanced age, then improvements will not occur soon and will be associated with some difficulties.

If a girl dreams of a wedding celebration, she should pay attention to her behavior. In real life, the dream plot can result in loss of reputation, shame, and unpleasant consequences of frivolous actions.

In most cases, this plot is for lonely dreamers an inverted dream and a projection of desires. That is, in a dream what you dream about in reality happens.

Why do we dream about Weddings: dream book of Peter I

Seeing a wedding in a dream:

Wedding - A dream in which you see yourself at someone’s wedding promises you a happy overcoming of obstacles on the path to success. A dream about a secret wedding warns a girl against a rash act that she will regret all her life. She must learn to pacify her desires and impulses. In life, a girl’s reputation will not suffer, and her hopes will not be disappointed if in a dream she accepted her fiancé’s proposal. If in a dream it seems to her that her parents do not approve of her marriage, it means that in reality her engagement will cause condemnation from all relatives.

The girl’s lot will be suffering and complaints about her wedding if the girl dreams that her lover is marrying someone else. For a single person to see himself married is a sign that he will miraculously escape death. A girl’s family life will not be happy if she sees someone in mourning at her wedding. Someone else's wedding - If this happens at someone else's wedding, she will be saddened by the unhappy fate of a relative or friend. This dream also foreshadows annoyance or illness instead of the expected happiness and health.

If a trip awaits you after a dream about a wedding, know that it can be seriously burdened by an unpleasant surprise. If a man dreams about his own wedding, then a woman close to him in spirit will soon appear in his life. If a woman sees a dream, then passionate love awaits her, which will begin quite unexpectedly. Taking part in a wedding means an imminent marriage for unmarried people, and the birth of children for married people. Dancing at a wedding in a dream - in reality, beware of people of the opposite sex.

Your own wedding - To see your own wedding in a dream - happiness awaits you in marriage. To be at a wedding in a dream in the company of men and women means that your affairs will become confused. Wedding fun in a dream foreshadows loneliness, illness, death. The bride's wreath at a wedding symbolizes a happy way out of a difficult situation. For a bride in the midst of a wedding to lose her groom in a dream - in reality, unforeseen circumstances can overshadow the upcoming wedding. For a woman who kissed her fiancé in a dream, such a dream means a small quarrel with him and a quick reconciliation. If a woman argues with her groom in a dream, he will soon give her a pleasant surprise.

Whose wedding did you dream about?

Dreaming about someone else's wedding promises change. Due to their fast-paced nature, you will lose control of the situation. When the worries and troubles dissipate, you will realize that what happened has benefited you.

Dreaming about your own wedding is a hint that your life will never be the same. Soon a series of events will occur that will take you to other shores. A new position, receiving an inheritance in a neighboring city, marriage or an unplanned pregnancy will protect you from actions that you might regret.

A friend's wedding warns of betrayal. A loved one will go to him to take your place. The source of disappointment may be a friend who appears before you in a dream in a wedding dress.

Sometimes such a plot predicts favorable developments on the romantic front. You will meet a pleasant young man, decide to start a family or give birth to a child. Your happiness will be the envy of your friends whose lives have not gone well.

Dreaming about an unmarried friend's wedding has a positive context. Happy moments await you ahead, which will dispel your former sadness. A promotion, a date with your crush, or a major purchase will make you proud of yourself.

The wedding of a married friend means there will be a reason for conflict.

A friend's wedding predicts your rapprochement. Thanks to the emergence of common projects, traveling together or participating in an important event, you will be on the same emotional wavelength. If there was some mistrust between you before, not a trace of it will remain.

A daughter's wedding is a favorable symbol in dreams. It promises the resolution of old problems, the elimination of household troubles and financial difficulties. Soon you will breathe a sigh of relief and be able to fully relax.

The meaning of a dream about a son’s wedding is determined by his marital status. The wedding of an already married son is a hint that he still depends on your opinion. The fact of his marriage does not prevent you from controlling his life and demanding the strict execution of your will. When he gets tired of obeying, a long-term conflict will flare up.

The wedding of an unmarried son symbolizes harmony in your family. Thanks to the ability to find a balance between your desires and the interests of strangers, people living under the same roof with you feel happy. If trouble suddenly arises in your life, you have someone to rely on.

If you dreamed about your sister’s wedding , it means that in the future she will play an important role in your life. It is possible that with her help you will get a prestigious job, meet the future father of your children, find a buyer for your apartment, or attract investors to your project. Listen to the advice she gives you. They will contain a rational grain.

The wedding of a cousin signals the beginning of a bright streak. It will be marked by profitable employment, the successful completion of an old work project, the recovery of a family member, the purchase of real estate, the emergence of new sources of income, or the decision to get married. Joyful events will give rise to a noisy feast.

Dreaming about your brother's wedding promises changes in his life. They may be related to entering a university, losing a job, moving to another city, or getting married. By supporting him in his endeavors, you will lay the foundation for further strengthening of the family bond.

Cousin's wedding - you will see distant relatives.

If you watched or found yourself at your ex-boyfriend’s wedding , you will get a chance to improve your personal life. Probably a fleeting acquaintance that will eventually develop into a serious relationship. If you try to avoid the mistakes made with your last chosen one, you will soon hear Mendelssohn's march.

A wedding of relatives from a dream indicates that you have nothing to worry about. The future will present you with pleasant surprises that you did not expect. In order not to frighten away happiness and success, drive away bad thoughts.

Mom's wedding - you will regret your decision.

Parents' wedding - your marriage will last until old age.

The wedding of your ex-husband with another woman - you will burn with jealousy.

Interpretation of the dream Wedding: dream book of Catherine the Great

Wedding - Hearing a conversation about a wedding in a dream means sadness and chagrin. Being at a wedding or church ceremony is a sign of illness, sadness and disappointment. A secret wedding in a dream means that you should behave more carefully so as not to damage your reputation. For those getting married, such a dream predicts imminent death. Playing your wedding in a dream means deprivation of a faithful friend, and sometimes confusion in business; for a patient, such a dream marks death.

To see that you are getting married to your husband (wife), then the dream predicts death for you. To see that you see yourself as a groom (bride), and your chosen one or chosen one will pass by you, then a quarrel with your lover and bitter disappointments await you.

Preparing for a wedding, Being at a friend’s wedding in a dream is a harbinger of imminent news of his death.

To be present at a wedding ceremony as a guest in a dream is a sign that you have to fulfill your duties, regardless of whether you like them or not. Such a dream also predicts some significant events in your life and the receipt of news. The news will be good if the marriage ceremony takes place without incident. If something happens during the ceremony, the news will be bad and unexpected for you. An accident or confusion during the ceremony is a harbinger of troubles and suffering.

If in a dream you witness a quarrel at a wedding, you will soon learn about the death of a loved one. If a single man dreams that he married a charming girl, then success awaits him in all his undertakings and profit from a profitable business. In general, for women to see themselves as a bride at their wedding in a dream - a sign of sorrow and grief, minor grievances and quarrels. If a widow dreams that she is marrying a young man, then she will face disappointment and quarrels. For a girl to marry a decrepit old man in a dream, the dream predicts a lot of troubles and illness. For an unmarried woman to see a dream in which she got married is a harbinger of changes in her life (either from worse to better, or vice versa). Seeing wedding guests in a dream is a sign of great family happiness. But black clothes on the guests or their gloomy faces during the wedding do not bode well, and sadness or a message about the death of a relative awaits you. If you have such a dream on the eve of your own wedding, then the dream predicts an unhappy family life.

If the table is empty at the wedding, then a streak of bad luck awaits you. Wedding congratulations in a dream foretell good luck in business. If someone asks you in a dream if it is true that you got married, then expect big changes in life. Often such a dream predicts that you will have a new lover (beloved).

Interpretation of the plot in popular dream books

Miller's dream book states that a wedding in a dream symbolizes unpleasant circumstances from which it will be possible to find a very simple and quick way out. Other dream interpreters offer a slightly different interpretation. So a dreamed wedding can mean:

  1. According to Medea’s dream book - a unification of opposites, both in the spiritual world of a person himself and outside him, as well as kinship of souls, mutual understanding.
  2. According to the dream book of Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima - important changes that will radically change life and its level.
  3. According to the modern combined dream book, it is a sad event leading to failure.
  4. According to the complete dream book of the New Era - the process of harmonization, creation, creativity, the initial stage of creating something new.
  5. According to the psychoanalytic dream book - transformation of the old, renewal, transition to a new level, and at the same time limitation, lack of flexibility.
  6. According to the dream book from A to Z - a sign of imminent success, recognition, approval.

Weddings in the dream book for girls

Wedding - Talking to someone at a wedding or eating at it means illness or trouble. Seeing a wedding ceremony in a dream is a favorable sign, especially if you yourself are present among the people at this wedding. Someone else's wedding - If she sees that someone close to her is getting married, then in real life luck will smile on her. A dream in which you are supposed to get married, but for some reason you are late, promises you a happy family. If you dreamed of your own wedding, it means that someone is gossiping about you or one of your friends, so you need to be careful with those people, you should not trust them: they can harm you.

What does it mean if a man dreams of a wedding?

A man’s own marriage in a dream means that he has found a faithful life partner, a woman who will give him happiness.
The more magnificent and rich the celebration, the better the choice. If a man is not married yet, it’s time to propose to his beloved; there is no point in looking for someone else. We recommend reading! Click on the link:

What to expect if you dreamed about your own or someone else’s dog

When interpreting, do not forget to take into account the day on which the wedding celebration occurred.

Depending on the day of the week, sleep can mean:

  1. Monday - unexpected, unplanned expenses.
  2. Tuesday - new job.
  3. Wednesday - debtors will deceive you.
  4. Thursday is a short-lived romance that will leave a mark on the soul for a long time.
  5. Friday - any story can become prophetic.
  6. Saturday or Sunday - changes in your personal life.

A very bad dream is in which a man marries his beloved. This means that your health will soon deteriorate greatly.

A dream in which a man himself wore a veil shows that it is time to take care of himself. The sleeper has become too sensitive and takes every little thing to heart. Such a man suffers from infantilism, and if a person does not immediately force himself to pull himself together and become a real man again, then as a result, instead of solving problems, he will simply run away from every difficulty and complain. It is clear that such behavior will greatly ruin your life.

Seeing a Wedding: Dream Book of O. Adaskina

Wedding - Howling at a wedding means experiencing trouble, sadness, perhaps the loss of a friend or illness. Being a groom at a wedding means danger; if the marriage takes place, this is a very bad omen. For a sick person, a dream about a wedding predicts death. If in a dream someone is in mourning at a wedding, in reality the marriage of the person who saw such a dream will be unsuccessful.

Men dream of a wedding as a sign of a fun party with good friends.

Why do you dream about your own wedding? For a man to be at his own wedding in a dream is a sign that he will soon need to make a difficult decision, on which his entire future life will most likely depend. If a man dreamed that he was attending a wedding as an honored guest, then in real life one of his close people will really need his support.

For women only: Dreams about weddings do not have a dark meaning. But they still mean anxiety and sadness, especially if you dream of a secret wedding or a wedding without parental consent.

If you are present at a wedding as a guest, then this means empty troubles; for a mature woman, such a dream promises a difficult conversation with her other half; For an elderly woman, such a dream indicates a deterioration in her health.

Why walk at a wedding in a dream?

Did you dream about walking at a wedding? In reality, also have fun with your friends. It is possible that it is at this party that you will be able to meet a person who will become your life partner. If the wedding party was fun, in the near future the chosen one will fulfill your every whim. If it’s sad, there is a streak of misunderstanding and disagreement in the relationship.

Did you see other people walking around at a wedding? To be noticed and appreciated, you need to take the initiative and perform some outstanding action. Have you attended a wedding as an invitee? You will soon be doing something very unusual. In the worst interpretation, a cheerful party warns of a dramatic event in the family.

If you dreamed about Weddings: Everyday Dream Book

Why do you dream of a wedding according to the dream book:

Wedding - Seeing a wedding means the fulfillment of secret desires, pleasant changes in your personal life. If you see a wedding of your friends, then in reality you will be able to find a way out of a difficult situation and get out of it with minimal losses.

To see that in a dream your loved ones do not approve of the wedding, then in reality you will have to go through many obstacles on the way to achieving your goal.

If a young girl had a dream that her boyfriend was marrying another girl, then in reality this means that she will soon have to experience disappointment and experience the bitterness of loss.

If a young man has a dream about a wedding, then in reality he will face unhappy events, events that can confuse him.

If you had a dream about someone wearing black mourning clothes at your wedding, then in real life your marriage will be fleeting and unhappy. Someone else's wedding - If you saw mourning clothes in a dream at someone else's wedding, then the life of a person close to you will be unhappy.

Dreaming of a Wedding? See the following interpreter.

Various interpretations

When remembering the dream, try not to lose sight of the feelings that the upset wedding caused. Aren't you that upset? In reality, you have to do something that disgusts your nature, and you dream of getting rid of it with all your soul.

Are you getting ready to get married in real life? If a disrupted wedding brought only joy, the dream book advises you to think several times before going down the aisle.


Why do we dream about Weddings: dream book of Zodiac Signs

Wedding - For men, seeing his beloved being married to someone else is a sign of disappointment in his chosen one. Probably, some traits of her character will make you doubt the correctness of your choice.

Happy newlyweds are a sign of good luck, the successful completion of important negotiations on which your future largely depends.

A woman sees herself married to her favorite film actor - this dream means a superficial infatuation, which at first you will mistake for an unusually strong feeling. A strong emotional impulse can turn into a major disappointment.

Watching from the sidelines the wedding ceremony of an unfamiliar couple - you will find yourself in real life witnessing the reconciliation of your friends. This will make you very happy, since their quarrel caused you great grief. For a man to see his bride being kidnapped by a stranger is a warning dream. Perhaps the woman you love does not have reciprocal feelings for you. In this case, her interest in you may be of a mercantile nature. Finding yourself in summer shoes on the street in winter - a dream means conflicts with your husband’s (wife’s) relatives; resentment caused by an unfair accusation. For single people - a conflict with management. Buying sneakers means you will participate in a sporting event against your will.

Trying to put on tight shoes means you are making unsuccessful attempts to tame your temperament for the sake of someone dear to you.

Red shoes - for the wedding of a close friend.

Finding yourself in home clothes at an official reception means disputes and conflicts with colleagues are possible due to a fundamental difference of opinion.

Putting knitted booties on a child - you will learn about your friend’s untimely pregnancy.

Buying expensive dress shoes means you will soon make a difficult choice between a marriage of convenience or love.

A bride in a wedding dress is a dream of success in business, a successful investment of capital, timely purchase or sale of shares.

A witness with a ribbon over his shoulder - you will probably experience mental suffering due to the fault of those around you.

Seeing yourself in the place of the groom (bride) - you will abandon the dangerous enterprise that you started, succumbing to someone’s persuasion, contrary to your own premonitions.

Buying a wedding dress - this dream always foreshadows family joys.

Flipping through a magazine while choosing a model for a wedding dress is a signal that you will find yourself having to tell your colleagues some not-so-pleasant news.

A fun wedding - a trip to the theater, an exhibition or a creative evening will be a pleasant change in your monotonous life.

The wedding ceremony of an unfamiliar couple - a meeting with old friends will be all the more pleasant as it will become an impetus for starting a new joint business.

Seeing yourself in the role of a bride - a dream foreshadows a period of life that is very successful for new beginnings and the most daring business projects.

To be planted by your mother at a wedding - a dream means that you should go on a trip that will bring tangible benefits to your health and give you peace of mind: at the moment this is the best way out for you.

Wedding veil - in the coming period of time you will have many new acquaintances, a lot of personal and business offers. You'll have to seriously think about your choice.

Catching the bride's bouquet means conflicts with your superiors or with close relatives who are older in age.

Giving flowers to newlyweds is a romantic period in life, happiness in love.

A wedding is a warning that a dangerous temptation awaits you, and you will have to stock up on patience and faith in order not to break your immutable commandments.

A large wedding table means the implementation of plans related to study, travel, meetings and entertainment.

To see a strange wedding - for women it means the appearance of a rival on the way, smart and well aware of her own worth. For men it can mean expanding business contacts, new lucrative offers. To be a witness at a wedding - one of your friends or partners will show you their emotions too clearly, but you should not reciprocate their feelings. Better show what the rules of good manners mean.

A bride in black means that you will have to play a not entirely positive, and perhaps even tragic role in the personal life of someone close to you.

A bride in red - for both men and women of this sign, is most often a harbinger of an imminent addition to the family.

Being a toastmaster at a wedding means that old health problems will come back with renewed vigor in the near future.

Seeing your parents’ wedding means you are about to meet a person who can share positive experiences, which will insure you against future mistakes.

To see your children's wedding - a dream foretells that you will soon have a serious showdown with your family.

A fight at a wedding means that the housing issue or other real estate-related issue will soon be resolved positively for you.

A wedding cortege is a reminder to a woman that she should not advertise her relationship with a certain man of sufficiently mature age.

Official ceremony - you have to meet a person who will be your copy in terms of social aspirations. By entering into an alliance with him, you can achieve a lot.

Seeing yourself among the guests at a wedding is a sign of an imminent wedding ceremony for someone close or familiar.

Drinking wine at a wedding means a happy period in family relationships.

Saying a toast at a wedding means the onset of a favorable period for lovers of romantic stories and adventures.

A torn wedding veil is an unlucky sign that can mean a quick and long separation or a serious illness.

Seeing yourself in the role of a bride means decisive, but not very successful changes in your personal life.

Seeing yourself planted by your mother at a wedding - a dream means that your actions are under strict control, and you should hardly attempt to disrupt the course of events by changing your own tactics.

A wedding veil means a secret that you will soon have to reveal.

Catching a bride's bouquet - dreams of changes in your personal life; for women it can mean pregnancy.

Giving flowers to newlyweds is an undesirable consequence of your incorrect actions in relation to your superiors.

A wedding is a call for you to pay more attention to spiritual rather than physical joys.

A large wedding table is a symbol of satiety, lingering apathy that awaits you at the upcoming stage of life.

Receiving an invitation to a wedding means a promotion, which will come in handy, as it will partially help solve financial problems.

To be a witness at a wedding means that you will become a participant in some kind of life drama or sad events that will happen in the lives of people close to you.


A person may also dream that the wedding took place, but was extremely unsuccessful. Such dreams warn that he should exercise extreme caution in the near future. The danger threatens not so much his life and health as his reputation. The dreamer must carefully consider his words and actions, as there is a possibility of a fatal mistake.

The wedding took place, but turned out to be extremely gloomy and boring? In this case, dream books recommend not going on a trip in the coming days. You should refrain not only from long trips, but also from visiting nearby places. On the way, a man or woman will face serious danger.

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