Why do you dream about an adult or a crying daughter, according to dream books?

Why do you dream about a pregnant daughter?

A dream in which a pregnant daughter appeared promises joy.
There is a high probability that you will meet old friends, earn praise from your boss, make a lucrative deal, or get better. The future has prepared surprises for you that you will not remain indifferent to. Seeing your mother's pregnant daughter in a dream is an indication that your daughter lacks your attention. She is not receiving from you the care, support and love that a loving mother should provide. By changing your behavior, you can fill in the gaps that may be causing your relationship to deteriorate.

Sometimes such a plot prophesies a fateful meeting for your daughter. She will meet a decent man who will soon invite her to marry. Your blessing will smooth out doubts that may creep into her soul.

If a father dreams of a pregnant daughter, her cherished wish will come true. Thanks to a successful coincidence of circumstances, she will pass a competitive selection to a prestigious university, visit abroad, get a well-paid job, or get a long-awaited new thing. Your immediate task will be to not interfere with her happiness.

Interpretations for women

The birth of a premature and weak baby may signal the danger of hasty action. If a woman is faced with the task of implementing an important project, then the work will go down the drain

The solution to the problem is to refine your plan, paying special attention to each point. The birth of an unhealthy child warns against transferring the matter to an irresponsible person who can ruin everything

A dream about someone else's child can be a harbinger of rash actions that a sleeping person is capable of. It is advisable to plan your actions more carefully. If a young unmarried person dreams of a newborn sick baby in the arms of a girl, then in reality she faces dishonor. She probably has some secret that she is ashamed to share with others. But the secret, despite attempts to hide it, will become the property of other people.

A plot involving a little girl is a harbinger of difficulties that will make it very difficult to accomplish your plans. To solve the problem you will have to be patient and make great efforts. Troubles at work and unexpected obstacles to business advancement are possible.


What does a dream about your daughter’s wedding symbolize?

The meaning of a dream about a daughter’s wedding is determined by her marital status in real life. The wedding of an unmarried daughter predicts positive changes in her personal life. She will become more feminine, attractive and open, which will allow her to start a promising romance.

When a married daughter dreams of her wedding, the future of her marriage is in jeopardy. Scandals will begin to rage between her and her son-in-law, because of which your attitude towards your son-in-law will radically change. Non-interference in the family problems of an adult daughter will be the key to their successful resolution.

Giving your daughter away in marriage means events with a favorable connotation. Unforgettable meetings, exciting travels, passionate confessions and successful acquisitions await you ahead. They won't be without hassle, but their appearance will bring a smile to your face.

Preparing for your daughter's wedding promises household chores. They will be associated with the start of a major renovation, moving, meeting guests, illness of a family member, or the birth of a child. Delegate overwhelming tasks to loved ones so as not to collapse from fatigue.

A daughter in a wedding dress who appeared to you in a dream warns of the beginning of a new stage in life. It will be marked by bright events that you have long hoped for. A new job, friendship with an influential person, a trip to an exotic country or the marriage of an adult daughter will overshadow the experiences that have accumulated up to this time.

Failure of planned plans

To dream that you accidentally took the life of someone’s son or daughter means: your business will fail, but you yourself will not suffer much.

To worry greatly about this crime is to take failure too seriously in reality.

If a person dreams of killing his own child, he should prepare for the fact that his plans will be plagued by failures. The most interesting thing is that failures and troubles will arise precisely through the fault of the dreamer.

If you dreamed that a child was accidentally killed without meaning to, then the case will still be a failure, but the person himself will not suffer much from this. If the father or mother, waking up in fear, is very worried about what happened, then you should not be too upset about it. for troubles in real life.


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What was the daughter like in the dream?

A dream about a little daughter promises joy. Its source will be an unexpected meeting, a sincere conversation, a beautiful declaration of love or a gift from a loved one. You will receive a powerful charge of vivacity and positivity, against which the accumulated problems will fade.

If you saw your adult daughter as a small child in a dream, the emotional connection between you is gradually fading away. She does not see you as a role model, which her older friends have now become for her. If you do not try to find an approach to your daughter, further communication with her will become impossible.

According to another interpretation, your daughter needs help and support. Most likely, she got into an unpleasant situation, from which she cannot get out of on her own. By choosing the right words, you will force her to tell you what happened.

An adult daughter from a dream prophesies good luck. It will allow you to prevent misfortune with a loved one, find funds for a complex operation, reach a new level of income or arrange your personal life. Having received a gift from fortune, you will once again be convinced that you were born in a shirt.

If you happen to see your naked daughter in a dream, your or her secrets may become public knowledge. You or she does not carefully protect them from prying eyes or shares them with those who want to spoil your reputation. Be careful when communicating with your friends so as not to tell them anything unnecessary.

You dreamed of a drunken daughter - in real life she will disgrace you. She will commit an act that will contradict your ideas about morality and education. You will not soon recover from seeing her in the arms of an adult man or suspecting her of stealing.

The vision of a crying daughter reflects the emotional state of its heroine. At the moment, she feels depressed, broken and exhausted, but skillfully hides it from you. If you are distracted from work or sorting things out with your spouse, you will notice her downcast gaze.

Sometimes a crying daughter appears in night dreams when she wants to prevent major troubles. They will affect you directly through the fault of people you consider your friends. Their deception or betrayal will result in problems at work or financial troubles.

A non-existent daughter foreshadows minor obstacles in the implementation of plans. They will be on your side and, in turn, will convince you that you are doing everything right. By focusing on disagreements in your work team or the cancellation of a business meeting, you risk missing out on something important for yourself.

The sick daughter claims that your expectations will not be met. The business to which you have devoted a lot of time and effort will not bring the desired result or will end in absolute failure. The more hopes you place on the future, the sooner you will witness their collapse.

The goddaughter prophesies victories on the romantic front. They will begin with a vivid acquaintance or awareness of past mistakes. A dizzying romance or a long-awaited explanation with your spouse will open up new facets of love relationships for you.

A dancing daughter means advancement up the career ladder.

A daughter with a short haircut - she will marry a good-for-nothing guy.

A bald daughter means profit.

A beaten daughter - you will worry about her fate.

Someone else's daughter means you risk abandoning the solution to an important problem.

I dreamed about my adopted daughter - in reality you will find where to direct your affection and care. A person will appear near you who will be in dire need of human compassion. Taking care of a lonely old man or a homeless acquaintance will help you work out karmic tasks.

A dream about your ex-husband's daughter carries information that will remind you of your previous marriage. You may find out about your ex's illness, professional achievements, or move, which will make a lot of things fall into place. The received news may be the impetus for the resumption of litigation or monetary penalties from his wallet.

A friend’s daughter – you will help her find a job or housing.

Daughter of a lover - people will appear who want to get into your soul.

The daughter of a loved one - you will make him jealous of her.

Interpretations of sleep depending on details

Depending on how many children were killed in the dream:

  • two - to fear of difficulties;
  • 3 – to fight laziness;
  • too much - to betrayal.

Depending on who dreamed of killing a child:

  • for a pregnant woman - to overcome all troubles;
  • for a young woman - to changes in her personal life.

Depending on why the child died:

  • beaten with a bat - to disappointment;
  • stabbed to death with a knife - to independently solve problems;
  • strangled - to the illness of relatives;
  • struck by electric current or lightning - to receive news;
  • bitten by a snake - to meet friends.

Depending on the dreamer’s actions:

  • strangling your own child - to a serious illness;
  • stabbing him to death means severing business relations;
  • shoot with a pistol - to a feeling of confidence in your actions;
  • from a machine gun - to cruelty towards loved ones;
  • killing and crying means changes in your personal life;
  • seeing the death of someone else's child means a promotion at work;
  • accidentally killing your own son - to participate in a dubious business;
  • seeing how your daughter was killed means failure in business.

Depending on which child you dreamed about killing:

  • the patient - to rethink his life position;
  • chest - to troubles at work because of friends;
  • evil - to conflicts due to intemperance;
  • small - to spend time with the child;
  • baby - loss of reputation in society due to acquaintances;
  • unborn - to get rid of bad habits;
  • newborn - to communicate with the enemy.

Depending on who was killed:

  • daughter - to failures in business due to the fault of the dreamer;
  • a girl - to difficulties in your personal life;
  • boy - to problems at work;
  • son - to failures in implementing the plan;
  • brother - to an unpleasant conversation with parents.

Depending on who killed the child:

  • friend - to parting with a loved one;
  • wife - to sadness;
  • acquaintance - to difficulties in love;
  • mother – problems in communicating with children;
  • maniac - to new opportunities;
  • bears - to loss of strength;
  • husband - to unrealized fantasies;
  • monsters - to reluctance to change your life;
  • father - to find yourself in a difficult situation;
  • parents - to worry about their children;
  • dog - to a quarrel with a friend;
  • demons - to the appearance of obsessive ideas.

What does a dream about the death of a daughter tell about?

Dreaming about the death of a daughter who is no longer with you symbolizes deep sadness, melancholy and grief. Most likely, you have not fully come to terms with the loss and continue to live in the hope that her funeral was just a bad dream. For her soul to go to heaven and rest in peace, stop crying every day and cursing the day she died.

The death of a daughter who is alive promises the heroine of the dream good health and personal happiness. She will live a long and carefree life, accompanied by prosperity, success and luck. It is possible that a new stage of her life will soon begin, associated with profitable employment or a successful marriage.

Sometimes one dreams of the death of a daughter on the eve of major embezzlement. For the most part, they will be unfounded, which will leave you and your family without a livelihood. The inability to fulfill the needs of loved ones will provoke minor conflicts.

The vision in which you bothered to lose your daughter characterizes you as a shy, insecure and complex person. Because of these qualities, you will miss out on a once in a lifetime opportunity. Believe in yourself so that you can accept an interesting business or romantic offer without hesitation.

From 7 years to adolescence

When a child begins to behave almost like an adult, and there is no danger that, without supervision, he will take some nasty thing into his mouth and get poisoned, night pictures in which he dies become harbingers of troubles, although not to the extent that you saw them.
For example, a dream in which someone else’s child, a friend of your son or daughter, unexpectedly died does not mean a danger to his life, but a severance of friendly relations with him. However, such night scenes should not be underestimated.

Since parents are very worried about their own child, they are unlikely to dream of prophetic and warning pictures, but a stranger, uninterested person can see a dangerous event long before it begins.

Therefore, it is worth calling your friend’s mom and dad and telling them about the dream so that they can avoid danger. It happens that this can be done.

Why dream that a child you knew died unexpectedly, but it was not your son or daughter? If what you dreamed about is quite likely, warn his parents or the baby himself. There is a possibility that something bad might happen.

Absurd night visions, in which death occurs under strange circumstances, dream of surprises, troubles and strange incidents.

Some night scenes of this kind are seen by grandparents when they care too passionately, to the point of absurdity, about their grandchildren, exaggerating the danger. Sometimes death does not mean the physical death of this person, but the fact that he will move away from you forever. For example, your kids will stop being friends or a friend who died in his sleep will leave your area.

What does the vision of the birth of a daughter symbolize?

The story of the birth of a daughter symbolizes a radical renewal of life. It will begin to flow in a new direction, where there will be no previous problems, troubles and worries. It is likely that you will move to another country, get a long-awaited job, or have a happy marriage, thanks to which your self-esteem and role in society will increase.

The birth of a daughter to a man indicates that his life will change for the better. You will be full of strength, energy and creative inspiration to correct past mistakes and turn your future in a direction that is beneficial to you. If you stop being lazy, opportunities for self-realization will come to you.

The birth of a daughter promises a woman the possibility of pregnancy. You will once again become a mother, thanks to which your life will take on new meaning. The upcoming pregnancy and childbirth will seem less difficult to you than last time.

According to another interpretation, your innermost dreams will come true. You will find yourself on the list of favorites of higher powers who will receive rewards for past suffering, deprivation and disappointment. Decide what you want from the near future. The clearer you imagine your desire, the faster it will come true.

A newborn daughter is a favorable symbol in dreams. He prophesies positive changes in professional activity, improved well-being, normalization of well-being and harmony in love and marriage. Fate will open new horizons for you, thanks to which your life will be filled with bright colors.

Anyone who is lucky enough to give birth to a daughter in a dream will experience unearthly joy. They will tell you good news, give you an invitation to a noisy feast, receive a lucrative offer, or give you a pleasant surprise. An emotional reaction to what is happening can distract you from important things.

What not to do

A child's fear of sleeping separately can be provoked by parents. Moms and dads make mistakes in parenting, cannot create favorable conditions for moving to a separate room, follow the lead of whims and allow them to sleep in the parent’s bedroom. According to psychologists, this greatly aggravates the problem. From which not only the baby suffers, but the whole family.

So, when eliminating your fear of sleeping alone, don't make the following mistakes:

  • Do not ignore the problem of fears and phobias. Try to calm the baby down and have a positive attitude at the first signs of fear.
  • Don't watch scary cartoons or read books about monsters.
  • Do not scold the baby for whims, crying, hysterics. And especially don’t punish.
  • Do not forcefully lock your baby in the dark and do not leave him alone in tears.
  • Don't show confusion when faced with a problem. Fight the child's nightmares and insecurities firmly, as if you have done this many times.
  • Don’t scare your baby with scary stories, don’t even jokingly confirm his fantasies that monsters are real.
  • Don't make fun of children's fears. Take fear seriously.
  • Don't swear in front of children. The child must be sure that the parents love each other.

Fear is a feeling that a person needs to survive. Be happy if your baby is afraid even before going to bed in his own bed. If the toddler develops correctly, then with the help of parents’ support he will quickly cope with discomfort and fear. The main thing is to show him your love, be there in difficult times, hug and kiss him more often.

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What actions did you perform in your dream?

Hitting your daughter in a dream is not good. A black cat may run between you and your daughter. Based on mutual reproaches and misunderstandings, the conflict will become protracted, turning you into complete strangers.

Sometimes such a plot promises excitement. The source of worries will be leaving, school performance, entering a university, or your daughter’s new boyfriend. Over time, you will realize that all your worries were in vain.

Hitting your daughter in the face means the appearance of a new ill-wisher.

A dream where you quarrel with your daughter promises a crisis in your relationship. You will stop hearing each other, which will make it difficult to come to a common opinion in everyday affairs and issues. Due to constant tears and offensive phrases from your daughter, your health will deteriorate sharply.

The plot in which you witnessed your daughter’s matchmaking advises you to be more tolerant of loved ones. In the near future they will say and do things that could provoke a loud scandal. Do not take seriously the baseless jealousy on the part of your spouse and the barbs of your daughter. They, like you, may be in a bad mood or have a bad day.

The vision in which I happened to breastfeed my daughter has several interpretations. If at present your daughter is still small, you will be bombarded with household chores. They can be triggered by the arrival of guests, preparations for a celebration, furniture breakdown or an unexpected move. For several days you will be busy cleaning, cooking, or unpacking things moved from your old place of residence.

Breastfeeding an adult daughter means worsening relationships between family members. It will begin with a random phrase or an unsuccessful purchase made on your initiative. Restraint in speaking and spending will protect your family from quarrels.

Losing your daughter and looking for her means you risk making a mistake. You will refuse a promising position, lend a large sum of money to an unreliable person, get involved in a financial adventure, set up your best friend, or marry a gigolo. After some time, you will understand where you went wrong and try to correct your situation.

The kidnapping of a daughter portends difficulties. They will haunt you at work, in financial endeavors and in relationships with loved ones, turning your life into a struggle for existence. Attentiveness, seriousness and wisdom will lead to the right decisions and balanced actions.

If you saw in a dream how your daughter was raped, it signifies the need to reduce control over her life. Because of your excessive care and attention, she has no personal opinion, has difficulty finding a common language with her peers and suffers from low self-esteem. Let her live her life, make mistakes and express her point of view.

Sometimes such a plot warns of betrayal. Your daughter's boyfriend or friend who wants to take revenge on her will go for it. After a loved one cheats or a friend reveals her secret, you will be the first to whom she comes for comfort.

Looking for a daughter - friendship with her may break.

Holding your daughter in your arms means there will be no adversity on her life’s path.

Cutting your daughter's hair means lack of money. It will begin against the backdrop of a job loss, a major purchase, or the appearance of old creditors. You will not get out of this situation without outside help.

Another meaning of the dream indicates a likely conflict with your daughter. Its source will be your obsession, uncompromisingness and selfishness. To prevent hostility in the family, give it more freedom.

Combing daughter's hair

Dream Interpretation - Deceased, deceased

Seeing your deceased father or grandfather, mother or grandmother alive in a dream means getting rid of difficulties and problems. Seeing living loved ones dead means that their life will be extended. A dream in which the deceased beats the dreamer means that he has committed some kind of sin. Whoever sees that he has found a dead person will soon become rich. If the deceased whom you see in a dream does something bad, then he warns you against doing it. Seeing a single dead person means marriage, and seeing a married dead person means separation from relatives or divorce. If the deceased whom you saw in a dream did some kind of good deed, then this is a sign for you to do something similar. Seeing a dead person alive in a dream and testifying that he is alive and everything is fine with him indicates a very good position of this person in the next world. The Koran says: “No, they are alive! They find their inheritance from their Lord.” (Sura-Imran, 169). If the dreamer hugs and talks with the deceased, then the days of his life will be extended. If the dreamer kisses an unfamiliar dead person in a dream, he will receive benefits and wealth from where he did not expect. And if he does this with a deceased person he knows, he will acquire from him the necessary knowledge or money left behind by him. Whoever sees that he is having sexual intercourse with the deceased will achieve what he has long lost hope for. Whoever sees in a dream that a dead woman has come to life and has had sexual intercourse with him will have success in all his endeavors. Seeing a dead person silent in a dream means that he from the other world treats the person who saw this dream favorably. Anyone who sees that the deceased gives him some good and pure thing will receive something good and pleasing in life from the side from which he did not expect. And if the thing is dirty, then he may commit a bad act in the future. Seeing a deceased person rich in a dream means that everything is fine with him in the next world. Greeting a deceased person in a dream means receiving favor from Allah. If a deceased person is naked in a dream, it means that he has not done any good deeds in life. If the deceased notifies the dreamer of his imminent death, then he will really die soon. The blackened face of a deceased person in a dream indicates that he died without faith in Allah. The Koran says: “And to those whose faces turn black (it will be said): “Have you not renounced the faith that you accepted?” (Sura-Imran, 106). Whoever sees that he enters the house with the deceased and does not come out will be on the verge of death, but then will be saved. Seeing yourself sleeping in the same bed with a deceased person in a dream means longevity. Whoever sees in a dream that the deceased is calling him to himself will die in the same way as the deceased died. Seeing a deceased person performing Namaz in a dream in the place where he usually performed it during life means that he is not doing well in the afterlife. Seeing him performing Namaz in a different place than where he performed it during his life means that in the next world he is destined for a great reward for his earthly deeds. A dream in which the deceased is in a mosque indicates that he is deprived of torment, for a mosque in a dream means peace and security. If in a dream a deceased person leads the prayer of those who are alive in reality, then the lives of these people will be shortened, because in their prayer they follow the actions of the dead person. If someone sees in a dream how in some place some previously deceased righteous people came to life, this will mean that goodness, joy, justice from their ruler will come to the residents of this place, and the affairs of their leader will go well.

Interpretations of a dream about the death of a daughter, depending on the details

Depending on which daughter died in the dream:

pregnant woman - to minor troubles; adult - to an important event in the family; small - to small financial losses; newborn - to deception and intrigue on the part of a woman acquaintance.

Depending on whose daughter died in her sleep:

  • a loved one - to loss;
  • wife - to a long and happy life.

Depending on where the deceased daughter lies in the dream:

in a coffin - to profit;

Depending on the actions in the dream:

seeing your daughter die and taking her last photo is a good deal.

Depending on what happened to my daughter in the dream:

  • she drowned in water - to illness;
  • died during childbirth - to a quarrel with relatives.

Depending on who has the daughter:

for a married man - to divorce and division of property.

Depending on who else died in the dream:

  • mother - to an unpleasant conversation with parents;
  • dad - to material problems;
  • husband - to conflicts in the family.

Wanderer's Dream Book

If a person has lost a child in a dream and, feeling hopeless, asks outsiders for help in finding him, then this foreshadows empty troubles. Ahead of the dreamer lies routine work, which is unlikely to evoke positive emotions in him.

If in a dream a person leads a found child home, but does not understand whose it is, then such a plot confirms that there is uncertainty in his life. The Wanderer's Dream Book recommends setting priorities as soon as possible. Otherwise, vitality will be wasted.

If a person is looking for a baby, does not see him, but at the same time hears his laughter, this indicates longing and sadness for loved ones. In addition, separation from one of your friends or relatives will probably occur soon.

If in a dream a person was looking for a child, found him and handed him over to the excited mother, then he will soon meet his soul mate, with whom he will find peace and happiness.

Basic moments

Modern people are accustomed to using dream books to decipher dreams. Losing a child in a dream is not always a harbinger of sad events. Even a small detail can significantly change the interpretation

Dream books compiled by psychologists and esotericists suggest paying attention to all the nuances:

  • if the offspring is lost in a large forest, in reality you will have to face the hassle that will be associated with your own children.
  • the baby dies during childbirth - evidence of great internal anxiety of the sleeper;
  • the lost child was found safe and sound in his night dreams - joy awaits him in reality;
  • if a child disappears in a large crowd, then the dreamer should expect problems at work.


Interpretation options taking into account the personality of the sleeper:

  • a girl or woman can expect various troubles, losses and disappointments;
  • if a person does not have his own children, then the dream personifies his personal fears;
  • For a pregnant woman, a dream foreshadows fears for the baby in her womb;
  • men should be wary of failures in planned activities.

The dream book will reveal the secret of why you dreamed that your daughter died!

If you dreamed that your daughter was not caring enough towards you, expect trouble.

Spring Dream Interpreter

Seeing your daughter cheerful means arrival and peace; in tears - to experience; down the aisle - to a short marriage. Seeing a daughter during childbirth means profit.

Dream Interpretation of Zodiac Signs

What does the Daughter dream about according to the dream book?

Seeing a Daughter in a dream - Seeing your daughter pregnant is a warning that impending problems can be avoided by taking the advice of a person who is not interested in the situation. Teaching your daughter embroidery - the dream reminds you that you cannot live one day at a time, you need to think about the future .

Dream Interpretation of Catherine the Great

What does the Daughter dream about according to the dream book?

Seeing a Daughter in a Dream - For a mother to see her daughter in a dream is a sign that she will soon receive news about her or from her, which will ultimately result in grief or trouble for her. Accidentally meeting your daughter in a dream means an unexpected turn of affairs in the family.

The dream of your own daughter promises you benefits and profits. Sora with her portends grief, boredom, displeasure, loss to the rich and success in business to the poor.

A daughter’s illness means family squabbles or a long illness. Your daughter leaving home in a dream is a harbinger of pleasant changes.

A daughter's strong tears mean failure, disappointment, great losses or ruin. If you dream that your daughter brings a child into the house, then your family life will experience the complete idyll that you have dreamed of for so long. A little daughter means that joy awaits you. You will regain the feeling of youth.

Dream book of healer Akulina

I dreamed of a Daughter - what does the dream mean?

You dreamed of a Daughter - Unpleasant events will interfere with the fulfillment of your plans. Imagine that this is not your daughter, but, for example, the daughter of your neighbors. You just made a mistake.

Star dream book

Why do you dream about your daughter?

Interpretation of the dream in the dream book: What does a Daughter mean in a dream - if you don’t have one, then this means failure and intrigue. If you have one, then perhaps she is facing a problem, your worries will increase.

Dream Interpretation of A. Mindell

What does it mean if you dreamed of a Daughter:

You dreamed of a Daughter - it’s as if you see your daughter - in order to achieve harmony with yourself and with the world around you, you will have to go through difficulties, endure some kind of torment; however, the high state of soul that you will achieve is worth a lot. Your daughter does not care enough about you - all the good things you do for others seem to be in the abyss; not seeing gratitude from those around you, you are in doubt - does anyone need your work at all?.. It’s as if you had a daughter - there will be some kind of surprise.

Interpretation of the plot

You can consider a dream a harbinger of loss only if you perceive its direct meaning. The most terrible dream is when a child drowns, but its meaning can be varied. Often such a plot is dreamed of by women who cannot get pregnant for a long time.

Some dream books contain information that the sleeper is obsessed with a sense of self-importance, strives to rise higher, to increase social significance

Big city

When a baby is lost in a metropolis in a dream, the dreamer needs to fully mobilize for new achievements. A big city in all dream books is a symbol of the technical side of life, which is why you will soon need to use all your skills to achieve what you want. Great importance should be paid to the location and setting.

An unfamiliar metropolis may indicate a kind of plea for help, which is why the work will require the help of management and employees. Well-known streets and areas mean that the sleeper needs to worry about his health. Even a short respite from the daily hustle and bustle will open up a new breath.

Finding your baby missing in a supermarket is a good dream. The person will soon receive an interesting job offer and will be promoted. The sleeper may be confused by the volume of new responsibilities, but do not be afraid, because in the end you will be able to achieve a good profit. If a woman really lost a child, and in a dream she saw a baby in a stroller, then this indicates strong internal experiences. Regular work cannot fill a mental wound; such attempts will end in complete failure. You need to visit a qualified psychologist or church, otherwise the consequences will be sad.

Dense forest area

Many worries await someone who has a dream in which a baby disappears while walking through the forest. The severity of the problems that arise will be completely proportional to the age of the baby. If in a dream a sleeping person watches the panic of a parent shouting out the name of his child, then this promises the imminent emergence of a rather difficult situation. You won’t be able to solve all the issues on your own; you will need the help of your family.

Dream Interpretation of Astromeridiana

A person who lost his child in a dream will begin to experience a lack of something in life. In the case when the search for a child is successful, this is a sign that the dreamer will have a meaning in life, and he will bring all his affairs to their logical conclusion, achieving significant success.

A similar plot, which a pregnant woman saw, reveals her fear of losing her unborn baby.

Losing a child in a dream, according to Astromeridian’s dream book, means trying to find the meaning of life or hope for a better future. If in a night vision your child was stolen, then this indicates the emergence of fears for your own parental authority.

Miller's book

The famous psychologist Miller wrote his own book of dream interpretation, in which you can find many interpretations for each person. Today, some sections of the book are irrelevant, but most of them are in great demand. The dream book suggests studying the following meanings of dreams:

  • falling from a height - lack of stability in personal life, the dreamer’s reluctance to compromise will certainly lead to a breakdown in relationships;
  • falling from a cliff and staying alive - a person has willpower, is able to withstand difficulties, but cannot identify his enemies in his immediate environment;
  • falling into a sea with dirty water - those around them are plotting and trying to denigrate the dreamer in front of their superiors or other colleagues;
  • swimming in a muddy river after falling from a gentle slope - a close friend or friend can cause trouble;
  • hovering slowly above the ground with a parachute - a person is on the rise, but any mistake can lead to collapse.

Loss of a child in a metropolis

How does the dream book interpret such a plot? Looking for a child in a dream on the streets of the city means an upcoming task at work that will require technical knowledge. The location of the plot is also important. If a person has to look for children in a dream in his city, then there is work ahead that he can handle on his own. The result of your efforts will be due reward. If you have to look for children in a dream in a foreign city, then the dreamer will need help to complete the assigned task. Moreover, he will certainly have to pay for it.

How does the dream book explain this situation: losing a child in a dream and looking for him in a city shopping center? Such a plot is a warning to a person that he should not neglect the position that will soon be offered to him. Although it may seem uninteresting at first glance, it will soon become very profitable.

If in a dream a person sees a full-scale search for a child, in which the police and dogs take part, then in real life the one who has such a vision still has a chance of success. However, he must act proactively, otherwise he will miss his last opportunity before a protracted crisis situation.

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