Why do you dream of rain: basic interpretations of a “wet” dream

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Following the UK, where it is constantly wet and cloudy, the best topic for polite conversation was discussing the changing weather. People don't like to get caught in the rain. Streams of water ruin clothes and hairstyles. At the same time, during a drought caused by extreme heat, falling rain is considered a miraculous salvation.

Why do you dream of rain at different times of the year? Does its strength and the accompaniment of thunder influence its interpretation? Weather phenomena accurately reflect the dreamer’s internal state. Torment and discontent in most cases are caused by the appearance of lightning in a dream, and liberation from negative emotions is caused by a warm tropical downpour.

General meaning of sleep

Most dream books explain rain with transparent drops in dreams by a change in the mood or point of view of the sleeper. After weighing and analyzing what was happening, he decided to resolve the conflict. If the water is cloudy, a person continues to worry about the betrayal of friends.

Rare drops warn of trouble. An unexpected downpour will bring losses and damages in reality. When water runs down your face and hands, misfortune can happen to your loved ones.

Having taken refuge under a tree from the raging elements in a dream, in reality the dreamer should count on the help of a friend. Watching the rain from a beautiful new house in a dream means a successful outcome of events, and from a destroyed one - only a temporary reprieve of adversity. Rattling thunder and streams of water from the sky inform the debtor of imminent settlements with creditors, and the patient of recovery.

Unusual stories

Seeing fiery rain in a dream is a sign of emotional outbursts and huge surprises. Soon the life of the person who has fallen asleep may completely change. Gold - to adultery. Silver - to sad events. The dreamer will have to shed a lot of tears and experience deep disappointments.

If you happened to be caught in a hailstorm in a dream, fate is unfair to the sleeping person. A series of major troubles are coming that can pull the rug out from under the feet of the sleeper. A natural disaster has begun in night vision - to a painful state.

Dream books often compare dreams of rain to a person’s emotional state. Such a plot can reflect internal feelings, indicate any changes or warn of unpleasant consequences.

Why do you dream of rain - meaning in different dream books

Warm or icy, heavy or rare rain in a dream will bring happiness or sadness to the life of the person who sees the dream. Dreams cannot be interpreted as a sure sign of frustration and tears in reality. Various details of a dream and attitude towards it often foreshadow exactly the opposite events.

According to Miller

According to Miller's dream book, summer rain that wets the dreamer's clothes speaks of the restoration of his strength and energy. He wants to immediately begin active actions to implement his plans. If you're wet to the skin in your sleep, you'll be able to do this. Moreover, luck will smile on him in love. After such a dream, a woman will receive an invitation to a date. It’s worth agreeing, since the gentleman will probably turn out to be your soulmate.

If the rain is cold and the wind is blowing, a person in reality is threatened with misunderstandings in the family and with colleagues. By hiding from the falling drops, he will avoid serious danger. A leaking roof will make you go through several unpleasant minutes and worry, but everything will end well.

To indicate an illness with chills and fever, you dream of rain loudly knocking on the roof. Meteor shower symbolizes the fulfillment of cherished desires.

According to Freud

Sigmund Freud attributed rain to signs of fertilization and the birth of new life. A sleeper caught in the summer rain is satisfied with intimate relationships. If a woman hides from the rain, she is afraid of getting pregnant, and a man who does not want to get wet experiences problems of a sexual nature. A child who shields himself and his mother from droplets does not want a brother or sister to appear in the family.

A woman who dreams of motherhood is not angry about clothes damaged by water and is in no hurry to hide from the rain.

According to Vanga

The famous clairvoyant associated rain in a dream with the cleansing of the soul. After such a dream, women awaken the gift of foresight and intensify their intuition. She is able to help her family with advice and draw the right conclusions about what is happening. This is especially true when the drops in the dream do not fall on clothes, but the surrounding world is seen through a veil of rain.

A rainbow is a good omen. Prosperity and happiness will come to the house of those who see her in their night dreams.

According to Aesop

The dream book of the writer Aesop explains a leisurely walk in the rain in a dream by the dreamer’s ability to choose the shortest path to solve a problem. Getting wet so that streams of water flow from the body marks a new stage in life. Old grievances and mistakes will be forgotten, and new achievements await. Washing your hair with rainwater promises fun.

Being in an unfamiliar house during a rainstorm has a negative meaning. In reality, enemies will be able to prevent the implementation of plans. If a sleeper gets caught in the rain and doesn’t get wet at all, he will feel a surge of strength, and everything will go smoothly.

According to Meneghetti

According to Meneghetti, rain in a dream reflects the despondency and depression of the sleeper. It’s even worse if the sky is overcast with black clouds. Without the support of strangers, a person is unlikely to come out of despair.

According to Loff

Heavy rain in dreams, according to Pastor Loff, will not bring positive changes. Uncontrollable flows of water mean uncontrollable situations that the sleeper will have to face. The less he attends public events, the less danger he will be exposed to.

When a house fills with rainwater in a dream, bad luck will leave the dreamer's family. The same applies to a woman carrying full buckets of water. She will forget about worries and unsettled conditions. Moreover, her family's wealth will increase.

Interpreter Shereminskaya

According to this famous dream book, heavy rain is a harbinger of trouble, which will become the dreamer’s companion for a long time. Getting wet through means deterioration of relations with a loved one or partner. It is very important to talk frankly with a loved one in time, otherwise the conflict will turn into too serious and painful. Not having time to hide from the rain and wet your hair means sudden strong passion. Drizzling rain indicates future difficulties in business. However, they will be small and easily resolved.

Sleep Features

The darker the clouds and the brighter the lightning flashes, the more confused the dreamer is. Dark colors in dreams indicate accumulated negative emotions. By holding them back, a person only aggravates the mental conflict. Transparent drops and warm rain reflect contentment with life and relationships with others.

According to the seasons

Summer rain demonstrates the sleeper's confidence in achieving his plans and the beginning of a successful period. In winter, precipitation foretells stunning news. If there is cold rain in spring and autumn, the dreamer will experience great annoyance, and warm rain - joy awaits him.

Heavy rain

The sound of drops indicates the presence of gossipers around a person, discussing his every action. Well-known dream books give two interpretations of the appearance of a downpour in a dream.

  1. The first, negative, is to predict failures in financial transactions and serious losses.
  2. The other is true if the person does not freeze in the rain. It speaks of the end of the “black” stripe, which is symbolically washed away by streams of water. Most often this concerns family squabbles.

light rain

A light drizzle means boring everyday life and routine in the dreamer’s life. In autumn, many people are in a bad mood due to bad weather and early twilight. A dream with gray clouds will have a similar effect. Gustav Miller advised to get rid of sadness by doing your favorite hobby or talking with friends.

Rare drops glistening in the sun promise a meeting with an old friend. She will make the dreamer very happy.

Thunderstorm with lightning

The Small Velesov dream book interpreted rain with lightning as a harbinger of anxiety. If lightning strikes very close, the sleeper will receive amazing news. Girls dream of heavy rain and thunderstorms before breaking up with their lover.

Strong wind with rain

The wind symbolizes anxiety and sadness, as rain in some sources is interpreted as tears. A hurricane or north wind will change life for the worse. Correcting the situation will not be easy.

Even gusty blows will be useful if the dreamer takes advantage of their power and deploys the sails on the yacht to sail in the desired direction. The south wind promises positive change and leadership.

If you are caught in bad weather

According to the dream interpreter of the White Magician, rain in a dream is a sign of empty conversations . This behavior may be related to life circumstances. But still, the dream book advises to save energy and spend it on more important problems.

Rain outside the window promises changes in the near future. These changes will be related to life activities. Most likely, a new hobby will appear. In addition, changes in opinions about others are likely. The universal dream interpreter is convinced that this night dream will cause a renewal of one’s worldview and a desire to reconsider one’s way of life.

Rain and thunderstorms are the threshold of a serious threat. A thunderstorm is separately interpreted as a symbolization of worries. Dream books warn that serious consequences can be avoided; to do this, you need to take safety measures in time. Watching a thunderstorm indicates that the dreamer is in personal danger. It may be superficial if the thunder was heard from afar.

Lightning - for a short but happy love. But if it hits a sleeping person, you should prepare for unexpected obstacles. A mixture of lightning, thunderstorm and rain is a sign of troubles that a strong, serious and intelligent opponent will bring. Joyfully walking or running through puddles is a sign of long-awaited news about a salary increase or career growth.

Actions and situations in a dream

The meaning of a dream with lead clouds and a terrible thunderstorm will be smoothed out if the sleeper is not afraid of the natural phenomenon and remains calm. Some people like to walk in the rain in reality, like in childhood, despite the puddles. The mood after waking up plays an important role in the interpretation of dreams.

Get wet in the rain

Getting caught in a “rusty” downpour that stains your outfit means a real chance of becoming an unwitting participant in someone else’s conflict. People who weave intrigues will be delighted by the appearance of a newcomer and will draw him into their game. She threatens the dreamer with trouble and loss of reputation.

When, during a downpour, the clouds clear and the sun comes out, even a wet person feels warmth and peace. In reality, his affairs will improve, and his relationships with loved ones will improve thanks to patience and kindness.

Seeing rain from your home

A cozy home and an armchair with a blanket, in which the sleeper waits out the rain and thunderstorm, characterize his non-conflict disposition and ability to avoid shocks in real life. His position may seem wrong to some, but he himself is confident that it will save him from adversity. Another interpretation reports a successful combination of circumstances that allows a person to achieve what he wants without much effort.

Hiding from the rain in someone else's house

You shouldn’t hope for joyful events in reality after a dream about waiting out the rain in someone else’s house. A slightly adventurous act promises losses and disappointments. After such a dream, a woman may find herself in an ambiguous situation.

See puddles after rain

Puddles reflect memories of the past, which are gradually washed away from memory by water falling from the sky. You need to move forward and try to make out the outlines of objects hidden behind the raindrops. Perhaps old secrets are harming current success. After dreaming with puddles left behind, they will stop bothering the sleeper.

Walk in the rain

Why dream of heavy rain, which does not cause any inconvenience in a dream? It shows readiness for change and hope for the favor of fate. An umbrella open over your head speaks of prudence, and running into the rain speaks of the ability to independently change your life.

After washing with water from the sky, patients will feel an improvement in their condition. Dancing in the rain is characteristic of a person who knows how to find a common language with others.

The meaning of sleep by day of the week

  1. Dreams from Sunday to Monday are usually empty, as they are ruled by the Moon. They often bring up events from the past, but they do not convey anything new about current affairs. If puddles are visible in the dream, troubles associated with mistakes made will sink into oblivion.
  2. Tuesday is under the influence of Mars. Thunder and lightning are appropriate attributes for a turbulent planet. Most likely, the sleeper will encounter a hurricane or heavy rain in his dreams. Both plots push him towards change.
  3. The primacy of Mercury will help you understand the mood and aspirations of the dreamer. The sun peeking through the clouds will demonstrate optimism and hope for a bright future.
  4. On Thursday night, ruled by Jupiter, you should think about work and promotion. Warm shiny drops and a southern breeze advise you to leave doubts and boldly demonstrate your abilities and talents. The reward will not keep you waiting long.
  5. Venus allows dreams to reflect real facts and protects lovers. A dream on Friday night will tell you about your soulmate, and the sounds of thunder will turn out to be an unkind omen.
  6. Saturn is a fateful planet that has a serious impact on the well-being of travelers and risk-takers. Rain in a dream, causing a flood that washes away both the dreamer and everything in its path, calls for caution.
  7. Light and bright visions will demonstrate that the Sun is friendly towards the sleeper. On Sunday night, pleasant dreams promise success and joy in any area of ​​life.
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