I dreamed about an ex-girlfriend - interpretation of a dream from dream books

It often happens that you have been friends with one friend for a long time, and she was very close to you. But one day something went wrong, so your paths diverged and you no longer communicate. You occasionally try to restore the relationship, but nothing works, since that time has already passed. You maintain purely formal relationships from time to time. But then suddenly dream about ex-girlfriend, and you are at a loss as to why this dream is happening. This question is relevant for you and you want to know the answer to it in any case. There are a number of dream books that interpret this dream in different ways. There are specific formulations of dreams, and we will tell you about the main ones right now.

Why do you dream about your ex-girlfriend - Freud's dream book

If you dream about your ex-girlfriend, it is a sign that many obstacles and problems await you, but if you manage to overcome them, you will have good reasons to rejoice and can be optimistic about the future.

If you dream about your ex-wife's friend, this is a signal to you that you have a well-wisher in your life. Try to find out who it is, if you don't know it now, it will soon be a surprise for you.

If a woman dreams of her ex-girlfriend, this is a sign that she is going to achieve something that she had to work for a very long time.

As the dream book interprets, if you dream that you have made peace with your ex-girlfriend, this dream means that after a lot of effort you will have a well-deserved rest and will finally begin to reap the fruits of your hard work.

Constantly dreaming about your ex-girlfriend is a sign that you have reached a sufficient level of internal development, at least for a while, and now you must stop with the right conclusions.

In a dream you see that you are visiting your ex-girlfriend, such a dream is a symbol of the disappointment that you will soon experience, and if the dream is accompanied by regret, this is a sign that as a result of something extremely unfavorable for you, you find yourself in a very difficult life situation .

According to our dream book, if you dream of reconciliation with your ex-girlfriend, this means that you will become a reluctant object in your environment and perhaps even be persecuted by your companions.

When you dream about sex with your ex-girlfriend, the dream announces to you an unspecified danger, not necessarily physical.

A man's ex-girlfriend had such a dream that promises that better times will come to you economically and you will no longer have to worry about money.

Dreaming of meeting an ex-girlfriend is a sign that deep down you are very afraid of old age and feel that this stage of your life is approaching you at great speed.

A quarrel with an ex-girlfriend in a dream is a sign that a real test of strength awaits you in life, and if you are not afraid to take risks, you will definitely win it.

The dreamer's emotions are a hint to the interpreter

Adult girlfriends dream for other reasons, and it is important whether the dream was a man or a woman. Possible interpretations for women will be discussed below.

  • Swearing and fighting means real disagreements with loved ones. If a friend wins a fight, the dreamer feels self-doubt, even threatened by relatives.
  • Give something to a girl - you should expect good news, profit, a lucky streak.
  • Accepting a gift means a quarrel for financial reasons or financial difficulties.
  • An exception is gifts of flowers: they promise a profitable business or personal offer.
  • A married lady dreamed of a smiling, friendly friend - an addition to the family, and the new family member will most likely be a girl.
  • For unmarried people, such a plot promises a quick fateful meeting. Whether it will continue depends on the wisdom of the dreamer.
  • If you dreamed of an old friend crying and in trouble, then someone around you will soon need help. Some dream books offer a different interpretation: the tears of a friend warn of intrigues and machinations of a rival.
  • Seeing an old friend in a dream means a long business trip if the friend laughs. The business trip will be successful, bring profit, and open up new career prospects.
  • The meaning of a dream about an old friend according to Miller’s dream book is a visit from old friends, distant relatives. True, if the relationship with her was damaged and you do not communicate, but in a dream a friend offered to make peace.
  • Seeing her dead is a fear of losing support. Also, this plot is a signal for the sleeping woman that she should pay more attention to her family: for example, call her parents more often, spend more time with growing children.

Why dream about an ex-girlfriend with whom I don’t communicate - Miller’s dream book

You dream of an ex-girlfriend with whom you are not in contact, this dream means that if you have a problem, you should ask your friend to support you, because then you will definitely be able to overcome any difficulties.

If an ex-girlfriend with whom you do not communicate appears in a dream, this may mean that in your waking life, perhaps only subconsciously, you have been struggling with bad or painful memories for a long time, and you are constantly tormented by bad thoughts. However, this dream may also have a more optimistic tone and promise that you will enjoy good health.

Generally speaking, this symbol can mean that you may just be subconsciously in a battle with some fears that haunt you.

Pregnant friend

Seeing an ex-girlfriend in a position in a dream predicts the dreamer getting rich, getting the opportunity to develop and realize himself, performing a miracle or an unusual event. For a woman, a dream prophesies an early pregnancy, and for a young girl - entering into a happy marriage.

For a man to see a pregnant ex-girlfriend in a dream indicates troubles in the personal or professional sphere. For a married man, the dream foreshadows problems in family life.

Seeing your ex-girlfriend giving birth in a dream means liberation from debts and burdensome obligations. Seeing a friend with a child portends receiving money, sudden enrichment.

If in a dream a friend died during childbirth, then such a dream foreshadows years of happiness and relative serenity. The dream also indicates relative material freedom.

For an innocent girl to see her ex-girlfriend in a position predicts shame and gossip. For a young guy, such a dream indicates that he still has feelings for his past lover.

Why do you dream about your ex-best friend - Vanga’s dream book

When you dream about your ex-best friend, it means that in real life something is limiting you so much that you feel almost in prison, and this brings you great discomfort.

If in your dream your ex-best friend warns you about something, this is a sign that you feel that soon you will be completely free and will be able to decide for yourself what to do and what to do.

If you dream that you are holding the hand of your ex-best friend, this is a good sign because it symbolizes good health, which you need now more than ever, you will enjoy your exceptional immunity in the near future.

Actions of a friend

To understand what it means to see a friend in a dream, you need to remember what exactly she did. This is an important aspect that cannot be ignored. Here are the most common plots:

  • She prepared food in the kitchen - due to a penchant for carnal pleasures and a desire to constantly change partners, there are difficulties in building close relationships with the opposite sex. You need to settle down and understand that such a lifestyle will not lead to anything good. You need to listen to the advice of a man you can trust. It will help you make the right decision and avoid a fatal mistake.
  • She admired her reflection in the mirror - the dreamer can be described as a power-hungry person. Not only his intellect helps him achieve his goals, but also his intuition, which almost never fails. On the other hand, this person can be sensual and tender. It’s as if several subpersonalities live in him, each of which periodically comes to the fore. It is important to find a compromise between them and “make friends” with each.
  • Walking down the street with a dog - to unbridled lust and strong sexual desire. The sleeper highly values ​​his own freedom and does not want to marry a partner. He likes to feel like he doesn't owe anyone anything. He is prone to cheating and is not ready for a serious relationship. However, such behavior will never allow you to feel truly in love. You need to realize that this is the wrong way.
  • Fought - absolute chaos reigns in the life of the sleeping person. You need to bring order to your thoughts and feelings as quickly as possible. You need to find a partner with whom you can balance each other and be on the same wavelength. Then the relationship will be harmonious and will bring both a lot of joy and positive emotions. If chaos spreads without any obstacles, the dreamer's vitality may be depleted.
  • If you drank, you need to learn to objectively evaluate your own actions and sometimes think about the consequences of your behavior. While a person does not know how to control emotions and suffers greatly because of this. A similar feature of his also torments those around him, who are forced to endure the hot temper and harsh temper of an unceremonious egoist. If you can sometimes take into account the feelings of loved ones, understanding with them will be achieved.

Analysis according to the lunar dream book

The first and third phases of the lunar cycle have the highest percentage of such dreams coming true. A very high probability remains on both new and full moon days. And the chance that hugs with your ex-girlfriend will come true on other days is close to zero. These periods are also considered quite favorable for making important decisions.

The edition of the lunar dream book is strikingly different from its analogues. With its help, you can find out with what probability and when a dream can come true. A huge step towards its creation was the study of the influence of the lunar cycle and phases on human dreams. To use it yourself, you need information from the lunar calendar.

Seasonal dream book

Depending on the time of year, dreams can be interpreted in different contexts. This detail is of great importance:

  1. Winter. A big quarrel with loved ones awaits the dreamer ahead. It is necessary to improve relationships in the family. There is probably someone who was greatly offended by the sleeping woman.
  2. Spring. During this season, the dream predicts a protracted conflict. You should be wary of scandals in which you can get injured.
  3. Summer. Soon you will have a disagreement with your soulmate. Misunderstandings, resentments and unreasonable jealousy are possible. You need to prepare for the upcoming quarrel and prevent a break in the relationship.
  4. Autumn. An ill-wisher has appeared among relatives or friends. His actions will be aimed at causing pain to the dreamer. We must try to identify the traitor, then problems can be avoided.

Regardless of the time of year in which the dream occurred, it is worth paying attention to the reason that led to the conflict. There is a possibility that this is exactly what will happen in reality.

Final vision

When they wake up in the morning, many remember only the ending of the quarrel. But sometimes this is enough to correctly interpret the dream:

  • the conflict ended in a fight - to large financial losses and future troubles;
  • the quarrel ended in tears and a nervous breakdown - the sleeping person is in danger of an illness, which can be prevented if you immediately consult a doctor;
  • screaming emotionally and not coming to a compromise - long separation from family, business trip;
  • calmly react to abuse from a girlfriend and try to leave - to be under pressure from a powerful person;
  • if everything ended in a truce, then you won’t have to quarrel with your friend.

Sometimes a conflict in a dream is a reason to meet with your best friend and share your most secret things. After this, your friendship with her will become even stronger.

Everything will be decided!

Why do you most often dream about a quarrel with a friend? Full interpretation depends on personal feelings. If you dreamed that you were literally driven to hysterics, then the dream book claims that some long-standing problem will soon stop bothering you.

It’s much worse if you happened to see that the dream scandal went unnoticed for you personally. This literally means that in a dream you missed a chance to fix something in the real world.

Interpretation of sleep in detail

Dead girlfriend

A deceased person is always a reminder of unfinished business. In this case, this may mean that the dead woman is asking to help her relatives or to finish what the girl did not manage to do during her lifetime.

It is not uncommon for the dead to come in a dream to warn the dreamer of impending danger or serious illness. In addition, such a dream can indicate imminent serious changes in life. In any case, such dreams should always be treated very carefully.

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Friend's pregnancy

A pregnant friend means that soon you will have a joint adventure or an important matter related to finances. If the belly was very large, then events will happen soon; if the pregnancy was short, then plans may be disrupted.

Friend's birth

To see a friend giving birth in a dream means that you have recently committed an act that led to unpleasant consequences. It’s worth taking this a little more seriously and taking responsibility for what you’ve done.

If you have not seen the birth process itself, but only the newborn in the girl’s arms, this means that an important event will happen in the life of your loved ones, which will bring a lot of joy to the whole family.

Friend's wedding

A girlfriend’s white dress always portends trouble for the dreamer. A red dress indicates the appearance of a rival at work or in love affairs.

Seeing the groom kiss the bride is bad news. If you saw in a dream how you are catching a bride’s bouquet, expect that in the near future they will ask you to borrow money.

Quarrel with a friend

Such a dream speaks of your secrets and secrets, which may soon be revealed and lead to a real quarrel or deterioration of relations with relatives or colleagues.

A swearing friend speaks of your severity and demands on yourself. It’s better to lower your level of importance and get more rest.

Such a dream can also mean self-deception and betrayal of one’s own desires. But the current situation can be changed.

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Hit your girlfriend

Such a dream suggests that the moment has come in your life when you need to make an important decision. But fear of error and distrust of oneself force one to postpone the decision. This can lead to unpleasant consequences, so you should listen to your intuition and do as it advises.

Best friend

Those who received advice from their best friend in a dream should listen to it. Most likely, something important is happening in your life right now that you don’t notice. Therefore, your subconscious is trying to reach you in this way and tell you what to do right.

If your best friend committed betrayal in a dream, this means that you have been struck by a serious illness that has not yet manifested itself. You should be more attentive to your health.

Death of a friend

A friend hit by a car speaks of unnecessary worries for her loved ones. You should relax, as they will deal with their problems themselves.

Seeing the death of a girlfriend means that in the near future you two will have to go through serious difficulties , but if you support each other, you will maintain a strong friendship for many years.

If a girl died after a serious illness, this means that you are facing financial problems.

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Friend's funeral

A dream in which one had to see the magnificent funeral of a friend, but not her herself, means that this girl will have an illness that will drain a lot of money and nerves from her. If in a dream your friend was lying in a coffin alive, it means that you are worrying in vain about her problems, which will soon be resolved on their own.

Ex-girlfriend or childhood friend

If you dreamed about having fun with your ex-girlfriends, expect that your ex-husband or boyfriend will soon invite you on a date.

A childhood friend with whom you haven’t spoken for a long time means that you haven’t given yourself a good rest for a long time and could become seriously ill because of this.

Girlfriend's boyfriend

The boyfriend of an ex-girlfriend seen in a dream indicates that you do not trust your man. You suspect him of cheating, even if you don’t admit it to yourself.

A guy who fixes something in your house, but your friend is not there in a dream, means that you have secrets from her and you are afraid that she will find out them.

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