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A dream in which a man sees a mistress who does not actually exist means that his relationship with his wife or girlfriend is not going well and a frank conversation is necessary. A similar dream, with a mistress, shows that in a man’s personal life there are many hidden and unspoken episodes that can lead to a big quarrel and the breakup of a couple. If in a dream a man secretly meets with his mistress, then in reality he feels disadvantaged and unclaimed. If a man dreams of sex or a pleasant time with his mistress, it is worth understanding that events in real life lead to a big disaster looming over his family. Also, a dream in which you secretly meet with your mistress is preceded by long-term depression and frustration due to domestic problems.

What does Tsvetkov’s Dream Interpretation say about this dream?

You wait for something to change for the better in your life, secretly dreaming of the return of bygone bright, joyful days and doing nothing.

If the dream of the given one does not fry the recent one, he says, but his devotion to everything, the miscarriage says the desire in the case of snakes, the time is real. ?K in the interpretation of someone else foreshadows. You see, in a psychologist there is blood and someone’s appointment with a doctor for the immediate purpose of harsh judgments.

Roommate. To a quarrel. A dark symbol seen in a bite means liberation.


Such a dream means that she will soon remind herself again.
A call, a message or an unexpected meeting. Often seeing this woman means remembering her, and also that your relationship is not completed. It is possible that a new turn, even if unpleasant, awaits you ahead. Seeing her in tears, disheveled and with smudged makeup means a quarrel with her. Most likely, she will write again about how bad she feels without you, how she suffers without you, how bored she is, or you will learn about this from mutual acquaintances or friends. If she is an unbalanced person, then such a dream means hysteria, attempted suicide, abortion or intrigue. Try to understand where the sincere feelings are and where the performance is cleverly staged.

Seeing your ex-lover beautiful, bright and well-groomed in the company of other men is a sign of jealousy and the fact that you will soon show interest in her again. An unexpected meeting with this girl is also possible, which will greatly surprise you.

Interpretation of a dream depending on the details

Depending on what kind of lover you dream about:

  • ex - unsuccessful attempts to realize the plan;
  • pregnant - an interesting job offer;
  • real - negative emotions associated with the behavior of colleagues;
  • beautiful - trial;
  • drunk - troubles of a domestic nature;
  • with a child - provocative actions of strangers or neighbors;
  • headless - to unfair accusations from the boss;
  • sick - to health problems;
  • dead - to depression;
  • elegant - to the beginning of a new love relationship;
  • angry - to meet an impulsive person;
  • naked - to troubles due to irresponsibility;
  • limping - to stress;
  • bald - to tears;
  • sad - to a nervous breakdown;
  • very dissatisfied - to a bad mood;
  • ugly - to quarrels in the family;
  • red - to receive an inheritance;
  • dark-haired - to prosperity;
  • dying - unfortunately;
  • laughing evilly - to travel.

Depending on the dreamer’s actions in relation to her mistress:

  • seeing and talking - the fidelity of a spouse in real life;
  • beat (fight, beat) - a solution to an old problem;
  • strangling - a quarrel with a loved one;
  • swearing - dissatisfaction with one’s appearance;
  • kill (commit murder) - divorce with division of property;
  • hitting someone in the face means deceiving a loved one and experiencing strong feelings because of this;
  • talking on the phone - obtaining personal information about another person, which will happen by chance;
  • making friends - satisfying career ambitions;
  • Finding out that your husband has a mistress means a fight with a work colleague;
  • hitting her with a broom means reconciliation with enemies;
  • pull out of the water - to profit;
  • dip in the toilet - to an infectious disease;
  • to regret - to success;
  • to kill - to loneliness;
  • throw into a hole - to deception on the part of a friend;
  • hit in the neck - a business trip;
  • tearing off her beads means an improvement in her financial situation;
  • picking up a bag means losing a large sum;
  • spit on it - to shame;
  • give her a plate - to change the field of activity;
  • make peace with your husband's mistress - to the birth of a child;
  • drowning it means a cold;
  • catching up - to good luck;
  • bite - to fatigue;
  • treat - to a serious illness;
  • wash - to get rid of obsessive thoughts;
  • calling names means a quarrel with an aggressive person;
  • hugging - to good news;
  • drive away - to self-doubt;
  • having sex with her means relaxation;
  • looking at her means minor troubles;
  • taking off her shirt means an unplanned addition to the family;
  • helping her means going on a hiking trip.

Depending on the husband’s actions in the dream:

  • brought her home - the likelihood of a domestic injury or accident;
  • took a mistress - pangs of conscience due to committing an unseemly act;
  • was drunk - a bad sign that foreshadows life's difficulties in real life;
  • he chooses her (goes to her) - large debts, the appearance of a deceitful person in his close circle;
  • lied to your mistress - to pregnancy;
  • hid it - to a passion for gambling;
  • leaving with her - to a deterioration in health;
  • called her a fool - to trouble;
  • married her - to emotional burnout;
  • stabbed her to death - to a conflict situation at work;
  • hidden - to a short separation from loved ones;
  • met - to loss of self-control;
  • took off her clothes - to victory over her rival;
  • confirmed that she was his mistress - to receive a bonus.

Depending on the behavior of the mistress:

  • smiles - a serious conversation with relatives related to a money issue;
  • came to visit - finding out the details of the real betrayal of the spouse;
  • carries firewood to the bathhouse - to reconciliation with friends and/or relatives;
  • runs - to implement plans;
  • eating pancakes - to joy;
  • ironing dirty linen - to apathy;
  • lying on the sofa - to the loss of business reputation;
  • buys a bra - to unplanned expenses;
  • asks for forgiveness - for promotion;
  • hiding in the closet - to gossip about the dreamer;
  • drinking tea from a glass - to a healthy lifestyle;
  • dancing - to have fun;
  • falls to the ground - to commit a rash act;
  • calls - for a serious conversation with parents;
  • angry - to overwork;
  • driving a car while drunk - means signing a lucrative contract;
  • is sick - to undergo a medical examination;
  • casts a spell - to the struggle for leadership in the team;
  • gives birth - to care for an elderly relative;
  • communicates with the spouse - to family disagreements;
  • shaving - to a change of image;
  • sitting in a wheelchair - to a work injury;
  • throwing stones into the water - to the development of professional skills;
  • says that he will return soon - to a break in relations with a loved one;
  • running away from bandits - flirting with the leader;
  • works - to meet an influential person;
  • stealing a watch - to betrayal by a relative;
  • admires something - to attend an unusual event;
  • goes ahead - to overcome financial difficulties;
  • throws out trash - to a quiet life;
  • getting married - to an invitation to a gala event;
  • chasing a chicken - to a decrease in performance;
  • prepares breakfast - for the fulfillment of desires;
  • gives a hairpin - for vacation;
  • helps to make repairs - to well-being;
  • throws shit at people - leads to food poisoning;
  • feels sorry for a stranger - to sexual satisfaction;
  • complains - to a deterioration in health;
  • praises the spouse - to the need to make a choice between family and career;
  • is in charge - to poor health.

Depending on the situation in which you see your mistress:

  • together (next to) it - aggressive behavior of competitors at work;
  • to catch (catch, catch) a husband with his mistress - receiving unpleasant news;
  • to see that they are happy is a deterioration in the health of a sick relative.

Depending on the frequency of the dream:

  • constantly - experience a long period of lack of money;
  • often - to rehabilitate the reputation in business circles;
  • once a week - to new interests;
  • every Friday - to thoughtless spending;
  • for the second day in a row - to look for a new job.

Depending on what the husband’s mistress wore in the dream:

  • in a wedding dress - groundless accusations of the husband and household members, which will lead to a negative atmosphere in the family;
  • in white outfits - to the loss of securities;
  • in a veil - to moral support from the spouse’s parents;
  • wearing a crown - to a happy and long life;
  • in a robe - to the acquisition of real estate;
  • wearing a mask - to exacerbation of a chronic disease;
  • in a knitted scarf - to the successful completion of a difficult task;
  • wearing jackets - to increase social status;
  • wearing a scarf - to the emergence of original ideas;
  • wearing glasses - to resolve a conflict situation;
  • in a light green dress - to dismissal;
  • in a swimsuit - to win the lottery.

Depending on what to do in a dream with your spouse’s mistress:

  • mowing the grass - to bankruptcy;
  • riding a motorcycle - to possible alcohol addiction;
  • walking down the street - to increase self-esteem;
  • singing - to organizing a public event;
  • drinking - to condemnation from a loved one;
  • wash - to a nervous breakdown.

Depending on what the husband and his mistress do in the dream:

  • living together means doing monotonous work;
  • talking to the dreamer's brother - to insomnia;
  • having a nice conversation - to attend a corporate party;
  • having sex - to the appearance of a dishonest employee in the team;
  • hugging - for the arrival of a distant relative;
  • wash in the shower - to wealth;
  • pierced tires - to buy a car;
  • break up - to quarrels with family members over money;
  • began to argue - to a valuable gift from a loved one;
  • fell out of the window - to a traffic accident.

Depending on what the spouse’s mistress gave to the dreamer:

  • shirt - to creative success;
  • belt - to a quarrel with a colleague;
  • earrings - to financial independence;
  • chain - to troubles at work due to irresponsibility;
  • hat - to demotion after a conflict with the manager;
  • slippers - to losing an argument;
  • three skirts - to popularity;
  • bag - to vain worries about the health of the parents;
  • a black glove - for organizing a children's party;
  • perfume - to satisfy sexual desires;
  • gold - to business development;
  • iron - to problems with law enforcement agencies;
  • shoes - to useful acquaintances;
  • yarn - to satisfy psychological needs.

Depending on where the spouse’s mistress is located in the dream:

  • in bed - sadness due to temporary separation from children;
  • at home - news of a loved one’s pregnancy;
  • in the yard - for a quick holiday at the resort;
  • under the floor - to receive financial assistance from parents;
  • on the bus - to losing in a money dispute;
  • in the studio - to financial problems;
  • in the bank - to interesting conversations;
  • in the bathroom - to the emergence of an additional source of income;
  • in an apartment - to a successful investment of personal funds;
  • in a destroyed church - to a conflict with a colleague during a meeting;
  • in water - to the death or illness of an elderly relative;
  • in a restaurant - to the appearance of an obsessive fan;
  • in the car - to a passion for extreme sports;
  • in the toilet - to participate in a charity event;
  • in a compartment - to increase performance;
  • in the store - to the beginning of business activity.

Depending on when the spouse’s mistress dreamed:

  • on Palm Sunday - to visit a psychologist.

Dream Interpretation: seeing your ex in a dream

Popular dream book of Gustav Miller

predicts that the one who was in the dream, proudly passing by and as if not noticing the presence of the sleeping person, is a sign of liberation. It's time to come to terms with the fact that the past connection has completely exhausted itself. If the ex is caressed, the feelings are still alive. This is how strong affection is displayed. Quarreling and starting a fight with a once-beloved person is a special symbol. On an energetic level, the connection is still strong. Such a psychological subconscious attitude interferes with the establishment and development of new relationships.

Dreaming about your dead ex in a dream is a warning sign. Things left unfinished require urgent completion.

According to Vanga's dream book

When you dream of an ex-girlfriend or ex-wife, there are unresolved problems in the past that require joint reflection and action. We'll have to clear things up before it's too late.

Stuart Robinson's Dream Book

suggests the need to do everything to get rid of painful memories. It's time to leave your ex in the past and move on to a new life.

According to Nancy Wagaiman's dream book

a quarrel in a dream with an ex means an unexpected betrayal of a loved one. The source advises not to trust the most intimate secrets. Marrying an ex portends drastic changes in the business and emotional sphere.

Wanderer's Dream Book

interprets a quarrel with an ex-wife or lover in a rather original way. The reason for the separation remained unclear to the sleeper, and this became the reason for the fear of new connections. Until he understands what happened, a real relationship will not bring him satisfaction. Kissing your ex and watching her face become unfamiliar is a failed attempt at distraction. Life values ​​should be completely reconsidered.

Russian dream book

interprets in detail the meaning of once loved ones in a dream. If you dream of an ex-wife with a tear-stained face, the sleeper is dissatisfied with the separation. Having fun together is a bad sign. The dream foreshadows deterioration in health and problems in new relationships.

Dream Interpretation of the Medium Hasse

calls for, when interpreting what former love is in a dream, to take into account feelings upon awakening. If you still have positive, joyful feelings, good events will happen in the near future. If you have a negative feeling of resentment or bitterness, you will face troubles.

Modern dream book

also suggests that a dreamed ex-girlfriend may have several different interpretations. If the girl in the dream looked calm and content, such a plot promises an excellent new relationship filled with joy. A sad or offended ex-beloved symbolizes the sleeper’s unpreparedness to enter into another relationship.

According to the dream book of the soothsayer Michel Nostradamus

ex in a dream is a warning symbol. It is possible to perform a love spell ritual on the dreamer, and until the magical effect is eliminated, he will not experience happiness.

TOP 5 negative values

  1. If a married woman dreams of her husband’s mistress and their common child, the dream predicts troubles at work associated with an error in documentation.
  2. Stabbing a rival means acquiring an influential enemy who can create major problems in business.
  3. A young and beautiful homewrecker laughs - a quick meeting with good friends from the past.
  4. The husband's ex-lover kicked the dreamer out of the house - to misunderstanding on the part of relatives who are trying to shift unpleasant matters onto the dreamer.
  5. Taking pictures with a rival means sad news.

A partner with whom you have no real relationship

In such a dream, you dream of sex with her, or simply in a dream you realize that she is your lover and hug her, kiss her, give her gifts.
This could be a woman you know from your circle, or a stranger, or even a celebrity. The dream book writes that such a dream predicts not only a new acquaintance or an unexpected turn in your relationship with a woman you know, but also the acquisition of wisdom, new knowledge and even love. The dream book writes that such a dream predicts an affair, a new acquaintance, flirting and interesting relationships.

You also dream of the appearance of a mistress as a sign of a new romance with someone similar to the one you saw in your dream.

Decoding by days of the week

It is known that prophetic dreams do not come every night. It is customary to take into account the day as follows:

  1. On Monday - longing, a desire to feel affection again. Analyze your current love situation. Maybe something needs to be adjusted, to add a bit of romanticism and extreme?
  2. On Tuesday - no interpretation. Memories long shoved into the far corners of memory.
  3. On Wednesday - they mark the boredom of the past. A man sometimes remembers and relives a completed romance.
  4. On Thursday you won’t find peace. The past is busy arranging his personal space in accordance with tastes and preferences.
  5. On Friday it literally comes true. The scene will not repeat itself in reality, but you will experience the same emotions and sensations.
  6. On Saturday - the opportunity to establish friendly contact with a guy. If you wish, communication will continue on a different level.
  7. For Sunday - a prophecy about the upcoming fateful meeting.

You don't have to have it for you to dream about it.

No matter how strange it may sound, it is true. Both men who have her and exemplary family men can dream of a mistress. If with the first everything is more or less clear - feelings, memories and so on, then with the second there is a question. It happens that a man dreams that he has a mistress and he walks with her or not only. This could be a supposed person, such as an employee at work, your friend or wife, or a complete stranger.

In most cases, this is described as a desire to change the situation, and is very often accompanied by obsessive thoughts of meeting someone or finding the girl from the dream. This can be a wake-up call for wives - perhaps your man is not completely satisfied with you or your methods of running the home.

If you find out that your husband dreamed about how he communicated with his mistress, then you should reconsider your relationship and delve into yourself - perhaps he is missing something. Talk to him, use a trick without asking him directly - maybe he is dissatisfied with something, maybe he’s tired of something, and so on. No one is stopping you from going through his notebook at the same time, of course, but this will most likely be of little use.

Why do you dream about your ex-wife?

When you start dreaming frequently

ex-wife, most likely this is how real longing for a once close person manifests itself. Parting with old habits and memories is very difficult for the dreamer, but he will have to take this step.

Perhaps the passion has not yet left the sleeping person if in the dream he organized sex

with his ex-wife. Interpreters suggest that if there are no obligations to another lady yet, you can try to renew the relationship. On the other hand, this plot indicates that intimate relationships with a new lover are not yet harmonious enough, and the sleeper lacks sensual pleasures.

Dreaming of a pregnant woman

ex-wife - danger of getting stuck in your own thoughts. The plot of the dream pushes for change. If the ex-wife announces that she is expecting a baby from a sleeping person, this reflects an uncertain situation in reality.

When you dream about your ex-wife, it is always an indication to look for an unresolved problem in the past. The causes of difficulties in the present are located precisely there.

Dreamed ex- legal spouse

- warning symbol. Until all the things started earlier are brought to their logical conclusion, the past will continue to bother the dreamer.

If you dream about your ex- common-law wife

married to someone else, this is a sign that resumption of the relationship is no longer possible. But finally there is a chance to find new happiness.


A dream about a mistress can have different interpretations, depending on whether it was dreamed by a man or a woman, and also on whether the mistress actually exists. In young men, dreams of an erotic nature may appear against the background of increased hormonal levels and, regardless of the partner who appears in them, they do not have much significance.

If a married dreamer dreams of a non-existent mistress, this indicates a lack of demand in the family or in the service. A dream about a real lover is a warning about possible troubles and unwanted publicity of events.

If a woman sees herself in the role of a mistress, this is also a call for caution and possible troubles, especially in the family. A frequent subject of dreams is the husband's mistress. If you know for sure that it exists, such a dream speaks of your uncertainty in family relationships. If these are just your suspicions, most likely your husband will have new things to do and hobbies.

Why do you dream about your ex-girlfriend?

A waking dreamer experiences suffering from past tenses if he often dreams

ex-girlfriend. A man should figure out why he feels such emotions: because of a not-quite-passed love or just because of a wounded ego. Attachment to your suffering over the breakup interferes with your future personal life.

A difficult choice and a dead end are symbolized by a dream about an ex-girlfriend with another guy

. It is difficult for the sleeper to start a new relationship due to the burden of the past.

Feelings for a once beloved still excite the dreamer if a pregnant woman

ex-girlfriend. If she declares that the father of the unborn baby is a dreamer, this reflects projects that were not completed in reality and things left halfway through implementation. Also, this exciting plot has another interpretation. The new beloved is dissatisfied with the development of the relationship and is ready to break the connection. If she is dear to the dreamer, he should analyze his shortcomings and try to become better.

In reality you will have to experience a lot of troubles if you dreamed of kissing

ex-girlfriend in a dream. All the origins of problems are in the past, and titanic efforts will have to be made to resolve them.

sex causes great concern

with an ex-girlfriend. Once again you will have to return to affairs and projects that the sleeper considered completed long ago.

Make peace

with an ex-girlfriend in a dream - this means that in reality this will never come true. However, a man can find happiness with an acquaintance to whom he had not previously paid due attention.

When ex-lover

dreamed of a woman getting married, the dreamer managed to overcome painful memories. The past no longer has power over him, and now he is completely free to take steps towards new happiness.

If you dreamed that your ex-beloved was very joyful, in reality the girl is not going through the easiest period. If she cries, the meaning of the dream is the opposite. In fact, everything is fine with her in her new life without the dreamer, and she should be forgotten about forever.

In the case when the ex-bride

returned and wants to continue the relationship, this reflects her regret about the breakup. It depends on the feelings of the sleeper after waking up whether he wants to respond to this subconscious message.

If your ex marries the dreamer in a dream, this will not happen in reality. However, the dreamer can expect very pleasant changes in the sphere of feelings: new hobbies and even the establishment of a serious relationship.

How dreams arise. Psychiatrists' opinion.

Every person can dream, but everyone remembers them. Psychology says that if after waking up a person can retell in sufficient detail what he saw in a dream, then this is a very worrying question for him. Sigmund Freud once argued that the overall picture of a dream is not important - it is the small details in the dream itself that are important.

To put it simply, who and what you dreamed about doesn’t matter, you need to pay attention to what was happening, and even what dress your friend was wearing. This method, called the “method of free association,” made it possible to track a person’s problems, their nature and cause, and also showed in which direction it was worth going deeper for healing.

According to Freud, dreams are unfulfilled desires, often of a sexual nature. Carl Gustav Jung supplemented this theory, saying that sleep is still an unconscious state, and therefore can also have a different range of directions. Simply put, these can be hidden desires and urges. Lucid dreaming cannot be included in this topic - it is a technique that allows you to control your sleep while you are in it.

In this case, the person himself decides what he will dream about. For the most part, psychiatrists agree that it is pointless to interpret dreams for the future, because they are a physiological reflection of the mental state of the unconscious. Dreams relate mostly to the past, to life lived and are formed from memories and images.

If a woman dreamed of her husband's mistress

If a woman dreams of her husband’s mistress, regardless of whether she really exists, this indicates possible problems in their relationship. You are risking your union, since such a dream indicates a cooling of relations with your chosen one. Here are some meanings of dreams about your husband's mistress:

  • If in a dream you find your spouse with another woman, be careful, a big scandal awaits you. Resolving the situation will be very difficult.
  • Your husband kicks the traitor out of your house - you will defeat him during an argument.

  • If in a dream you found out that your husband is unfaithful to you, it means that you devote little time to your soulmate.
  • Someone you know told you that your husband has another woman - beware, they want to destroy your family. Don't trust gossip and slander.
  • If your spouse himself admits to having a mistress in his life, this means that he is trying to diversify your relationship.
  • Finding out the name of your rival in a dream - a person who has the same name - will bring a lot of troubles into your life.
  • If your husband’s ex-woman sorted things out with you, a major scandal awaits you, in the epicenter of which you will find yourself.

Dream Interpretation of AstroMeridian

Why do you dream about Mistresses?

My husband's mistress - seeing her in a dream and at the same time calmly communicating with her, smiling, joking - this dream means absolutely nothing, you can only laugh at it.

Your husband’s mistress, with whom you argued in a dream, means a family quarrel that can grow to the scale of divorce.

For an unmarried woman, seeing her husband's mistress in a dream also does not bode well.

Ancient French dream book

What does a lover mean in a dream, interpretation:

If you see your mistress (lover) in a dream, great joy awaits you ahead.

Love Song - Hear - hangers-on are harming you.

Simone Kananita dream book

What does a mistress dream about according to the saint:

Love triangle (husband-wife-lover-tsa) - The plot in a dream plays out for a man the relationships of his affairs and their interconnection, while for a woman it is a reflection of her emotional state, changes in mood, anxiety and fear.

Smurova's Big Family Dream Book

Why do you dream about the Mistress, what does it mean?

If you saw in a dream that your lover is having fun with someone else, then you are in for a conflict with colleagues or an old friend.

If you saw a lover in a dream who confessed his feelings to you, then in real life he condemns you for something.

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