I dreamed about a dead girl. dead girl what does it mean || Dream interpretation dead girl

Why do you dream about a dead woman? The source that used to bring you inspiration will dry up. But sometimes the dream book offers a strictly positive interpretation: a certain task or even a certain period of life will be completed, and inner peace will come. For a more accurate decoding, it is advisable to remember what happened in the dream.

Difficulties are coming!

Did a close dead woman appear in the night, for example, a friend or relative? The dream book believes that you will try to get rid of bad character traits.

If in a dream you didn’t know what to do with the remains, then a situation is approaching in which you will reach the limit, but remember the lesson you lived for the rest of your life.

Why do you dream if you personally killed a lady for a huge reward? In reality, prepare for financial difficulties. The plot promises a young girl several dubious suitors at once.

What does the coming period have in store?

Did you dream about a dead woman who suddenly came back to life? Unusual events are coming, for which, according to the dream book, there is no need to even look for an explanation.

Why dream that the deceased suddenly became a ghoul and attacked? There is a general deterioration in the situation and major troubles in personal relationships ahead.

If the deceased rose from the coffin in a dream, then expect an uninvited guest. Did you dream that a dead woman became alive? Receive news from afar or an old matter or feelings will be revived.

Happiness or tragedy?

Did you happen to see a dead woman in a dream? In the near future you will experience unprecedented happiness. If the remains were in a coffin, then there will be a large material profit.

Did you dream about finding a dead man in your own house? The dream book prophesies: you will get sick or disgrace yourself. If you manage to stumble over it, you will learn about a tragic incident with a loved one.

If the body of a dead woman decomposed before your eyes, then you will lose some hope. But if it has dried up and crumbled to dust, then expect prosperity.

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Dead unknown girl

Dream Interpretation Dead Stranger Girl dreamed of why you dream of a Dead Stranger Girl in a dream? To select a dream interpretation, enter a keyword from your dream into the search form or click on the initial letter of the image characterizing the dream (if you want to get an online interpretation of dreams by letter for free alphabetically).

Now you can find out what it means to see a dead unknown girl in a dream by reading below for free interpretation of dreams from the best online dream books of the House of the Sun!

Dream Interpretation – Dead

A dead man seen in a dream foreshadows a completely unexpected ending to your love affair.

Seeing a dead child in a dream means worry and disappointment in the near future.

A dead actor or actress in your dream foreshadows the collapse of plans as a result of a tragic event.

Seeing a dead person in a dream is a sign of health and longevity, if this person is actually alive and well.

If the dead person seen in a dream actually left this mortal world long ago, such a dream predicts a change in your affairs for the worse.

A dream in which you see a person hanged or hanged is a harbinger of insults and insults that you will hear from loved ones.

Seeing a drowned person means you will face a desperate struggle for your rights, which they will try to deprive you of in real life.

Seeing a mummified corpse in a dream means that a serious illness will ruin your plans.

Seeing in a dream how the body of a deceased person is embalmed predicts imminent changes in your situation for the worse.

If you are embalmed or mummified, in reality your friendship with a loved one will be unhappy, bringing a lot of troubles at work and at home, as well as a deterioration in your situation in society.

Seeing a coffin with a dead person in your apartment in a dream foreshadows discord in the family due to drunkenness or debauchery.

A talking dead man seen in a dream means vile slander and malicious slander against you. If he asks you for a drink, then you need to pray properly for the repose of his soul and light a candle.

A dead person lying on the floor predicts shame or a serious illness in the near future. If you trip over it and fall, in reality you will receive news of the death of someone very close to you, loved ones.

Finding a lifeless person in your bed means that you are guaranteed success in an almost hopeless case.

Dream Interpretation - Unfamiliar

Seeing an unfamiliar man in a dream foretells an unwanted pregnancy. If a stranger gives up his seat to you on public transport, in reality you will meet a pleasant and courteous person.

An aggressive stranger pestering you on the street while tipsy means you are starting a risky venture that will not bring profit. Hugging a stranger in a dream means unexpected guests.

A handsome stranger who attracts your attention in a dream portends a change for the better in your affairs. A stranger with a fierce appearance or an ugly face is a sign of an unfavorable turn of events.

A stranger who turns out to be your traveling companion on a long journey - you will not be satisfied with the progress of your affairs, which will fall into disrepair for some time.

If you dreamed that a horse parachuted from the sky suddenly turned into a stranger trying to bite you with his own, such a dream promises serious failure, unrealistic hopes and your inability to take control of the situation in a family quarrel.

If in a dream you suddenly find a naked stranger next to you in bed and have sexual intercourse with him, your dissatisfaction with literally everything will bring anxiety into the lives of your family; if you flee from him, in reality mercantile interests will clearly prevail over spiritual ones, which will turn your lover away from you.

If a stranger kisses you in a dream and you have nothing against it, in real life this foreshadows a loss of respect on the part of your chosen one. A bald or old stranger trying to flirt with you - some annoying person will become the cause of your grief in reality.

A dream in which you wake up in an unfamiliar room means that you will be unexpectedly visited by friends whom you have not seen for many years.

Seeing yourself in a dream in an unfamiliar city means that soon you will probably have to change your dress, job, lover, registration or car model, but certainly to a newer and better one.

To watch in a dream the action of an unfamiliar apparatus or device or to study its action - such an absurd dream means, however, a completely understandable thing: you will have to hear the whole most unsightly truth about yourself.

What do dreams about a dead person mean?

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According to the interpretation of the “Book of Dreams of the 21st Century”, death in a dream symbolizes the end of a certain stage of life


In this way, your subconscious is trying to prepare you for changes. Soon you may receive news that will put everything in its place.

In Chinese dream interpretation, seeing dead people in a dream who were highly respected and revered during their lifetime is a symbol of great success and happiness


In some dream interpreters, plots with dead people mean that the one who sees the dream is dissatisfied with himself, feels guilty or regrets actions in the past that cannot be changed or corrected.

If in a dream you are surrounded by
many dead people
, this means that in the near future you may encounter problems, or other people may express their rejection of you.

Why do you dream about a dead person?

In general, the deceased people in our dreams are part of our subconscious, which is trying to talk to us.

Part of the deceased person lives inside us. After a loved one dies, we suffer from the fact that we may never see him again. Gradually the memory of him disappears.

When we see a deceased person alive in a dream, it can cause both nostalgia and anxiety, due to the fact that perhaps you are doing something wrong, or there are some unfinished business.

Do you miss the person

One of the obvious reasons why you see a dead person alive in a dream is because you miss him. You miss his presence, support or advice. This is especially true for loved ones and loved ones.

Your subconscious mind uses your thoughts and memories and creates memories with them. If you constantly think about your loved one, you are more likely to eventually dream about them.

You need to listen

Some mystics believe that the dead return in dreams to give advice or warn us about something. Sometimes in everyday life we ​​make mistakes that we do not realize, or, on the contrary, we are confident that we are doing everything right and do not listen to the advice of others.

In fact, it is not a deceased friend or loved one who gives advice, but our subconscious. It understands that there is a problem and chooses a friendly person who advises you something in a dream.

You don't accept the past

Another common reason for a dead person to appear alive in a dream is the fact that you want to see him alive.

Although you mentally understand that he has gone to another world, part of your psyche does not believe it. It seems to our subconscious that a loved one can come home or sit, as usual, at dinner next to you.

Since part of you does not accept his death, you continue to have dreams where the person is alive.

Other meanings

In old dream books, dead people in a dream can be a sign of good events in the family, such as an engagement or wedding.

In ancient cultures, such a dream meant that you should listen to the request of the deceased

so as not to anger higher powers. There is also an opinion that the appearance of a deceased relative before the wedding warns that the marriage will not work out.

There is no consensus on the meaning of such a dream, so it is best to analyze what is happening in your dream and find out the meaning that makes the most sense for your personal situation.

Dream Interpretation - Strangers

In general, the dream is favorable and means new acquaintances. However, you need to pay attention to details. If you see a crowd of strangers passing by you, you will have many new friends whose acquaintance will never develop into friendship, but may be useful in the future.

If a stranger approached you on the street, the dream foreshadows a new friendship.

If you are single and saw a stranger of the opposite sex in a dream, perhaps you will soon have a bride or groom. If the stranger or stranger was of some exotic appearance, then your future spouse will be a very interesting person.

If you dreamed that some strangers came to your home, this means either a change of place of residence or an addition to the family. If at the same time you shook hands with each of them, expect guests who will bring you stunning news. Perhaps this will change your destiny.

Traveling with strangers in the same compartment means you have a long journey ahead of you, on which you will meet pleasant and helpful people.

I dreamed about an unfamiliar girl, what does this mean according to dream books

You had a rather ambiguous dream, dear reader. A dream with an unfamiliar girl can either be the personification of grief, turmoil, despair, or a dream full of joy and harmony. It completely depends on you and your attitude towards life.

But, fortunately, our subconscious constantly gives us hints, and even seeing the same girl can be seen in different ways. Remember the guest from your dreams: clothes, behavior, objects with her. If you managed to talk to her, then it is advisable to remember the details of the conversation.

Why do you dream about an unfamiliar girl?

It is also very important to find out whether the girl was truly a stranger to you. If her face simply could not be seen, you did not recognize her, or everything was too cloudy, then you need to take the interpretation at your own risk. Because a “vague” girl in many dream books is definitely a symbol of failure.

An unfamiliar girl in a dream is a symbol of the unknown. There is an expectation of betrayal, deception or surprise. But to give an accurate interpretation it is necessary to recall the details. Since, for example, a girl who turns into an old woman leads to a happy life, and an unfamiliar girl who follows on her heels is a symbol of darkness and misfortune. So why do you dream about an unfamiliar girl?

Individual cases and their interpretation according to dream books.

  • The unfamiliar girl turned out to be a beauty. Seeing a stranger who is charming in appearance and cheerful in spirit is a very good sign. Very soon you will begin the whitest streak in your life, you will be filled with happiness;
  • If the unknown woman turned out to be unkempt and unattractive. The dreamer in his subconscious recalled a long-past quarrel with close friends. For a man, such a dream promises anxiety, depression and discord with himself. For a woman to see a dream with an ugly stranger portends the presence of illnesses, illnesses and squabbles;
  • A stranger appears before you covered in blood or wearing bloody clothes. A stranger with such surroundings carries a message of tragedy that cannot leave the depths of your subconscious to this day. Even if you haven't thought about her in recent days;
  • An unrecognized girl follows on your heels, stalking you. A dream with such a plot is a very bad omen. Most likely, the dreamer follows the path of darkness, goes against everything, including his own desire, and does everything out of spite. A person will sooner or later plunge into this swamp if he does not take active action;
  • The unfamiliar girl did not communicate and resolutely ran away. You can't accept your real self and pretend to be someone else. You are often depressed because of this;
  • An old woman is a stranger, an unknown aged girl. After such a dream, it is advisable to be careful and prepared for unpleasant gossip and rumors, and not to give reasons;
  • The stranger in the dream needed help and called for help. You harbor a feeling of guilt for what you have done; these thoughts make you feel uncomfortable. You are in an internal struggle. You need to talk to loved ones and make amends;
  • A family man girl takes care of children in a dream. The dream is interpreted completely the other way around, unlike the previous options. If a seer is lucky enough to see a caring stranger, this means that he is in harmony with himself and feels great;
  • An unknown female representative is breastfeeding a child. This phenomenon can well be characterized as caring for children, however, according to most dream books, such a dream leads, if not to a quarrel, then to unpleasant worries and turmoil in everyday life;
  • You were flirting with an unfamiliar girl. In real life, a number of small unpleasant factors and troubles await you, from which you can easily extricate yourself only with effort;
  • We looked at the beautiful stranger. It portends your use of small lies in real life, for which you will have to pay dearly. It is recommended to refrain from lying for personal gain.
  • If in a dream you kissed an unfamiliar girl. A kiss from a mysterious person signifies material wealth, a possible bonus and winning the lottery;
  • A stranger visited you at your home. Such a guest marks imminent problems, the solution of which will require coordination and effort.
  • Fight with a strange girl. A person will be made a tempting offer or invited to participate in a risky adventure. It’s better not to get involved and not be led by emotions.

Now, dear reader, pay attention to the clothes of the stranger from your dream:

  • An unfamiliar girl appeared before you completely naked, without clothes. The dream indicates that you have secret desires that are not destined to come true. For women, such a dream also gives food for thought: you are too vulnerable and dependent on other people’s opinions;
  • They saw an unknown woman in black mourning clothes. Such a dream in itself subconsciously does not bring anything good, and it predicts the active actions of your ill-wishers. Beware of enemies and do not trust unreliable acquaintances.
  • I dreamed about wearing a nightgown. A difficult omen - you can no longer expect happiness in marriage; if you are just engaged, you should carefully reconsider everything;

What does it mean to see a dead person alive in a dream?

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If you see a dream in which a long-dead person turns out to be alive, this can be interpreted as a radical change in life

, change of relationships, work or views.

  • If you are persistently trying to get rid of the deceased, but he does not want to leave you

    , then you need to consider the dream as events in the past that hold you back and do not allow you to move on.

  • Seeing yourself dead

    means long life.
    If another person comes to life
    , then your life will not only be long, but also interesting.

  • A dream about a dead person alive may also indicate that some kind of important conversation

    . If at the same time a person comes to visit you, then you really miss this person.

  • The dream in which you kiss a dead person

    , may symbolize a feeling of guilt towards this person, perhaps you offended him or did not say the words that he needed to hear from you.

  • If a dead person smiles at you

    , then soon all your regrets will fade into the background, and life circumstances will improve. Such a dream means that you are doing everything right and have earned the approval of higher powers.

  • Hugging a dead person

    - to a quick happy and positive event.

  • The deceased who enters your home

    promises advancement at work.

  • The smile of a complete stranger who died

    warns of serious danger.

  • If you see deceased parents happy and alive

    , this means that they approve of your actions and your lover's choices.

  • A dream in which you follow a deceased person in an unknown direction or accept his offer

    . Such a dream signals a danger that can be avoided by being careful and taking the necessary measures.

Why does a dead person dream of coming back to life?

If you dream about a dead person coming back to life, this is a fairly optimistic forecast. Successful resolution of long-standing problems and conflicts awaits you


In Miller's dream book, a revived dead person is a symbol of the futility of efforts. However, if several people come to life, this can mean success and profit


If the resurrected one is your relative

, wait for news that will directly affect you. If you do not know the deceased person, you will indirectly participate in some events, although you may also benefit from them.

Seeing a dead person in a dream and talking to him

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The most common plot is a conversation with a person who has been dead for a long time. Any conversation, even a minor one, carries a hidden meaning that only the person seeing the dream can understand.

It may contain direct instructions for action, or the person may ask you for something.

Dream interpreters advise fulfilling the request of the deceased, and you will be able to observe radical changes in your life.

Sometimes a conversation with a deceased person occurs on the eve of an important event, and in a dream you receive advice on how to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Seeing a deceased person crying in a dream

The interpretation of dreams about a crying dead person has different meanings in different dream books. In Eastern interpreters, such a dream communicates forgiveness

, and in Europeans it is believed that a crying person is
a harbinger of drama

  • Crying dead mother

    may mean illness of a loved one.

  • Living mother appearing dead and crying

    , may mean the dreamer’s illness.

  • Crying Father

    - to the loss of money, you need to postpone all dubious matters.

  • Unfamiliar crying dead person

    - bad news

  • Distant relative, alive in reality
    upset in a dream - perhaps he will soon ask you for help.

    Deceased grandparent

    - expect news from distant relatives.

  • Dream about a crying brother who died in the present

    , encourages you to pay attention to his behavior.
    If he cries and hugs
    you in his sleep, your health may deteriorate. If the brother runs away, the dream says that everything will be fine.

  • If deceased sister who

    takes you by the hand and hugs you in your sleep, do not let others make decisions for you.

If a person who is alive, but you see him dead in a dream, most often this promises longevity. However, if you see his tears, such a plot promises a quarrel caused by your selfishness.

The dream interpreter also has an explanation for the dream where you hear a dead person crying, but do not see him. This is interpreted as a sign that you may become an object of intrigue. To prevent this from happening, try to stay alone for a while.

Why do you dream about a dead person in a coffin?

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If you see a deceased person in a coffin, you need to take care of your safety

. Put off important tasks until better times, because at the moment you are unlikely to get good results.

Also, a dream with a person who has died long ago in a coffin speaks of receiving news or a change in weather

. In some sources, such a dream foreshadows the arrival of guests, but communication will be pleasant. This dream may promise the purchase of new equipment, a change of wardrobe, or a short trip.

  • If you are a pallbearer

    , it promises financial gain.
    If you see yourself in a coffin
    , this means that you will encounter some difficulties that will interfere with the implementation of your plans.

  • Burying a coffin with the deceased

    may mean trying to forget some event in the present in which you fail.

  • On the contrary, if you open the coffin

    , this suggests that some secret will be revealed.

  • Dream about a dead friend in a coffin

    portends success both in work and in personal life. He can promise young people a quick wedding.

  • Coffin surrounded by a lot of flowers

    , may promise problems in marriage.

  • If a dead person came to life in a coffin

    in a dream, you can expect the return of some problems or the arrival of guests from abroad.

  • A deceased person stretches out his hands to you from the coffin

    - this is a bad sign. You may become the target of revenge from the person you wronged, get sick, or even become a victim of attack.

  • If man crying in a coffin

    , a quarrel may await you.
    A deceased person lying in a coffin with his eyes open
    promises financial gain, and from a source that you do not expect.

Why do you dream about a dead girl?

To understand what higher powers want to say, you need to remember all the details of the dream - what emotions the sleeper experienced, what the deceased looked like, what she was wearing, etc.

Longo's dream book believes that if a dead girl lies calmly in a dream and does not cause any problems to anyone, then pleasant changes will occur in the dreamer's life, thanks to which he will be able to forget about his past life forever. If the dead girl resembles a zombie and behaves aggressively, then this dream can be considered a warning about the impending danger that threatens the dreamer or his relatives.

If during life the dreamed deceased was a relative of the dreamer, it means that he will have difficulties in his relationships with someone close to him. Perhaps the sleeper himself is to blame for the misunderstandings that have occurred, since his integrity has gone too far.

Hugging a dead girl in a dream is a bad sign, indicating losses and obstacles in business. In some cases, such a dream indicates to the dreamer a mistake, as a result of which his whole life can be turned upside down.

If in a dream a person does not see the whole deceased woman, but only her head, it means that in reality he is not acting as he should and this mistake can cost him dearly.

A dream in which a dead girl was dressed in a wedding dress promises the collapse of hopes and disappointment. After this vision, it is not recommended to start a new business, since it is unlikely to be successful.

Examples of interpretations

For the most accurate interpretation, you need to look at several interpretations of various dream books. It is also important to pay attention to your intuition , because the true meaning of a dream can only be understood by the one to whom it was addressed. It will be extremely useful to keep a diary, where immediately after waking up the details of the dream seen will be entered, before they have yet been erased from memory.

Dream book of the seer Vanga

If a married man had such a dream, then he should expect scandals and quarrels in his family. A single dreamer should be prepared for intrigue and gossip at work. The dark robe of the stranger indicates the evil thoughts that are present in the human soul; light clothes portend positive (albeit painful at first) changes in life. The Bulgarian seer recommends paying attention to the following points:

  1. Running after an unfamiliar woman in a dream means disappointment and a pointless waste of your strength and energy. Running away from it means a person will soon come face to face with one of his ill-wishers.
  2. Talking to a stranger means unforeseen circumstances will arise in the dreamer’s life that will force him to abandon current plans.
  3. If a stranger surreptitiously watches or follows the dreamer everywhere, then this foreshadows an accident. It is better for a person to postpone travel.

A pregnant stranger can predict a difficult birth for the dreamer (if she is pregnant) or problems with raising a child. An attack from the outside promises the appearance of a competitor, not only in your personal life, but also at work.

Miss Hasse's Dream Book

A pleasant woman who herself started a conversation with the dreamer represents the emergence of an unexpected ally and friend. Her image also hints that the sleeping person is not averse to having a love affair, regardless of his marital status.

Contrary to other dream books, an unfamiliar older woman, according to Hasse, portends resounding success that will contribute to career growth and wealth. Undoubtedly, such events are always accompanied by the appearance of gossips and envious people , but the dreamer does not need to worry about rumors, because all people with high social status have ill-wishers.

Interpretation of Catherine the Great

In this dream book, a stranger symbolizes good luck or an opportunity that will appear in a person’s life in the near future. If the dreamer is attentive, he will definitely be able to discern a key event among the daily routine. It is better to pay attention to the following points:

  • acquaintance (especially if it happened unintentionally);
  • quotes or sayings of great people that a person will hear while passing by;
  • original or strange actions of people you know well.

For girls, such a dream can promise a successful marriage. For a man, a stranger predicts betrayal or even the destruction of his family, however, such an interpretation is correct only in cases where the dreamer had an affair with a mysterious woman in a dream.

Interpretation by Terenty Smirnov

An attractive female image is usually inextricably linked with jealousy and passion. However, if in a dream it was impossible to determine the age of a stranger, then this indicates a subconscious fear of failure and pain.

A woman’s dream of an unfamiliar old woman indicates a fear of losing her lover’s favor, as well as a fear of inevitable aging. A naked stranger symbolizes the dreamer's helplessness, his excessive openness and vulnerability to the hostile world around him. The image may also indicate the presence of hypocritical and two-faced people in your close circle.

A pregnant stranger indicates delays in business, as a result of which the solution to pressing problems will take longer than originally planned. Finally, if an unfamiliar woman behaves aggressively, this indicates that the dreamer accidentally managed to offend one of his friends. The benevolent behavior of the stranger foreshadows the appearance of a rival who will initially act secretly.

What if you dream about a dead girl

Some predictors, answering the question of why a dead girl dreams, suggest relying on the zodiac sign of the sleeping person. So, for example, if Aries saw a dead woman, it means he should be more attentive to his friends, since ignoring common interests can quarrel between them. For Taurus, a dead girl promises favorable times. If the dreamer is a Gemini, it means he is trying to hide from everyone his pathological cruelty, which, as he himself understands, prevents him from living. For Cancer, a dream predicts a new sexual partner who will be interested in unusual performances. Loneliness and boredom are foreshadowed by the dream of a dead girl for Leos. If Virgos had a dream, it means that all planned affairs will be successfully completed and will bear fruit. For Scorpio, the deceased foreshadows a refusal of a request. Apparently, the dreamer really hoped for a positive result, but fate made its own adjustments. For Sagittarius, the dream promises an unexpected obstacle in a matter that the sleeper considered almost completed. If the dreamer is Capricorn, then his plans will definitely come true. For Aquarius, a dead girl in a dream does not prophesy anything pleasant; quarrels and fights await this person. Pisces are luckier; oddly enough, such a dream promises them great happiness and success in all endeavors.

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