I dreamed that my wife gave birth to a son: interpretation of why this is a dream

After an unusual dream, a person wants to interpret and understand what he dreamed about. Why you dream that your wife gave birth to a son is interpreted differently by dream books. For example, if a man whose wife is already pregnant had a dream, this means a quick, easy birth and a healthy heir, and if a couple is just planning a baby, they are unlikely to become parents in the near future. There are other interpretations associated with a similar plot of night vision.

What does Miller's dream book predict?

Miller's dream book offers a very multifaceted explanation of what a joyful event means. This is a harbinger of pleasant surprises or a large inheritance. The birth of an illegitimate child warns against rash actions.

Twins symbolize the harmony of relationships, triplets - the success of a hopeless cause. The loud cry of a baby indicates that the dreamer's proposal will be heard and recognized as the only correct one. There will be an opportunity to discover your talent and participate in an exciting project.

There should be a lot of pretty kids

When many children appear in a dream, family well-being and good news lie ahead. If you dreamed that your wife gave birth to heroes, the sleeper in vain doubts his own abilities. Those born wearing shirts foretell a sharp rise up the social and career ladder.

Gemini boys symbolize enrichment in a completely unpredictable way. Twin girls appear in dreams on the eve of news that no one would believe if it were not received from various independent sources.

General predictions

If a husband dreams of his wife giving birth, most often such a plot is interpreted as a positive sign that portends financial well-being. Perhaps in the near future the sleeper will receive a promotion, and the work will be noticed and appreciated by management.

If the birth took place at home, this may portend family happiness: peace and tranquility will reign in the house.

There are other transcripts when a wife gave birth to a child in a dream:

  • help during childbirth - receive news from an old friend with whom contact has long been lost;
  • watching the process of the birth of a baby means a pleasant meeting, an advantageous acquaintance with a person who will play an important role in life in the future;
  • giving birth yourself is a warning sign: you need to change your attitude towards the people around you, otherwise you may be left alone;
  • a sick newborn - to problems within the family: it’s worth taking a closer look at your loved ones; perhaps the dreamer pays too little attention or puts his own interests above all else, and this greatly offends the relatives.

If you dream that your wife gives birth against the wishes of the owner of the dream, the plot carries a negative message. Soon a series of failures and problems will begin in the dreamer’s life; seers recommend taking a break from work and taking a vacation.

If the desired son appears, there may be an addition to the family; it is quite possible that his wife is already pregnant. The plot also promises family well-being and mutual understanding.

The husband dreamed that his wife gave birth in his presence

It is considered a good sign for a man to watch a woman give birth. This is a harbinger of unexpected wealth without much effort. If the young mother is well known, much less dear to the dreamer, the next period will bring many surprises.

If you are lucky enough to not only contemplate, but also provide assistance to a woman in labor, in reality you will have the opportunity to show yourself on the most positive side.

Why does a husband dream that his wife has given birth?

If a strong male baby is born, some changes will improve your financial situation.

When in a dream not everything is going smoothly, you have to worry about your spouse and newborn, in real life you will be able to overcome difficulties on the way to your cherished goal related to property or social status.

It is interesting to know why a man dreams that he has become the father of a girl, while in reality he is not married at all. The likelihood of starting a family is now higher than usual.

I had to see in a dream how my wife gave birth

When you dreamed that your wife gave birth, in a dream you were lucky enough to personally observe the birth, love and harmony will reign in the family. If a guy in his night dreams was present at the birth of his beloved, this is a favorable sign; the couple in love has excellent prospects.

Why do you have nightmares?

Interpreting why the death occurred in a dream, the dream book is partly reassuring: a frightening plot only speaks of the emotional or physical fatigue of the sleeper. This is what other unpleasant images mean in dreams:

  • A freak baby predicts complete failure in a new endeavor;
  • Disgust indicates that fears interfere with the enjoyment of parenthood;
  • Someone else's child warns against being too gullible;
  • Did your wife leave the baby and leave? You doubt your feelings;
  • When a newborn is hidden, beware of deception in reality.

The wife gave birth to a boy

Dream Interpretation Wife gave birth to a boy dreamed of why in a dream a wife gave birth to a boy? To select a dream interpretation, enter a keyword from your dream into the search form or click on the initial letter of the image characterizing the dream (if you want to get an online interpretation of dreams by letter for free alphabetically).

Now you can find out what it means to see a wife give birth to a boy in a dream by reading below for free interpretations of dreams from the best online dream books of the House of the Sun!

If in a dream you seem to have a boy, this is a sign of future wealth and comfort in life. If a boy was born to someone else, such a dream foreshadows the emergence of selfish interest in your relations with your closest relatives.

A handsome boy with a sweet, intelligent expression on his face is a sign of extraordinary prosperity, happiness and all kinds of benefits. If your boy got sick in a dream, it means that in reality he will always have good health and an excellent appetite.

Seeing a crying boy means that you will have reasons to worry about the state of your financial affairs.

Seeing boys playing predicts an ambivalent situation for you, when to others you will seem better than you really are, but this will not be to your advantage.

A pugnacious, aggressive boy who has offended your child is a sign of impending troubles and an insidious trick that your imaginary friends are preparing for you.

Beating or punishing a boy in a dream is a warning in reality to restrain your feelings in a situation where any inaction is better than any action.

To see a boy hit by a car in a dream means that in reality you will experience fear, fright or anxiety for your family members.

A dead boy in a dream is a sign of deep sadness.

The boy is playing - worry about trifles.

The boy is sleeping - internal doubts make you indecisive.

The boy is studying - you are suffering because of a mistake you made in the past. Imagine that a boy runs away and a girl comes (see Girl). Or the boy is actually a girl in disguise.

Little boy - surprise or unexpected news;

- for a pregnant woman - rapid labor;

- playing with a boy - a bright period begins in your life, very fruitful in spiritual terms and stable in material terms;

- for creative people - a surge of inspiration;

- crying boy - You have to show care and attention towards your family, and especially towards your loved one;

- an unfamiliar boy, and you perceive him as your son - disappointment in love and distrust of members of the opposite sex.

Also see Crying, Children.

For a woman to see a boy: to money and more property.

To see boys fighting - your friends may involve you in a dirty business.

Dream Interpretations about the birth of a girl

Modern dream book

portends happiness, prosperity and well-being, family comfort and peace. Such dreams often occur in women who dream of having a child. The dream is unfavorable for young girls: their reputation will be ruined.

Vanga's Dream Book

predicts pleasant troubles, as well as possible pregnancy for married women. A dream with painful childbirth foreshadows overcoming an intractable situation with a favorable outcome. An easy birth means shifting your problems onto someone else's shoulders. If a dream is seen by an adult woman with a daughter, this image promises a revival of former feelings for her husband.

Freud's Dream Book

states that vision foretells profit. If you put effort into something, you will soon enjoy the fruits of your labors. For single women, the dream promises a meeting with a man, a prosperous relationship and joy.

General value

Giving birth to a boy in a dream means increasing profits, success in business, fulfillment of desires. This symbol means important life events and changes, as well as successful resolution of affairs, liberation from existing difficulties. In this case, the outcome will be positive.

The image of a baby is a positive symbol, foreshadowing joyful events and the possibility of receiving an inheritance. This is also a harbinger of some changes, the imminent onset of a white streak in the dreamer’s life.

If a lonely woman sees a baby, it means that she will soon meet the ideal person who will become her mate for life.

Worth knowing! When reading information about the interpretation of the birth of a baby, you need to take into account your own feelings. What matters here is whether you experience joy from the birth of a child.

The birth of my daughter: what does it mean?

Giving birth to a daughter from her ex-lover in a dream says that in reality the dreamer should behave more restrained and prudently. Painless childbirth means getting rid of an old debt that has been bothering the sleeper for a long time. Painful childbirth indicates the emergence of an ill-wisher, the likelihood of betrayal by a friend.

Such a dream promises a woman an acquaintance with a man with whom she will have an unforgettable romance. It is impossible to say exactly how long this relationship will last, but it will give the dreamer the desired moments of happiness.

Interpretation according to different dream books


The birth of a son predicts a meeting with a man who will later decide your fate. If you don't pay attention now, it may come true soon.

For a man, this is not a very good dream, which demonstrates quarrels with his beloved.


The dream book interprets a favorable change in your life in the coming period when a child appears. This applies to dramatic changes in life circumstances.

This vision prophesies a positive result when passing exams, anticipation of news about receiving an award, and other positive aspects.

The birth of a baby can mean a quick addition to the family. The boy is the continuator of the family, the successor. The mother of such an heir will improve matters in any area.

If you dreamed that your husband was giving birth, this indicates his unwillingness to accept responsibility.

Seeing a dead baby in a dream is the beginning of family problems in reality. There is also a risk of illness in relatives. By bringing negativity during a dream, you may be in a bad mood in life and overcome a groundless feeling of panic.


The dream speaks of getting rid of real difficulties, serious changes in fate. If the birth is difficult, but the outcome is good, the dream indicates the impossibility of any interference with all your endeavors.

If there is no pain and an easy birth, resolving issues will be accompanied by the support of loved ones. There will be relief and complete rest.

Seeing a son being born means expecting a quick improvement in your financial condition. If a friend becomes a mother in your dream, expect interesting news.

Seeing a daughter giving birth means prosperity in the family, the need for funds will go away, and promises unexpected income. Also, such a dream promises her a happy future.

Giving birth to twins is a harbinger of increased expected profits.

Holding a newborn in your arms means actually wanting to get pregnant.

Having seen such a dream, you don’t have to worry about concluding a deal or signing a contract. This will provide you with a stable financial situation.

What do you dream about when a girl appears in reality?

The interpretation of dreams will help not only predict some events in life, but also determine the gender of a woman’s unborn child. When a girl is born, she has dreams with the following plots:

There is a well-known folk sign: “A mole in such a place that you can see it for yourself is for worse, but not visible is for good.” Perhaps it was this folk wisdom that served as the basis for a mole to appear in your dream.

Or maybe a mole appeared in a dream because in real life you were thinking about the symbolic meaning of each mole, because it’s not without reason that people say: “The more moles, the more unhappy and sick a person is” or “A mole on the nose means heart disease.” , “A mole on the back means pneumonia.”

A mole may appear in your dream because in reality you met your relatives.

Looking at a large mole on your body in a dream is a sign that you have a very influential and wealthy relative who is ready to come to your aid at any moment.

If you dreamed that you had moles all over your body, then such a dream is a bad omen. You are facing a misfortune from which you will not be able to recover for a long time.

Perhaps such a dream indicates that you have many relatives with whom you should not forget to maintain relationships.

If you remove a mole from your body medically in a dream, then in real life you will be able to avoid the danger that threatens you and the evil gossip of your ill-wishers.

If you remove a mole yourself, then such a dream suggests that in reality you are only helping to ensure that circumstances are not in your favor and are giving food for gossip to your enemies.

If you dreamed that you had a large mole on your forehead, then in real life you will experience a deterioration in your health. You may get an infection from which you will not be able to recover for a long time. Be careful when communicating with unfamiliar people.

Who dreams

To a woman

For a pregnant woman, this means prosperity and an easy birth.

For a married woman, the dream foreshadows joyful phenomena and a prosperous life. Nothing threatens family happiness. The wife will be happy in marriage.

If you are unmarried, you need to be careful when doing things; often your behavior is assessed by others as immorality.

To a man

The dream may indicate that they have a creative nature and the emergence of interesting ideas. Horizons open up before him, but it is important to listen to his intuition.

It is generally accepted that the birth of a baby in a dream is a favorable phenomenon for men. Also, a large number of children symbolizes good luck. You can expect career advancement, inheritance, income.


Seeing the birth of a girl in your own home

- to a successful solution to problems, a successful combination of circumstances.

Giving birth to a baby in an office building

- an abandoned project unexpectedly comes to fruition. You will receive support, things will go uphill. For female students, the dream foretells good luck in their studies, receiving approval from teachers or the dean's office.

Give birth to a girl in a maternity hospital

- to surprise. In some cases, a dream may foreshadow a real pregnancy, especially on Friday night.

Decoding details

Giving birth to triplets means a promotion or obtaining a leadership position, financial income.

Giving birth to a handsome boy with blue eyes in dreams promises an acquaintance with a young man. If the baby is healthy in a dream, everything in life will change for the better, getting a wonderful job.

Becoming the mother of twins or twins portends a possible addition to the family. These could be children or grandchildren.

If a son is born first in a dream, then a daughter, it means that one can expect an improvement in the material side. When the boy is second, he speaks of gaining wealth and a happy life.

Other people give birth

A mother gives birth to a son - success awaits you, all your plans will soon come true. There will come a favorable period in life when luck turns its face.

If a friend gives birth, good changes will come in her life. This may also concern a personal plan and an imminent pregnancy, which she will soon tell you about. As for the sleeper himself, he urgently needs to take active action.

Watching your sister walk around with a belly or has already given birth means an addition to her family, stabilization in her financial condition.

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