Why do you dream about the funeral of a relative or stranger?

Since ancient times, people have paid special attention to signs that can predict the future. One of these signs was a dream. A funeral is a sad event, and if a person was present at it in a vision, then this may be a warning of danger. And an analysis of the meaning of the day on which the vision occurred, and the opinion of the authors of dream books, will help you understand why you dream about a funeral.

How did this happen?

When interpreting the vision, the dream book considers it necessary to establish the reason why the sister’s death occurred in the dream.

  • Drowned - slander, deception, collapse of dreams.
  • Hanged herself - respect, honor, happiness.
  • Killed - new love, date.
  • Strangled - release from responsibility and worries.
  • Shot - quickly achieving the goal.
  • Stabbed to death - enmity, mistrust.
  • Poisoned - attacks from enemies, bad thoughts.
  • From illness - a successful outcome after waiting.

I dreamed that my sister’s funeral was in a dream

See Sister in a dream

Seeing your sister in a dream means unforeseen difficulties, troubles and worries.
If in a dream you and your sister quarrel, this foreshadows the collapse of all hopes for the future, an unrealistic promise. If you dream that you are saying goodbye to your sister, this means that a period is coming in your life when you can rely solely on your own strengths, without expecting outside help. A dream in which you see your sister dying promises a deterioration in your financial situation. If you see your half-sister in a dream, this means that a period is coming in your life when everyone has a desire to advise you and take an interest in your affairs, and actively interfere in your affairs.

By the way, the famous archaeologist G. Gilprecht for a long time could not read the scattered ancient Sumerian text on two fragments of agate found during excavations. This find was mentioned in the book he had just written and which he was supposed to take to the publisher the next day. However, without deciphering the ancient Sumerian inscription, the text of the book turned out to be incomplete. Therefore, Gilprecht sat in his office until late the day before, unsuccessfully sorting through and comparing various versions of translations of this inscription. The archaeologist did not notice how he dozed off in his chair. In a dream, he saw a middle-aged man wearing ancient Sumerian priestly robes standing next to him. At the sight of this man, Gilprecht was surprised and hastily stood up, but not from the chair, but from some stone step on which he found himself sitting.

The man ordered the archaeologist to follow him, promising to help him. Although the stranger spoke not at all in the ancient Sumerian dialect, but in English, this did not surprise the sleeping Gilprecht at all. The scientist and the priest walked for a short time along a deserted street and passed several huge buildings located quite close to each other. Gilprecht and his strange companion entered one of these massive houses, which seemed larger than the others. They found themselves in some kind of hall with dim lighting. When Gilprecht asked where they were, the guide replied that they were in Nipur, between the Tigris and Euphrates, in the temple of Bel, the father of the gods.

The archaeologist knew about this temple. During the excavations, it was not possible to find the treasury - a room that, as scientists knew, was located at the temple. When the scientist turned to his guide with a similar question, he silently took him to a small room in the depths of the temple. In this room, in a wooden chest, there were several pieces of agate, among which were the two pieces found during the excavations. The priest said that these pieces were parts of a cylinder donated by the temple manager Kurigalzu. The cylinder was sawn to make ear ornaments for a statue of a god, and one piece split. On it were those inscriptions that were part of the whole text. At the request of the archaeologist, the priest read this text, dating back to 1300 BC. e. Gilprecht, who woke up, wrote down his dream and the exact transcript of the text.


Why do you dream about the sudden death of your younger sister? In reality, there is no need to take care of, protect, or teach someone.

Seeing the death of your older sister, on the contrary, in a dream means that you will need protection, support, advice, but for some reason you will not be able to get it.

The dream book reminds you that the sudden departure of a younger sister indicates sudden and dramatic changes in her or your character. In addition, you have to master completely unfamiliar knowledge and qualities.

The influence of the day on sleep

Each day has its own ruler, due to which a certain atmosphere is formed. This means that the events of any day have the characteristics of a planet, star or satellite. The five days began to be ruled by the planets that are located closer to the Sun. The other two are ruled by the central star and the Earth's satellite. And here’s what the funerals seen on a certain day mean:

  • The events of Tuesday have a positive connotation, besides, there is a lot of action on this day and people try to make the most of their energy. This is due to the fact that warlike Mars began to rule the day. And if in a dream a person saw his funeral, then in reality he will face major changes, because of which life will not be the same. Moreover, new opportunities await him, thanks to which he will be able to achieve success in many areas of life. And given the nature of the planet of the ruler, the dreamer will definitely use them and show great activity. In general, dreams on Tuesday come true with a higher than average probability.
  • The fastest planet in the solar system, Mercury, began to rule the environment. She is responsible for information received, communication and business negotiations. In addition, on this day, knowledge is absorbed best. And seeing one’s own funeral in a dream indicates a person’s awareness that he is studying completely unnecessary information, or is doing the wrong thing. This means that he can suddenly change his activities and start everything from scratch. If a stranger was buried, and the weather was good, then the dreamer will have a chance to correct the mistakes that caused the people around him to suffer. Visions for this day come true with a high degree of probability.
  • The largest planet in the solar system began to rule Thursday. Jupiter gives generosity to the events of this day; moreover, visions can speak of a successful combination of circumstances in the future. And seeing your own funeral goes well with the atmosphere of the day, so you can start changing your life for the better, because all the events in reality will contribute to this. For example, a person may be sent for work to a branch of another city or country, where his salary will be higher than his current one. Thus, he will completely change the life around him, and will receive a lot more money.
  • Venus began to rule Friday, which most people associate with a long-awaited day of rest. She is responsible for the manifestation of feelings, reasonable spending of funds and stability in relationships. Visions of this day can tell you how your personal life will develop, or what will happen in the financial sphere. And if a married woman saw her own funeral in a dream, then major changes await her in her personal life, her feelings with her partner will reach a new level. Single representatives of the fairer sex can expect the appearance of a man with whom they will begin a serious relationship. For guys, such a dream promises the emergence of a new source of income. In general, favorable visions of the day come true.
  • The strictest planet began to rule Saturday, a very difficult day for most people. Saturn is responsible for rigor, hard work and patience. And if a person attended his funeral in a dream, then in reality difficulties await him, due to which he will change his life for the better. For example, the dreamer may be reprimanded at work, and at the same time the boss will tell him to do more assignments. Due to this, he will be able to show his patience and hard work, which the bosses will ultimately like, and they will decide to increase your salary. In general, visions for Saturday come true over several years and carry great meaning.
  • The Sun, which gives warmth to everyone, began to rule Sunday. Undoubtedly, most people are waiting for this day, and therefore its events carry a positive meaning. At the same time, the visions for this day are positive and can tell about what will happen in the near future. And if a person attended the funeral of a stranger in sunny weather, then in reality an event will occur that can completely change life. For example, the dreamer may go with friends on another vacation to the countryside. There he will meet a representative of the opposite sex, with whom he will eventually form a serious relationship. That is, during a typical vacation, something new will happen that will change your life.
  • Monday is ruled by the Earth's satellite. Undoubtedly, this day of the week is difficult for many, because after the weekend it is difficult to start working. The moon is by its nature very unstable, so on this day events have a negative connotation. Visions of the day do not come true; they speak of the inner fears of the individual. Dreams seen on this day of the week do not come true and reflect a person’s state of mind. And if a person attended his own funeral, then in reality he is afraid to change something in his life. He is not satisfied with the current state of affairs, and he wants something new, but at the same time he lacks motivation and willpower.


Why do you dream about the unexpected death of your cousin’s sister? The dream book is recommended to prepare for family disagreements, bad but unfounded premonitions.

Seeing the death of your cousin in the night can happen before events during which you realize that you were wrong. Did you dream about your cousin passing away? Get rid of old grudges, gossip, lies.

What does the death of your husband’s sister mean in a dream? There will be a period of calm and understanding in the family. The passing of a husband's relative also indicates aspects of the personality that are high time to get rid of.

Why do you dream about the funeral of a dead person: interpretation of the dream

On the Internet you can find many interpretations about what the funeral of a deceased person may mean in dreams. In most cases, everything depends on the events occurring in the dream, the people in it, as well as the specific dream book, which will certainly have its own opinion about this dream. To understand the interpretations as best as possible, the dreamer should remember every detail and, most importantly, the identity of the one who was in the coffin.

For example, in Miller’s dream book you can find a detailed description of what the funeral of a deceased grandfather, grandmother or other relatives means. It says here that the dreamer needs, immediately after waking up, to analyze all the events occurring in the dream, remember the weather, sounds and specific people. If the ringing of a bell was heard in night vision, this is a bad sign, indicating possible illnesses, failures and other difficulties.

Note! If the funeral process takes place on a sunny day, you won’t have to worry about your health or the health of your loved ones. Who exactly the deceased was also plays a big role. Sometimes, this indicates that the dreamer has not yet coped with his emotions after the loss of a close relative. He might still have questions that can no longer be answered.

Speaking about Vanga’s dream book, the interpretation mainly depends on the deceased. If it was the dreamer himself, you should understand your lifestyle and change it. If the coffin was empty, this indicates that the dreamer feels lonely and empty. When people who have long passed into the next world lie in a coffin, you should figure out exactly what role they played in a person’s life, this is the clue. The images of the dead contain signs and symbols that you should pay attention to in order to avoid mistakes in real life.

Regarding Loff’s dream book, you can find similar interpretations with Miller in it. If the dreamer sees the funeral of a deceased grandmother who died not so long ago, this speaks of his melancholy. The dreamer cannot come to terms with the loss even if he lost a loved one a very long time ago. In real life, in order to no longer see such dreams, a person must let go of the deceased in his thoughts. To begin with, the dream book advises going to the cemetery to see the deceased and sorting out your thoughts there. The grandmother's funeral is a kind of sign that the dreamer already has enough strength to come to terms with this loss.

If the dreamer is looking for an answer to the question of why the funeral of a deceased husband or wife is dreamed of in Tsvetkov’s dream book, here he will find information that night vision symbolizes the successful completion of some important affairs. Seeing this dream does not mean anything bad, other than that, it should not be taken straightforwardly.

If a person is watching the burial process, really experiencing grief, and there are many other people around who are also suffering, this dream can be regarded as a warning. In this case, you need to pay attention to your health. Tsvetkov's dream book says that any deceased person who comes in a dream warns of any important events and gives signs on how to behave in real life in order to avoid mistakes.

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