“Why do you dream of a dead man in a dream? If you see a Dead Man in a dream, what does it mean?

Why do you dream about the Living Dead Man?

Dream interpretation of a living dead man

You didn’t read a thriller before going to bed, didn’t watch a horror movie, but dreamed of a dead man rising from the grave. Why do you dream of a living dead man? The interpretation of such dreams is not very favorable. A sharp deterioration in health, a short-term, fleeting illness is possible.

The main thing you need to remember in such dreams is who the living dead person is to you. I dreamed of a complete stranger - one interpretation, a relative or acquaintance - completely different.

When a corpse dreams of good things

  1. Seeing the corpse of an unfamiliar man or a strange woman means a favorable resolution of a conflict situation at work.
  2. Finding your body in the house and not feeling fear or anxiety is a sign of marriage with your soulmate.
  3. Looking at a decaying body means doing good deeds.
  4. Seeing in a dream many corpses trying to crawl out of a hole and get into an apartment means the appearance of money from an unexpected source.
  5. Kissing a dead person on the lips or touching a dead body means wealth, receiving a valuable gift from your significant other.

Who exactly died?

Much depends on the personality of the deceased in a dream:

  • if the parents died, it means that the sleeping person will soon receive a large sum of money. This could be a generous gift, an inheritance, or even winning the lottery;
  • if you dreamed about the death of a brother or sister, most likely the sleeping person has problems in his relationship with them. Perhaps the dreamer offended them or was too harsh with them. In this case, it is worth trying to restore peace;
  • the death of a friend is a sign of upcoming health problems. Even a disease that seems frivolous at first glance can turn into complications. However, with timely assistance, the disease will quickly recede.

Enormous blood loss during the death of a loved one in a dream predicts family troubles. It is important to remain calm, as any little thing can develop into a serious conflict.

What does the dream warn about?

  1. Seeing a dead body in a bag, a bloody body - to an unhappy marriage, deception on the part of a loved one.
  2. Digging up a dead person from a grave means a hopeless struggle, loss of life guidelines.
  3. Seeing the corpse of an animal in an incomprehensible dream and talking to it means gossip, intrigue, and trials.
  4. Seeing a revived corpse in a dream and trying to help it means internal experiences.
  5. Carrying a dead baby in your arms or doing something with a lifeless baby means a serious illness for the dreamer, or the loss of a loved one due to an accident.

Relative or friend

How to understand the meaning of dreams where the main characters were mother and father? Why see them dead if they are actually alive?

Seeing parents dead in a dream

To see in a dream how your now living acquaintance, brother, friend, father, other relative rises from the coffin at a funeral means for him a long life to a ripe old age, for you it means minor health problems.

It is much worse to see your chosen one in this role. Take this as a signal that it's time to change something in your relationship . After such dreams, you need to add more communication, joy, and try to dispel doubts about fidelity.

  • Your late father spoke to you in a dream - expect interesting news. A deceased mother usually warns her child of impending disaster. If they complain about worn-out clothes, you need to remember them according to Christian custom and give alms to the poor.
  • A deceased relative, father or mother calls you to their place, and you agree - to death. If he tells you not to follow him, but to come back, you will live a long time.
  • The girl saw a vision of her late father, he was crying and upset - it’s worth thinking about your lifestyle and being more strict in choosing a gentleman.
  • The father hugs you - this means that the time has come to resolve a hidden conflict that has been brewing for a long time. Gives money - be careful, he warns about possible financial fraud . You can instantly lose everything you have earned with your sweat and blood.
  • A deceased close relative in a dream warns of impending danger, but is never a bad omen in itself, that’s why he is a relative.

Where did what he saw happen?

Where were you in the dream:

  • in a familiar place - to self-development;
  • in the forest or in an unfamiliar place - to worries about the future;
  • visiting - to betrayal of a friend or girlfriend;
  • on the street - to shame due to incompetence.

Where was the body or bodies located:

  • in water - to an unsuccessful trip for work;
  • in the trunk - to secrets;
  • under the bed - to a nervous breakdown, a visit to a psychiatrist;
  • in the garden - to career growth;
  • in the house - to damage caused by an ill-wisher;
  • in the morgue - to good health;
  • on earth - to spy on the dreamer.

Isaiah 26:19

Let Your dead live, let My slain rise: arise and praise, you who dwell in the dust, for Your dew is the dew of lights, and You will draw the earth of giants into destruction.

While the saints are in labor and give birth to the spirit, and the inhabitants of the earth fall because they have not accomplished salvation on earth, those whom the apostle calls dead in Christ and who were killed for the name of the Lord will rise in glory (1 Thess. 4:14 -17). And since their death is a dream, it is not said, as in LXX, that they will be resurrected, but will rise up and awaken. Therefore, Lazarus, who was about to be awakened, is called by the Lord sleeping (John 11). And so all the martyrs and holy men who shed their blood for Christ, and whose whole life was martyrdom, will arise and awaken, and will praise God their Creator, those who now dwell in the dust, about whom it is written in Daniel: many from those who sleep in the dust of the earth will arise, these into eternal life, and they into everlasting reproach and shame (Dan. 12:2). And from the Evangelist John we read: “The time will come, and now is, when those who are in the tombs will hear the voice of the Son of God, and having heard, they will live, and those who have done good will come forth to the resurrection of life, and those who have done evil to the resurrection of condemnation” (John 5:25, 22, 29).

For the dew of the Lord, surpassing all the herbs of Apollo, about which the fables of the poets speak, will revive the bodies of the dead. And just as dew, after putting seeds into the ground, causes plants to grow little by little and produce a certain kind of fruit, so the dew of the Lord, meaning mercy, will be the dew of very many lights , which in Hebrew is called oroth. The Lord will cast down the earth, that is, the bodies of the Raphaim, that is, the giants and the wicked, to eternal torment. Only LXX translated the wicked instead of Raphaim. And since we read above: the dead will not see life, and doctors will not resurrect, instead of which Aquila and Symmachus translated Raphaim and giants: then we ask what is the reason for such a mistake, that instead of the Hebrew raphaim, some put giants, and others doctors. The Hebrew word raphaim, if after the first letter res has the following ѵаѵ, reads rophaim and means doctors; if it is written without the letter ѵаѵ, then it is read raphaim and translated giants. And at the same time, since he said above: the dead will not see life, then, in order to show more clearly that it is not said there about those who died according to the law of nature and as a result of the separation of the soul from the body, but about those who died as a result of sin, now, on the contrary, he speaks to God : Your dead will live , those killed for You, who are called not generally dead, as the LXX translated, but according to the Hebrew text, where it says leju Metheca, - Your dead.

Interpretation of the book of the prophet Isaiah. Book eight.

For the time is coming in which all who are in the tombs will hear the voice of the Son of God; and they will go out (John 5:28). They will hear with their ears and come out with their feet. Lazarus had already done this before. They will come out of the graves, that is, the dead who were previously laid in the graves will come out and rise from their graves. For the dew which is from God is their medicine. Then what the Lord says through the prophet will be fulfilled: Go, my people, enter your chambers and lock your doors behind you, hide yourself for a moment until the anger passes. Chambers mean coffins, from which, no doubt, what was in them is removed. And they will emerge from their graves like young horses freed from their fetters. Their hearts will rejoice, and their bones will shine like the sun; every face will come before the face of God, and He will command the fish of the sea, and they will vomit up the bones that they have devoured, and He will create joint to joint, bone to bone, and those who sleep in the dust of the earth will awaken. , some for eternal life, others for eternal reproach and shame (Dan. 12:2).

Against John of Jerusalem.

Art. 19-20 We must love that dew about which Moses says: My teaching is like rain, my speech is like dew (Deut. 32:2), and about which Isaiah: Your dead will live, those who are in the graves will rise, and they will rejoice who is on earth. For Your dew is medicine for them.

For as the Lord serves for those who believe in Him as light (John 1:4), the way, the truth (John 14:6), bread (John 6:35), the vine (John 15:5), fire (John 10:11), shepherd (John 1:29), lamb (John 10:7), door (John 10:9), worm (Mark 9:44, 46, 48) and so on, so for us, in need of His mercy and inflamed by the heat of sins, He turns into dew, about which Isaiah says: For Your dew is a medicine for them.

Commentaries on the minor prophets.

What was the corpse like in the dream?

How many were dead?

  • one - to minor troubles in all areas;
  • two - to sign the deal;
  • three - to a noisy party with friends;
  • a lot - to communicate with law enforcement officials.

Who did you see:

  • child - to the conception of a baby for a woman or temporary poor health;
  • for an adult - to get rid of one’s own fears and engage in spiritual practices;
  • animal - to philanthropy, opening your own profitable business.

Who was the dead man to the dreamer:

  • brother - to sudden news from another city;
  • sister - to closer communication with a loved one;
  • soulmate - for marriage or a romantic date;
  • mother - to longing for a loved one;
  • father - to have a pet at home;
  • daughter - to worry about the future;
  • son - to problems at work.

What was the dead man like?

  • decomposed - to the theft of a valuable item, loss of property;
  • without a head - to serious problems with internal organs, cancer;
  • a disfigured dismembered corpse in a dream - to loss of work, discord in the family or relationships;
  • black - to rash actions;
  • smelly - to a lack of feeling of security, stress and mania of persecution;
  • burned - to suffering, death of a loved one;
  • bloody - to participate in an important competition.

What did the inanimate person do:

  • lying in the bathroom - to payback for the dreamer’s actions;
  • sitting in the car - for a trip, a long-awaited vacation;
  • lying on the road and asking for help - for health, well-being, longevity;
  • he was almost completely covered in snow and was unable to get out of the trap - unfortunately with a loved one or the dreamer himself;
  • lay in the river and suddenly came to life - a long farewell to an elderly man;
  • talked to the dreamer - to the need to forgive the enemy;
  • attacked the sleeping person and threatened with violence - to the violation of oaths and promises to his wife or husband.

Which part of the inanimate body attracted attention:

  • the head of a corpse - to heartfelt experiences;
  • legs - for long-term work on oneself;
  • hands - to participate in a profitable business, receive a large sum;
  • language - to talk with superiors;
  • fingers - to create something new, attend classes to improve your body.

Why do people dream about the dead alive?

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A dream in which the dead dream of being alive is interpreted as a warning about something, about receiving news. After such a dream, you still shouldn’t be afraid. The dreamer must steadfastly face either troubles face to face, or, conversely, a prediction of a happy life.

Much depends on who the dead man in the dream was, what he was talking about, what his wishes were, his mood, and in accordance with this, draw certain conclusions for yourself.

If a deceased person, who was disliked during his lifetime, appears alive in your dream, then be careful in communicating with friends, in real life they can drag you into some unpleasant affairs, as a result of which you may incur waste.

Miller's interpretation

The famous dream interpreter Gustav Miller believed that a dream in which the dead were seen alive announced confusion in our affairs. It is possible that problems requiring material investments will return. However, if the revived dead person was dear to us in real life, and friendly in a dream, then there is no need to be sad.

Miller wrote in his dream book that seeing a dead person dead for the second time in a dream means that an acquaintance with the same name will die.

If the deceased was your boss and dreamed of being alive with claims, then in reality conflict situations can arise out of the blue, things will be difficult to resolve.

Opinions of other interpreters

A dream in which you see a dead person, first of all, may be due to the fact that you think a lot about this person and miss him. There is another version: our ancestors said that dreams of dead people indicate changes in weather conditions.

Why do people dream of the dead alive, according to Longo’s dream book: the dead appear in dreams as a sign of dramatic changes that promise many problems and trials. In addition, this dream may mean that distant relatives are looking for you.

Simply hearing the voice of the deceased in a dream, according to Vanga, does not rule out the possibility of illness. If the dreamer calls you to come to him, but you did not follow him, you will avoid serious health problems.

Relation degree

Grandmother. In dreams where the main character is a deceased grandmother, there is a hidden meaning of wisdom and warning about something. Most often, it can warn of the onset of illness or major family changes. For example, an unmarried girl dreams of her deceased grandmother being alive and joyful, then she will soon marry a fairly rich, wealthy man, and she will be lucky in love.

A deceased beloved grandmother living in a dream is a positive phenomenon. But don't forget about the little things. If in a dream you have a pleasant conversation with your grandmother or receive certain gifts from her, then you should not worry.

In this case, you can expect a measured, calm life. However, if your grandmother was not happy, then in reality you are doing things that will not lead to anything good.

After such a dream, it is worth analyzing what is wrong in your life.

In addition, do not forget that if you dream of a grandmother, this is, first of all, a feeling of guilt in front of this loved one. But the grandmother can also dream of various relatives. Here you just need to look at the details.

Grandfather. When you dream of a deceased grandfather alive, it means that he is in a hurry to give you a hint during his lifetime. If he is happy, then joyful events will happen in your life; if he is frowning and anxious, failures in business, at work and with health are possible.

Mother. It is believed that even in dreams, a deceased mother takes special care of us. It is important to hear and remember her warnings and wishes. When we kiss a dead mother in a dream, this means mutual forgiveness of all grievances.

If you dream of your dead mother being alive, but sick or wounded, then she warns of some kind of trouble. After such a dream, be more careful with your health at work. If you dreamed that your dead mother was alive, kind and affectionate, it means that everything in your life will be fine. However, a mother who is offended by you in a dream suggests that you need to reevaluate your priorities and pay attention to your lifestyle.

Brothers and sisters. The dream interpretation of a deceased brother being alive in a dream tells us that someone will ask us for help or someone will need advice.

At the same time, it is better not to refuse to provide assistance; dream books recommend taking actions as requested, and they will be rewarded a hundredfold. This dream also foreshadows large financial waste.

In any case, after such a dream, it is necessary to make a memorial and go to church to light a candle for the repose of the soul of the deceased.

If a deceased sister is alive in a dream, then pay attention to the degree of relationship. The interpretation of the dream depends on this.

But sister, this is a bright image that may reflect the presence of worries about loved ones. Some say that when any woman dreams, this is the possible appearance of a rival in real life.

In some cases, you may dream about your sister before you are given an expensive gift.

Other relatives. We often take pictures of long-dead relatives. This always brings unnecessary worries. After such dreams, a nervous day is guaranteed. Basically, you dream of dead people alive only when they want to warn you about something or reassure you. However, everything depends on various small details of the dream and personal relationships with the deceased relative during life.

Why do you dream about a dead mother-in-law? First of all, you need to evaluate your personal relationship with your spouse’s mother.

For example, for those who got along with their mother-in-law during her lifetime, this is a pretty good sign that symbolizes help from above.

For those who were at enmity with their husband’s mother in reality and felt hostility towards her - if your mother-in-law cries or suffers in a dream, then in reality only joy awaits you. If he is happy and laughing, then trouble awaits you.

I dreamed about a deceased aunt - this is a standard phenomenon that precedes the appearance of unexpected troubles or guests. If she is upset, then the imminent death of a non-close relative is possible. If she's having fun, then you're in for some minor troubles that don't deserve attention. If you saw her from the outside, then minor family troubles await you.

At the same time, if you dreamed that your deceased uncle was alive, then most likely you will experience discord in the family. At the same time, the dream book ambiguously interprets the appearance of a pregnant aunt. In this case, you need to wait for something that will greatly surprise you.

As you understand, there can be many interpretations. It all depends on many small details. But all the dream books say that if relatives come in a dream, then this is a warning about something. The closer the connection with the dead was during life, the more truthful the information they convey in a dream.

Articles that can complement the meaning of sleep:

Emina Vladova.

Miller's Dream Book

The psychologist suggested that the virtual resurrection was a warning. Moreover, the essence of this depends on the figure of the revived person, family ties, mood and feelings of the dreamer. Miller interpreted the following stories:

  1. The late father turned out to be alive - the enemies were hiding. They are just waiting for the right moment to attack.
  2. If the priest has long since passed away, then the dream prophesies business failures, problems, and losses.
  3. Dad died recently, 40 days have not passed yet - the interpretation is not so pessimistic. His soul flew to his daughter and son to say goodbye. After all, for the first forty days she is still close to her loved ones.
  4. Mom appeared at home as if there was no funeral or coffin - it is necessary to control negative emotions. A caring parent always warns of impending terrible mistakes. In anger, you can push away your soul mate, and then regret it for the rest of your life.
  5. The deceased mother is crying - you will soon get sick.
  6. If your brother or cousin or male friend has come to life, then look around. There is a person nearby who needs your help. Support the weak, it will pay off handsomely.
  7. A widow dreams of making love with her late husband - her lonely lot will soon change. The forecast is valid when the dreamer experienced pleasant sensations. Otherwise, a woman needs to behave more strictly. There are black rumors about her.
  8. The older generation (grandparents) comes to dreams as guidance. They use words or behavior to point out mistakes. For example, a grandfather sits at the table and makes something - leave the fun. You have completely forgotten about work. My granddaughter dreamed of her grandmother cleaning her room, which means that the girl should give preference to neatness, dress up, and embellish herself. From heaven the old woman can see that fate is on the threshold.
  9. If they came together, there will be a loss in the family. The elders meet the deceased.
  10. Miller deciphered the mood of the revived dead man as follows:
  11. If he is not only alive, but also young and happy, it means that the dreamer has become the object of close attention of a bad person. The plot prophesies shame for the girl, and losses for the man.
  12. A conversation with the resurrected is a symbol of a certain promise. It is you who must give it to the spirit in order to fulfill it and get rid of severe grief.

Failed funeral

Sometimes in a dream you happen to again find yourself at the funeral of a deceased and buried person. With the difference that in night dreams the funeral ceremony has to be interrupted for the reason that the deceased has come to life. Interpreting why such an emotional symbol is dreamed of, Zhou-Gong’s dream book promises news from the past that will literally make the dreamer happy.

If you dreamed that a dead person came to life right at the funeral, and you were lucky enough to see in a dream how this miracle happened, the Ancient Dream Interpreter promises a change in the weather.

Loff's dream book says that a dead man resurrected in a coffin appears in a dream in order to finally resolve a long-standing hidden conflict between people close to him during his lifetime. What you dreamed about serves as a reminder that the “bad world” cannot last forever; someday the time will come to sort things out.

When you dreamed that a deceased person in a coffin opens his eyes, thanks to some of your manipulations, Tsvetkov’s prediction warns that your life will change dramatically for the better.

Dream Interpretation: Why do you dream of a dead person alive or in a coffin?

Why do you dream about a Dead Man in a dream?

  • According to the dream book, you dream of a Dead Man alive and talking - such a dream warns you of troubles that will arise on your life path. What was discussed in the conversation with the deceased? This dream will give you the answer to the question of which area to expect problems from.
  • Why dream of a dead person being alive and talking to him in a dream - a new period will begin in your life. You can quit your job or break off a relationship that has been bothering you, in any case, changes await you.
  • A revived dead man means a long and eventful life awaits you.
  • Why do you dream of a living dead person visiting you - if the living dead person is in your house and he is someone you know - then you are simply yearning for this person in real life.
  • Why dream that a dead person gives money or something else - this person, if he is your friend, wants you to repeat his fate. If he gives you some advice, you should remember them and listen to them.
  • A deceased person gives gifts in a dream - the interpretation of the dream depends on the thing you received from him as a gift.
  • Deceased relatives dream of being alive and are called with them - to illness, possibly death. Walking after the dead, kissing them, hugging them - the same thing.
  • Why do you dream about dead relatives being alive ? These people want to support you, and you may start to succeed in something. You will receive spiritual help and support. However, it is possible that you simply miss these people, so you see them alive in your dreams and talk to them.

Russian folk dream book

In a dream, what does a Dead Man dream about:

Interpretation of the dream by the dream book: Deceased person - Tragic expectations in life, hidden subconscious fears. To see a living person as a dead person, either to the fear of loss, or to a hidden desire for death for this person. Seeing a dead person alive speaks of your feelings of guilt towards this person.

Dream book of the writer Aesop

What does a dead man mean in the dream book?

If you dream of seeing a Dead Man in a dream, this symbol has different meanings. Usually, if the deceased does not ask for anything and does not show dissatisfaction, does not make any complaints, then the dream means a change in the weather.

To dream that people are condemning someone who is lying in a coffin means trouble; prepare for conflict with your superiors; to a quarrel with neighbors or strangers. Seeing a person who died long ago in a dream as if he were still alive means a change in the weather.

Seeing a person whose pale appearance closely resembles a dead person is a sign of illness; to a conversation with a friend who has serious problems; to meet with older people.

Dream book of esotericist E. Tsvetkova

Dream Interpretation: What does a dead person mean?

Deceased - For rain, changes in weather; outside the coffin - a guest.

Dream Interpretation of Prince Zhou-Gong

Seeing a Dead Man in a dream

  • Dead man - The dead man is crying. - Portends a squabble, a quarrel.
  • You see a dead man standing - portends great trouble.
  • The dead man collapses with tears. - Portends prosperity.
  • The dead man comes to life. - Foretells news, a letter.
  • You see another person or yourself dead. - Fortunately.
  • You see your son dead. - There will be a joyful event with an addition.
  • You see your dead ancestors, respectable people. - Great happiness.
  • You accept condolences from other people. - It foreshadows the birth of a son, according to the dream book this dream is deciphered.

Modern dream book

If you dream of a Dead Man, what does this mean these days?

According to the dream book, what does a Dead Man dream about – Health and longevity, weather change

Dream Interpretation of the Apostle Simon the Canaanite

Seeing a Dead Man in a dream

In a dream, why do you dream about seeing a dead person in a dream - Health, longevity

How did you behave in the dream?

What did you do in your dream:

  • decided to hide a corpse in a dream - to strange offers at work, dishonest deals;
  • tried to bury a lifeless body - to troubles and unpleasant conversations with relatives;
  • they began to cut up a dead person - in preparation for the funeral;
  • began to carry and move an inanimate person - to receive unpleasant news from afar;
  • they began to burn evidence and the dead man - to receive an inheritance from a distant relative;
  • tried to walk over the corpses and rejoiced - to an unexpected meeting with old friends;
  • they began to throw away parts of a dead person’s body - a change in weather conditions, a severe migraine.

How the dream ended:

  • the dreamer left, leaving mountains of corpses behind him - to the resolution of all conflict situations;
  • I had to bury a corpse in a dream myself without the help of family and friends - to buy a home or a car;
  • to see an accident with corpses in a dream and participate in a traffic accident - to a long journey;
  • naked corpses moved away from the scene and left the dreamer alone - for a blind date;
  • someone else's corpse in a dream tries to attack the sleeping person, lures him into a trap, but to no avail - means the need to be vigilant;
  • finding a corpse in a dream and trying to solve a murder using old things and evidence means interesting adventures arranged by your significant other;
  • to see terrible corpses of people in a dream and not feel regret - to a persistent emotional state, organizing a charity evening.


In your life you have never seen this person, he is not familiar to you, you were not at his funeral, but according to the dream version you are sure that he died and then came to life. Depending on how he behaved after the resurrection, the interpretation of such dreams depends.

A dead man in a dream wants to get out of the coffin

  • If you dreamed of a dead man asking you to help him get out of the coffin, a slander campaign has been launched against you, they want to completely discredit you in the eyes of others.
  • Seeing zombies in a dream means your deepest fears and complexes have come to life, you live in anticipation of stress. Someone is trying to influence you, to reprogram your psyche. Try to exclude such people from your circle of friends and reduce their influence to zero.
  • Did you dream that you were attacked by zombies thirsting for your blood? The dream book warns of danger - expect troubles in your personal and public life.
  • Try not to enter into dialogue with the dead man. There is a belief that during a conversation he can steal your soul and you will die. Don’t give him anything, don’t give him anything - along with the gift you risk giving away your health.

Behavior of the living dead

The interpretation of dreams depends on the behavior and mood of a person who actually died a long time ago, and you saw him alive. How did he behave after the resurrection?

Emotions of the deceased

How did he react to your meeting? Are you happy or, on the contrary, sad? Or maybe he just ignored your attention?

I dreamed of a peaceful deceased person

Peace and tranquility are the key to your well-being. Feel free to go ahead with your long-planned major purchase, and you won’t have to regret it later.

  • An angry, angry deceased - a conflict situation awaits you, which will lead to sad consequences. The family will be teetering on the brink of a break; a quarrel with your boss or a person on whom you are financially dependent is real.
  • Actions of the deceased

    I happened to see in a dream various actions and manipulations that were not characteristic of a dead body. Seers give certain interpretations.

  • To see a dead person eating with appetite - the first signs of an insidious ailment make themselves felt. See a doctor so you don't regret it later.
  • If you dreamed that a dead man was crawling out of a coffin - expect uninvited but dear guests, he simply comes to life - you will receive news or a letter.
  • It moves, tries to turn around - you are in real danger. If you help him, then a relapse of the old disease will remind you of itself.
  • The dead man cried - a quarrel, a domestic conflict is inevitable. Try to control your emotions; you are often tormented by unreasonable fears.
  • At a funeral he rises from the coffin - the long-awaited changes in your life will not come.
  • The corpse smiled at you - you yourself do not suspect that you live in an atmosphere of deception. In time you will figure it all out. Sticking out your tongue - your happiness rests on deception and therefore will not last long.
  • Shakes his fist and swears - you will debunk all your romantic misconceptions.
  • A decomposed corpse enters the room - to gain peace of mind and tranquility.

If you saw someone you know die?

Often such a dream plunges people into shock. However, there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of here, since this dream does not bode well. On the contrary, it predicts a long and prosperous life. In addition, this dream will help the sleeper understand his true attitude towards an acquaintance who dreamed of being dead.

Such a dream can predict a meeting with this person in reality. It may also indicate the completion of a certain stage in life.

Mostly these are memories related to work. A friend symbolizes something very personal for the sleeper.

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