Why see a star falling? Falling star. And now I will share what Irina told me during the consultation

July 8, 2022 Many peoples have a belief that associates shooting stars with the fulfillment of wishes.

Once you see a falling star cutting through the night sky with its fiery tail, you must immediately make a cherished wish and wait for it to come true.

So, “If you see a falling star, make a wish, and it will come true if you manage to do it before the star falls.”

Where did this sign come from?

Before answering this question, it is simply necessary to make two points!

First, let us remind you that real stars do not fall from the sky. And what are called falling stars are meteors, that is, small cosmic bodies that burn up as they fall to the ground.

Secondly, having time to make a wish while a star is falling is an almost impossible task! The meteor's visible fall lasts about a second. During this time, you can only notice him. And one second is clearly not enough to remember a wish, and even have time to make it!”

The sign of shooting stars and making wishes appeared in ancient times. The starry sky has always attracted people; it was presented as a symbol of the universe, the world of spirits and gods, which should be treated with respect and reverence. It is absolutely clear that many signs and mysteries have appeared related to stars, especially falling ones. Independently of each other, peoples of different continents and cultures often connected the stars with human souls. In some legends, a shooting star is a soul that flies from the sky to inhabit a newborn child. In others, the shooting star is, on the contrary, the soul of a just deceased person, which has left his body and flies to the world of spirits.

When you stand in front of something great and huge, you are tempted to ask him for something. If you want to ask, wait for the signal, the stars themselves will give it to you if the time has come and if they themselves want it.

How to recognize the signal? Folk tradition also gives advice here: if you really want a wish to come true, make it when a star falls, and it will come true. A falling star connects Heaven and Earth, personifying their union. It is at this moment that you want to ask the universe to fulfill your desire. And this is not so easy, you have to work, you have to peer into the sky for a long time, you have to forget about the bustle for a long time, and, therefore, you have time to think well.

It is somewhat similar to prayer or deep concentration. You are alone with the sky - the universe and... with your desire. You are so focused, so concentrated on your desire that all your energy, all your strength is directed towards its fulfillment. Such a powerful message may well be successful.

What’s especially interesting here is that in that split second in which a star falls, you won’t have time to come up with something new

wish. You will wish for the first thing that comes, which has long been ripe, ready, and therefore this is your true desire. So it turns out that from your subconscious you bring your true desire to the surface.

However, in order for the wish to be fulfilled exactly and without delay, certain simple conditions must be met.

Prepare in advance

There is nothing more annoying than not having time to make a wish at the sight of a falling star, or hastily wishing something that is not what you need. A falling star appears in the sky for about one second, but appears suddenly, so prepare your wish in advance, which you will entrust to the starry sky. Imagine in advance how your desire will come true, give free rein to your imagination and do not limit yourself in ways to achieve what you want. Imagine, dream and meditate. The brighter your mental picture is, the more likely you are to remember your cherished desire the moment you see a shooting star.

Comets and meteorites

Such prophetic signs as comets and meteorites stand apart. At all times, their appearance in the sky was associated with subsequent misfortunes - wars, pestilence, etc.

In 837, a comet brought unspeakable horror to Louis the Meek, who died 2 years later at the sight of a solar eclipse.

In 1264, a comet preceded the death of Pope Urban IV.

In 1456, Pope Callistus cursed a comet that appeared with a specially written prayer.

The famous Comet Halley, which swept over Europe in 1686, became a harbinger of epidemic diseases...

The same goes for meteorites. In Rus', a meteorite falling to the ground has always been considered an evil spirit visiting a widow at night.

They say that in this case the “fiery serpent” took the form of her ex-husband. The poor woman was getting used to the idea that her husband was still alive; she wasted away, lost weight, and eventually lost her mind.

That is why pious people, when they saw a meteorite, shunned and said: “Amen, amen, crumble!”

State your goal clearly

A lot has already been written about this, but it makes sense to repeat it again: in order for a wish to come true, it must be formulated extremely clearly and concisely. You dream of improving your financial situation and wish to “have a lot of money.” With a high degree of probability, such a wish will not come true - it is too abstract and incomprehensible. It is worth reworking it into a more specific formulation “find an additional source of income within two months”, and it will begin to materialize in reality. The more precise your desire, the easier it will be to translate it into reality.

Know your limits

Summer starfalls are especially generous with meteor showers, and sometimes in just one hour you can see a couple of dozen shooting stars. But this does not mean that you should have a lot of desires on hand. It's quality that matters here, not quantity.

, and the fewer wishes you make, the more of them will come true.

Ideally, it is best to limit yourself to one or two desires. At the end of the star rain, when you return to your daily activities, you should not have any confusion in your wishes and you should clearly remember the wording of the desire that you “entrusted” to the star flying across the night sky. An abundance of desires, or just one, but conceived in different ways, can simply give you a feeling of confusion - this is how your most secret dreams are “lost.”

Attention to the signs of Fate

After making a wish, there is a great temptation to simply wait to see how your plans will come true. And at this stage, most people experience the greatest disappointment - despite the energetically intense moment of watching a falling star, the desire is in no hurry to be fulfilled. Several months have already passed, and things are still not improving, the coveted salary increase is not in sight, and the prince on a white horse is not yet knocking on your door.

And the whole point is that after a wish has been made, Fate sends you opportunities to make it come true. And these opportunities need to be seen, since they often pass unnoticed or even take the form of obstacles. So, having made a wish, be attentive to the signs of Fate and do not miss new opportunities.

Learn to let go of your desires

Perhaps the most difficult thing in making wishes on falling stars is to be able to let go of your plans and not “cling” to what you have entrusted to the summer starfall. If you have clearly and meaningfully formulated your desire and are ready to implement your plans, then you should not “check” every day whether your desire has come true or not.

By making a wish, you have demonstrated your intentions and willingness to work towards achieving your plans, so be prepared to work in the intended direction, and not to passively wait for your dream to come true.

The algorithm for success in this case is extremely simple: they made a wish, let it go, and began work on realizing the plan.

Set realistic deadlines

The folk wisdom “they wait three years for what was promised” in this case is not empty words, but an illustration of a typical incorrectly formulated desire.

Indicate the time frame within which you want to get what you have planned, just don’t get carried away and set a realistic time frame.

Losing weight by half in three months is a deliberately unsuccessful task, and if it is implemented, it will probably be harmful to your health. But the phrase “I want to get married” won’t really lead to anything either. You can get married within a year, or you can get married in ten years. So set deadlines and it is advisable to wish for something that can actually come true within a year.

If you have a larger goal, then you should “break it down” into smaller dreams and make plans to realize them. This way, you are more likely to move towards your main dream and will not stretch out the process of realizing your plans for many years.

Falling stars can really make your wish come true, because at this moment your intention connects with the powerful energy of the meteorite shower. But in order for your wish to come true and bring you a feeling of harmony and happiness, you need to prepare for this event and correctly formulate your cherished dream, having time to make and release your wish in a split second. So get ready to make your wishes properly! based on materials from allforchildren.ru, astro7.ru

Since ancient times, there has been such a sign that if you make a wish on a falling star, it will certainly come true.

Have you ever made a wish on a falling star? No?

And I made a wish. In distant childhood, in a pioneer camp, on a warm August night. Then we were children and believed in miracles. Therefore, we sat and, holding our breath, watched the starry sky.

We were waiting for a starfall... And it happened.

Falling sparks flashed across the sky. It was so bewitchingly beautiful and so fast that my desire disappeared somewhere. Or rather, in that miraculous moment I forgot what I wanted to ask my star. I was simply speechless with delight - they were really falling...

But I still remember the feeling of touching something mysterious and incredibly beautiful - a bright falling star in the night sky.

So where did this sign come from and why does the belief live in us that a wish made on a falling star will definitely come true?

Our ancestors fell prostrate before the starry sky. They were sure that the stars are the souls of dead people who look at us and help us if we really ask. Behind every person stands his clan, and the power of the clan is enormous, it is supported by every member of it that has ever lived. That's why they bowed to the stars.

Dream with a Shooting Star according to the Love Dream Book

Bright, large - always a favorable sign, symbolizing the finest hour. One star is a guide. Constellation - happiness in the game. Seeing the evening stars appear one after another is a longing for your beloved (beloved). Several large stars in the sky mean honor and glory. A shooting star means the fulfillment of a hope or wish in a year. A starry sky with numerous twinkling stars is a sign of health and prosperity. I dream of stars in the night sky, which appear and disappear - strange and wonderful changes. A five-pointed star on shoulder straps means a military career. Drawing stars means believing in your destiny. Starfall symbolizes promising things. Everything you have in mind will be fulfilled easily and quickly, any business will be sure and profitable.

Sign. Make a wish on a falling star.

And there was such a belief that if a star falls, God sends a special soul to earth, which carries enormous power. At this moment God is generous and merciful. It is at this moment that a corridor of communication with the universe, with your family, opens.

It is precisely at this moment when a star is flying and you need to be able to make your deepest wish, be able to concentrate on it and throw your message into the sky.

But this is not so easy to do. Everything happens very quickly, almost instantly. And if you have time, your family will definitely hear you and help you accomplish your plans.

Now I understand that there are no shooting stars, that they are just falling flaming meteors.

But I believe very strongly in the power of my kind. I know for sure that all my ancestors see me, know everything about my life and try to help me if possible.

And that is why, like in childhood, every year in August I wait for my starfall and for that one star that will still be able to convey my sincere gratitude to my distant ancestors.

Try to believe in this sign, in the power of a falling star. After all, our desire is prayer and gratitude to our family.

I am always glad to see you on the pages of the site

Even modern people who consider themselves non-superstitious, knowing that a shooting star is just a meteorite, try to make a wish in time.

After all, to see a falling star, according to signs

many peoples - fortunately. And for the omen to come true, you should immediately make a wish.

But for our ancestors, such a heavenly phenomenon caused a mystical awe, which could not help but become the basis for the emergence of many superstitions.

And if the most famous modern sign about a falling star has a positive meaning, then our ancestors did not always interpret this amazing spectacle in a positive way.

Seeing a shooting star - signs of our ancestors

As our ancestors believed, every person on Earth has his own patron in the sky, his own star. People, looking at the night sky, wondered which bright point represented their patron.

And if it happened that a falling star burned out in the sky, then beliefs considered such an event as a sign of the imminent death of a person who saw his patron star falling.

But even those who did not choose an asterisk for themselves could receive a negative sign from heaven. Illness and trouble were foreshadowed by a dot falling to the left of the person looking at the sky.

Although, if you turn in time in the other direction, so that the shooting star is behind your right shoulder, you can smooth out the negative signs and win over Fate.

A similar sign

As soon as we see a shooting star, we immediately make a wish. But do stars really fall? And what would happen if this happened? Is such a phenomenon possible in zero gravity conditions?

In fact, this is just a beautiful expression that does not reflect reality at all. In such cases, we see an optical phenomenon that is caused by meteorite showers entering the atmosphere. Most often, the phenomenon can be observed during the period from August 12 to 14 annually in the northern latitudes of our country. The meteor shower is called the Perseid.

Starfall as a phenomenon

What does it mean to see a shooting star?

Seeing a shooting star is a good omen. But the belief will bring good luck only if the necessary conditions are met. A person must have time to make a wish very quickly, before the object burns out.

When celestial bodies change their position, there is a mystical explanation for this. Court astrologers often read fortunes by the stars, predicting the fate of noble people, cities and even entire states. Falling luminaries, according to the ancestors, disturbed the harmonious celestial landscape. People considered this phenomenon a bad sign. The worst meaning of the sign, if a person notices a fallen star, is death.

Other interpretations of beliefs about falling luminous points:

  • bad news that will lead to grief and loss;
  • an asterisk flew from the right - a good sign, from the left - to adversity;
  • imminent birth of a child;
  • the favor of higher powers who are ready to fulfill any desire.

Signs about starfalls seen during sleep have interesting interpretations.

  1. If the sky is clear, all endeavors will be successful.
  2. The weather was cloudy with lightning or thunderstorms - an important stage of life is ending, which will be accompanied by a number of difficult trials. It is worth noting that such a phenomenon as a rainbow also represents the end of a difficult life period.
  3. If a starfall occurs during the day, expect changes that will affect work.

Signs of our ancestors

Our ancestors believed that each person has his own heavenly patron, that is, a star. People looked up, chose a celestial body and imagined how a bright point would protect them from any adversity.

Pointing your finger at a star is a bad sign. The finger will dry out or remain elongated forever.

The Slavs believed that a falling luminary was a harbinger of death.
There is also a belief that these are the souls of the dead who return to earth to be reborn. Also, birds (sparrows or titmouses) that fly to look through your window are often associated with the souls of the dead. Residents of the Middle East considered the falling celestial body to be a spacecraft. God sends the ship so that man does not try to get into the heavenly domains of higher powers.

Seeing a shooting star in reality is a sign of imminent change

Each person has his own heavenly patrons. Among other things, these are the stars that determine fate from birth to death. They are beautiful and unshakable, they always remain in their place, predetermining the thoughts and actions of people. At least that's how it should be. But sometimes something happened that went beyond understanding, and a shooting star burned out in the sky - signs said that such a miracle promised premature death to the person who saw it.

The situation was considered especially dangerous when a fiery spark moved across the dark sky to the left of the beholder. However, one could try to cheat fate. To do this, the person had to instantly orient himself and turn so that the shooting star would melt somewhere behind his right shoulder.

To be fair, it must be said that “personal” omens were not in use among all nations. Some ancient tribes believed that burning heavenly sparks were the souls of dead people returning to earth to find a new life. One could only wish them good luck and once again remember their own deceased relatives.

Sources of shooting stars

Individual meteorites are found at any time of the year. This is due to the fact that some random cosmic body was captured by the magnetic field of our (and any other) planet. Another thing is massive meteorite attacks (as falling stars are called differently, we have already found out).

Astronomers have established for sure that rain from falling stars only gives birth to comets. This cosmic phenomenon itself consists of a solid body (usually ice, but there are also rocky versions; although even comets made of ice contain solid inclusions). When a comet approaches a star whose temperature is off the charts, the ice evaporates, taking with it the solid components of the nucleus. The tail is made up of microscopic dust particles carried away by what is called the “solar wind.” Larger (and, accordingly, heavier) pebbles cannot be blown away by the wind. As a result, they create a donut around the celestial body, called a “torus” by astronomers. And if the said donut falls into the gravitational field of the planet, we have star rain.

Why August?

What’s most interesting is that the August “star showers” ​​come regularly from year to year. Astronomers agree on why stars fall in August and not in other months. They believe that the culprit is the tail of Comet Swift-Tuttle, through which the Earth is passing at exactly this time. What is good about this particular starfall? Because it is accessible to anyone, you don’t need any special equipment, and it doesn’t matter where you are on the planet. It is clearly visible, and this pleases ordinary people, and not just astronomers.

When you can't look at the sky without seeing a shooting star

In Rus' there were also strict rules that prohibited looking at the sky on March 5 (on the day of Leo of Katansky) and on July 28 (on the day of Kirik and Ulita). According to signs, to see a shooting star these days

, - to the loss of one of your close relatives.

In addition, having accidentally seen a starfall in the sky these days, our ancestors said: “A maniac is flying.” This was due to the belief that the souls of sinners or damned people cannot stay in heaven until they are forgiven, and fall down.

Our ancestors associated the very word “maniac” with Manya or Mana, a mythical entity - an ugly-looking old woman who killed her own son, and for this is doomed to wander the world forever, not knowing peace.

Dreamed of Falling Stars: interpretation of the Angelic Dream Book

Stars usually symbolize hope, desires or ambitions. Why do you dream: In real life, are you reaching for the stars? Do you know someone who is a star to you, perhaps because of their strength or resilience? If you dream about a certain star, what does it mean to you? Perhaps among your loved ones there is a North Star around which your whole life revolves? Sirius, the dog star, is the brightest in the sky - maybe this reminds you of someone? A happy dream about piloting a spaceship on an interplanetary journey combines excitement, a little fear, and the joy of expanding your horizons. Or, if you were forced to go on a journey, are you afraid of change, do you feel that someone or something is taking control of your life? See also Space travel, Aliens.

Seeing a shooting star is a good omen

Where then did the sign come from about a wish that will come true if you manage to make it before the star melts in the sky?

The ancient Slavs believed that such a phenomenon, seen on ordinary days, is the soul of a deceased person who returns to earth to help his descendant. It was precisely to him that he had to convey his deepest desire.

The wish will definitely come true, but it had to be formulated in advance and pronounced very clearly.

Whether this is true or not - everyone decides for himself. Perhaps self-hypnosis is working. But one conclusion is still worth drawing.

You need to live in such a way that you do not turn into dust after death, but become a star, albeit not in the sky, and not a real one, but one that will remain in the memory of posterity for a long time.

The end of each summer

marked by a magnificent and unsurpassed in its beauty event: a starfall. Anyone can watch it and there is hardly a person who will remain indifferent to this spectacle.

What do the legends say?

Since ancient times, a huge number of signs and superstitions have been associated with the fall of a star. Perhaps even a child knows that when a star falls, you need to make your deepest wish, and it will definitely come true. An ancient legend says that every person has his own star. It lights up in the sky when a person is born, and after his death, it hastens to fall to the ground and go out. At this moment, she fulfills any wish made by a person. If a person did not have time to make a wish, it means that he does not want something too much, or his wish simply will not come true.

According to another legend, a shooting star is an angel who hurries to Earth to give a soul to a newly born person. The stars meant souls that did not have a body; falling to the ground, they found one.

In ancient times, people believed that falling stars were arrows of the Gods who were at war with evil forces. Every nation has its own superstitions associated with a falling star. So, Muslims personified it with an evil enemy, the Slavs believed that a falling star meant death, and in the Scandinavian countries it was a forgiven soul. In addition, there is a sign that when a person sees a shooting star, he will get sick and never get better.

Scientific point of view

However, science has long known that stars do not fall anywhere. A star is a large ball of hot gas. The sizes of stars are several times larger than the size of the Earth, so it is difficult to imagine what would happen if hundreds of such balls suddenly fell from the sky and flew towards our planet. However, something is definitely falling against the background of the dark sky and more than one thousand people have already witnessed this beautiful action.

In fact, what is commonly called a shooting star is just a rock that crossed the earth's atmosphere. During flight, it heats up to such a temperature that it begins to glow and leaves a bright streak behind it. After some time, the stone burns, and its trace disappears without a trace. These stones were named. Thousands of such meteors fly across the sky every day. Some stones that were able to reach the ground are called meteorites. The largest of them fell in Africa, weighing 60 tons.

Why is it that in August you can observe the largest starfall? The fact is that at this time our planet passes through an area of ​​dust particles that it releases. The smallest particles entering the Earth's atmosphere burn up and create a starfall effect. You can observe this beautiful phenomenon from anywhere in the world, and it is not at all necessary to have special equipment. The next time the comet will pass close to the earth will be in 2126. Until this time, we will be able to observe other starfalls, but, alas, there will not be such bright and impressive ones.

All natural phenomena were explained by our ancestors in their own way. And those that they could not explain were considered omens from above. People have always had a respectful and reverent attitude towards the starry sky. Distant luminous stars carry secrets and mysteries of the universe that an ordinary mortal cannot solve.

A similar sign

Signs about a falling celestial body indicate that the atmospheric phenomenon has magical powers. Therefore, during a meteor shower, you need to make a wish that will certainly come true.

Why does a trace remain?

Do stars fall to earth? As is already clear - no. But why do space objects glow brightly when falling? Everything is very simple: a space object is a meteorite, it doesn’t matter whether it’s metal or stone, and during its flight, flying through the atmosphere, it heats up to a high temperature. And this happens due to friction. By the way, for this reason, spaceships have a special casing so that the rocket itself and the people in it do not burn out. Those comets that are large enough may not completely burn up in the atmosphere and reach the Earth's surface.

What are stars?

Stars are balls of light and gas. The closest star to Earth is the Sun. Other space objects are far enough away that when we look into the sky we see small points of light. If we compare the sizes of the Earth and the Sun, then our planet is more like a speck of dust in relation to the Sun, which in diameter is 696.342 thousand kilometers (error - 65 kilometers). And the Earth is only 12,742 kilometers in diameter. Do stars really fall? It’s even hard to imagine what would happen if the Sun fell on the Earth - it would simply burn out in a matter of seconds.

Difference between cosmic bodies

Meteorites are solid bodies, it can be stone or ice or metal. As a rule, having reached the ground, these space objects are more like peas, but they can also be quite large. Usually they are visible in the sky from Earth.

Objects called asteroids are typically huge, rocky objects that arrive in the orbit of the Earth and Sun from the orbits of Jupiter or Mars.

Comets are blocks of ice that can contain ammonia, methane and other chemical compounds. Typically, such objects are surrounded by a “coma,” that is, a cloud-like shell. When a comet approaches the orbit of the Sun, it develops a “tail.”

The most famous cases of meteorite falls

Do stars fall from the sky? No. But meteorites fall. The most interesting cases of falling space objects:

  • In 1908, a meteorite fell near the Podkamennaya River, which was later named Tunguska. However, numerous expeditions failed to discover the meteorite, only magnetite and silicate balls of microscopic size. Although the force of the explosion was more than 50 megatons. On an area of ​​about 2 thousand square kilometers, huge trees were uprooted.

  • In 1922, in the Astrakhan province, local residents observed the fall of a huge stone, after which a meteor shower began. The remains of space objects were found only 50 years later, with a diameter of 25 kilometers from the supposed site of the meteorite fall; these were 82 chondritic objects. The largest weighed 284 kilograms, and the smallest weighed 50 grams.
  • In Namibia you can see the largest space object on Earth - the Goba meteorite. It is actually a block weighing 60 tons, consisting of nickel and iron with a small content of cobalt. But only dinosaurs could see such a unique phenomenon, who probably did not think about the question of whether stars are falling.
  • In 1947, a meteor shower occurred in the Primorsky Territory of the Russian Federation (in the village of Beitsukhe), creating several craters over an area of ​​about 35 square kilometers. The largest fragment weighs 23 tons.
  • In 1696, a meteorite weighing 5 tons fell in Mexico (Chihuahua). Today it is the most studied space object on the entire planet. By the way, it contains a mineral that does not exist on the planet, and they called it pangite.

And on the Moon, even from Earth you can see traces of falling meteorites - these are the famous craters. Such craters also exist on our planet, but they are covered with ocean waters or volcanic ash, or have eroded over millions of years.

Astronomy and astrology

Despite the fact that the science of astronomy was little known in ancient times, they had already learned to tell fortunes by the stars at that time. The court astronomers, who were essentially astrologers, believed that the stars represented a picture of the world and that from them one could easily predict the fate of any person, state, or even the future of the universe. That's exactly what they did.

Shooting stars completely changed their predictions. Perhaps this is why in ancient times the fall of a star was considered a bad omen. It was believed that a person who saw the flight of a star and the last seconds of its life was doomed to die in the near future. In extreme cases, a shooting star warned of bad news that would be received by those who saw this celestial phenomenon.

Make a wish

Today, the omen of seeing a falling star is considered extremely good. Wherever and whenever you see it, it will be a good sign. And it’s even better if, during the fall of a star, while its bright light is still burning in the sky, you have time to make a wish. It is quite natural that the first thing that comes to mind is your most cherished dream, the most secret desire that you cherished day and night. After all, the fall of a star lasts only a moment. It is at this moment that you need to have time to make your wish.

However, there are some other interpretations of what it means to see a shooting star. For example, it was previously believed that it mattered which side of the person the star fell from. The left side is considered dark and mysterious, while the right side is considered light and open. That is why a star falling to the right of a person foreshadowed goodness and favorable changes in life. If the star fell to the left, you shouldn’t expect anything good: most likely, trouble will happen to you in the near future.

Keep your wish a secret

Your deepest desire, entrusted only to a shooting star, is not a reason to brag to others. Everything you dreamed about on a warm and starry summer night will certainly come true, but on the condition that you protect your desire from other people’s envy and negativity. Even if you really want to share your hopes and aspirations with other people, wait until it begins to come true. And of course, you shouldn’t talk about what you wished for during the fall of a star - this is your personal secret, which you entrusted to higher powers.

Is a shooting star a human soul?

There are several other interpretations of shooting stars that are contradictory and do not coincide with each other. For example, people used to believe that a shooting star was a human soul that had just descended from heaven to earth. That is, this phenomenon symbolized the emergence of new life. According to other beliefs, this, on the contrary, said that somewhere a person died, and the star of his soul went out.

Today everyone knows that stars cannot fall from the sky, and the phenomenon described is just fragments of meteorites that burn up in space. To believe or not in the sign of desire is everyone’s business. But the majority still believe in miracles and this romantic sign. If you want to see shooting stars and make your deepest wishes, the best time to do this is to look at the night sky in August. It is the August starfalls that are the brightest and most memorable.

Shooting star in Arnold Mindell's dream book

It’s as if you were admiring a star (or stars) in a dream - even if you make mistakes one after another, it won’t do much harm to your business; Prosperity awaits you. The stars that you see in a dream are large, bright, sparkling - everything will be fine with your health; luck will always accompany you; you believe in miracles because they have happened to you more than once. You see pale, small stars; you see crimson or crimson stars - not a single trouble will pass you by; you will bitterly complain about your unhappy lot. The stars twinkle mysteriously, alluringly in the heights - amazing events await you; you will reveal the secret in the obvious; you will be fascinated by this secret. You are watching the stars, which seem to be revolving around our planet - some kind of natural disaster is approaching. You dream of a shooting star - bright memories of days gone by, of past deeds, perhaps of past love, will cause sadness in you - it will be pleasant; The most important words in your life were spoken a long time ago. You see a star falling on you - a dream of bereavement; only a completely lonely person does not know such losses, but such a person has never been and will never be happy. You see a real starfall; stars fall from the sky one after another - you are an enthusiastic person and a dreamer; you are prone to exaggeration; you will look at least naive, trying to make an impossible dream come true. It’s as if you are making a wish during a starfall - the dream warns: if you continue to kill time in empty dreams, you will end your career in tears.

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