Why do you dream about dreaming that the skin of your face is peeling off, dreaming that your skin is peeling off on your face in a dream

In dreams and in reality, skin symbolizes protection, a sense of personal security, and contact with the outside world. This is the personification of stability and the feeling of solid ground under your feet. Integrity and external attractiveness are in most cases favorable symbols. Skin diseases, consequences of injuries and other troubles serve as a warning that something is wrong with the dreamer or his immediate environment.

These are the basic principles that guide the dream book, explaining what the skin means in dreams. The exception is “reversal” dreams, the interpretation of which requires a special approach: everything seen in a dream should be understood in reverse. For example, a dream of insects swarming under the skin in reality may turn out to be harbingers of wealth, and an unaesthetic appearance promises attractiveness.

Medea's dream book believes that everything a person dreams about symbolizes protection and security. Appearance plays a special role: cuts, burns, ulcers or any other damage to the skin represent your vulnerabilities. Smooth, pleasant to the touch and in appearance, it means that you can handle any plans.

According to Miller's dream book, seeing skin in a dream means that you will be lucky in love and in business. The dreamer's home also awaits prosperity and prosperity. The dream is also favorable for gambling lovers: this time fortune will smile on them.

Remove skin from face

Dream Interpretation Removing the skin from your face dreamed of why you dream about removing the skin from your face in a dream?
To select a dream interpretation, enter a keyword from your dream into the search form or click on the initial letter of the image characterizing the dream (if you want to get an online interpretation of dreams by letter for free alphabetically). Now you can find out what it means to see Skin removed from your face in a dream by reading below for free interpretation of dreams from the best online dream books of the House of the Sun!

Seeing leather as a material in a dream portends strengthening friendship and prosperity in love.

Pieces and scraps of skin piled up in a heap portend good luck and happiness.

Processing leather in a dream means no changes in the course of your business, tanning it is a residue from an unpleasant meeting, sewing something from it means accumulating wealth through frugality.

Leather clothing on someone is good luck in the game and in everything related to money.

Being dressed in leather means you will be lucky in love.

Seeing suede products in a dream means your charms will conquer any man.

Safyan portends help from unexpected sources.

Black or dirty skin is a sign of adultery.

Cleaning or washing the skin means illness of loved ones.

If in a dream you cut or cut leather, in reality you will be drawn into a useless argument.

Buying leather or products made from it means you will be persecuted in real life.

Leather jewelry portends fidelity in love and harmony in family relationships.

If in a dream you focus your attention on human skin without any flaws, clean and beautiful, this means that in real life you will be the object of adoration of a prominent man.

Smooth and silky skin to the touch - to the fulfillment of desires regarding the creative side of life.

Old, loose and wrinkled skin indicates that you will safely reach old age.

Sick skin - to wealth; skin with scratches, bruises and scars - to ill-gotten money.

Torn and bleeding skin - to a rich groom and an imminent wedding.

Being treated for skin diseases in a dream promises health and profit.

Seeing a blister from a burn on the skin is a sign of unexpected events in your personal life.

An abscess on the skin means drinking in a fun company; boils mean trouble in the near future, insincerity of friends who are hiding something from you.

Sores on the skin mean that the disease will undermine your strength and bring mental exhaustion.

Warts on the skin indicate a danger threatening your honor; you will have to stand up for yourself so as not to tarnish your good name and overcome all obstacles on the path to success.

Skin covered with lichen means false hopes and disappointment in a loved one.

Skin affected by smallpox means that an unexpected and rare disease awaits you, because of which all your plans will go down the drain.

Seeing skin worn away by leprosy means doing something that will bring concern not only to you personally, but to your entire family.

Skin covered with a rash from scabies is a sign of fear of failure in a business that you have never done before.

Scratching your skin to the point of ulcers, experiencing unbearable itching, means that in reality you will find yourself in bad company and get into a lot of trouble.

Seeing skin completely covered with moles means an addition to the family.

A large birthmark on the skin portends twins.

The skin of your face or hands dotted with freckles means you will experience a funny adventure in reality.

Tanned skin means you will have a successful vacation; white and pale skin means frustration from an insult caused by a loved one.

Seeing your skin as black as a black woman’s means that in real life you will be mistaken for someone else.

(See interpretation: Cut)

Seeing or wearing leather in a dream is a sign of a profitable business or a win.

The more skin you see in a dream, the more favorable the dream.

However, working with leather in a dream is a sign that your daily bread is given to you with blood and sweat. Sometimes such a dream predicts a lawsuit, on which you will spend a lot of effort without benefit to yourself or with minimal benefit.

Selling animal skin in a dream is a good sign, especially for those who intend to get married.

The dirty skin of animals in a dream means grief and betrayal of loved ones.

Hard leather for the soles in a dream means persecution. See interpretation: Shoes.

Tearing off your skin in a dream is a sign of death or complete ruin due to the meanness of the people around you.

Selling leather in a dream is a sign of accumulating wealth.

Feeling itchy skin in a dream and seeing skin growths (scabs) means profit and prosperity in the house.

Seeing your skin beautiful, smooth and silky in a dream is a sign of contentment, joy and creative success; wrinkled, wrinkled, dry skin in a dream is a sign of failure.

Scraping your skin until it bleeds means consolation in sadness.

Seeing leather souvenirs or jewelry in a dream means prosperity in the home and in business.

A store selling leather clothing and leather haberdashery symbolizes the strengthening of your friendships and love, a wedding and good patronage in business.

Selling leather means success in everything.

If you dream about skin, you will have good luck in business and in love.

If you are dressed in leather clothes, you will happily play on the stock exchange.

Leather jewelry - to fidelity in love, harmony in the family.

A pile of leather - to complete well-being.

Red skin is a symbol of freedom, black skin is a sign of betrayal of friends.

A dream in which you take off your clothes speaks of the impossibility of your ardent desire to get Mr. X as your husband. Taking off your underwear while remaining in the Eve costume - perhaps, as far as Mr. X is concerned, you will have some chances.

If you take off your shoes in a dream, you will soon have to go on an urgent trip. A dream in which you remove New Year's decorations from a green beauty foreshadows changes for the worse.

Taking off your necklace portends receiving interesting news or a letter from a distant friend.

Harvesting from trees in a dream means happiness will come to you after many worries and doubts.

Taking off your mask means unsuccessful attempts will please a man who pays zero attention to you.

If in a dream you take off dirty curtains, curtains, curtains for washing, in reality you will try to make amends to your loved one, but it will not be easy at all.

Taking off your gloves is a small advance in the love siege of the object of your adoration.

Taking pictures of someone or something with a camera, film or video camera portends that you may become a victim of sophisticated deception and lose a significant amount.

If you take pictures yourself, you will soon become the hero of some kind of celebration. Seeing yourself in the role of a fashion model being photographed for famous magazines means that people will be seriously interested in your proposal.

Your own skin in a dream symbolizes your contact with the outside world, and its appearance and condition indicate how harmonious this contact is.

Smooth, beautiful skin on your body indicates that your relationships with others promise to be good, and your business will progress successfully.

Dry or inflamed, unhealthy skin indicates your irritation with people and the world around you. Try to be less critical of people and situations, and your waking life will become much happier.

Meeting a person with unhealthy skin in a dream foreshadows conflict situations and mutual misunderstanding.

You will have good luck in playing on the stock exchange if in a dream you see yourself dressed in leather clothes.

Leather jewelry means fidelity in love and a prosperous home.

Skin piled up in a pile portends good luck and happiness.

Trading leather in a dream means the absence of changes in the course of your affairs, which is necessary for the successful accumulation of wealth.

Seeing beautiful, fresh skin on your face in a dream means problems with your skin in reality.

Pimply skin on the face - to problem-free skin.

Skin in a dream is a symbol of successful business and the favor of women.

If you are wearing leather clothes in a dream, you will have good luck in playing on the stock exchange.

Leather jewelry means fidelity in love and a prosperous home.

Skin piled up in a pile portends good luck and happiness.

Selling leather in a dream means stagnation in business.

And whoever sees in a dream that his skin has become beautiful and soft, then this indicates goodness, comfort and healing from illnesses.


Subcutaneous parasites

Insects under your skin often represent people who take advantage of you in real life. Regardless of whether they managed to subjugate you to their will with carrots or sticks, you suffer from this addiction, however, you cannot get rid of it for a number of reasons.

Why you dream of ticks under the skin, the dream book often explains literally: you love walks in the forest, but nevertheless, you are afraid of ticks. Your caution is fully justified: these subcutaneous parasites can indeed cause a lot of trouble. Follow the safety rules, at the same time arm yourself with knowledge of what to do if trouble does occur, and fear will not be an obstacle to enjoying communication with nature.

Why such an unpleasant dream as parasites under the skin can serve as a signal of problems with well-being or appearance. The dream book warns the dreamer against all sorts of experiments on himself: diets, dubious health courses, as well as changes in image - now is not the most favorable period for such experiments.

What dreams of beetles under the skin will force the dreamer to quickly adapt to changed circumstances. There is a possibility of losing a source of income with all that it entails: you will have to learn saving skills and new types of activities.

To dream of a worm under the skin symbolizes production problems that have been shelved. The dream book warns that in the near future these unresolved issues will remind themselves. Since you still have to deal with them, at least don’t let problems that suddenly pop up take you by surprise.

According to popular interpretation, unpleasant dreams, including leeches under the skin, are harbingers of wealth. The only thing the dream book would like to warn you about is do not attach too much importance to material wealth.

If in a dream you find a snake under your skin, the dream book warns that soon human cunning: betrayal by a friend or meanness on the part of an enemy, will pull the ground out from under your feet. You will be incredibly disappointed, not to say discouraged.

Spiders under the skin in a dream symbolize paralysis or a vampiric attack, that is, they reflect your helplessness in reality. You feel like a victim of circumstances, you realize that you are being exploited, but you can neither resist the aggressor nor get rid of him.

Why do you dream about tearing skin off your face, dream about tearing skin off your face in a dream

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Dream Interpretation: I dreamed of tearing skin off my face ; I dreamed of why I dreamed of tearing skin off my face in a dream? To select a dream interpretation, enter a keyword from your dream into the search form or click on the initial letter of the image characterizing the dream (if you want to get an online interpretation of dreams by letter for free alphabetically).

Now you can find out what it means to dream of tearing skin off your face in a dream by reading below for free interpretations of dreams from the best online dream books!


Innovative Skincare® Education Manager and iS CLINICAL® Brand Ambassador Tyler Peters spoke about the impact of sleep on the aging process and shared 10 tips for improving sleep quality.

Quality sleep is the key to good health and mood. Sleep performs a number of important functions, but today we will figure out whether sleep affects the condition and restoration of the skin.

More than one million a year is spent on anti-age research, treatment methods and products. But many people forget that there is also a free way to maintain youthful skin - quality sleep.

The skin protects us from exposure to ultraviolet rays, bacteria, viruses and harmful substances, so it is important to take care of its condition. In addition, healthy skin is a long-standing sign of beauty and youth.

Some physical effects of lack of sleep, such as dark circles or bags under the eyes, are familiar to everyone. But these are not the only consequences of lack of sleep.

Skin care professionals can improve the health of your skin through a variety of treatments and skincare products, but each person is responsible for the health of their own skin. Factors such as lifestyle, diet, stress and, of course, sleep affect our skin and can either improve or worsen its condition.

Lack of sleep is one of the main causes of skin aging. The more we know about sleep, the better we can protect and care for our skin.

  • Sleep cycles

Sleep consists of cycles. During sleep, we go through four main stages: from REM sleep to deep sleep to REM (deepest sleep). A healthy person goes through this cycle five times a night. Most of our sleep consists of REM sleep: in fact, only 20-25% of our sleep is REM sleep. Lack of sleep or disruption of these cycles leads to poor skin health.

Stage one: REM sleep. In this phase of sleep, a person is easy to wake up. This sleep lasts only 7 minutes per cycle, and accounts for only 5% of total sleep time, but none of the other stages occur without this phase.

Stage 2 is still considered REM sleep. However, you begin to fall more asleep. Your heart rate and breathing are similar to the waking state, but your body temperature drops by 1-2 degrees. This stage makes up almost 50% of the total sleep cycle.

The third stage of the cycle is very important for skin health and prevention of aging. It is at this stage that most recovery processes occur, as well as hormonal regulation, cell restoration and rejuvenation. People who wake up in this stage are often distracted and inattentive throughout the day. This stage lasts from 45 to 90 minutes, gradually decreasing in each subsequent cycle.

Fourth stage: REM phase. In this phase we see dreams. The muscles of the body become immobile, except for the eyes, while brain activity increases and breathing increases. At first this phase lasts about 10 minutes, but with each cycle it becomes longer.

  • Sleep, hormones and skin

Disruptions in the sleep cycle can directly impact skin aging and skin health may decline. This is caused by a failure in hormone production and changes in metabolism.

Hormones that are affected by sleep include melatonin, cortisol, insulin, DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone), estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. All of them affect the condition of the skin, and the amount of each of them changes with the deterioration of sleep quality. It is important to maintain proper levels of these hormones to help your skin stay youthful and healthy.

Melatonin is a hormone primarily produced in the pineal gland and has anti-aging properties. It protects against UV rays and repairs UV-damaged skin.

Cortisol is a complex hormone. It increases due to stress and leads to negative consequences for the skin, such as decreased elasticity and the appearance of wrinkles. At the same time, cortisol reduces inflammation and regulates metabolism. Excess cortisol increases sebum production, which in turn causes comedones. Complete sleep cycles maintain cortisol levels.

Insulin should also remain within normal limits. It supports glucose metabolism and cellular energy, but its excess leads to obesity and aging. Due to lack of sleep, cortisol is produced in excessive quantities, which leads to excess insulin. Also, increased levels of insulin in the body can cause glucose intolerance and insulin resistance.

DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) is a steroid hormone that produces other hormones. DHEA helps the body produce collagen, which is important for healthy skin. DHEA is the main structural protein in hair, bones and skin. It also promotes normal sebum production, which moisturizes and strengthens the skin.

Lack of sleep can lead to a decrease in estrogen, which leads to thinning of the skin and epidermis. The skin becomes vulnerable and easily susceptible to free radicals and oxidative stress. Decreased estrogen also leads to decreased collagen levels, which accelerates the appearance of wrinkles. In women over the age of 30, estrogen levels begin to fall, but lack of sleep only accelerates the decline.

Progesterone maintains skin elasticity and circulation. Like estrogen, this hormone begins to decline in women after the age of 30. Lack of progesterone leads to dull skin color.

Testosterone is a hormone that must be perfectly balanced. Lack of sleep or poor quality sleep leads to decreased testosterone levels. Insufficient testosterone can lead to loss of elasticity and thinning of the skin.

  • Sleep and skin aging

Skin aging can be caused by both external and internal factors. Skin aging caused by internal factors is associated with the process of creating energy within skin cells. Exposure to external factors, such as sun rays, ecology, ultraviolet radiation, accelerates the aging process.

And although it is very difficult to control internal processes, every person can observe and control external factors. Skin aging, caused by external factors - from lifestyle and environmental factors - accounts for 80% to 90% of the entire aging process.

Quality sleep can slow down the aging process. Sleep, especially deep sleep, helps restore cells from ultraviolet damage. DNA repair processes occur during sleep. These processes must occur to combat photoaging and reduce the risk of skin cancer.

  • Application of knowledge about the effect of sleep on skin health in cosmetology

There is plenty of research linking poor sleep quality to skin aging. But how can skin care professionals put this into practice?

Information about the patient's sleep quality should be obtained during the first consultation. This is critical to the overall picture of a person's condition and to determining the best treatment options. The specialist should also educate the patient about the importance of sleep for skin health.

For example, a patient undergoes a series of chemical peels with a 4-week break between each procedure. However, if the patient has problems sleeping, this period can be up to 6 weeks. In this case, an additional two weeks are needed to restore the skin, which the patient would normally receive with good sleep for four weeks.

Dream prediction Face

A beautiful, open face seen in a dream means that you can participate in entertainment without any fear.

An ugly, gloomy and angry face portends undesirable events.

If you dreamed that you were admiring the beautiful color of your face, you have unexpected but pleasant events ahead. Poor complexion is a disappointment.

A dream in which you see the reflection of your face predicts imminent dissatisfaction with yourself. The reason for dissatisfaction is the inability to organize oneself and finish what was planned.

Thick, ugly lips on someone's face dream of hasty and rash decisions.

A beautiful, smiling mouth in a dream portends harmony in relationships and abundance in the home. For a person in love, such a dream promises reciprocity.

Thin lips are dreamed of by someone who can easily cope with a difficult situation.

Inflamed, swollen lips are a sign of future unhealthy desires, deprivations and illness of someone you know.

Happy faces around you in a dream are a very auspicious dream.

Gloomy faces dream of anxiety.

Properties and state

Everything that tanned skin means in a dream directly or indirectly contributes to creative success. Sony believes that you will be able to achieve certain heights in one of the arts or show creativity in solving everyday problems.

Why you dream of white, clean and silky skin is associated with the fulfillment of desires. The dream book promises that your efforts will be crowned with success. What you see in a dream indicates that luck will be on your side.

Red skin seen in a dream promises a real feast for the stomach. The dream book claims that a place has been prepared for you at a real feast. You will find yourself at a festive event with a superbly set table, bursting with food.

The esoteric dream book claims that if the skin peels off in a dream, this is a sign of insincerity. Perhaps there is a hypocrite in your circle. If this happens to you, it means that in reality you often catch yourself telling petty lies.

Spots on the skin often symbolize a temptation that will not be easy to resist. In other interpretations, what you see in a dream foreshadows variable success, troubles, and unforeseen difficulties.

The wanderer's dream book believes that everything that dry skin means in a dream will turn out to be a harbinger of dryness and callousness in relationships. Either you will be unpleasantly surprised by alienation from someone close to you, or it will not be easy for you to understand what others want from you.

According to the dream book, skin disease reflects the dreamer’s dissatisfaction with the surrounding reality. The dream suggests that you need to change your attitude towards life or warns that you really can’t live like this – it’s up to you to decide.

Interpreting what dreams of sore skin mean, the summer dream book of Birthday People reassures that in reality you will not have to deal with such problems. Acne, rashes, ulcers and sagging remained in the dream.

As you know, not only people have skin, so it’s not surprising if snake skin appears in your dream. The dream book warns that you are about to meet with an enemy - a person or phenomenon that you have always feared and preferred to avoid.

Why you dream about the skin of a snake is often explained by the dream book as an impending danger. An upcoming meeting with the enemy could have extremely undesirable consequences. Do not overestimate your strength and prepare for this meeting fully armed.

Dream prediction Face

This is a reflection of your attitude towards others and your thoughts about them.

Open, pleasant faces: a sign that your sympathy for people will certainly ensure your success and good attitude from others.

Gloomy, unfriendly faces in a dream: portend great difficulties in life. It seems that it doesn’t bother you to become more welcoming and open yourself.

Angry faces in a dream: warn that your negative opinion about others can cause very serious conflicts.

A cunning or roguish facial expression: a sign that the people with whom you are going to do business may turn out to be dishonest and capable of causing you some damage.

Faces riddled with acne, pimples or ulcers: portend many conflicts and troubles, the cause of which may be your hostile attitude towards people.

Makeup or makeup on faces: they say that you have not entirely correct ideas about someone from your environment.

A mask on someone's face: a sign that you are completely wrong about someone.

Seeing your face if it gives you a feeling of satisfaction: foretells success and good progress in affairs.

At the same time, looking at your face and seeing any flaws in it is a sign of imminent failure. It looks like some of your plans are poorly thought out.


bad omen

Many dream books see skin ailments as a sign of weakening health, loss of mental strength and energy. such a vision prophesies serious illnesses, difficulties at work and conflicts in the family.

skin diseases seen in a dream signify a difficult period and unfavorable changes in life. to see sores on your body in the form of ulcers and deep abscesses - to irritability, severe emotional turmoil and anxiety.

What did you skin from in your dream?

Skinning yourself in a dream ▼

If you dream that you are taking off your skin - in reality someone is trying to get into your life. It makes sense not to be too frank, so as not to provoke others to hear rumors about you with your actions. The less information you give to strangers, the better.

Why do you dream about removing skin from your hand ▼

Skinning one's hands in a dream means recognizing one's own shortcomings. Deep introspection is possible, reaching the point of complete dissatisfaction with oneself. However, reproaching oneself will not help. You are too hard on yourself.

Skinning a leg in a dream ▼

If you dreamed that you were tearing the skin off your feet, this means realizing your own mistakes or wrong choices in reality. If your actions affected someone else, it is worth asking for forgiveness, thereby easing mental suffering.

Why do you dream about removing the skin from your heel ▼

A dream about skinning your heel foretells punishment or mental pain. Sad, difficult situations in relationships cannot be ruled out. Your loved ones will probably touch you deeply.

Ripping skin off your face in a dream ▼

To tear off the skin from your face in a dream means to suffer from your own lies in reality. You should not lie even for good purposes, as this can cause irreparable harm to your reputation.

Ripping the skin off your head in a dream ▼

Dreaming that you are tearing off skin is a clear sign of dissatisfaction with your position at work. It is possible that the dream is the result of remorse due to receiving money in a not entirely legal way.

The ability to interpret dreams is a valuable gift, because sometimes it is in dreams that the conscious mind gives us the deepest and most important clues.

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latest comments

  • 31-Oct-2020 Natalia I dreamed that I was electrocuted on the arm when I took the cord out of the socket, and from the site of the electric shock the skin began to disappear right down to the bone. As if something was eating her away.
  • 26-Sep-2020 Alla I dreamed that I was standing in the toilet in front of the mirror and taking off excess, seemingly dirty, dead skin. And underneath there is healthy, clean and smooth skin.
  • 14-Sep-2020 Maya Dream, where the skin is cut crosswise on the stomach with a blade and wrapped, there is no blood, you can see the tendons holding the skin. Creepy.
  • 22-Sep-2017 Julia And I dreamed that I was tearing the skin off my hands. And this really corresponds to the fact that a person is very unhappy that he witnessed a bad situation for which he was also accused!
  • 16-Jul-2017 Maxim I dreamed that I was very tanned, and on my skin from the tan there were traces of my pectoral cross and icon, and then I began to rip it off myself. The skin was very thick, completely except for the left arm, which I removed with anger because of the pain on my back (it was difficult to peel off) in a single layer. And he gave it to someone and rudely said - this is for you! Beneath the tanned skin was new and pink.
  • 28-Jun-2017 Julia I dreamed that I was taking off the skin from my back from tanning, and it was very thick, and the new skin was silky and smooth to the touch.
  • 27-Jan-2017 Natalie I dreamed of a man without skin on his face. And where his skin was, it looked like it had been doused with boiling water. He's so scary, he told me why you left me. I woke up, feeling disgusting. After a while I quarreled with my husband, very strongly, until the divorce. So don't believe dreams.
  • 14-Jan-2017 Alexander I dreamed that I was swimming without skin, then I washed my skin, they poured new blood into me and revived me with a defibrillator.
  • 6-Nov-2016 Inna I dreamed that my scalp and hair were coming off on my head.
  • 29-Oct-2016 Lilia And I dreamed that I was squeezing pimples, at that moment the skin parted and under it I found all the pus, I picked it out, but the skin did not come together, but began to fall off the face in a thick layer. There were muscles and red blood underneath, I began to call an ambulance, but they refused to help me because the surgeon does not come at night.
  • 24-Sep-2016 Natalie On the night from Friday to Saturday I dreamed that my legs began to peel from the knees, the skin was so unpleasant that it peeled, I wiped my legs myself, and it peeled off like scales on the heels and soles as well, and after that the skin was even so pleasant on the heels, very smooth and beautiful. Tell me what this dream means, what it portends.
  • 18-Jul-2016 Galina I dreamed that the rough skin was peeling off from my heels and then good soft skin appeared. What is this for?
  • 19-Apr-2016 Anna I dreamed that in the skin on my armpits there were inclusions of metal balls half a centimeter in diameter. I decided not to do anything with them, then I decided to squeeze them out. And not by looking there, but only by touch. What is this for?
  • 23-Mar-2016 Svetlana I dreamed that red roses sprouted on my head, I myself cut them into a triangle along with the skin and placed them standing on a metal frame in the form of a cross. The roses were beautiful and tall, dark red, without thorns.
  • 21-Feb-2016 Natalya I dreamed that my husband deliberately caused burns all over my body, but it didn’t hurt much. The relationship is tense and I often think about the possibility of divorce at the moment. Comment, maybe it's time to get a divorce?
  • Lily The breakup is inevitable. The initiator is a husband, but he wants to emerge clean from the water and appear as a martyr. Therefore, he pesters you in every possible way so that you leave first and he will become a victim, offended with an emphasis on the fact that others will not judge him. He's childish. Not a man. He swaggers and boasts in front of others, but secretly envies you that everything is better with you than with him. Break off relationships and look for a better destiny for yourself.
  • 1-Jun-2015 Zhenya I dreamed that I looked in the mirror and saw that my whole face was covered in a terrible flaky tumor, I began to carefully remove this tumor and saw that under it the skin was intact and became softer. I notice a cut on my neck, I’m unhappy with it because it caused me pain. But then I open my mouth and see that all the braces (I wear them in my life) have fallen off, the dream changes and I see myself as an unfamiliar woman looking for a ride and a job, a man approaches her and offers to go work at the hospital, the woman looks towards the hospital and sees that dead people in bags were coming out of the morgue and going down the elevator underground, the nurses standing nearby were calm about this. The woman got scared, I became myself again and got into the car, I saw that my father was running after the car, I opened the door and we drove home together, I simultaneously told how the tumor got off me.
  • 7-Apr-2015 Marina Message...I dreamed that I was removing the skin from my hands, and it was so thick, and the new one was so tender and beautiful, but I didn’t feel any pain.
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