Why do you dream of a sick father being healthy?

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  • 18-Apr-2020 Lyudmila I dreamed that they told me that dad was very sick and he didn’t have much time left, like there was a tumor. It seems like 2 months since it appeared. I'm panicking what to do. At the same time, I dreamed about my mother, who died 3 months ago, she didn’t say anything, and I told her with resentment that I was looking for her everywhere, and how would she feel if I was lost and didn’t make myself known.
  • Konstantin Lyudmila, and what in the end?

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Why does a sick father dream of being healthy?

In a dream, you can see both your family and friends, and those who are not directly related to you. Why do parents dream? How to interpret a dream?

Why do parents dream - the main interpretation

If in a dream you see your parents smiling and happy, this is certainly a positive omen. So soon everything will get better for them. But in order to interpret the dream as a whole, you better pay special attention to its details:

· Under what circumstances did you meet your parents?

· Were they happy to see you;

· Have you communicated with your parents?

· How long have you not seen your family in your dreams?

· What emotions visited you.

If you dream that your loved ones are upset or feel bad, such a dream means that you will have both minor and major troubles. Try not to raise important issues with them in the near future and do not sort things out with close friends and people. This can lead to quarrels and big disagreements between you.

What were you sick with?

If possible, the dream book recommends identifying a dream illness. So, seeing your dad with a sore leg can lead to gossip and slander against you.

Did you dream about a parent with a leg covered in a cast? Serious difficulties have emerged in your affairs, and you will be able to overcome them only with great difficulty.

In a dream, did daddy lose his memory and become senile? The past will remind itself of itself with unforeseen problems. If he was paralyzed, then a conflict of interests is coming.


Did you see a really sick father whom you visited in the hospital?

In reality, he will certainly recover and live for many more years. In addition, a personal request will be fulfilled with the utmost precision.

Why do you dream if you happen to look after a sick person? The dream book advises: expect joy, happiness and some pleasant event.

Why do you dream about illness - a friend and a stranger?

Almost every dream book interprets illness as a general state of affairs, and not the most satisfactory one. But it’s one thing when you dream of a disease that affects an adult, but it’s a different matter if the disease affects a child - we’ll try to analyze the vision, taking into account all the needs.

Who did you see sick in your dream?

Depending on whether you had a dream in which the disease struck you, or a relative, or maybe a stranger - all this has its own special message. Therefore, to correctly interpret a dream, you will have to remember all its details.

Seeing yourself sick in a dream

Almost every dream book interprets a dream about an illness as a warning - it’s worth taking a closer look at your own environment, problems and affairs. And if you open a dream book, a sick person always brings problems with him.

But what if an epidemic of disease in a dream struck the dreamer himself? This is advice to take a closer look at your own health, both mental and physical, so that stress at work and problems at home do not land you in a hospital bed.

Why dream about your own illness? Often this is a signal from above, warning of a nervous breakdown - be careful in your words and actions, decisions, so that the wrong step does not ruin all your plans. It is important to pay attention to the details:

  1. Illness and a hospital room are often a symbol of internal discomfort, ranging from emotional imbalance to problems with internal organs. Therefore, take a vacation, relax, and in any case, get rid of bad habits.
  2. It is important to remember what emotions you experienced at the time of sleep - fear and joy, anger or absent-mindedness, all this reflects your internal state, prevailing in behavior at the moment. You shouldn’t give him a way out and control your actions and words.
  3. In a dream you caught a cold - this is more likely a hint that you are talking too much and not to the point. Therefore, talk less and listen more - this way you can achieve more without making much effort and without violating your own worldview and internal foundations.
  4. If the malaise is accompanied by a cough, soon everything secret will become apparent. And therefore you should be extremely careful, because the truth will come out and this can cause a serious blow to your reputation if you are hiding something.
  5. If you sneeze in a dream, this is a good sign, promising the brightest and most joyful prospects and changes that will bring considerable happiness to both the dreamer and his family.

If the illness is accompanied by high temperature or fever, this is a warning to be extremely careful and avoid quarrels and conflicts. Even the most insignificant and small ones, because in the future they will lead to considerable problems.

Dreaming of a loved one's illness

Depending on the degree of blood relationship, a dream about illness can be interpreted in different ways. Next, let’s look at why you dream about a sick person who is one of your relatives:

  • If you see a friend’s illness, this is an indication that they lack your attention. Therefore, you should not forget them and not deprive them of your own attention.
  • The dream book interprets the illness of a son or daughter as an unpleasant experience, however, do not be afraid - the baby will grow up beautiful, healthy, and smart. The main thing is also not to deprive him of attention and, accordingly, spend more time with him. If in reality there are no children, but you see your sick child, this means minor conflicts that can develop into a big scandal.
  • Why do you dream of mentally ill people and this is your loved one - you should pay attention to your relationships, it is quite possible that something is wrong in them. It is quite possible that there is something unsaid between you - this will destroy the relationship from the inside.
  • You see your own mother sick in a dream - this vision promises the dreamer a lot of trouble.
  • Why do you dream about a sick father? The vision warns that the dreamer himself will soon fall ill.
  • You see a sick brother - this vision brings him many years of life. Why do you dream about a sick girl who is your sister? It means difficult relationships in her life with the opposite sex.
  • Why do you dream about a sick husband? Knowledge promises him many years of life. But to see in a dream a sick woman who is the dreamer’s wife is a sign of trouble in the house. But if suddenly a sick wife recovered in a dream, this promises profit; if she died, the conflict will resolve itself.
  • Why does a sick girl dream - to receive some news that will surprise, and if it was a beloved guy - this means changes that can be both positive and negative.

Important. All these details will help to correctly decipher the vision and lift the veil of the future.

Seeing a sick woman or man in a dream

If the dreamer saw a sick man, boyfriend or husband, acquaintance or boss in a dream, this is an indication that your worries are completely in vain and there is no point in worrying. It is important to be patient and continue to follow a thoughtful path - everything will definitely work out for you, since the dreamer has the strength and capabilities for any accomplishment.

If you see a sick woman in a dream, then in reality the dreamer will receive support from the outside, and depending on the degree of relationship with her, you can judge where the help will come from. The main thing is to ask for help in a timely manner, or at least not to refuse help.

Dreaming of sick strangers

A vision of illness can cause a lot of trouble, and if you see people you don’t know sick, this is an indication of rapidly developing events. The main condition is to remember what emotions and experiences you experienced when meeting them, and accordingly, the rapidly developing events will be similar to them.

If you see a healthy person in a dream, who is overcome by an illness before your eyes, this vision predicts you some trials that you will encounter out of the blue, so to speak. That’s why it’s so important to foresee all possible development options, otherwise unforeseen events can destroy your life from the inside.

If the dreamer sees how the condition of a patient he does not know has worsened even more, this may promise him joy, oddly enough. Often such a vision indicates a quick solution to a controversial issue, a certain problem that previously haunted you.

Also, the illness of a person unfamiliar to the dreamer promises him a lot of gossip and gossip that circulate around him, while they come from a friend or colleague who is quite familiar to him, even a relative. If a girl sees such a vision, it is rather a pointer to the advantages of her current position - she is strong and beautiful, boldly walking towards her goal.

Interesting. If a girl or guy sees an unfamiliar, mentally ill person, then such a vision indicates losses and defeats in the love field. Therefore, another person’s illness in a dream is a serious message from above; you should not ignore it.

Caring for a sick person in a dream

Why do you dream of caring for a sick person? If you happen to care for a sick wife or husband, relative or friend, it is not so important - a signal from above that current affairs will go on, but without your participation.

And for reasons beyond your control, so try to relax, take a vacation and fully relax - by gaining strength and being a little distracted from the problem, you can look at it in a new way.

And a fresh look at it will help you find the right solution.

Helping a sick person in a dream is a sign of career growth and upward mobility in business. Your work will not go unnoticed by management, projects will be approved and will find support from high patrons and philanthropists. And soon they will all bring you considerable profit and recognition in society.

To visit a patient undergoing therapy in the ward - according to the interpretation of many dream books, the vision brings honor and recognition to the dreamer in society. The main thing is to follow the intended path and not deviate from it, carefully consider all your decisions and steps - this is the only way to achieve considerable heights.

If in your vision you carry a hospital patient in your arms, rock him to sleep and nurse him, this is an indication that the dreamer himself has taken on too many things on himself.

Such physical and emotional stress can ultimately provoke serious complications with your own health.

Therefore, give up half of your responsibilities, rest and eat well - this way you will save yourself from many problems.

If a sick patient you are examining in a dream dies in your arms, this is an indication that old problems and squabbles, affairs, your past are simply becoming obsolete and will soon move away from you. And the old is always replaced by the new - it’s like a law of physics, that’s why it’s so important not to miss your opportunity to free up the space around you and let goodness into your home.

I dreamed about the recovery of a patient

If in your own vision you dream of a patient’s recovery, and in the most miraculous way, this is rather a warning to you.

The dreamer himself does not see around him the mass of opportunities and chances that fate opens up for him. This may be a consequence of laziness or missed opportunities, inattention or the pranks of enemies.

That’s why it’s so important after such a dream to activate all your strength and attention - this will help you improve your own life.

Dream about a lot of sick people

If in a night vision the dreamer sees many patients undergoing treatment or being sick, this is a symbol indicating internal dissatisfaction and dissatisfaction with one’s own life, situation and way of life. The dreamer simply desperately needs proper rest - you are so tense that you cannot see and feel all the joys of life, even small ones.


Take a vacation and just wander around the park, enjoying the weather around you - relaxation and rest will help you look at the problem anew, and even solve it in no time on your own. If patients around you are dying from incurable diseases, the dream promises some kind of environmental disaster.

If they have all recovered, the vision promises success and the dreamer can avoid many problems. At the same time, depending on whether he was the attending physician or not, it will depend on whether you will cope with the problem yourself or whether someone will come from the outside.

Other dream options and their interpretation

Depending on the pathology of the patient, the dream can be interpreted from one perspective or another. So let's talk about this further:

  1. If it was a heart ailment, this is a sure sign warning that your emotions should not take precedence over your thoughts, actions, and decisions. The thing is that all the negativity and unpleasant thoughts that you accumulate in yourself in the future will simply spill out into a nervous breakdown, a real illness. Learn to be kinder and open up, share your thoughts and problems with loved ones - this will help you at least get emotional relief, or real help from the outside.
  2. If you see dreams about stomach pathology, as well as abdominal pain, ulcers, this is an indication that the dreamer himself has accumulated a lot of aggression, passions and malice inside. And all this negativity still spills out in a dream, but in reality it can provoke many problems with one’s own health, both physical and mental.
  3. If a certain illness affects the head or brain, eyes, this symbolizes one’s own insecurity. Uncertainty in words and actions, decisions and appearance - you rely too much on someone to solve certain issues. Moreover, this applies to both work and career issues, as well as internal worldview and even matters of the heart. Look for and defend your own position - this is the only way you will achieve more and be able to realize your own dreams and projects in life.
  4. If pathology affects the genitourinary system, such visions are sent by higher powers in order to show the dreamer how much he has neglected his own sphere of personal relationships, recreation, communication with loved ones in nature. Enjoy the taste of wine and barbecue, dance, do what you like - this is your life. Without this, an imbalance can set in and you will get really sick.
  5. A dream in which a doctor diagnoses you with cancer may seem especially scary. The dream itself does not inherently carry a negative message, much less indicates a real disease - cancer, but it is worth listening to. Most likely, fate will present the dreamer with a choice and the latter will not make the right choice. Therefore, the dream acts as a warning to carefully weigh the pros and cons, and carefully analyze the situation around you. If in a dream you know that the cancer has receded and the dreamer has recovered, in reality he will find considerable happiness, success even in the most hopeless case.
  6. If the ailment is mild, this promises a positive change in the future, but what it will be will be determined by the emotional coloring of the vision. If they were positive, then the changes will be the brightest, but if in a dream you experience fear and anxiety, then the changes will not be the brightest.

When in a dream someone takes care of a sick dreamer, in reality he himself depends on many people, relatives or friends, bosses or spouse.

The dream acts as a warning to yourself - learn to live independently, rely not only on your surroundings, but also always have your own opinion and position.

Managed to recover - a wonderful sign, promising success and luck in any endeavor, all troubles will soon go away and a streak of good luck will take their place.

Why dream of a sick father being healthy | Russian dream book

Did your sick father appear in your dream? In reality, a long and healthy life awaits him, but you will definitely get sick and experience various troubles. The Dream Interpretation insists: this is not the only explanation of what this image means in a dream, and offers its own interpretations.

Why dream of a sick father if in reality he is completely healthy? Difficult times are coming, which will have an extremely negative impact on the stability of your position.

For a girl, seeing a sick daddy means that a date with her beloved will not take place, and she will be upset. The dream book assures that if dad gets sick in a dream, then he urgently needs attention or support.

Why dream of a sick father being healthy?

  • Aries 21.03 – 20.04
  • Taurus 21.04 - 21.05
  • Gemini 22.05 - 21.06
  • Cancer 22.06 - 22.07
  • Leo 23.07 - 23.08
  • Virgo 24.08 – 22.09
  • Libra 23.09 – 22.10
  • Scorpio 23.10 - 22.11
  • Sagittarius 23.11 - 21.12
  • Capricorn 22.12 – 20.01
  • Aquarius 21.01 - 20.02
  • Pisces 21.02 – 20.03

If you dreamed of a sick person according to Tsvetkov’s dream book

A sick person dreams of an event that will seem negative at first, but will ultimately please you.

A terminally ill acquaintance (who is actually healthy) dreams that he will experience severe grief.

If a sick relative dreams of being healthy, he will be ill for a long time and seriously, the outcome of the disease is unpredictable. The prognosis is even more unfavorable if he was singing at the same time.

In the case when a sick person dreams of being healthy, but cries, the disease will be defeated and he will recover.

If you dream that a patient has recovered and is forcibly put to bed, he may die if the imaginary improvement is mistaken for a complete recovery and treatment is stopped.

If in a dream your legs hurt, but you walked with someone’s help, thanks to someone’s protégé you will advance in your career.

The meaning of the dream of being sick - Hasse's dream book

If you saw yourself sick with a cold, your affairs will work out.

Other ailments dreamed of on Wednesday may be a harbinger of a real illness.

If you visited a sick person completely unknown to you in a dream, you will suddenly be very lucky.

If a girl dreams that someone completely stranger says that she is sick, she may commit an unforgivable stupidity.

An unfamiliar sick girl dreams of loss of honor.

If you dreamed about your sick father, you will be betrayed.

A girl dreams of a sick guy as a warning that she can be used and abandoned.

Other people's sick children dream of failure in business.

If you dreamed about your sick child, he could get sick in reality.

A sick mother dreams of a quarrel with her, for which you will be ashamed.

If you dream of a sick mother recovering, your affairs will get better.

I dreamed of a sick husband - he can go out with friends.

Seeing a friend sick means conflict with him.

If you dream of a sick friend on Tuesday night, he will need your help.

A sick brother dreams of unhappiness with him.

If you dream of one of your parents having a heart attack, you are in danger.

Why does a sick person dream - esoteric dream book

Seeing a sick person in a dream is a sign of your own ill health.

If you dreamed that a sick person got better, this means success.

Caring for the sick is a dream of a difficult duty that cannot be avoided.

Why do people dream about sick people, Longo’s dream book

Visiting a sick person in a dream and taking care of him is a harbinger that you yourself will need help.

If caring for a sick person in a dream included injections, then in reality you will have to go through something painful, but for your own good. Perhaps they will tell you about something extremely unpleasant for you.

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