Why do you dream about a passport according to interpretations of dream books and basic meanings?

A passport in a dream is a difficult and strange sign. Seeing your own passport in a dream means that you are dangerously close to solipsism and tend to doubt the reality of the world. You need a passport to at least verify your own existence. Let's look in detail at the dream books about what a passport means in dreams.


On a subconscious level, an identity card is strongly associated with an internal state. The document talks about how you feel, what emotions you are experiencing, and what is happening in business. If it looks good, there are no signs of wear or torn pages, then there is nothing to worry about. You know exactly what you want and understand how to act in a given situation.

On the contrary, seeing that the pages have holes or some of them are missing is a sign that you are facing difficulties. They have led to you feeling anxious, worried about the future and not feeling joy in life.

In a dream, seeing your passport empty means you actually understand that something is missing. You haven't filled your life with events that would make you feel happy.

Why do you dream of forgetting your passport?

The realities of life are imprinted in dreams. Modern people are looking for an explanation of why they dream about their own or someone else’s passport, which cannot be said about those who lived several centuries ago. This sign is relatively new. As the dream book says, a passport means searching for yourself, recognizing your ego.

What explanation should be taken into account will be suggested by the details of the dream. For the interpretation to be correct, it is worth remembering whose paper you dreamed about (your own/someone else’s), what it looked like, whether there were marks on the pages (legal stamps, hand-drawn symbols, etc.), what actions took place in the scenario of what was seen (a document was found, lost, searched for). , changed). If you dreamed that your passport:

  • changed
    , then a new type of income will be found, the activity will be profitable in moral and material terms;
  • lost
    : if there are troubles in the workplace, you should prepare for the fact that this state of affairs will not end soon, be positive so that the problems go away on their own;
  • stolen
    : feel free to go shopping, because all acquisitions will be very successful;
  • forgot
    : troubles at work, for various reasons the dreamer will lose the desire to fulfill his duties, the bosses will be unhappy, so you need to force yourself to work through force, and the depressed state will pass soon;
  • received
    : a positive sign, especially if you dreamed of a foreign passport, a promising journey awaits, which will first be connected with business, and then you will have the opportunity to relax with pleasant people;
  • found
    : if it is lost in real life, then you need to remember where it was found in the dream - this is a hint; finding someone else’s document means making a new reliable friend who will help in a difficult situation.

People's dream book

To interpret the meaning of a symbol from the point of view of this interpreter, it is necessary to take into account what the object looked like in the dream and what you did with it:

  • the pages were wrinkled, looked worn, and there was no cover at all - the personification of a difficult period in your life. You won't have any luck anytime soon;
  • torn sheets indicate a desire to get rid of unpleasant memories. You want to forget about what happened to you;
  • I imagined that the document was new, but still without a cover - a symbol that everything would change for the better. Fate will favor you;
  • in a dream you change your ID for a new one - you will get a job that will pay well;
  • receiving a foreign passport predicts a possible interesting journey;
  • a beautiful cover with overly intricate drawings appears - in fact, you are trying to impress without presenting anything in reality;
  • your passport is stolen - in reality, you can count on the fulfillment of an old dream;
  • losing it yourself means complications in business, but not too serious. You can solve problems if you don't panic;
  • dreaming of a fake document is a sign of some kind of deception or fraud, of which you risk becoming a victim. There is a person in your environment who will try to harm you;
  • someone ruined your ID card - in reality you have enemies who want to ruin your life. They will take steps to harm you in the near future. Due to the intrigues of your enemies, you risk losing your job or quarreling with loved ones;
  • accidentally washing it together with clothes is a signal of impending difficulties. There is a risk of being deceived by scammers.

Basic meaning

  • The appearance of a passport in a dream shows your attitude towards the owner of the book. Tattered pages, crumpled, broken, frayed, no cover - signs of a difficult and unfavorable fate.
  • Torn out pages signal strong hatred, a desire to tear out a part of life or completely destroy it.
  • A brand new document, neat, without a cover - a new good destiny, a sign of future prosperity. If a document has a cover, but does not have a shabby appearance, it is a document of a serious, self-respecting person.
  • Changing one new passport to another, even newer and neater one - you will get a new good job with high pay.
  • Receiving a foreign passport is a good sign, a demonstration of your dream of traveling. You need to unwind and go on vacation.
  • A cover with monograms and rhinestones means a desire to show off. The only thing worse is the badly worn cover with gold monograms.
  • If the pages are bent, the document is dilapidated - you are dissatisfied with fate.
  • A false document is a lie, a deception. A person with such a passport in a dream in reality wishes you serious trouble. You should discard excessive gullibility and break off all contacts with this person, not believe a single word or gesture.
  • If you look at your passport and before your eyes the pages fade, become empty, or they are initially empty, like a notebook, such a dream means a decisive change in fate. This could be a change of religion, a new family, a change of place of residence. It's not a fact that you will like it. If you are against starting a new life from scratch, it’s time to start taking active action. Change your decision, contact lawyers or the consulate, you will need the help of friends. Stay away from “charitable” organizations that promise to help disadvantaged people without documents - there the chance of becoming a completely blank slate and disappearing without a trace into the flow of the universe increases many times over. A fading passport, without entries and especially without photographs, is a sign of great trouble or a very serious shock.
  • The appearance or disappearance of a marriage stamp or a record of the birth of children in your passport is a reflection of your fears regarding your marital status and the health of your children. Severe anxiety must have a serious basis. Without the help of friends and professionals, you will not be able to understand the situation.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

The interpreter points out that presenting a document to law enforcement officers at their request is a sign that you have to hide information about yourself. Most likely, you will not want to indicate the correct date or place of birth. This may be due to the fact that you want to get married, or, on the contrary, dissolve it.

If you dream that you are changing your identity card to a new one, in reality you are going to meet some person. However, you change your mind and do not show up for the meeting without notifying them. I dreamed that I was receiving a foreign passport - in reality I would have to do a good deed. But he will require sacrifice from you. You will have to sacrifice personal time and even your own desires. However, later the person you help will thank you generously.

You saw a registration certificate for a car - a signal that you will fight to defend the property. If it was issued for household appliances, it means that you will have to communicate with powerful people who can provide patronage and help you achieve your goal.

Modern dream book

This source does not contradict the previous one. He generally agrees with the above interpretations. If you see a passport, it means you have to fuss with visas or other “travel” documents. Great if your ID was in good condition. The journey will be successful. But if the passport is so dirty that it cannot be presented to the police, losses await. Things will take such a turn that it will be impossible to do without the effective assistance of officials. Not a very good sign. It can foreshadow an attack, robbery and other actions of criminals. Exercise caution and discretion. In addition, the dream book assures, if your passport was stolen, expect trouble. This is a harbinger of scolding from superiors, accusations of misconduct, investigations, and so on. Check, while there is still time, the state of affairs for which you are responsible. Perhaps everything can still be corrected so as not to fall under the “heavy hand” of the law. Otherwise, as this source says, a difficult, tense and lengthy trial will follow. In the end, it turns out that it was possible to correct the situation, but you did not. There is no one to blame but yourself.

Dream Interpretation Universal

In the interpretation of this interpreter, the image has the following meaning:

  • I dreamed about my own identity card - in the real world you will have to go on a business trip or a regular trip;
  • someone else’s is a symbol of the fact that you will have to fuss over the trip that another person will go on. Concerns will be related to documentation;
  • If you dream of checking your passport, you will actually encounter an influential person with authority. It prevents you from achieving your goals;
  • If a document is stolen from your bag, amazing luck awaits you. You will probably find what you have wanted for a long time;
  • To dream that you have lost your passport under unknown circumstances is a sign that serious difficulties in business lie ahead. They can cause you severe panic, but you will succumb to it in vain;
  • you are given an ID card, but there is no photograph on the page - in fact, you are about to meet with someone important to you. You can tell him everything you think. He will always help with the right advice;
  • If you dreamed of getting the pages very dirty - a signal that you are in danger and serious problems. To solve them, you will have to use the support of people in power.

Dream book of Mrs. Fedorovskaya

As already indicated, this source interprets the plot depending on the circumstances. Just seeing a passport means you're on the fast track. There is probably an entertainment trip or a business trip ahead. If the document belonged to another person, then there will be problems with the official authorities. Some papers will be incorrectly completed. When you dream about your passport being stolen, you need to remember how it happened. If it disappears from the bag, you will find something long desired. Great story. It’s a different matter when it is unclear who stole the passport and when. Fedorovskaya’s dream book interprets this as a harbinger of panic due to neglect of affairs. However, the source recommends not to be nervous, everything will work out without any major losses. If you see your document with someone else’s photo, expect to meet a very good and kind person. He will become your most trusted friend and will never let you down. The dream book recommends taking a stamp in a passport as a warning sign. This is a hint of an unpleasant surprise on the part of regulatory authorities (or superiors). Someone in power has been eyeing your activities for a long time and is preparing to strike. Be careful!

Dream Interpretation of Smirnov

In this dream book, an image can mean an interesting and profitable journey. This is true for those dreams in which you hide a document in a wallet full of money. If you dream of receiving a new certificate, then a new period is coming soon. But it will become a natural continuation of the one that came before.

If you dream that you have lost your passport, in reality you will not be able to control what is happening. Because of this, the position in society will be very fragile. You will begin to worry about this, but panic can only do harm in business. If a document is stolen, it indicates good luck. You will be lucky in everything. Your most secret dreams will come true.

If you dream that a photo of another person is pasted on the page, you will actually meet someone who will have a strong influence on your life. If necessary, he will help you, and you will trust him in everything. Covering paper with paint is a sign that you are in trouble. You risk making a mistake that will lead to unpredictable consequences. You won't be able to cope on your own, so don't be shy to ask for help.

Dream book of the 21st century

What kind of passport was in the night vision? If you are abroad, you will definitely go somewhere, this dream book assures. Losing your passport means losses due to an enemy attack. Someone will report you to the authorities, for example, and the manager, without understanding, will deprive you of your bonus. It will be a shame, since no one will prove guilt, and no one will be able to. Talk to those who have power over you so that you do not find yourself needlessly punished. Receive a brand new passport - receive an offer. Most likely, the dreamer will be entrusted with implementing an extremely promising project. If there are errors or someone else's photo in the document, difficulties lie ahead. Think carefully about whether you have the strength to cope with the entrusted matter. It will not be as simple as it seems at first. Receiving a foreign passport for a young lady is a sign of moving to distant lands on the occasion of marriage. The vision promises a young man work in a foreign land. Don’t worry, the source recommends, everything will turn out well for both of them, only if you didn’t lose your new passport in night vision.

Forget your passport before traveling

Dream Interpretation Forgetting a passport before a trip dreamed of why in a dream Forgetting a passport before a trip?
To select a dream interpretation, enter a keyword from your dream into the search form or click on the initial letter of the image characterizing the dream (if you want to get an online interpretation of dreams by letter for free alphabetically). Now you can find out what it means to dream of Forgetting your passport before a trip by reading below for free interpretations of dreams from the best online dream books of the House of the Sun!

Dream Interpretation - Passport

The opportunity to travel is just around the corner.

Get ready for change.

You should renew your passport so that you are not caught off guard by unexpected travel opportunities.

This is your ticket to change and creating everything you love in your life.

Passport: This is an identity document.

What does this sign tell you about your personality? Do you like her? Or is it time to change something about it?

Interpretation of dreams from the American Dream Book

Dream Interpretation of Denise Lynn

This author believes that the identity card appears in the country of Morpheus before some changes. Is the document in good condition or new? This means you are developing. You will receive confirmation of this soon. It’s bad to see a dirty or damaged passport. This is a hint of laziness or a destructive attitude. Something is stopping you from growing as a person. Don't wait for change. First you have to deal with what is stopping you from moving forward. However, you need to understand that changes must happen; you cannot run away from them. But what they turn out to be depends on your constructiveness and honesty with yourself. Going through passport control in a dream means despair under the pressure of circumstances beyond a person’s control. Don’t be nervous, the interpreter recommends, everything will become clear, but firmness and endurance are needed.

Dream Interpretation - Passport

A dream in which you present your passport to law enforcement officers means that soon you will have the need to hide or change your date of birth or registration for the purpose of marriage or, conversely, due to divorce.

Changing your passport to a new one in a dream means in reality you will refuse to meet a person at the very last moment, without, however, notifying him.

Receiving a foreign passport in a dream - in reality, you will do a good deed, for which you will have to sacrifice your interests and sacrifice time, but generous gratitude from the people who owe you help will more than pay for all the costs and losses you have incurred.

If you dreamed of a registration certificate for a car, this foreshadows a desperate struggle to retain the right to the property temporarily assigned to you. Studying a technical passport for purchased complex household appliances in a dream means that in reality you will establish close relationships with influential people, which will soon bring success in business.

Interpretation of dreams from the Dream Interpretation alphabetically

Dream Interpretation - Passport

Getting a passport means a happy journey.

Seeing your passport means quick changes in life (for example, the need to change your last name due to marriage).

Seeing someone else's passport means you have a wrong opinion about that person.

Worrying about a passport for a trip abroad means taking on a promising job.

If your passport is checked in a dream, then in reality there will be big changes in your business life.

Handing over a passport means meeting the right person.

Interpretation of dreams from Rommel's Dream Book

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