Dream interpretation of Fish soup plates: why do women or men dream about Fish soup plates?


Dreaming of boiled fish is a multifaceted and ambiguous symbol. It can warn of illnesses, intrigues of ill-wishers and losses, or, conversely, be a harbinger of happy events, a period of success and joy. The secret to unraveling the meaning lies in the details of the dream. The size and type of fish, the external attractiveness of the dish, its taste, and the actions of the participants in the dream make it possible to learn about upcoming situations and draw important conclusions for yourself.

Why do you dream about Ear // Freud’s dream book

Why did you dream about Uha?

Cooking fish soup in a dream - to paraphrase a well-known song, we want to advise you: do not mold yourself into love from what you have, but rather be patient a little longer until this feeling comes to you in all its glory and is natural.

The fish soup that you eat in a dream is a sign that you will meet a person with whom you once had a very close and warm relationship, but then for some reason you broke up. The dream suggests that the meeting will be very pleasant for both of you, and the relationship, no matter what, will resume.

Interpretation of the meaning of a dream depending on its details

If you are a gourmet, love salmon fish, and they are on your menu every day, then a dream with red fish will not surprise you at all. Because your brain in a dream simply produces familiar pictures. But if red fish is an infrequent guest on your table, then after what you see the question arises - why such a dream? What to expect? With our dream book, this is easy to understand; the main thing is to recall your dream in detail.

Who saw the dream: girl, woman, man

If a girl saw a fish in a dream, then all the dream books promise her pregnancy or prosperity and luxury in life. If a girl dreams of eating red fish, then she will be able to find a rich gentleman who will provide for her. Subsequently, perhaps she will even marry him. But what if an already pregnant girl dreams about delicious fish? This means that your pregnancy will be favorable and will end in a successful birth with a healthy baby.

Why does a woman dream of red fish? A successful man will like you and keep him interested for a long time. But if the fish slips out of your hands, then in reality you will experience disappointment in your expectations. A carcass without a head hints that you too will lose your head from a new novel, and may even forget about moral principles. A dream where a woman takes a big fish in a store suggests that in reality large, important purchases will soon await you. Eating red fish with wine in a dream is a sign of a fun feast or party with friends.

For a man to catch red fish with his own hands in a dream means prosperity and success. And if the catch included caviar, then constant wealth, income and luxury are guaranteed. And you usually dream of choosing red fish in a store before making an important life decision. If the red fish in the dream was expensive, you can rest assured and stick with the solution that first came to mind. Spoiled rotten fish in a dream indicates that your business is not ready; you should not rush to launch a new project, you should think it over again.

If in a dream you ate red fish

The meal scene where you eat red salted fish suggests that people close to you have some secrets from you. The larger the fish, the greater the secret. The nature of this information is very difficult to determine: friends can either prepare a surprise for you for the holiday, or conspire behind your back to humiliate you. Focus on the general mood of the dream: anxious - expect trouble, joyful - a gift, neutral - do not pay much attention to it.

Tip: the type of fish can partially clarify the nature of the secretion. If it contains caviar, then the secret will be very, very unpleasant. Once revealed, the information will irreversibly change the lives of many people, including yours.

Dream Interpretation: salted red fish portends unexpected success.

  • Seeing a lot of salmon dishes on the table is not only a beautiful sight, but also promises you profit. If you ate smoked fish in a dream, luck will be your constant companion. But eating salted fish means that you will have to compete for happiness.
  • A dream in which you ate a sandwich with fish fillet means that in reality you are too trusting, it’s time to learn to understand people, because some can use this to their advantage.
  • It is also important for correct interpretation how exactly the fish looks on the table. The better the quality of the fish, the better the future. According to the popular dream book, red fish fillet is the best option for lunch in a dream.
  • If you dreamed about eating trout fillet, but didn’t feel the taste, it means you fantasize and dream a lot, no need to have your head in the clouds!
  • If a woman in a dream ate red fish fillet and enjoyed it, it means that in life you will be able to attract a man from high society. An acquaintance can develop into a successful marriage. But not everything is so wonderful; if you didn’t like the taste of such food in a dream, it means that the society you are striving for does not recognize you.
  • Sometimes such dreams warn of a long journey in reality. Details can be found out using the type of fish. A small river fish promises an appropriate journey: not far and for a short time. The river “guest” prophesies a long journey, perhaps in a large company.

Did you eat fish alone or with company in your dream?

What does it mean if you eat fish yourself in a dream? A leisurely meal, with conversations and entertainment, warns of good news in the near future or a joyful event: meeting with friends, a significant other, or simply interesting people. A quick, hectic lunch, during which you are in a hurry and don’t even chew the fish properly, speaks of anxiety in the future, violation of your personal space, burdensome worries about someone, or fairly boring responsibilities.

Advice: in any dream, pay attention to its emotional coloring. In difficult cases of interpretation, it is she who will help you understand the essence of this message.

If in a dream you ate fish alone, then in reality your mental state is close to depression. You need to take a break from pressing matters, stop, and breathe out. Meet your friends more often, go for walks with your children, play with your pets, in a word, get positive emotions from life in any way!

Eating with someone is especially important. If your husband or wife treats you to a carefully prepared red fish for dinner, then the boat of your marriage is in excellent condition: you love each other, even if in the daily hassle you sometimes forget to tell each other about it. When two unmarried lovers are having lunch, especially in a cafe, prepare for a long journey.

If in a dream you ate fish in the company of a friend or relative, it means that in reality this person will be very useful to you. His help will be invaluable in some important matter for you. Treating someone with fish in a dream is a sign of a positive relationship with this person. If in reality you are in a quarrel, there is a rift between you, then after such a dream you will definitely make peace. Treating your friend with red fish means that you will soon hear good news from her, perhaps about her pregnancy.

Where did you have your meal - at home, at a party, in a restaurant?

  • At home. For a man, a dream where he is at home eating fish that his wife prepared for him means that your love and respect are mutual. and in general, you are a very harmonious couple!
  • Away. If you dreamed that you ate red fish at a party, then in reality you don’t need to make sudden decisions; ask good friends or relatives for advice. They will help you make the right decision. In such a matter, good luck and success will definitely await you.
  • At the restaurant. A dream where you are having lunch in a restaurant - foretells a long journey that lies ahead of you very soon.

If you bought fish, cooked and cut it

According to the dream book, buying red fish is for a holiday or other noisy and joyful event. An additional plus in favor of this interpretation is that you are purchasing a treat at a noisy bazaar, in a crowd of talkative, jokey people. If the counter is completely filled with fresh fish, then the probability of a joyful event is 95%. A particularly significant sign: you were accidentally given more salted fish than you asked for. When you have sold the big red fish, you will have no problem dealing with problems in achieving your goals.

  • Cooking a dish of red fish - in reality you will learn unexpected, pleasant news. When the red fish turns dark after cooking, you need to be more attentive to your health. You may need to consult a specialist, listen to your body. If in a dream you smoked salmon, cut it into pieces and began to eat it, but it turned out to be too smoked, it means that you are overly zealous in business, not appreciating your strengths; weakly smoked salmon, on the contrary, speaks of your disorganization and disorganization.
  • If you see a fish head, then this bodes well. Such a dream promises good luck on all fronts - from love to business. A new whirlwind romance, good partners, and promotion on the career ladder awaits you. But seeing fish bones in a dream is a bad sign. They dream of deception, betrayal, and a bleak, poor future awaits you. For an entrepreneur, such a dream promises deception of close partners; it is worth waiting a couple of weeks before signing new papers.
  • But if in a dream you happily eat red fish with bones, then in reality you need to beware of envious people who are trying to deceive you. Perhaps this is even a person close to you. They could be a husband, wife, brother, sister, parents, children. If you are a businessman, pay attention to your business partners and be careful with them.
  • A dream where you saw fish offal promises failure, only now in material terms. The same applies to sleep, where you clean the fish, not only the scales, but also the carcasses themselves. In the near future, you may lose a large amount of money; you will face difficult trials.
  • If in a dream you tried to cut frozen salmon fish, then in reality all your problems will be solved. A dream where you clean fish and throw away caviar means that in reality you are doing something you don’t like for your own benefit. But such a thing will not bring either moral or material pleasure.

Watching red fish

Watching a cat eat a red fish means a loss of attentiveness. Perhaps someone is gossiping behind your back. The color of the cat will help clarify the situation: gray - you have not found a common language with someone, black - old, hidden anger, red - cunning, cunning, resourcefulness.

Live red fish having fun in the water promise you “rain of happiness” soon.

If you are watching the fight between two red fish, then this is advice to take a closer look at your friends. Perhaps one of them will try to “eat” you, like a fish in a dream about its opponent. This harbinger is especially important for businessmen. If in a dream you fed salmon with food and were able to catch a fish with your hands and eat it raw, it means that in life you will be able to outplay your rivals and even subjugate them.

Advice: seeing sea red fish is a sign of concern. In general, a dream can foreshadow a joyful event, which will be complicated by minor troubles.

Watching fish play in their natural habitat is a good sign. Live red fish having fun in the water promise you soon “rain of happiness”: all kinds of benefits and the protection of good spirits. Catching fish is also a good omen that promises unexpected joy.

Seeing Ear in a dream: Great modern dream book

Ukha - It’s as if you are cooking fish soup on the top of a rock - fate will test you again; Expect some everyday difficulties. You eat fish soup with pleasure - nothing threatens your health. You see that a live fish is swimming in the finished ear - the dream suggests that you are oppressing a person dependent on you; perhaps you have tightened the screws too much in the family; you yell at your child for every reason and are mistaken in calling it upbringing - you make your child complex and kill his ability to make independent decisions.

Who dreamed of a red fish?

To a woman

  • For a girl or young girl, the dream book foreshadows pregnancy and luxury in life given by the child’s father.
  • Unmarried - an unmarried lady has every chance of attracting a rich and successful gentleman.
  • Married - a big fish speaks of important purchases. Enjoying this delicacy is a sign of a joyful party.
  • Pregnant - pregnancy will be calm and joyful.

To a man

  • For a young guy - catching fish on his own will lead to success and prosperity; buying in a store indicates an imminent important decision.
  • For a married man, such a fish portends well-being in the family and reliable sources of income.

Interpretation of the Ear dream according to the dream book for 365 days

Why does Ukha dream about the days of the week?

Eating fish soup - For a woman - A dream in the spring - to money that will come completely unexpectedly; in the summer - to a pleasant and easy activity; in the fall - to a good mood; in winter - for a gift. For a man - A dream in the spring means that you will receive a good offer that you should not refuse; and in the summer - it means receiving news that you have been waiting for a long time; a dream seen in the fall says that you will find a way to solve your problems; dreamed of in winter, it means that the time has come for making important decisions.

Practical guidelines for interpretation

Next, we will give some recommendations for interpreting a dream about red fish. Astrologers recommend taking into account not only the details of the dream itself, but also the position of the moon.

Assessing the feasibility of a dream on January 27, 2022

, according to the website Gadalkin House.
Today is Thursday, the Waning 4th quarter from January 25 16:42, the Night Sun entered the 1st house. If you had a dream on another day, you can look at the recommendations in this table
. Now let's look at the main indicators of today that influence the interpretation, according to astrologers.

Probability that the dream will come true: no more than 50%
IndexGuidelines for interpretation
Day of week:
Try to remember everything that you dreamed about on the night from Wednesday to Thursday as accurately as possible - pay attention to small, at first glance, insignificant details. Most likely, the interpretation of today’s dream will be somehow connected with your personal life or some hidden desires.
Lunar day:
25 Lunar day. Today is the day of prophetic dreams. Much of what you saw this night may come true in real life in the next lunar month. It’s more difficult with those dreams that you don’t want to come true. To avoid such a dream coming true, wash your face with cold water and whisper “The water has flown and the dream has gone.”
Moon in sign:
Sagittarius (29°28'27");
Sagittarius - in the case of dream interpretation, symbolizes the progress of relationships, the achievement of goals and a successful combination of circumstances. If you have come across something similar among the interpretations, take note.
Waning 4th quarter
Waning moon. Whatever the interpretation of the dream, keep in mind that this period is characterized by a loss of strength and energy. The person becomes more passive and tired. If there are some global projects coming up or active actions are required from you, put things off until the period of the waxing moon.

Why do you dream about Ear according to the dream interpreter according to N. Stepanova

For those born from January to April:

Ear - You will experience a nervous shock from what you hear.

For those born from May to August:

Ukha - Insidious plans are being prepared against you.

For those born from September to December:

Ukha - If you are a man, you should be in a male company, at a bachelor party.

What kind of red fish did you dream about?

  • Large - portends a profitable financial situation.
  • Ready - successful events await the dreamer.
  • Fried – a person should pay attention to liver health.
  • Alive - the planned business will end successfully.
  • Smoked - luck is on the dreamer’s side.
  • Fresh - portends difficulties with a work partner, but everything will be resolved successfully.
  • Dead - to serious problems in the work sphere.
  • Frozen - stagnation and an unfavorable time for new beginnings.
  • Boiled - an important financial matter will end favorably.
  • Tasteless - to a spoiled impression of an important event.
  • Cut into pieces - portends an unexpected gift.
  • Baked - dreams of traveling.
  • Salty - portends competition for an important cause.
  • Raw - the dreamer will have an influential friend.
  • Fillet is a harbinger of overall good luck and success.
  • Red fish steak - troubles and worries await a person.
  • Fish on sushi - the dreamer will experience a joyful impression of future events.

Why do you dream about plates of fish soup according to the Ancient dream book?

If you dreamed that you were cooking fish soup, then in reality you like to adapt to your partner, trying to “mold” him into the ideal with which you could fall in love. However, you shouldn’t do this - isn’t it easier to wait for the real feeling? If you dream of fish soup that you eat, then in real life you are destined to meet a man with whom you once had a very close and warm relationship, but then for some reason you broke up. The dream suggests that the meeting will be very pleasant for both of you, and the relationship, no matter what, will resume. They will bring back long-forgotten feelings to you.


Dreams about the ear usually have different meanings for men and women. Men most often see fish soup as an element of a fishing dream; in this case, the ear portends a search for luck, and how successful they will be depends on her taste. It is also important whether your friends were present - if so, then you can safely count on their help in solving your problems.

For a woman, a dream in which she cooks fish soup speaks of her arranging some affairs, most likely love affairs; Be careful that the brew does not escape from the pot - this is bad luck. Any inappropriate ingredients in the pot indicate impending troubles. Eating delicious fish soup means enjoying life, but if the fish soup tastes bad, expect disappointment. If for some reason you were unable to eat fish soup, this means disappointment that your loved ones will cause you.

What actions were taken in relation to the red fish?

  • To see is to get the opportunity to improve your financial situation.
  • Cook - life is preparing good news and an improvement in the state of affairs.
  • Eating promises good luck in business.
  • To catch is to beat your competitors.
  • Fry - the dreamer’s cherished wish will be fulfilled.
  • Buy - such an action foreshadows a noisy party and pleasant emotions.
  • Cutting - a person will face thoughtless expenses.
  • Butchering means solving painful and protracted problems.
  • Seeing it sliced ​​is a harbinger of a pleasant gift.

Ear jewelry

If a young girl dreams of earrings in her ears, then this is a symbol of a dream book about the sympathy an attractive young man shows for you. Also, such a dream in the summer may foreshadow an expensive gift from a boyfriend.

You should pay attention to what others tell you - this is how the dream book interprets what earrings in your ears mean in dreams. Statements from strangers can remove the scales from your eyes, and you will see the current situation in a new light.

Gold earrings in the ears are a dream book prediction of unprecedented wealth. If you listen to what they are saying around you, you will be lucky enough to participate in a very profitable business. Why do you dream of an earring in a man’s ear? The dream book predicts that the dreamer's other half may lose its importance in his eyes due to gossip spread by ill-wishers.

Why dream of having your ears pierced? Any damage to the body is a negative interpretation of the dream book. especially if you experience pain during a puncture as in reality, the plot in a dream can symbolize the obstacles that your enemies cause to you.

Although, for an unmarried girl, dreaming of having her ears pierced can also be a positive sign. This picture in a dream is a dream book prediction about significant positive changes in energy, and the dreamer will become very attractive to men, she will have a lot of new fans.

Having your ear pierced in a dream is an unfavorable sign for men doing business. Competitors are trying to ruin your business, and they can easily do this if you do not check the rumors that reach you from the outside.

In general, any damage to the earlobe, whether with a needle or another sharp object, is a sign of impending changes, and most often they carry negative energy. The dream book advises to be careful in all areas of life, and to trust only verified information.

Why do you dream about big ears? The dream book predicts that joyful news awaits you, which has the power to turn a boring and monotonous life upside down and turn it overnight into a wonderful kaleidoscope of fateful events.

There are many associations associated with the ear. There is a saying: “It goes in one ear, out the other,” which means that a person instantly forgets what he was asked to do.

They say: “A woman loves with her ears,” that is, your subconscious can send you a signal through the “ear” symbol that there is a person next to you with whom you can have a love affair (in the good sense of the word).

“Keep your ears on top” (that is, be alert, eavesdrop, strive to be aware of everything) is one of the common expressions, which can also be the source of the image of an ear for your dream.

One of the forms of punishment has long been to rip out your ear, so a dream about your ear may be caused by the torment of your conscience due to some kind of offense.

When you are deceived, convinced of something that is obviously false, you usually say: “Don’t fool me,” thus, the subconscious mind can signal you about the danger of being deceived or misled.

If your ears “burn”, that is, they become red and hot, it means that at this time someone is talking or thinking about you.

When you succumb to flattery, persuasion, or deception, someone who soberly assesses the situation says to you: “You’ve made a fool of yourself!”

If in a dream you carefully wash your ears, then this dream indicates that you are tired of independently figuring out what official information should be about.

If your ear itches in a dream, then expect news from distant relatives or old friends whom you have not seen for a long time.

To see a person with very large ears - you are in vain hoping that by lying a little or distorting the facts in your favor, you will be able to deceive your superiors. Your maneuver will not succeed, and insincerity in communication with management will be remembered for a very long time.

Piercing your ears in a dream - You should work on your inner world, not your appearance, because with jewelry and beautiful clothes you will not achieve what you are striving for.

If you put earrings in your ears, then this dream foretells you worries about being deceived by a person whom you have always trusted infinitely.

Hearing a noise or ringing in your ear is a good sign, promising you a quick end to your troubles and the onset of a calm period, during which you will rest and resume communication with people you like.

Interpretation of dreams from the Ancient Dream Book

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Ear damage

Blood from the ear in a dream is a prediction of news that will be directly related to relatives. If you felt pain during bleeding, then the news will be bad, and painlessness is a symbol of good and joyful news. Why do you dream of a severed ear? According to the interpretation of the dream book, this is a symbol of all-consuming passion for a person of the opposite sex. Even for those who are married, such a dream leaves no chance of remaining faithful to their spouse.

If you like to be in the center of events and be aware of literally everything, then soon you will lose this opportunity - this is how the dream book interprets what a cut off ear means in a dream. Through your own fault, you will no longer be able to receive truthful information, only because you will lose the trust of your loved ones.

The dream book explains the situation in almost the same way if your ear was cut off in a dream. Only in this interpretation will you be cut off from the events taking place around you due to the fault of an outsider. This dream is especially deplorable for business men; they will no longer have the opportunity to learn about the moves of their competitors.

Pus from the ear is a bad sign. A conspiracy is being built against you that will lead to the decline of all affairs. In this case, you do not need to take any action, the vicissitudes of fate cannot be prevented, just worry about your mental balance, a nervous environment can lead to serious mental consequences.

Why do you dream about a sore ear? The dream book can interpret such a plot as real problems in the dreamer’s body. If you feel unwell or weak, it is better to consult a doctor rather than wait for possibly irreparable consequences.

According to another interpretation, if your ear hurts in a dream, then you can expect bad news about your career or work. Most likely, you will be demoted or laid off, so you should show your superiors only the good side, and then troubles can be avoided.

Unpleasant words addressed to you, quarrels and scandals with others can provoke sleep with worms in your ears. At the moment, the dreamer’s nervous system is in a very vulnerable state; special attention needs to be paid to mental health.

Thanks to your comprehensive awareness, you will have a chance to earn good money if you saw ear hair in your dream. But this opportunity will be missed if the hair falls out.

Dirt in the ears is a symbol of gossip, which is not even partially true. If they turn you against your loved ones by telling nasty things about them, then the dream book advises you not to trust these stories, they are full of lies.

The meaning of soup dreams

A soup seen in a dream can speak of the dreamer’s calm and harmony.
Eating soup in a dream means family well-being. If you cooked soup, then soon your chosen one will delight you by arranging an unforgettable evening. Treating someone to it is a dream meaning a pleasant meeting. Did someone else eat the soup? Such a dream suggests that changes for the better are possible ahead related to marital relationships. Tasteless is a symbol of separation. Dreaming of stale soup means irritation. Freshly cooked - predicts good news. A dream in which you spilled soup promises minor troubles. Spoiled soup in a dream predicts troubles at work in reality. In your dream, did you share a soup recipe? This means you are firmly on your feet and know what you want from life. Too hot predicts pleasant troubles. The soup is too thin, it may indicate future worries. Warm up portends an improvement in financial situation. For a new relationship, you dream of over-salted soup. Instant or packaged soup prevents unnecessary worry. Soup with meatballs and dumplings foreshadows sad events, cabbage soup - to fun. Milk soup speaks of upcoming profits. A dream about mushroom soup promises unpleasant troubles.

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