Dream interpretation of Plates of jellied meat: why do women or men dream of Plates of jellied meat?

Jellied meat is a national dish. It is unlikely that an Englishman would dream of such a thing, but the Slavs can “enjoy” this dish at least every night. And here’s what’s interesting: dream books interpret such visions differently. What this dish means in a dream can be influenced by both small nuances seen in a dream and by the country in which the compiler of the dream interpreter lived.

Miller's Dream Book

Gustav Miller did not know what jellied meat was, but his diet included a related dish - jelly. And this is what dreams of such food mean, according to Miller’s dream book.

Did you happen to eat jelly in a dream? This means that you will encounter obstacles on the way to your cherished dream. However, despite all these obstacles, you will be able to achieve what you want if you put in the effort. In a dream, the young housewife watched someone prepare a gelatinous dish - she was looking forward to meeting friends. And if he prepared it herself, then this means a quarrel with her best friend. Treating someone means an unpleasant surprise from this person.

Freud's Dream Book

As the founder of psychoanalysis pointed out, the image testifies to the gentle nature of a person. Because of this, you are easy to manipulate, which is what unscrupulous people take advantage of. In addition, in bed you never show initiative, but only wait for your partner to make the first step. Please note that this behavior will not allow you to build strong relationships. Even a person in love will quickly get tired of your indifference, so he may break off the connection. Think about how to cultivate willpower in yourself.

Cooking “cold”: explanations from various interpreters

If in a dream you see yourself cooking or pouring jellied meat, then according to the White Magician’s dream book, in real life you do not have enough of your own strength to strengthen your authority in the team, so you will be forced to seek help.

Another dream book - the Eastern one - promises scandals “with a smell” if in a dream you cooked jellied meat with spices. And in Tsvetkov’s dream book there is the following interpretation of the dream: cooking aspic is a sign of unexpected but welcome guests; pouring it into bowls means guests will bring a lot of trouble.

People's dream book

In this interpreter, the meat jelly represents the dreamer's ambitions, whether he can achieve his intended goal or whether his plans will fail. Depending on the circumstances of the vision, the image will have the following meaning:

  • it seemed as if the jelly did not harden at all and could fall apart at any moment - in reality, the relationship with the other half was under threat of a final break;
  • in the dream book, fresh meat on jellied meat indicates luck, success in all matters, joy and happiness;
  • if it was frozen, then you will part with a loved one;
  • there were bones in the meat - beware of fraud, deception;
  • rotten - you will actually make a profit;
  • I dreamed about preparing a dish (without additional details of the dream) - in the real world you are surrounded by people who are not useful. You do not get much pleasure from communication, so try to dialogue only with those who contribute to your growth and development;
  • If you dream that you are making jelly from bones, but there is practically no meat on them - in reality you will doubt your own strengths and abilities. Your uncertainty will lead to the fact that even the simplest things will not work out as needed;
  • cooking from only meat is a symbol that you have dreams and plans that are worth trying to bring to life;
  • fish aspic testifies to spiritual growth, the desire for self-improvement and acquiring new knowledge. You are open to everything surprising and unexpected;
  • cooking from a pig's head is a signal that close people may move far away, for example, to another city;
  • cook from hooves and legs - in reality, something unexpected will happen. But the consequences of the coming event will be reflected in the state of affairs for a long time;
  • if someone else prepared the dish, it means you will be a participant in projects whose authorship does not belong to you;
  • If you dreamed that you were eating a product, in reality you will be able to strengthen the influence that you have on the people around you. However, you must show determination and activity, otherwise nothing will work out;
  • in the dream the jelly turned out to be too salty - in fact, you are about to be disappointed in something, feel offended;
  • a tasteless dish foreshadows apathy, indifference;
  • you dream that you not only cooked jellied meat, but also poured it into molds and put it in the refrigerator to harden - a sign that guests will come to you. In some cases, the image indicates that minor difficulties and problems are foreseen;
  • in a night vision you were forced to eat a product, but you got up from the table and broke the dishes with it - in reality you will be able to avoid troubles and disappointments.

Noble treat, or friendly relations

If you are interested in the meaning of a dream in which you treat guests to jellied meat yourself, then you can count on the fact that your reputation and authority will rise in the eyes of others. But cutting jellied meat into pieces and treating your friends to it is a symbol of misunderstanding and disagreement with them in reality.

Were you treated to jellied meat in a dream? Pay attention to your health; perhaps in real life you will catch some kind of infection from the person you dreamed about. But if you yourself cut and served “cold” food on plates, you will be the carrier of the virus.


Jelly in the subconscious symbolizes something very vulnerable. You are probably in a difficult situation and are acutely aware of the precariousness of the situation in which you find yourself. It seems to you that one careless action or word can destroy everything that you have created for so long.

Often in the dream book, jellied meat appears to people who are unsure of their own abilities, to those who suffer from numerous complexes. Perhaps you are constantly in this state. But it is also possible that these are only temporary difficulties that you will eventually be able to overcome.

Hearty Lunch – From Luck to Bad Influence

Did you dream that you were eating jellied meat? Don’t be lazy to find out why you dream about this. Miss Hasse's dream book prophesies the unhindered achievement of the most daring undertakings for those who are lucky enough to eat gelatinous food in a dream. And if you eat and feel cold coming from the plate or an unpleasant smell, then this means that someone is having a very bad influence on you.

Loff's Dream Book

Jellied meat in a vessel in this dream book most often has a negative meaning. On the one hand, it is a tasty product that many people love. But, on the other hand, this viscous and cold dish does not have the most pleasant consistency. In dreams, an image can symbolize a relationship with a person. He probably doesn't feel the same way about you as you do about him. He only allows himself to be loved, although you simply dissolve in your relationship.

If you dreamed that the jelly spread and melted, then there is some kind of problem in your connection. Something goes wrong, and this can negatively affect the usual relationships.

How does meat affect subsequent events?

Among the mass of interpretations of why jellied meat is dreamed of, one can distinguish a special group - the dreamed meat from which the dish was prepared.

  • Jellied pork hooves - for the departure of a relative to a distant country.
  • The pig's head was dismantled - dark thoughts will prevail.
  • Seeing chicken aspic is a symbol of troubles with household members.
  • Fish aspic - a lucky coincidence.
  • You see a lot of different meats in a pan - to insults, and stupid ones at that.
  • One “quiver” in the plate - you will hesitate on some issue.

Combined dream book

As this dream book indicates, cooking jellied meat in a dream is the personification of future difficulties. You are probably not facing the most favorable period. You will worry a lot about the problems that have arisen. For a woman, such a dream may indicate obsessive advances from a man she finds unpleasant.

If you dreamed that you were serving a product to the table, you would actually cope with a persistent fan. Eat jelly - in reality, close people will show understanding in a difficult situation. But to feel that it is tasteless is a symbol of the fact that you have too high demands on those with whom you communicate. If after cooking the jelly does not harden, it means that there is a serious discord in the relationship with the chosen one of the heart. Feelings will cool down, so separation or divorce for married people cannot be ruled out.

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