Let's discuss why the moon dreams. What sign does this mystical natural phenomenon give in a dream?

Many peoples and dream books consider this night luminary a mystical symbol that controls natural processes and has a great influence on our lives. That is why the appearance of the moon in a dream is interpreted as a kind of warning about impending life changes. Whether they are good or bad will be determined by personal feelings. The interpreter will explain why you dream.

Full moon

The full moon is dreamed of on the eve of life changes for the better and the achievement of intended goals. An unnaturally large full moon indicates the likelihood of family troubles or discord in a love relationship.

Also, a large moon warns of impending problems due to some kind of romantic relationship.

Perhaps close people will be against the dreamer’s choice of a life partner, or a new passion will distract him from fulfilling any obligations. In the latter case, the result will be demotion or loss of job.

What does the Modern Dream Book say about this dream?

Miller's opinion.

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In the sky

A dream in which a person noticed the moon in the sky is a good sign. The dream foretells well-being, health of the dreamer’s loved ones, happy love relationships.

The dream promises happiness in love and success in work. The dream also promises a quick end to a difficult task.

But, if the night star is covered with clouds or is in fog, then the dream warns of a serious illness of a loved one. If the dreamer planned to go on a trip, then after such a dream it is better to postpone it for a while.

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Moon and sun

Seeing the moon and the sun simultaneously promises the dreamer wealth and prosperity. If their light illuminates the sleeper’s body, he should expect a promotion.

For women, such a vision usually comes on the eve of the news of their pregnancy. Two luminaries in the sky, according to interpreters, predict a long and very happy life.

Some dream books interpret such a vision as a sign that in the near future the dreamer will meet the person he has dreamed of for many years. An ideal partner will make a wonderful spouse.

Moon and stars

A dream in which the dreamer looks into the night sky strewn with stars and sees the moon on it predicts imminent changes in life . Bright celestial bodies speak of a happy life. If the stars and moon are faded , then the dream warns of imminent sorrows and apathy towards life.

Twinkling stars next to the moon indicate good health and success in life. The reflection of the night luminary and stars on the surface of the water is considered a symbol of understanding one’s inner world.

Anyone who sees the lunar and star reflection will soon find harmony and peace and get rid of harmful thoughts.

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  • 8-Nov-2020 Rimma Holded the full moon in her hands, wrote her name on it, like on foggy glass, and let it go.
  • 8-Apr-2020 Elena I dreamed of a deceased grandson in the big moon and smiling.
  • Someone Elena, I sympathize with you so much
  • 18-Nov-2018 Lyusya I dreamed of the moon in the sky, a voice next to me said, look at it carefully, and I saw a man dancing in it.
  • 13-Feb-2018 Dilya I dreamed of 9 moons.
  • 11-Nov-2017 Anastasia I dreamed that I was walking on the surface of the Moon, it was huge, gray, and so beautiful. And when I came down from it, it turned out to be in the shape of an egg. What is it for?
  • 15-Jul-2017 Vera I saw the moon in the sky, and there were clock hands on it, I don’t remember the numbers.
  • 27-Jan-2017 Andrey Nothing good, I dreamed of 2 moons and after 4 months I got divorced. WE LIVED FOR 13 YEARS AND 2 CHILDREN.
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