Why do you dream about the moon? Dream Interpretation: blood moon, full moon, look at the moon

  • August 8, 2018
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Through dreams, his subconscious conducts a conversation with a person. Sometimes it produces very significant symbols, one of which is the moon. She appears in dreams of both men and women. In some cases, in a vision it acquires enormous dimensions and various shades: from blood red to white. The next morning a person feels defeated and wonders: why is the moon dreaming?

Moon symbol in a dream

The moon in the night sky always puts a person in a romantic and philosophical mood, provoking thoughts about the meaning of life and man’s place under the sun. You can dream about a new moon, a full moon, an eclipse. It is important to remember whether stars appeared in the night vision and how many there were. Or maybe the person dreamed of a starfall? There is also a special category of visions - fantastic, in which events are possible that are unlikely to happen in reality. For example, the month turned upside down or the full blood moon crashed to the ground.

A variety of dream books interpret the symbol of the moon with slight differences - such a dream indicates a certain turning point in a person’s life. After such a dream, life will no longer be the same: in the near future the dreamer should expect some event that will become a turning point. This could be military service or a change of job for men, marriage or death of a spouse or parents for a woman.

Much depends on the personality type and worldview of the person who had to see the full moon in a dream. If the dreamer is an impressionable and subtle person, then such a dream can be provoked by even minor events, which in his subconscious will be inflated to grandiose proportions. The psychological dream book testifies that dreams are just a reflection of our daily experiences, and there is no point in trying to find a prediction of the future in them. But the dream books of Vanga or Nostradamus, on the contrary, assure that a dream can inform us about the consequences of our behavior in the distant future. Allegedly, one memorable dream sometimes predicts the path of life several years in advance.

The moon is falling

A dream where the moon falls from the sky speaks of big and very dramatic events.

Probably, what will happen will lead to a decline in the dreamer’s vitality, and his entire worldview will literally be “turned upside down.”

On the other hand, the falling moon can act as a symbol of imminent marriage.

For people who own their own business, the fall of the moon promises large and unexpected profits.

However, it should be understood that such grace can appear to a person only with a pure mind. A deceitful and vile person is doomed to great financial losses.

Features of sleep interpretation for women

For girls, romantic experiences occupy a special place in life. Feelings for a man, reciprocity and fidelity - these words are not an empty phrase. The importance of romantic relationships is reflected in dreams. Men are more indifferent in this regard, with the exception of sensitive individuals.

The moon in a woman’s dream is a symbol of her ability to create a family and strong, long-term relationships. In some cases, a girl may dream that the moon or moon has fallen to the ground - this is evidence that her relationship is collapsing or her marriage is on the verge of destruction. It is important to remember how such a dream ended: if a woman woke up in a bad mood, and the dream had the tinge of a nightmare, most likely such a marriage will end in divorce. Often the divorce process has already begun at the time of such a dream, so the vision reflected the current state of affairs.

If the dream was favorable: the woman woke up in a good mood after it, and the symbol of the falling moon did not frighten her, but surprised her, then she herself will rejoice at the breakup with her current man. This relationship exhausted her, and after a divorce or separation there is always the opportunity to start a new relationship. The main thing is not to repeat the mistakes that were made in relationships with a previous partner.

Women's sleep

Any lunar symbol in a dream pushes a girl towards her true instinctive nature, sensual nightlife and the appearance of admirers. This is a sign of her deep feminine beginning coming out. The consequence of such a dream will be that she will become romantic and begin to attract men to her, falling in love and making them fall in love with her. Her life will begin to bring her true happiness, because the feminine essence will begin to be realized and clearly manifest itself in her.

To correctly interpret the symbol, you need to take into account the features of the luminary: whether it was clear or foggy, whether it disappeared or crawled out because of something. Sometimes the full moon predicts pregnancy for the female sex, which will end in the birth of a daughter. Sometimes – puberty of a young female.

For a married lady, this symbol can be an omen of the disclosure of her secret romance or silver gifts. Sometimes this is an indication that she will acquire an item that she has not allowed herself to buy for a long time.

The presence of several Moons in the sky at the same time is a negative symbol for women. He predicts that she will be faced with a choice. She may suddenly find out that her partner has a second girlfriend. This may be an indication of the chosen one’s mother, who will be against the lovers’ relationship, or of a rival. For pregnant women, such a symbol promises a miscarriage or twin daughters.

The presence of a great luminary in a dream promises sudden pleasant meetings, gifts and the realization of desires. Sometimes this sign foreshadows amazing coincidences and tender feelings. The Orange Moon predicts material wealth and abundance for female representatives. Several luminaries of the same color promise anxiety and the need to make difficult choices.

A dream in which the Moon has changed phases is considered an alarming omen. A period of growth indicates abundance, and a period of decline indicates a lack of funds.

Why do men dream about the moon?

Men have completely different priorities in life than the fairer sex. Therefore, for guys, a dream about the moon foreshadows changes in their professional activities.

You should expect changes in the near future after such a vision: moving, military or military service, breaking up a relationship with a close friend, quarrel with your boss and subsequent dismissal. A dream is a kind of warning from the subconscious: you need to gather all your strength into a fist and not give up under the pressure of external circumstances.

If a man is sensitive, if relationships with his beloved are a priority in his life, then a dream about a blood moon may reflect his thoughts about love and intimacy. In some cases, a man, like a woman, has such a dream at the beginning of the divorce process. Sometimes it indicates the impossibility of allowing a separation from his beloved: the guy is considering the possibilities of keeping her at any cost, even if it means using his connections or committing a crime.

General interpretation

Dreams about the Moon are very significant; its image personifies the feminine principle, hidden thoughts, secrets. In a dream, it serves as an indication that in the near future a representative of the shadow side, a girl, will appear to the dreamer. This symbol promises to receive an unexpected silver gift.

Depending on the circumstances that took place in the dream, this sign indicates changes in life - in the dark or light side. Sometimes he predicts death.

While the Sun is the personification of business activity, smart start and enterprising activity, the shadow luminary reflects the world of sensory perception, hidden thoughts, subconscious and impulsiveness in decisions and thoughts.

Such a dream predicts that everything will turn out in a completely different way than what the dreamer planned and expected. The time will come for deep feelings and emotions. The features of the moon from a dream give clues as to what a person should prepare for in the near future. Any dream in which the Earth’s shadow friend appeared predicts changes in the erotic and sensual spheres, as well as in the depths of the human subconscious.

Vanga's dream book: why do you dream about the full moon?

Vanga is a blind woman known throughout the world for her predictions. Even political leaders listened to her opinion regarding the future. Many books have been written about her and many feature films have been made. In reality, no one knows exactly where she got the information for her predictions. Based on information from Vanga, a dream book was compiled.

  1. A large full moon in a dream predicts a person’s reflections on his life, as a result of which he will be ready for decisive action. After such a dream, people can radically change their lives. Sometimes this manifests itself in communication with loved ones: a person may quarrel with former comrades or simply cut off contact with them without explanation.
  2. A new month means renewal, the beginning of a new relationship or a new activity or hobby. If a person is involved in politics, then a young month in a dream predicts a successful career for him: he will lead millions and gain real authority in the eyes of his fellow citizens.
  3. If a big bloody moon, hanging menacingly over the horizon, appears in a dream, a person should mobilize all his strength. He is on the verge of critical changes in his life. One wrong step and the dreamer can lose everything: authority, money, influential friends. To prevent this from happening, it is important to fully analyze your behavior and avoid making critical mistakes that in the future will lead to irreparable damage both to other people and to yourself.
  4. Watching the clear night sky with stars and the moon shining in it means that your cherished desire will come true. This dream is especially good if several or one of the stars falls to the ground. This omen indicates that soon all plans will be fulfilled, litigation will be resolved in favor of the dreamer.

What does blackout mean?

In the dream, the moon was foggy, was it hidden by clouds? This means that in reality the dreamer will have to hide his feelings from others. Now his friends and acquaintances may misunderstand him if he behaves the way he wants. You should restrain yourself and spare people’s perceptions, since they are completely unprepared for such a manifestation of emotions on the part of the dreamer and may well behave inappropriately.

If you dream of a lunar eclipse, there are now unworthy and even dangerous people around the dreamer. Friends will actually turn out to be imaginary, and like-minded people will suddenly lose all their sincerity. In the everyday bustle, the person did not see that his environment was not at all conducive to trust and sincerity.

Dream Interpretation of Nostradamus: decoding features

Nostradamus believed that dreams are sent by some Higher Mind in an attempt to warn a person against mistakes. He argued that even the most ordinary citizen, who has nothing to do with politics, can have a dream that will predict the path of development for an entire country. It is only important to correctly interpret such a vision and not make critical mistakes for your life after it.

  1. Why do you dream about the full moon, which has risen above the horizon and illuminates nature at night with its dim light? Such a dream indicates that a period of calm awaits the country and all the people who live in it. The population, including the dreamer, will live poorly and sometimes barely make ends meet. But the reigning peace will ensure satisfaction with the authorities and rulers. The people will be grateful for the period of peace and tranquility.
  2. Why dream of a full red or even burgundy moon rising above the horizon? Such a dream indicates an imminent regime change, which will be accompanied by military action. In some cases, such a dream for the dreamer means preparing for a war in which he will sacrifice his life for the peace and well-being of his country.
  3. I dreamed of the moon surrounded by many stars - a good omen. It portends a favorable outcome of judicial delays. If the dreamer has debts, unexpected outside help will help solve the problem. If a woman has such a dream, she will meet a wealthy man who will awaken a desire to take care of her and help improve her life, subject to reciprocity.

See big and full

Dreaming about the full moon is a wonderful sign. This is a good omen that will bring only good things.

  • A person who sees in a dream a huge full moon without spots, shining with a beautiful silvery light in a clear sky, is a symbol of the integrity of the dreamer’s nature, his inner harmony, consonant with the high vibrations of the Cosmos, both physically and spiritually. He can fully trust himself, his own intuition, and spiritual strength, since he is full of bright energy and is capable of doing real good.
  • The bright, huge moon is a harbinger of good news that will help change the dreamer’s life for the better, open up new roads for him, and lead to success.
  • A large full moon for a business person is a sign that business is developing well. The dreamer chose the right decision and now he should move forward to bright victories.
  • A large full moon for a lonely woman is a hope that very soon she will meet her wonderful stranger, who may well turn out to be the wonderful man she is waiting for.

How Miller's dream book interprets the appearance of a month in a dream

Gustav Miller is a famous American psychologist. He compiled his dream book a long time ago, more than a hundred years have passed. Nevertheless, today people actively use his system of dream interpretation. It is built on the idea that dreams are the foundation for a better understanding of one’s desires and the ability, thanks to their analysis, to predict the optimal behavior for oneself in a given life situation.

  1. Why do you dream of a full moon according to Miller’s dream book? Such a dream foretells success in love and entrepreneurship. Soon a person will experience a strong feeling. He will be successful not only in love, but also in making deals.
  2. Feeling the approach of evening in a dream and admiring the night sky for a month, surrounded by stars, portends disappointment for a person. The dreamer is too immersed in dreams and makes plans for enrichment in his fantasies. Life can cruelly disrupt these plans by making its own adjustments. The dreamer should not drown in dreams; it is better to do something real that will help avoid disappointments.
  3. Seeing a clear evening with a starry clear sky, contrary to the pleasant and beautiful symbolism, foreshadows imminent sorrows, which will subsequently be replaced by a chain of bright successes. Perhaps one of the relatives will die, but leave the dreamer a large inheritance. This is one of the possible developments. For a woman, such a dream can foretell the death of her husband; as a result, she will remain a wealthy widow and young men will begin to seek her affections.
  4. Why do you dream about the red moon? Miller's dream book interprets such a symbol as the possibility of illness for the dreamer himself. A person can become seriously ill due to indifference to his own well-being. In the first few months after such a dream, you should try to avoid hypothermia, not abuse alcohol and eat plenty.

Moon eclipse

This vision has several interpretations. Some dream books claim that the dreamer will soon be overtaken by serious illnesses, while others talk about success in family and professional life. In addition, such a dream can symbolize minor failures, grievances and disappointments .

Sometimes a dream about an eclipse of the moon occurs on the eve of the sudden death of some woman from the dreamer’s close social circle.

It is impossible to change what is destined, so a dream seems to prepare a person for certain events, so that he can face troubles and sorrows with his head held high.

Ayurvedic dream book about the symbol of the moon

This dream book is distinguished by unusual and mystical interpretations. It is not very suitable for modern residents of our country. And yet, the interpretation of the Ayurvedic dream book is interesting from the point of view of a general analysis of the appearance of the night luminary in a dream.

The moon is a symbol of secret power, silence, surprises. This is what the collection says:

  1. Seeing the full moon in a dream is a harbinger of the fact that the time will come when black forces will reign on Earth. Magicians and people with real psychic abilities will appear again. For the dreamer, such a vision predicts an acquaintance with a sorcerer who will have a significant influence on his fate.
  2. A dream in which the moon appeared to the dreamer, painted in a bright red or crimson color, is a warning before military action.
  3. Dark spots on the Moon are a warning; they can also mean a change in power in the country; as a result, a person will suffer significant damage and will be deprived of all the values ​​that he has acquired through his own labor.
  4. Why do you dream about the moon from which light comes? To encounter some obstacle that a friend or relative will help you overcome.
  5. Seeing the reflection of the Moon in water or a mirror in a dream means an unexpected turn of events.
  6. Seeing a split moon in a dark, gloomy sky means pain, loss, quarrels with loved ones and disappointment in oneself.
  7. If in a dream a person performed a ritual of worshiping the Moon goddess, then in reality he will fall victim to intrigue and gossip, after which he will become a hermit and will never be able to trust people again.

Freud's dream book: the symbol of the moon from the point of view of psychoanalysis

The most famous psychoanalyst of the 21st century will also compile his own dream book. He believed that dreams are just a reflection of our secret thoughts, which we often hide from ourselves.

Why do you dream about the moon, according to Freud? Such a dream means dissatisfaction with the quality of intimacy with a partner.

Full moon or crimson moon - the dreamer’s readiness to betray. A reflection of his thoughts about obtaining sexual satisfaction on the side. In the end, your partner will find out everything, so it is better to refrain from your secret desires.

The starry sky in a dream means the possibility of fulfilling a cherished dream that has been haunting the dreamer for a long time.

What does it mean: I dreamed about the moon. Freudian interpretation

The moon symbolizes a sexual partner. If it is full and too bright, then this means one thing: the dreamer does not like the sexual behavior of his chosen one. Perhaps the sleeper likes some types of love games, but this is not a reason to unite his fate with the fate of an unloved person, and such a union is unlikely to bring happiness. When you dream of the moon behind the clouds, a quarrel cannot be avoided, but there will be no serious consequences from this conflict. The moon is waning - feelings will cool down; growing - will be reborn again.

Gypsy dream book about the moon and month

Gypsies have always been famous for their ability to make predictions. Based on their interpretation, many dream books have been compiled.

  1. A large moon for a woman is a harbinger of pregnancy, which has a risk of ending in miscarriage or the birth of a sick child. You should be examined by a good specialist to prevent this.
  2. A new moon in a dream is evidence that a person is favored by higher powers in his endeavors. He can safely start his own business and move on to a new job. His efforts will be duly rewarded.
  3. If you dreamed of the moon falling to the ground, you should expect sudden betrayal from the person from whom this is least possible. This could be financial fraud or treason. Women should be especially on guard after such a dream: the husband may run away with his mistress, stealing family savings.
  4. The moon is surrounded by stars in a clear night sky - all paths are open to man. His life will depend on which road he chooses.

Several luminaries

Several Moons in the sky at once indicate that a person has acquired two goals at the same time and is now lost in choice. To achieve one of them, the other must be sacrificed.

Aesop in his dream book indicated that two shadow luminaries predict the loss of lovers due to the desire for material enrichment. Such a sign is a recommendation to the dreamer to set priorities in his own life and check whether his partner matches the dreamer.

Three Moons are also harbingers of confusion in the relationships of lovers. Often such dreams represent someone who is tired of their partner.

Many night luminaries dream of complete confusion in business. Looking at them in a dream foreshadows an unexpected event that will give joy and peace, and also lead to well-being.

Tsvetkov's Dream Interpretation

Tsvetkov's Dream Book is a book that teaches us not only the art of dream interpretation. The interpretation of dreams according to Tsvetkov is distinguished not only by the interpretation of possible life situations, but also by advice on how to behave in order to best end a bad streak in life.

  1. Seeing the moon in a dream, according to Tsvetkov’s dream book, means the illness of a relative or close friend. Such a dream suggests that the dreamer will need help and participation. If possible, you need to provide financial assistance to your friend.
  2. Seeing a young month in a man’s dream means the appearance of a young girl in his life, with whom a whirlwind romance awaits. For a woman, such a dream means meeting a young guy for whom she will develop romantic feelings.
  3. Watching a beautiful starry sky and the full moon in it means you should pay special attention to your relationships with relatives. They harbored resentment and anger for the dreamer’s cold and indifferent attitude towards them. Perhaps he really is too arrogant and proud because of his successful career.
  4. Seeing the moon fall to the ground means a change of residence. Perhaps the dreamer's house will be damaged by a natural disaster. Such events will be accompanied by a move and the person will be sad and miss his former home and neighbors, with whom he had, albeit not better relations, but trust and mutual assistance were present.

Moon phases

The new moon predicts the imminent appearance of a dreaming admirer in the life of a dreamer and good luck in all areas of life, but sometimes it can warn of infidelity and unpleasant news.

The waxing moon indicates the imminent appearance of something new and good in the dreamer’s life. Often, a dream promises a new acquaintance with a person, a relationship with whom can develop into a strong friendship or love.

In some cases, the vision indicates a happy and long marriage. Waning moon , on the contrary, is a warning against possible troubles.

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