Why dream of holding hands with a man or woman?

Holding hands: interpretation according to authoritative dream books

Holding hands in a dream is usually a good sign, which foreshadows the dreamer's imminent financial income or promotion up the career ladder, which will allow him to make a long-awaited purchase or trip. However, sometimes what you see can radically change in interpretation if you pay attention to the environment and people, the emotions that the dreamer experienced. Interpretation from dream books of a situation in which a person holds hands with someone has many meanings.

Interpretation according to the plot

The interpretation of what it means to dream of holding hands may vary depending on the plot and other seemingly insignificant features. A bright streak of luck, alas, can end at any moment, so it is recommended to correctly interpret what you see in order to prepare yourself for the upcoming difficulties or joys:

In authoritative and little-known dream books, a large number of plots are interpreted, therefore, for an objective assessment and correct interpretation, the dreamer must take into account all the details that he managed to remember. Dreams can mean the following:

Physical contact in dreams does not always symbolize close and trusting relationships between people. We should also talk about handshakes: as a rule, they are the personification of something good.

Often a handshake promises acquaintance and fruitful cooperation with an influential and reliable person. There is another alternative interpretation of what he saw - a meeting with an old acquaintance.

Hands touching

Such visions are quite popular among dreamers. Why dream of holding hands - this request is found quite often on social networks.

Miller's opinion

Handshake with lover

What if you dream about a strange man? What does the dream book say about holding hands with a man in this case? This is an iconic vision, don't ignore it. In real life, the dreamer will receive an offer that it is better to refuse. You will get neither pleasure nor profit from it.

I dreamed that they took an attractive man by the wrist - an interesting dream for women who are not married. Soon you will be able to get married.

I had to hold hands with my loved one - do not ignore this dream. Think, perhaps your significant other needs care, consolation and affection?

Even a vision of a man gallantly kissing a woman’s hand is a serious warning. Miller considered this a sign that the sleeping person should be extremely attentive even to details.

In the interpreter of Gustav Miller there is information that when a man you like in everyday life touches your hand in a dream, you will soon become closer to each other.

Who are you holding by the hand - a brief description

Dreaming of touching a dead person

Interpreters attach great importance to who exactly you held or held by the hand. The prediction directly depends on this factor.

Handshake with lover

Holding the hand of a loved one is a negative dream. There are obstacles ahead that you will need to overcome. Difficulties and difficulties lie ahead.

Interpreters believe that to overcome these troubles you will need the support of family and friends.

Holding a dead person

People holding hands with the deceased should be extremely careful. The interpreter promises them a premature death.

A girl dreams of touching a guy

Such a vision means minor troubles for the dreamer himself and his family members. If you have information that a relative needs support, be sure to provide it.

When the touches were pleasant to you, you will soon receive an interesting offer.

Touching a guy's hand

If a girl happened to hold a guy’s hand in a night vision, then the prediction will depend on what sensations she experienced:

  • it was unpleasant for you - you should carefully look at your chosen ones, you may come across an insidious person on your way who is pursuing his own goals;
  • handshakes brought joy, you liked them - your feelings for a handsome young man will be mutual.

Shaking hands with a stranger

Why dream of holding the hand of a complete stranger? The vision suggests that you will attend a gala event. His character will be purely charitable, the dreamer will enjoy it and do a good deed.

All those emotions that you dream will accompany you in reality.

Girl and handshake

I dreamed of shaking hands with two guys at once

If your real friend held your hand in a dream, then in reality the situation will develop unexpectedly. It will not be possible to predict anything. Dream interpreters believe that a sleeping person can safely count on support from friends.

Passion in a dream

If a girl in night vision holds hands with two guys at the same time, then in reality she will have a difficult choice. The girl will be faced with a specific task, which of the two directions to choose.

The dream book gives advice to think carefully before making a final decision.

What else could a dream portend?

If during sleep the key object is your hands, then in reality you will most likely have to work hard. The more tense they are at this moment, the more physical and mental strength they will have to put in to implement their plans.

However, if all tasks are performed correctly, the dreamer is promised a good reward and career advancement. Handshakes can also be a harbinger of success and good luck , enthusiasm and ease in achieving all your plans.

A strong handshake is a symbol of the help that the dreamer can count on from a reliable and intelligent person. If you didn’t want to let the person go, then in reality they will be united by a large amount of work, which will be completed with a bang and appreciated.

Quite often, a strong handshake indicates that the dreamer is being prepared for a pleasant surprise, which he has long dreamed of. Place matters too. If the situation is favorable, then the outcome of the planned affairs will be favorable. If, on the contrary, the situation is oppressive and oppressive, then you need to be more careful among people; perhaps someone from your close circle is jealous.

To correctly interpret a dream, you need to pay close attention to all the details that you managed to remember. The environment and people, lighting, emotions - all these details can correctly interpret the message of fate.

Only the dreamer can give a correct explanation of what he saw, relying on his emotions, sensations and events that happen to him in real life. Dream books and expert opinions can only give the right direction; you should not blindly believe all interpretations, you need to listen to your intuition, which will not let you down.


A strong handshake is a symbol of long-term cooperation, the establishment of friendships, the reliability of a partner, and help. Sometimes it’s a meeting with an old friend. If the action occurs in response to a hug, it means a cooling of feelings.

An important person shakes hands - soon, with the help of a high-ranking patron, it will be possible to reach heights.

Shaking hands to console means quarreling with a person in reality. Intending but failing to shake someone's hand is a sign of competitors.

Feeling of the palm when shaking hands:

  • cold and sluggish - to impose your will on someone. Such an action will not give the desired result, so it is worth considering your plans in a timely manner;
  • dirty and unkempt - meanness, intrigue of a person. It is not recommended to start communication;
  • pure and warm – transparency of intentions, kindness. The interaction will be effective, it is worth collaborating with people for the sake of high results;
  • hairy - to happiness in your personal life, prosperity and honor.

Children's palm

If you took a child by the hand in a dream, an event will happen in reality that will surprise and delight you. Fate will present a real gift.

Why do you dream about holding a child’s hand? Most likely, in reality you cannot decide to go towards your goal; you constantly doubt your choice. The symbolism of the dream is that you need to listen to your inner child and make a choice with your heart, following the example of children.

Interpretation of sleep and day of the week

On Monday night, you can see dreams that reflect a person’s fears and internal contradictions regarding the experiences of relatives. As a rule, they do not lead to negativity; minor quarrels are possible.

Tuesday is under the influence of Mars, which inspires ambitious ideas. If there was noticeable anxiety in the dream, there is a risk of being exposed to a conflict.

On Wednesday night, dreams symbolize radical changes, including those related to communication. Under the influence of Mercury, new pleasant events strive to enter life.

A dream on Thursday will tell you how to avoid financial problems, if any. The day is under the influence of Jupiter.

On Friday night, intuition is activated in an incomprehensible way. All dreams of a day ruled by Venus are prophetic.

Dreams that occur on Saturday night are important for decision-making, as they are often fateful. The vision is important to interpret correctly.

On Sunday night I dream of vivid pictures. Visions are rarely prophetic, but only positive ones come true.

Attention from the opposite sex

Why do you dream of taking a stranger’s hand? The interpretation of the vision depends on the man’s marital status. If in a dream he is tied by marriage, then in reality grief, lies, and suffering await him.

For a free man to hold the wrist of the girl of his dreams in a dream is a good sign. In reality, he will be charmed by a representative of the opposite sex.

Did you grab a girl by the forearm in a dream? Seers indicate the lust for power and intemperance of the individual. You dream of controlling every step of your beloved. The dream book says: if you value relationships and want to preserve them, get rid of your bad inclination and start trusting your beloved.

Hello from the past

Why do you dream of touching the palm of your ex-lover? The ancient oracle offers the following interpretation of the vision: you will become close again, and there will be an opportunity to renew lost relationships.

Dream Interpretation, if a married woman squeezes her ex-boyfriend’s fingers in a dream, it means that she is not sure of the right choice and often compares her husband with her ex-partner. And memories of the past negatively affect the harmony of family life.

Why do you dream of taking the hand of your beloved man? The character from the vision is about to break up with you. However, the birthday book is encouraging: by showing feminine wisdom, patience, and a little cunning, you can revive your old feelings.


The Dream Book of Yogis warns: holding hands in a dream is an unfavorable omen. In reality, your vitality is just as easily drained. And, most likely, the character from the vision is involved in this.

Holding tightly in a dream the hand of a person you know in reality means striving to subjugate him in reality, notes the Esoteric Dream Book.

Did you dream of a touch, but couldn’t see who it was? Sage Navi says that otherworldly entities control your destiny. At the same time, life can change both for the better and for the worse.

Did they take your hand in a dream? In reality, you will greatly depend on the character from the vision, and perhaps you will be disappointed in a loved one.

To touch the hand of an invisible person means danger threatens in reality. In addition, this plot predicts that in a difficult situation you are ready to accept any help.


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