If you have a dream that you broke your arm. Dream interpretation child broke his arm

The child broke his arm

Dream Interpretation Child broke his arm dreamed of why in a dream a Child broke his arm?
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Used Books:
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  • Chang Teresa. The newest dream book. Decoding and interpretation of 20,000 dreams. — Publisher: Ripol-Classic, 2011. — 1200 p. — ISBN: 978-5-386-02227-3.:
  • von Franz Marie-Louise. The path of dreams. — Publisher: Kastalia, 2015. — 338 p. — ISBN: 978-5-519-60642-4.:
  • Krause Claire. Dream book for women. — Publisher: AST-Press, 2016. — 320 p. — ISBN: 978-5-17-093700-4.:

Dream Interpretation - Child

A child is a symbol of hope and the future.

If you dreamed that a child was bitten by an animal, then this dream indicates that in the future a large number of vampires will appear on Earth, who will primarily pose a serious danger to children.

For the dreamer, such a dream prophesies a meeting with the Antichrist, who will want to make him his disciple.

Seeing a pregnant man in a dream is a sign that in the future what has been talked about for many years will still happen, that is, the man will become pregnant and give birth to a child.

Perhaps this will not happen without the intervention of dark forces, but this fact will glorify this man and his child throughout the world.

If in a dream you saw a disabled child, then such a dream warns all of humanity about the danger posed by our polluted atmosphere.

For the dreamer, this dream prophesies a meeting with a person who will greatly need his help.

To see a dirty child in the arms of a fallen woman in a dream - the dream suggests that the Earth is in very great danger.

In the future, an unprecedented number of people will be infected with AIDS, and humanity will be on the verge of extinction.

But when it seems that nothing can change the plight, a person will appear who will invent a cure for this terrible disease.

If you dreamed of a child who has no limbs, then such a dream indicates that the Earth is in a real threat.

“What does a fracture mean in a dream? If you see a Fracture in a dream, what does it mean?


Yesterday I had a strange dream. It’s as if I, in the company of my close relatives and friends, are entering an old German house built before the war. (In reality, there is no house at this place) In the entrance of the house, there is ancient stucco on the walls, very unusual and beautiful in the form of red hemispheres, arranged in a checkerboard pattern, interconnected by ornate green patterns. The colors are faded, but it is clear that it was once very beautiful here. Then we all start walking up the wooden spiral staircase. Moreover, I’m not going first, but somewhere in the middle. And then I begin to remember this house, that I was once here with my friend, I already climbed this staircase, the staircase leads to the top of a small turret and there is a small platform and a window. And indeed, when I got up to the end, it turned out that way. Only those who walked ahead disappeared somewhere, it turned out that I was the first. I look around: the plaster has fallen off the ceiling and walls, the brickwork is visible, the area is filled with some kind of rubbish and there is very little light from the window. There is a mirror against the wall, but no reflection is visible. I feel uneasy and want to get away from there as quickly as possible. Everyone who followed me had already begun to descend back. I try to catch up with them, but then I remember that I forgot something there. I get up again, I see that in the center of the platform there is a suitcase on a table or chest of drawers, it is open, there are some things in it, clothes that are not mine, next to the suitcase is a worn, green shoe. I take it and put it in the suitcase, first checking to see if there is a pair for it in the suitcase. There are a couple, I close my suitcase and go downstairs. There was more space downstairs and the surroundings became nicer. A spacious lobby, on the walls there are huge beautiful paintings made of tiles of some kind of Christmas scenes (decorated houses, a street, everything in the snow and three cheerful old men in red caftans with hoods and long wavy gray beards flowing to the ground. And all this trembles, shimmers like a mirage) Everyone looks at it and is surprised. Now there are framed black and white photographs hanging on the walls, some furniture and a mosaic on the floor. There is a mirror before leaving the house and before leaving I decided to look at myself. I look and I’m dressed in my old coat, which I wore 15 years ago in the last grades of school, and a pale crimson beret. My face seems beautiful and my makeup is also good, but my eyes are bigger and my lips are fuller, I don’t look a little like myself. But the way I’m dressed makes me feel very unpleasant, like an old maid. And these things I’m wearing are old: the beret is not fashionable, it’s faded (my grandmother has one) and the faux fur collar of the coat sticks out haphazardly, all tousled. And most importantly: coats and berets don’t go well together. I look at all this and declare: I won’t go anywhere like this! And here mom, as always in her repertoire: you shouldn’t be doing this, everything is really nothing. This phrase made me cringe. That's how I woke up. In general, lately, scenes with stairs and relatives or friends are often repeated in dreams, in different interpretations. And today I dreamed that I wanted to get back my things (these were some kind of geographical maps), which were in someone else’s van and I wanted to steal them. I stole them right from under the nose of someone who didn’t want to give them to me and ran to hide in the entrance, afraid that this person might take them back from me. This person was some woman. She ran after me up the stairs for a long time, and then we came face to face with her in the elevator. At first I was scared, and then I beat her and ran away. Then I somehow ended up on a train and again ran into this woman there, this time she tried to shoot me with a burst from a machine gun, but the cartridges were blank and then I tore off her hand and ran away again. On the way, I exchanged my cards for money to some tall guy with bright red curly hair. And pleased that I still managed to achieve my goal, jumping up and down the street in joy, as if I were dancing an Irish dance. (in the dream, I tried 3 times to change the card for money to this guy, but all the time a group of some people who were chasing me interfered, they were on the same page with this woman who was running after me). I’ve been dreaming about this woman for a month now, she either throws glass shards at me, or tries to attack me, but I always defeat her in the end. And the plot with me trying to take or steal something of mine is also repeated several times. I now have a dual life situation where I need to make a very important choice for me. And I can roughly imagine what these dreams are talking about. But I would like to hear an outside view. In general, I see dreams often and sometimes very vividly and I remember them to the smallest detail, sometimes I can understand from a dream the attitude of this or that person towards me. I will be glad to share with you. Best regards, Yulia


Basic values

Any dream about a broken arm can indicate an illness or some serious illness of the dreamer himself or someone in his environment.

Why do you dream about a broken arm? The dream book says that first of all it is necessary to determine what kind of fracture - closed or open - you dreamed about. A dream about a closed fracture is not so scary. If troubles do happen, they will not be very serious. An open fracture promises a larger failure or even a serious illness. But you shouldn’t despair, because any problem can be overcome.

What does a dream mean when another person breaks his arm? In this case, it does not matter whether he is familiar to the dreamer or not. If you had such a dream, then there is a risk of finding yourself in the midst of a scandal or a major quarrel that will not lead to a positive result. It is not recommended to contribute to the growth of the conflict, so as not to regret it later.

A simultaneous fracture of both arms indicates the impossibility of overcoming some difficult life situation. In this case, only family and friends can help.

If you have a cast on your arm, then you may encounter people imposing their opinions, and it will be difficult to avoid conflict. Also, most likely, you will have to forget about your opinion or even give it up due to certain circumstances. This dream can also warn about the presence of gossips in your environment at the moment.

Open arm fracture

Dream Interpretation Open fracture of the arm dreamed of why in a dream you dream of an Open fracture of the arm? To select a dream interpretation, enter a keyword from your dream into the search form or click on the initial letter of the image characterizing the dream (if you want to get an online interpretation of dreams by letter for free alphabetically).

Now you can find out what it means to see an open fracture of the arm in a dream by reading below for free interpretation of dreams from the best online dream books of the House of the Sun!

Dream Interpretation - Fracture (legs, arms)

Breaking an arm or leg is a big problem. If the fracture is open, the bone is visible and blood flows - a sad event in the family.

Imagine that experienced doctors provide the necessary assistance, the fracture quickly heals - and the broken organ works again.

Dream Interpretation - Fracture

Seeing a fracture in a dream means injury.

Dream Interpretation - Openness/open

Open yourself up to life and new opportunities.

The way is open for you.

Open up to the spirit!Are you too open with others? Time for complete openness and time to become protective of your own self and your own energy.

Are you opening up to the right people at the right time?

Dream Interpretation - Fracture

Bones - honor and glory; in life - difficulties on the path of life

Dream Interpretation - Bone fracture

To victory over enemies.

Dream Interpretation - Fracture

To see in a dream how you broke your leg is a sign of a long journey.

Dream Interpretation - Hands

“rule with an iron hand”, “iron fist” (strength, strong power), “hairy hand” (patronage, money), “hand washes hand” (support). “I wash my hands of” stepping away from business.

“warm your hands on this” income, a winning situation. “Without getting your hands dirty” without risking anything. “Give or extend a hand” (help, friendship).

“second-hand” (second-hand, gossip). “Getting your hands dirty” means getting involved in an unseemly event.

“to grab the hand” to catch, to catch. “Sticking to your hands” or “floating into your hands” is easy enrichment.

“my hands are itching” (for a new business, for a fight, for money).

"at arm's length".

“at hand” (very close).

“your hands are bloody or dirty” (bad deeds). “Pull yourself together or control yourself” - strict self-control.

“You can’t take it with your bare hands.”

“arms are short” (difficult to achieve).

“to go with an outstretched hand” poverty, misery.

“as if it were gone” a quick, miraculous deliverance, a cure.

“the hand does not rise” (no desire).

“give up” (inactivity).

“to let go” to miss, to miss something. “Give up” to call, refuse the activity.

“give on the paw” (bribery). “Hands tied” - inability to act.

“to be the right hand of an influential person”, “dishonest” (a deceiver, a swindler. “Ask for someone’s hand” to propose marriage. “We have long hands” is a threat of inevitability of punishment.

“giving hand”, “punishing hand” (fateful, invisible force).

“I can’t get my hands on it” (lack of time for something). “A light hand”, “with a light hand” luck, favor, skill.

“heavy hand” (difficulties, rejection). “Handshake”: meeting, farewell, acquaintance, support, friendship. “Give military honor with your hand” to pay tribute, a sign of honor, respect.

"tit in hand" “Hold something in your hands” i.e. possess, have what you hold. “Carry in your arms” to nurse, cherish, help, protect, revere.

“feet in hand” run from fear. “Keep your arms wider” - failure to get what you want, failure. See add. fingers, touch.

Dream Interpretation - Fracture

May mark a sudden and unpleasant change in your life.

You may reach a tipping point.

This may be a signal to slow down and be more careful, especially if everything around you is breaking and you are the type of person who breaks things a lot.

Isn't it time to turn the tide? Are you in a relationship with someone that is about to break down? Have you entered a period in your life when faith is broken and illusions are shattered? Remember, when the illusion collapses, you gain the ability to see the world as it is.

After despair there always comes a time of rebirth, just as spring comes after winter.

Dream Interpretation - Hand

If you dream of beautiful hands, fame, quick mastery of your profession and a high position in your circle await you.

Ugly hands or hands that have ugly shapes portend trouble.

Blood on your hands promises temporary alienation among people close to you, unfair condemnation of a friend.

If you see that your hand is damaged, you will have to give up part of what is very dear to you.

Burning your hands in a dream promises you a loss in a competition with fate: having put all your efforts into achieving wealth, you will miss out on something more valuable.

Seeing your hands thickly covered with hair in a dream promises you strong and courageous partners and competitors in your work. It is possible that such a dream warns you of the futility of intrigues against those who are actually loyal to you.

If the size of your hands is larger than natural, you will quickly advance towards your brightest goal. Too small hands encourage you to be more active.

Dirt on your hands is a sign that you are capable of injustice towards people who love you.

If a woman admires her hands in a dream, the dream foretells that she will be able to conquer more than one sincere heart.

If she sees that someone takes her hand in his and kisses it, the dream warns her to be more careful in her behavior.

If you see fire in your hands that does not burn your fingers, success will take you to very great heights.

Tied hands foreshadow future difficulties. Untying them in my sleep. In reality you will master the situation.

An amputated hand means separation or mutual dissatisfaction between lovers (or spouses).

The dream warns of possible deception or fraud.

Dream Interpretation - Hands

Admiring your own hands in a dream is a harbinger of prosperity. In the old days, it was believed that the right hand in a dream means the present or close male people, and the left hand means the future or female close ones. Losing a hand in a dream means losing a loved one.

Shaking hands in a dream means establishing a good friendship with someone. If in a dream some important person shakes your hand, then soon you will have a high-ranking patron, using whose capabilities you will be able to succeed in life. A dream in which you shake someone's hand to comfort the person indicates that you will soon fall out with that person.

If you dream that you want to shake someone's hand but cannot, it predicts that you have competitors. A dream in which you saw someone kissing your hands encourages you not to trust this person. If the person is unfamiliar to you, then you should be wary of envious people and slanderers who want to discredit you, but at the same time gain benefit. If in a dream they say about you that you are sitting with your hands folded, then you should immediately begin to implement your plans. Having many hands in a dream is a sign that you will have a lot of work that will provide you with a decent living. But such a dream foreshadows criminals that they will soon be caught and they will suffer a well-deserved punishment. If you dream that your hands are stained with blood, then soon you will face a difficult separation from a loved one. Sometimes such a dream predicts that a quarrel with relatives awaits you. See interpretation: burn.

A dream in which you saw that your hands are covered with ulcers or pimples portends you sadness and disappointment. If you break your arm in a dream, then poverty, deprivation, need, hunger or illness await you. For women, such a dream predicts a short separation from a lover or husband.

Seeing dirty hands or getting your hands dirty in a dream is a harbinger of failure in business. Sometimes such a dream warns you that you should refrain from risky or gambling activities or games. Sometimes such a dream warns you of slander or envious people. Washing your hands in a dream means that you will get rid of some unpleasant responsibilities or will be able to refuse to do some unpleasant work. If you dream that someone said about you that you have golden hands, then success in business awaits you. However, it is believed that having golden hands in a dream means that obstacles await you in business. A dream in which you saw that your arms have become stronger and longer promises profit and wealth. For women, such a dream foretells that their husband or lover will become richer or receive a promotion. Seeing hairy or rough hands in a dream is a sign of wealth and good luck in any endeavor. If you dream that your arms have become muscular, then you will successfully overcome difficulties and be able to stand up for yourself in any matter. For patients, such a dream predicts a speedy recovery. Seeing a child’s hands in a dream is a sign of prosperity and family happiness. If in a dream you find out that your hands have become weak and small, then you will be disappointed due to constant failures in everything you undertake. Sometimes such a dream indicates that your friends or partners may betray you at the most inopportune moment. A dream in which you saw an arm without a torso predicts losses in business and the danger of deception. If you dream that your hands are tied, then you will find yourself in a difficult situation and will be powerless to do anything to improve this situation. To give up on something in a dream means that you do not have enough patience and perseverance to carry out your intentions.

If in a dream you saw that someone covered your hand with his or took you by the hand, then someone will interfere with the implementation of your plans or will convict you of a dishonest or vile act. See interpretation: palm, fingers, wash, soap, foam, nails, hair.


Body warning

Did you dream that you had a broken arm? The dream book says that there is an assumption that through such dreams the body is trying to warn about the lack of essential nutrients in the dreamer’s diet. Often such a dream is associated with a general state of malaise or decreased immunity. For example, a broken arm can occur due to a severe lack of calcium, which is responsible for the level of bone strength. This may be a reason to think about changing your diet or lifestyle in general. It is worth eating more foods with high levels of calcium or taking appropriate vitamins.

The body can also warn about accumulated fatigue, requiring urgent rest. If you are really overtired, try to get more rest, change your environment or take a vacation. In such cases, meditative techniques help well.

Rare and non-standard interpretations of sleep

Not all dream books interpret dreams from a negative point of view. There is an opinion that breaking an arm in a dream promises recognition from loved ones or colleagues at work. It is quite possible that in the near future the dreamer’s efforts and work will be appreciated in one way or another.

Some interpreters also claim that such a dream foreshadows some turning point in the dreamer’s life. It won't necessarily be bad, depending on how you look at the situation. If you treat it positively and pass the test with honor, then everything will turn out successfully.

Dream Interpretation Fracture of a leg or arm

Why do you dream about a broken leg or arm in a dream according to the dream book?

A broken limb in a dream warns that some unexpected incident may happen to you, which will entail a series of unpleasant events.

Violation of the integrity of the bones may indicate that you are on the threshold of a new stage in life, some important event may occur now, or you simply need to be overly careful for your own good.


Instead of an afterword

Now you know why you dream of a broken arm. The Dream Interpretation offers us various versions. Believing in them or not is everyone’s personal choice. Here, a huge role is played by the fact how you yourself feel about what you saw in your dream, how much it impressed you. Perhaps it’s not always worth paying attention to what happens in a dream and after each night, look for explanations in dream books? And perhaps this is exactly what should be done, then certain problems will be avoided. The choice is yours. Have wonderful dreams!

Miller's Dream Book - about the nature of injuries

Miller gives an interpretation of sleep based on the characteristics of the injuries. In his opinion, a closed fracture represents the destruction of what is dear - in terms of relationships with people or in the implementation of an important project.

Why do you dream about open fractures and bleeding wounds? The dreamer is ready to condemn his friend and break off relations with him without serious reasons. This also applies to relatives with whom there are blood ties. If you dream of a bone that has not fused correctly, this is a harbinger of trouble.

What does the location of the leg injury mean?

Dream Interpretations, depending on the location of the injury, specify the meaning of the dream:

  • A fracture in the knee area is a symbol of your own fears and concerns. The limitations and difficulties it foretells arise from the passivity and cowardice of the one who has received such an injury.
  • A fracture above the knee warns of the risk of becoming dependent on other people. There is a high risk of job loss and temporary loss of ability to work due to careless words and actions. A hip fracture, especially if in a dream it was followed by the application of a plaster cast or other actions that made it impossible to walk, portends a loss of financial independence. Someone will try to completely subjugate the victim, taking advantage of his financial difficulties. The area from the knee symbolizes the area of ​​material interests. Injury to this part of the body portends losses and indicates problems in the financial sphere. There is a high risk of dependence on creditors, friends or relatives who will lend money or provide other forms of financial assistance. It is required to accept offers of support very carefully and think through the possible consequences.
  • A fracture below the knee is a sign of impending problems in the emotional sphere. A shin injury is an unpleasant sign that foreshadows the collapse of love hopes, a quarrel between friends or a conflict between colleagues. If you dreamed of an open fracture, which is accompanied by bleeding, then you should be prepared for very serious contradictions between relatives. A very difficult period of testing lies ahead, which can make loved ones completely strangers.
  • A fracture of the foot ,
    , or
    heel injury foreshadows minor troubles that will prevent you from realizing your plans. There is a risk of failure of the project, the implementation of which seemed like a sure thing. Often such a dream foreshadows the cancellation of a trip or trip at the last moment.

If the left leg is damaged, then the troubles that such a dream warns about are not inevitable. These are only possible risks that can be avoided or their negative impact significantly reduced if you exercise care and caution.

Breaking your right leg in a dream is a much more unpleasant sign, which indicates circumstances already affecting a person. You should be patient and get through the difficult period.

A fracture of both legs requires a very careful analysis of the events of recent days. This is a serious signal that irresistible forces have come into play, the action of which can completely upset everything. Often in such a situation the dreamer himself is to blame. The choice of the wrong path, thoughtless actions, random connections led to a path that should not be continued.

Seeing both legs broken in your dream is a sign of impending disaster financially or emotionally. A wife should stop bossing her husband around. Expenses need to be brought into line with income and stop spending money unwisely by borrowing from friends and relatives.

Treason and temptation

Were you able to remember whether the broken arm was right or left? The left one symbolizes a woman, the right one symbolizes a man. So who will turn away from the dreamer - a friend or a friend?

In a man’s dream, if the right hand is damaged, this means the loss of the support of a comrade; the left hand means that his wife or girlfriend will cheat. For a lady, a broken left arm in a dream foretells that her friend will betray her, and her right arm will be betrayed by her husband or lover.

Why dream of seeing yourself injured, but without pain: a person is confident in his own irresistibility and expects that success with women (men) will come by itself, but life will disappoint the dreamer. Anyone who dreamed of seeing someone in a cast will admire someone else's success, which he will not be able to repeat.

Erotic associations

According to Freud's dream book, if you dreamed of a broken arm, the dreamer will soon be overtaken by impotence. In a woman’s dream, this image may reflect problems with her partner associated with the loss of his male viability. By the way, many dream books claim that the sight of a wound reveals a certain secret - the inability to receive pleasure in sex without pain.

It is also interesting how Freud’s dream book interprets the application of plaster in a dream. All attempts to seduce the object of desire will be in vain. A man will not be able to persuade a young lady to be intimate, although he will be ready to use any means of pressure.


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