Why do you dream of tearing off a toenail?

A broken nail in a dream is a bad sign. The dream foreshadows a deterioration in health and the emergence of difficulties on the way to achieving goals in real life. At the same time, in order to correctly decipher your dream, you need to remember its smallest details. Next, we’ll take a closer look at what a broken nail in a dream means according to popular dream books.

Watch your hands

To more accurately interpret why you dream that a nail falls off, dream interpreter Loff suggests taking into account its location. Trouble on the finger means lost profits, forced unemployment.

If an “accident” occurred with a nail on the finger of your right hand, only categorical confidence in your own rightness will help you defend your interests. An affected left hand indicates a high probability of delusion.

When you see damage to your false manicure, there is no point in waiting for mercy from fortune. Trying to fix a problem on your finger yourself indicates a tendency to devote too much time to self-digging.

What does nail color tell you?

If the dreamer dreamed of not ordinary nail plates, but painted ones, he should analyze his dream regarding the color characteristics:

  • red pedicure polish portends a grand party, a lot of fun and joy;
  • white - improvement in living situation;
  • pink - great shopping, shopping;
  • black - the need for change;
  • yellow - the beginning of a bright period in life;
  • burgundy - a significant meeting with your chosen one;
  • blue - a quick date;
  • orange - fun time;
  • lilac, violet - the need to reconsider one’s own behavior and attitude towards people;
  • green - a memorable trip.

Also, the interpretation of the symbol “toenails” in dream books also includes newfangled trends characteristic of modern people. For example:

  • a pedicure of rich color, rainbow or very bright, indicates that soon the dreamer’s life will change significantly, there will be harmony, happiness and great mutual love;
  • Pastel colors symbolize wasted experiences.

If a girl saw a fashionable French jacket in a dream, it means on a subconscious level she is dissatisfied with her stiffness and timidity, she wants to change and become more relaxed and open.

Problem pedicure

Tsvetkov's dream book explains in detail why you dream that your toenail has fallen off. If you dreamed about how the nail plate of your thumb fell off, in reality you will be able to get rid of an unpleasant person. If you happen to see your little toe without a nail, there is a risk of ruining your relationship with someone you care about.

Nostradamus’s dream book regards the loss of a toenail as a harbinger of illness for the sleeping person or a person from his immediate environment. An incident in a dream also portends strong disappointment in one of your family and friends or extreme dissatisfaction with reality.

Negative interpretation

Dreams in which special attention is paid to nails cannot be judged unambiguously.
In addition, in order to get the most complete and truthful meaning, you should remember your dream as carefully as possible. Moreover, we are talking not only about the content, but also about the emotional coloring, that is, the dreamer’s attitude towards the image. For example, they say about good prospects:

  • beautiful and processed - mean success and stability in any matter related to material wealth;
  • neat, well-groomed and short - getting a promotion soon, improving your position in society.

In short, nails - both on the feet and on the hands - symbolize the human condition. In particular his health, position in society and financial capabilities. That is why it is very important to remember exactly what your toenails looked like. Dream books warn that:

  • long or large foreshadow very long-term difficulties and problems that you just need to endure;
  • dirty - problems at work, conflicts with superiors;
  • accrued - the appearance in life of an insincere person who will try to turn any situation in his favor and thereby harm the dreamer;
  • broken ones symbolize the wrong path that a person has chosen, and the advice is to change it before it is too late.

Currently, almost every inhabitant of the planet has the opportunity to explore their dreams at any time. For example, if you dreamed about big toenails, the dream book will tell you the correct meaning. According to one of the most popular dream books, nails represent a person’s life path.

Accordingly, the more well-groomed and neat they are in a dream, the easier and more successful the immediate reality will be. If you dreamed of dirty, bitten or unkempt nails, then you need to prepare for serious trials and difficulties that cannot be easily overcome.

However, if long nails, more like claws, appeared in a dream, you should not rejoice. After all, this is a symbol of a thorny path and problems. But beautiful and well-groomed nails - both extended and natural - portend a quick improvement in your financial situation.

The Italians have a belief that nails, symbolizing intimate organs, indicate the dreamer's desire for intimacy. Moreover, a huge role is played by the person who attracts attention in a dream with her toenails.

In the dream book, the interpretation of such a sign indicates a subconscious desire for intimacy with this particular person. If the dreamer sees his own nails, this indicates that he is too fixated on his beloved self.

According to the following dream book, cutting your toenails is an action that promises a hopeless situation that you will have to cope with on your own. Therefore, the process will be significantly delayed. If the dreamer dreamed of someone pulling out his nail plates with pliers or driving large needles under his skin, then he will soon pay off his debts. And not only with money, but also with spiritual ones. Scratching yourself with your nails means illness.

Nails are the personification of the social status of the sleeper. Therefore, if you happen to see a broken or cracked nail in a dream, this may mean approaching the social bottom, and, conversely, the last steps to the top of authority.

According to this dream book, if the nail you saw in your dream was smooth and healthy, this indicates that your work is quite simple, but, unfortunately, is very low valued. But if you dream of broken nails, be prepared for hard work - it will not be easy both physically and mentally.

Are you trying to understand why you dream about cleaning dirt from under your nails? Such a dream suggests that you will soon commit a very noble and highly moral act. By the way, the reward for him will not be long in coming.

Did you dream of unkempt nails affected by fungus? Soon you will not be able to avoid shame, the dream book warns.

Hard labour

The dream in which I happened to see nails is interpreted quite negatively by Loff’s dream book. In his opinion, there will be no opportunity to rest in the near future - so much work will fall on you.

But before you get upset, try to remember what the marigolds in your dream looked like. If they were beautiful, with a neat manicure, your efforts will be rewarded handsomely. But the opposite vision suggests that you can’t count on a solid payment in the near future.


An interpretation of what toenails may mean in a dream is given by Evgeniy Tsvetkov’s dream book. Did you have a dream in which a nail came off your thumb? Relationships that have long become a burden to both sides will soon come to naught.

But be careful when communicating with friends and family if you lose a nail from your little finger while sleeping - there is a high probability of a major quarrel.

A nail that is cut from a finger in a dream promises the sleeping person disappointment in a loved one - he will not live up to the hopes placed on him.

Affected by disease

Did you dream that your nail is infected with fungus or is full of cracks? According to Nostradamus’s dream book, a serious illness awaits the sleeper soon. It may also happen that one of his relatives will encounter the disease.

Has your toenail peeled off and you decide to cut it off? According to the advice of the dream book, refrain from active recreation in the near future - there is a high probability of an accident.

And if you saw a dream in which a detached nail fell off without anyone’s intervention, you should not worry about the illness that has engulfed you - it will soon recede.

Have you had a dream in which you get rid of a diseased nail? In reality, you will be able to get rid of someone’s obsessive attention.

What can you dream about if you were unlucky enough to pick off a nail in a dream? The answer will be given by the Lunar Dream Book. You will soon get rid of the bad influence of some person, practically without making any effort.

Did you tear off a nail that was bent upward in a dream? This plot is a kind of warning - you should not turn your nose up too much, such behavior will not end well.

Broke a nail until it bled? You should prepare for family problems.

A dream in which a nail fell off, broken at the very root, suggests that in difficult times you should not count on the help of friends and relatives. Vanga’s dream book adheres to this opinion.

What can you dream about if your artificial nail breaks? Such a dream suggests that in the near future luck will turn its back on you.

If you happen to trim such a nail while you sleep, it means you will devote more than one hour to reflection and self-deprecation. But if the nail was uneven, and you strive to give it the correct shape, in reality new hobbies and interests await you.

The reason for dreaming about a broken artificial nail is also explained by the Spring Dream Book. Try to remember on which hand the trouble occurred. If on the right, in reality you will have to prove your opinion to someone for a long time, but on the left, you will find yourself misled.

What you dream of trimming your “native” nails can be explained by the Wanderer’s dream book. You should not start big projects and new businesses - they will be unsuccessful.

Did you have a dream in which a piece of nail polish came off from your nail? Look at yourself from a new side, and not from the most pleasant one. Broken a nail that was just coated with varnish? It is quite possible that gossip is already being spread behind your back.

Have you had your nails done and weren't too careful? A nail that breaks due to such actions indicates that you are putting in too much useless effort. But if you dreamed that you deliberately broke a manicure that you didn’t like, in reality you are trying with all your might to resist what is being forced on you.

Various shades

To interpret the dream, try to remember what color the broken nail was. Dream books give the following interpretations.

  • Damaged your red nail? Quarrel with your loved one.
  • Unlucky purple marigold? Very soon the rose-colored glasses will fall off your eyes.
  • Did you pull out a blue nail? Dreams will remain dreams.
  • Broken nail - soft pink? Be careful when communicating with strangers.
  • Was it green? Perhaps you will soon be struck by illness.
  • Have you seen a bitten black nail? In reality you will be saddened by something.
  • Did your white nails crack in your dream? Think several times before making a decision.

Did you dream about nail polish peeling off? Your secrets will soon cease to be so.

Are you removing color coating without any help? You will have to correct errors yourself.

Why do you dream about nails? To some advantages, a trump card in planned affairs. The dream can also talk about defense or attack.

Which ones did you dream about?

I dreamed about fingernails - help, the opportunity to stand up for yourself and your interests. On your feet - your distrust does more harm than protects you from danger. Other people's marigolds - be careful, they are ready to hostile you at any moment. Yours - to gain privileges, to find yourself in an advantageous position.

Beautiful nails - everything will be as you planned. If you dreamed of beautiful ones in your arms, you now have every chance of finding what you want. Beautiful on your feet - trust your loved ones, and you will be supported.

According to the dream book, long nails mean confidence in the ability to defeat rivals and enemies, but at the same time there is a possibility of hurting an innocent person with words (deeds). Long legs - your suspicion is already teetering on the edge of paranoia.

Long arms - readiness to attack anyone who tries to interfere with your plans. Extended – attracting third-party funds and assistants. Invoices are just a semblance of power. Short ones - lack of confidence in yourself and your abilities.

Short on your hands - it is not in your interests to demand and achieve something now, act more modestly and quietly - you will achieve more. Short legs - trust in relatives and friends is now your strong point. Dreamed of big nails - a head start in the game of fate.

Someone else's misfortune

If you had to see another person’s nail fall off, the Lunar Dream Book warns of problems with communication. If you dreamed of such a symbol, Grandma Agafya advises you to be attentive to your own well-being and relationships in the family. Clairvoyant Vanga warns that at a crucial moment you can be left without support.

In dream books there are many positive interpretations of why the sign appeared in a dream. In the Spring Fortune Teller, this is a symbol of determination, diligence and the implementation of plans. If in a dream someone who is actually sick is left without a nail plate, his condition should not cause serious concern.

The dreamer's actions

People sometimes see entire films in their dreams. Therefore, when analyzing your dream, it is important to remember what exactly the person did with his toenails. The dream books indicate the following:

  1. The best sign is considered to be a dream in which a person bit (or tried to do so) his nails. It portends a quick improvement in life circumstances, an unexpected gift.
  2. If you dreamed about the process of painting your nails, you can safely rejoice. After all, this is also a good sign. It means that in the near future the dreamer will experience a bright streak and prosperity.
  3. Cutting your nails in a dream means getting rid of the burden of the past years and preparing for a future that is pleasant in all respects.
  4. Buying varnish means excessive spending and careless attitude towards money.
  5. Getting a pedicure signifies the desire to start a family and improve relationships with relatives.

It is also important to note that many people get very scared when they remember that their toenail fell off in a dream. The dream books of Miller, Freud and other somnologists say that there is no need to be afraid of such a sign. It marks the end of a burdensome, painful, negative relationship with a certain person.

I dreamed that in a dream, an extended nail fell off on my right hand on the big finger and my nail underneath it, I also removed it painlessly. And underneath there was just dry white skin, there was no new nail.

I dreamed that my toenail fell off.

I removed the nail on my left thumb without pain, and in its place there was blood.

All my nails fell out in a dream, why is this?

Why did I have a dream last night that a thumbnail fell off on one of my hands? The hand did not understand which one was right or left. I take it off and see just skin under the nail, and a small piece of a new nail is already growing from under the old nail.

A toenail fell off, and underneath it was a new good nail.

A new nail is probably good, maybe new changes for the better or good health. May God grant that everyone will be fine, especially with health.


Why do you dream about a broken nail?

When you dream that a nail has fallen off, such a plot indicates imminent deliverance from burdensome responsibilities or painful relationships. If the nails that fell off were false or glued, something important may be lost.

Be philosophical about everything that has passed from your life. Losses often open up new opportunities, so be positive.

From this article you can find out why you dream of a Nail from dream books of different authors. An analysis of the dream on the Lenormand cards will tell you what what you see means. And the lunar calendar will help you understand your dream even more accurately.

Why do you dream about Nail in the book of dreams?

Nail - If the finger of the hand points to something, it means that a new direction or a new point of view is being developed. If a person injures a toenail, this indicates carelessness.

Why do you dream of a Nail in a dream?

What does the Nail mean - indicates the content of victory over enemies. They also say: seeing your nails in a dream means you have a good idea of ​​your capabilities in life. Seeing that your nails are broken promises death.

White nails indicate good memory and quick memorization. A missing nail in a dream promises bankruptcy. If the nails seen in a dream correspond to their size standards in life, then their owner is sincere and pious in religion and in life. And cutting nails is following the Sunnah.

For a woman, painting her nail means that her husband will treat her well. Moderately long and beautiful nails - to an increase in the number of money and clothes. Too long nails in a dream mean that their owner can ruin the work he has begun with his excessive strength and ability.

Why do you dream about a nail?

Interpretation of sleep in the dream book: Nails - healthy - to good health. Sick and dirty - to a contagious disease. Cutting your nails means loss, loss.

Dream Interpretation of Catherine II

Nails - You see your nails in a dream - you will have to work a lot, but you will receive crumbs for your work; you will be unhappy with your situation; After waiting for some time, you will begin looking for a new job.

It’s as if your nails are dirty - you are not very worried about the consequences of your actions; but the shame and humiliation you will receive will force you to reconsider your own behavior. In a dream, your nails are broken or crooked - you will soon get sick, you will have nothing to do;

Why does the dreamer dream of a Nail in a dream?

Nails – self-image. Long, clean - satisfaction; short or nibbled - fatigue; dirty nails - treat yourself with disdain; break a nail - worry about trifles; getting a manicure means working on yourself, your image.

Azar's biblical dream book

According to spiritual sources, what does a nail mean in a dream?

Nails - Cutting fingernails A dream on Monday night means that you will part with your friend; a dream seen on the night of Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday means that you will unintentionally cause harm to someone and will regret it;

and if you dreamed about it on Saturday or Sunday night, it means that you will soon forget about your troubles. Cutting your toenails A dream on Monday night means that you will try to restrain your desires;

if you had a dream on the night of Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, this dream means that you will make peace with your enemies; and if seen on the night of Saturday or Sunday, this dream will improve your well-being. Seeing large nails on your hands means grief.

Nails - A dream in which you see your fingernails has a positive meaning, while those on your toes have a negative meaning. Too long nails mean disaster when you need the help of friends. Short, bitten nails portend sad events that you yourself will cause.

Cutting your nails in a dream means a difficult situation, an almost hopeless situation. Getting a manicure means you will have to agree to conditions that are unfavorable for you; getting a pedicure means the work will not bring you joy, much less material wealth.

Broken nails mean that you will fall into delusion about a matter into which you will not be fully privy. Sick, fallen nails portend that you will personally encounter need. Nails covered with bright scarlet varnish are a sign of reconciliation with relatives after a long quarrel.

A dream in which your nails are pulled out or needles are driven under them means success in business and revenge on your offenders awaits you. If someone scratches you with their sharp nails, this means failure and illness in the family.

Neglected nails with dirt accumulated under them predict a deterioration in the situation in business and entrepreneurship, and discord with a loved one. Seeing cat claws instead of nails indicates that in pursuit of dubious pleasures you may succumb to bad influences.

Rick Dillon's Dream Book

Nails - long - outside help, getting a manicure - convincing others of your importance. Trimming your nails is a controversial issue. Cleaning your nails means stagnation in business.

Noble dream book by N. Grishina

Why do you dream about Nail in a night dream?

Nails - Getting married. An ache in a finger is a danger that old things will come to light; obsessively seeing fingers in a dream means internally feeling that you missed some important detail. Pricking a finger means illness; cut - have troubles from your desires;

Why do you dream about the Nail in a spiritual sense?

Cutting your nails means minor troubles. Imagine your nails growing back.

Whether a night vision will come true depends not only on its content, but also on what day of the week and at what time of day the dream occurred.

  • If you dream of a Nail in a dream from Sunday to Monday
  • Why do you dream of a Nail according to the dream book from Monday to Tuesday
  • If you dream of a Nail from Tuesday to Wednesday
  • If you dream of a Nail according to the dream book from Wednesday to Thursday
  • Why do you dream of a Nail from Thursday to Friday?
  • If you dream of a Nail in a dream from Friday to Saturday
  • Why do you dream of a Nail in a dream from Saturday to Sunday?

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Dream Interpretation Nail fell off

When you dream about toenails, you have hard work ahead that cannot be avoided. This work will probably not bring satisfaction either morally or materially.

Be patient, then you will be able to quickly and easily cope with burdensome responsibilities and get down to really important things.

A dream in which you see nails can say a lot about a person’s status, his health and well-being. But very often the plot of a dream can be interpreted in different ways. And it all depends on what happened to you and what role your nails and hands played there. Cutting your nails and why you might dream about it

If you see yourself cutting your nails in a dream, this may indicate that you have a lot to do in a short period of time. It also suggests that you are very worried about your image, style and the opinions of other people.

A man who has seen such a dream must understand that he will soon face difficulties in which he can only rely on himself. Because no relatives or friends can. If you see strangers cutting their nails in a dream, it means that the situation that has arisen in your life will be resolved without your participation and you just need to go with the flow.

When you see yourself cutting your nails yourself, it means you want to relax a little and understand yourself. Therefore, it is better to take a day off and do not pay attention to others.

And, if you cut them for someone else, then you will have to work practically for free or fulfill other people's whims.

But a dream where you cut your child’s nails may suggest that you will soon have a large number of household chores to do. This also indicates that your excessive care does not allow the baby to develop independently, and this will give negative results in the future.

If we turn to the general interpretation, then it means that the person who saw the dream will soon have to work a lot. The more details you remember, the more information you can extract and interpret what you see more clearly.

It is also worth paying attention to the general condition of the nails. After all, broken ones can indicate that you are taking on more than you can fulfill. And not only your finances will suffer from this, but also the respect of loved ones.

If you see other people's nails breaking, it will be difficult for you to communicate with other people. But if this happened to you, then the sign is good. Because with your efforts and hard work, you can achieve great success. But a torn nail indicates that you should take better care of your own health.

But dirty nails will tell you not to trust unnecessary information to other people, because it can turn against you. Completely unkempt hands indicate that your family will face shame because of one of the family members.

Have you ever seen yourself biting your nails in a dream? Then get ready to be very disappointed by the person you liked.

Or is it a warning that you better not get carried away with it, because it will not end well for you. If you just see unkempt and dirty hands, then this is equally bad for both women and men.

Which ones did you dream about?

  • A broken nail can cause extremely negative emotions in all representatives of the fair sex, and it doesn’t matter whether it happened in a dream or in reality.
  • Of course, many do not think about the meaning of a dream with broken nails, but there are also those who are not indifferent to such dreams, especially if they caused a storm of emotions in the dream itself and after waking up.
  • We invite you to read the opinion of dream researchers about dreams with broken nails.

Dream Interpretation of Felomena

Dream interpretation of big toe nail

Dream interpretation of toenails

Interestingly, nails in a dream are a symbol of stability. Such a dream means that the sleeping person has reliable support in life.

If you cut them off, then you will soon encounter significant changes. You can find out which way they will lead thanks to dream interpreters.

Dreaming about nails

Seeing a pedicure in a dream

Before giving you a correct prediction, the interpreter wants to know what the marigolds looked like in your dream, and, of course, your manipulations with them.

The main thing is that this symbol is remembered by you, and not accompanying it.

Another talented German somnologist also presented in his dream book an interpretation of the dream: toenails. According to his opinion, such an image indicates the dreamer himself: his status, manner of behavior in society, attitude towards himself, and so on.

Therefore, beautiful and well-groomed nails are seen in dreams by people who are satisfied with themselves and the place they occupy in life; dirty, broken, with a bad pedicure, etc. - on the contrary, those who perceive themselves very negatively.

If you dreamed that your toenails fell off, the dream book warns of the onset of serious conflicts with your family, a dangerous illness, loss of material values, or deprivation of your usual way of life.

The meaning of sleep according to Gustav Miller's dream book

The compiler of the largest dream book included in his creation an interpretation of the symbol studied in the article, which, in his opinion, indicates that in the near future the dreamer will have to work hard to achieve his cherished goal.

However, the success of the achievement will not be so pleasant. Seeing dirty nails in a dream means you need to be attentive to your life and various situations that occur day after day. Otherwise, the dreamer may find himself on the edge of an abyss.

The dream book advises paying serious attention to dreams where the greatest attention was paid to the nail on the big toe. After all, this symbol foreshadows a big jackpot, which can be found or obtained exactly in the place where the action took place.

Professional opinion of Grandma Vanga

A famous healer can also give answers to various questions related to dreams. And then we will tell you what she thinks about the topic raised in the article. So, if the dreamer remembers nails with white dots, quick happiness awaits him.

An important role in the interpretation of a dream is played by the person who draws attention to his marigolds. If this is the dreamer himself, then it is important for him to reconsider his behavior. Most likely, he is prone to aggression and always strives to achieve unquestioning obedience from those around him.

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