Why do you dream of running away from the police: the meaning and interpretation of the dream

  • August 20, 2019
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  • Maria Matselevich

Our dreams sometimes amaze us with a unique plot - everything is possible in a dream, even what we are not capable of in real life. Psychologists are sure that our night dreams are an attempt by the subconscious to reach our consciousness. Convey some important information or tell us about a problem that we are not paying attention to. According to mystics and esotericists, dreams are the line between us and the other world. Therefore, while falling asleep, we can connect to the information flow of the Universe, find out future events, see how best to act in the current situation, and even receive advice from deceased relatives.

In any case, if a dream haunts you, you constantly think about what you saw in your night dreams, then try to find an explanation why you dreamed of this particular picture. According to dream books, running away from the police in a dream has one of the most ambiguous interpretations. The interpretation depends on many external factors, for example, on what kind of relationship the dreamer has with the law, whether he could find himself in a similar situation in real life, etc., but if you take into account all the nuances and analyze the dream very carefully, you can not only find the correct answer, but also understand what the higher powers wanted to tell us.

Attempts to escape

Dreams in which a person is trying to escape from law enforcement officers may mean that in real life he may make a serious mistake and tell a stranger about it, which will be a serious mistake - someone else’s secret will become public knowledge, and the dreamer will feel uneasy, he will be torment the conscience. If you are interested in why you dream of running away from the police, then know that your inability to remain silent about other people’s secrets can lead to you losing the trust of someone close to you.

Such dreams are clues from your subconscious that your actions are wrong and your behavior is unworthy of respect in real life. The dream book advises you to learn to control your emotions and try not to commit rash acts. If you are interested in why you dream of running away from the police, who are pursuing you and are about to catch up, then the dream warns you that you have every chance of derailing your own life, but if you take action in a timely manner, correct your behavior and attitude towards life, then you have the opportunity to improve your current situation.

The dream book advises you to refuse to communicate with dubious personalities. Why dream of running away from the police in family matters? The dream promises quarrels and scandals; a period comes in the dreamer’s life when it will be difficult for him to find a common language with people close to him.

In the center of Voronezh, a female pedestrian ran away from a traffic cop to avoid paying a fine.

“Do not cross the road in the wrong place, but cross strictly at the pedestrian crossing” - many people have probably heard this phrase and should remember it once and for all. However, judging by the way Voronezh residents cross the road, it seems that they have never heard this rule.

Since November 19, a “Pedestrian” raid has been taking place in Voronezh - traffic police officers were on duty on the main streets of the city, where accidents involving pedestrians most often occur, from 8 to 10 am and from 5 to 8 pm. The purpose of the action was not so much punishment as explaining traffic rules to Voronezh residents.

On Thursday, November 22, we went out on a raid together with traffic cops on Revolution Avenue (near the central telegraph), where a couple of months ago there was a “Pedestrian Crossing” sign and a “zebra” drawn. But not so long ago, road workers decided to move the zebra crossing and the sign from the stop a few meters further. However, Voronezh residents, apparently, are not at all embarrassed by the lack of a pedestrian crossing here; they continue to walk along the roadway as if on a sidewalk.

I didn’t have to stand for long... Two 15-year-old schoolchildren cross the road into the police officer’s hands.

The inspector stopped the teenagers and decided to give their friends a short course on traffic rules. The moral teachings of the policeman, apparently, seemed so boring to the schoolchildren that after a minute they, looking down, almost said in unison: “Uncle policeman, we won’t do this again! We promise!”

But, unfortunately, there were also those Voronezh residents who, upon seeing the inspector with a baton, tried... to run away from him!

Having noticed how one young girl was violating traffic rules and crossing the road in the wrong place, a traffic police inspector resorted to using a police whistle. The woman, seeing the inspector, began to run away from him. The traffic cop, in turn, did not retreat and rushed to catch up with the offender.

“Citizen, stop, please,” the inspector shouted after the fleeing lady. – You violated the traffic rules! Show your passport!

- Excuse me, I won’t do it again! – the girl screamed without stopping. - I don’t have a passport. And in general, I’m in a hurry to go home to the child.

The inspector did not retreat and tried to catch up with the fleeing girl.

- Will you run home with me?! – the woman was surprised. “I still won’t stop.” If you want to come home, I’ll show you my passport.

Let's just say that this woman was lucky that day - the traffic police officer was clearly in a good mood. And he did not begin to catch up with the intruder. Although, according to state inspector Maxim Volkov, otherwise those pedestrians who do not have a passport must be taken to the department to establish their identity and then be issued a fine.

By the way, in 2012 alone, 530 accidents involving pedestrians occurred in Voronezh - 38 people died, 529 were injured.


Read about the experiment that another traffic rule violator conducted together with a traffic police officer in the next issue of the newspaper “MY!”, which will be published on December 4.

How exactly does detention take place?

A dream in which you were detained by law enforcement officers for good reason, and you are really guilty, means that in reality a difficult period is coming. It is worth preparing for losses, health problems and various troubles. But sooner or later the streak of bad luck will end, so the dream book recommends that the sleeper be patient and overcome all adversity, since after a bad period a good one always comes.

If you dreamed of running away from the police, but they caught up with you and rudely and unlawfully detained you, then know that in real life you will be able to thwart the machinations of envious people and enemies. If, according to the plot of the dream, you are accused of a crime, and you know for sure that you did not commit it, then this means that in reality you will be able to receive a worthy reward for your efforts and will defeat all your competitors with dignity. If you were detained, and in your night dreams you saw that you were leaving prison, then everything in your life is uncertain, and your affairs are not entirely stable.

What police actions are illegal?

In discussions of the actions of traffic police officers, many copies have already been broken. Often, traffic inspectors actually apply to drivers what they are prohibited by law.

Let's look at what is legal and what is illegal after stopping a car:

  1. Detention and delivery to a detention center is absolutely illegal. Even if you face liability under Art. 19.3 of the Administrative Code, then only a judge has the right to make a decision on arrest. Even the heads of the traffic police do not have such powers.
  2. Inspecting a car is a legal action, provided that the traffic police officers have reason to believe that you, for example, are transporting the wrong cargo, have received a tip about the illegal use of the car, or need to check the tinting. And all this against the backdrop of the fact that you were trying to hide.
  3. An inspection is also a legal action, but provided that the state traffic inspector has good reason to inspect your car. For example, that during the search, instruments for committing or objects of an administrative offense will be found in the car (the same tinting or curtains on the windows). If an inspector wants to inspect a car, but two witnesses are missing and there is no video recording, this is also illegal.
  4. An examination for intoxication is, in principle, legal if the traffic police officer detects at least one clinical sign of intoxication (the same smell of alcohol). If you insist on taking an express test on the road, this is illegal and you can safely refuse. However, you may still be taken to a clinic to be tested for alcohol or drug intoxication.
  5. Beating a driver is an absolutely illegal action by police officers, containing signs of criminal liability. But, for example, you can be forcibly pulled out of the car if you have been driving away from the traffic police for a long time and do not obey their demands to get out. Particularly violent drivers are handcuffed.

It is advisable, if possible, to record on camera all the actions of traffic police officers, so that if your rights are violated, you will be able to appeal these actions in court.

Attempts to escape

Why do you dream of escaping from the police and desperate attempts to hide from law enforcement officers? This means that in reality the dreamer will face conflicts and deceptions. Most likely, you are ready to lie to someone or try to take possession of someone else’s property illegally. There is a chance that the situation is provoked not by the sleeper himself, but by those who are trying to impose their will on him, so dream books recommend being more vigilant, as there is a chance of getting into a bad situation. In addition, you may be threatened or blackmailed.

After a dream in which you had to run away from the police, the dream book recommends taking a serious look at your surroundings and trying to avoid communicating with dubious individuals. Another interpretation of a dream in which a person may dream that he is hiding from law enforcement agencies is his desire in real life to run away from problems and not be responsible for his words and actions. A plot in which you are faced with the fact that the police are looking for someone you know warns of a similar situation in reality - you may be asked to cover up a person involved in a scam.

Dream Interpretation of Denise Lynn

According to this interpreter, being wanted by the police is dreamed of by those who are trying to avoid responsibility by shifting it to others. The subconscious hints that it’s time to grow up and learn to make decisions on your own. Even if it is wrong, it’s not scary, the main thing is to find the strength to be able to answer for your own actions and not try to blame others for it.

Such dreams may indicate that a person feels guilty for something, his conscience torments him. If you haven’t done anything, then stop reproaching and torturing yourself.

Esoteric dream book

Dreams in which you are running away from law enforcement officers foreshadow minor worries, anxiety and everyday problems. The dream tells the sleeper about the need to seek help from some municipal service, for example, an ambulance or a fire department.

Sometimes you should not blindly follow the advice of a dream book: reconsider your attitude towards sleep; it is possible that you have recently encountered a similar situation in the real world.

What will happen to the car if I abandon it and run away?

Some drivers, escaping from pursuit, decide to abandon the car and run away. The logical question arises, what will happen to their car? To understand this, consider two scenarios:

  • They evacuate - if the car is abandoned right on the road, under the sign 3.28 “Parking is prohibited” or simply in a place where the car interferes with the passage of other vehicles.
  • Not touched - if you left the vehicle somewhere on the side of the road, in a ditch or other places where the car does not bother anyone. In this case, the traffic police officers will wait until you return, and if this does not happen, they will leave. Basically, they have enough to do.

You will have to pick up the car sent to the impound lot yourself. In this case, you will need to pay for the services of a tow truck and a special parking lot.

Miller's Dream Book

If they try to arrest you unjustly, then in reality good luck awaits you. If you have some important event, an important meeting or exam coming up, then you will cope well with the tasks assigned to you. If they rightly try to bring you to justice, then in real life you should prepare for an unexpected event that will worsen your financial situation.

Trying to run away from the police may mean that you will soon have to prove your case, defend your point of view and justify why you believe this way. Listen to your intuition, it will definitely tell you the correct answer and help you explain what it means to hide from the police in a dream.

Within what time frame can they be brought to justice?

The time frame for initiating cases of administrative offenses varies. But this is the period during which the traffic police or the court must issue a decision with one of the types of punishment.

So, if you hid from the traffic police, the specific terms for bringing to justice under Art. 4.5 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation will be as follows:

  • 2 months - if you left, but after the chase you were issued a report with a fine of 500-800 rubles under Part 2 of Art. 12.25 of the Code. Actually, from the moment you receive a copy of the decision, the period for paying the fine begins. The only way to avoid punishment is to appeal the decision to the highest authorities of the traffic police or to court.
  • 3 months – if you are charged with disobeying the requirements of traffic police officers under Art. 19.3.2 of the Administrative Code, which provides for a fine, arrest or compulsory labor. The decision is made by the magistrate or district court. And if within the specified 3 months you have not received a court ruling on an administrative offense, the case against you will simply be terminated. After this, you will not face any punishment for disobeying the police.

Some drivers delay their sentences as long as possible without appearing in front of the police. Or they deliberately delay receiving letters from the traffic police and the court. Sometimes this can work and the administrative responsibility will “burn out.”

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