Why do you dream of running away from persecution: interpretation from dream books

A person dreams of various dreams - anxious, joyful, happy and calm. To understand what they mean, it is necessary to use dream books that indicate the reasons for the appearance of certain images in night visions. There are often cases when people in a dream have to run away from persecution. Dream books will help you understand the meaning of this phenomenon.

Brief interpretations

Dream books can explain in different ways what dreams of persecution mean. There are interpretations full of details and circumstances, and there are also brief ones that tell about the essence of the dream.

  • Running away from a bandit is a sign of unfair grievances.
  • The girl was hiding from a crowd of guys - she should become more selective in her relationships.
  • Chasing someone yourself means you realize that you made a mistake, but you don’t want to admit it.
  • Pursuit by car - you strive for your goal at any cost.

Why dream of hiding from fans?

A dream in which a person sees himself famous should not be considered a favorable sign. If the sleeper is trying to escape from the crowd of those who idolize him, then it is time to solve the accumulated problems. The dreamer has put this off for too long, and now he will have to make every effort to get out. If the sleeper is trying to escape from religious fanatics, then it is time to give up trying to impose his opinion on others, since not everyone will like it.

Persistent admirer as a symbol of shame

If you see that an unfamiliar man is stalking you, then in reality you will be accused of debauchery. You managed to leave the man - you will be able to defend your reputation. But if leaving him didn’t work out, get ready that you’ll have to make excuses for a long time and, most likely, in vain. For a guy, being pursued by a man in a dream is a sign of his unbalanced character, according to the Spring Dream Book.

But if you dreamed of being chased by a woman, then according to the Gypsy Dream Book, this promises squabbles into which you will be drawn. Especially if it was not just one woman who was pursuing you, but several at once.

Why did he do this?

In the dream, it was clear why he was pursuing? If he:

  • wants to just talk - you will learn new information, perhaps unpleasant;
  • asks for help - according to the dream book, you will find yourself in difficult circumstances;
  • wants to date - showdown, petty quarrels with husband or lover;
  • with unclear goals - difficulties will soon arise;
  • with a knife - promises a woman changes on the love front.

For a young girl to see someone chasing her with a knife means that her behavior is too frivolous and she will soon be punished.

Criminal “elements” are a sign of aggression and doubt

In a dream, did you see being chased by a sexual maniac? Beware of aggression itself, it can harm you. If you managed to escape from a maniac, you will be able to overcome outbursts of anger. Watching a killer running after someone else is a sign of indecision and doubt.

The Lunar Dream Book will tell you why you dream of being chased by a stranger who has clearly criminal intentions. The interpretation of the dream says: if it seems to you that the stranger from whom you happened to escape in a dream wants to rob you, then this may mean that you are in reality afraid of revealing some secret. But to escape from a criminal with a stranger - someone will trust you with their secret.

Other interpreters

Different dream books give different interpretations of the night plot, where a person is hiding.

Universal dream book

The universal dream book indicates that hiding means a desire to escape from others. Most likely, the person lacks proper rest. Perhaps there is a deadline at work, and there are many problems at home, the solution of which requires his participation.

Maly Velesov dream book

This interpreter warns that after such a dream, most likely, a person will appear in the sleeper’s life who is unpleasant to him.

Dream Book of the Wanderer

According to the presented dream book, such a plot indicates internal anxiety, inconvenience caused by the behavior of the sleeper.

ABC of dream interpretation

Trying to hide with your family means trouble in reality. You should not avoid them, as they can prevent you from achieving your goal. Hiding something from others is a threat hanging over the dreamer’s reputation. If he doesn't change, negative consequences will follow.

Esoteric dream book

Hiding according to the presented dream book means wanting to get rid of your own financial condition.

Family dream book

The family dream book warns that every step of the dreamer in reality must be thought out. Otherwise, the consequences will be unpredictable.

Autumn dream book

According to the autumn dream book, hiding toys from a child means doubting whether he will like the gift prepared in advance.

Spring dream book

This interpreter interprets such a plot as distrust of a partner.

Summer dream book

A similar night story warns that concealing several sources of income from the state will not lead to good.

Outside the law, or From scolding to praise

Anyone who dreamed that he was hiding from an undeserved pursuit by the police should be more careful about what he says and does. But if you want to know what the dream is about, that you have gone back in time and are hiding from the police, your desire to establish relationships with your work partners will not find fruition.

Seeing yourself as a thief in a dream and escaping from pursuit is a sign of disagreement with your superiors due to your own irresponsibility. And if you went in pursuit, on the contrary, you will wait for encouragement.

Other transcripts

In night vision there can be many different storylines where the sleeping person is chased by a pursuer. The interpretation of a dream depends on its details. It can mean the following:

  1. A dream in which a person is being chased by several pursuers indicates that he has competitors in his business life. A girl’s dream about a similar plot foretells the appearance of several fans.
  2. Sometimes the pursuit of a sleeping person by a familiar person means that he wants to cooperate with him. If the dreamer trusts him, then he can take him into his business.
  3. An episode in which a sleeper took refuge from a pursuer in his home foretells reliable protection for him. Perhaps he will have an influential patron.
  4. The plot, where the dreamer was hiding from an armed man, suggests that ill-wishers will try to thwart his plans. The dream book gives advice not to enter into conflicts and not to succumb to provocations.
  5. If the sleeping person was pursued by a bald person, this means that the person should put his thoughts in order and clearly organize his work. Otherwise, problems may arise due to his inattention.
  6. The episode in which a dwarf is chasing a man suggests that the dreamer underestimates his abilities. He needs not to be afraid to take on new things and implement large projects. Dream books claim that he will succeed.

The interpretation of the plot also depends on how exactly the sleeper behaved in it.

This part means the following:

  • if the dreamer experienced extreme fear, this indicates his lack of self-confidence;
  • stumble and fall - to making mistakes;
  • looking back at the pursuer indicates a tendency to play it safe;
  • managed to deceive the villain - the ability to make extraordinary decisions.
  • hiding in an unfamiliar place - in reality a person will find himself in an awkward situation.

In a dream, the sleeping person may be pursued not by a man, but by a woman. In this case, the interpretation of the plot depends on the gender of the dreamer.

It means the following:

  1. For a woman, a dream foreshadows the appearance of a rival. But the dreamer should not get upset ahead of time; such an episode does not mean that her man will rush into the arms of another. She needs to show more attention to her partner and strengthen her relationship with him.
  2. For a male dreamer, such a plot promises success with women. Perhaps in his life he will have several fans at once.

Animal instincts: variety of events

Being chased by animals is a common subject in dreams. So, for example, if you dreamed of being chased by a snake, then this means that someone harbors a grudge against you. Being chased by a bear in a dream is a symbol of an influential person. Depending on the outcome of the dream, either the help of a patron or troubles due to an influential enemy awaits you, Pastor Loff’s dream book predicts.

In Vanga’s dream book there are explanations of why you dream of chasing cats - you will scare your enemies with your determination. Running away from wolves is a sign of uncovering a conspiracy against yourself. But hiding from a gorilla in a dream means you will try to avoid communicating with a stupid person.

latest comments

  • 8-Mar-2021 Tatyana M. I dreamed that I was being chased by a black car. Somewhat small and inexpensive. I run away from her through the park, and she follows me parallel along the roadway. And I’m terribly afraid of her, I think that now I’ll be kidnapped and how my life will change dramatically. Then I dial my husband’s phone 2 times, but he doesn’t answer. Then I see that the car seems to have fallen behind.
  • 26-Nov-2020 Evgenia For two days in a row I had a dream that in the first dream I was being chased by a man in camouflage, and with every turn of my head to see if he was catching up or not, there were more of them. Did you run through the forest along the shore and not alone? were there people in camouflage in front too? Did they rush me like I did? and when they were already catching up with me, I woke up. And the second dream was the same, also a forest, but it was no longer people who were catching up with me, but something similar to a UFO. The result was the same. I'm almost caught and I wake up.
  • 17-Oct-2020
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