Why do zombies dream: a regular nightmare or subconscious signals?

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You should not look into the dream book if the dead, zombies, vampires and other evil spirits appear in your dreams as a result of watching a horror movie the day before. Most likely, with such a dream the brain reacts to frightening information that you shared with it.

If you dreamed of the apocalypse completely unexpectedly, you need to look at the interpretation of such a dream. Very often, dreaming about the walking dead indicates that someone is trying to manipulate you in reality.

To make an accurate forecast, you should take into account every detail and not lose sight of a single detail.

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Why do you dream about the walking dead - what dream books say

Every day you can see films on the screen that show zombies, the walking dead, and various monsters. Therefore, often after watching such films, nightmares begin to occur at night. But why do zombies appear in a dream if a person does not watch such films?

If you dreamed about the walking dead on the eve of important negotiations or a deal, you should once again carefully review the terms of the agreement

What does it mean to see the walking dead in a dream:

  • modern dream book – the habit of manipulating people
  • Loff's dream book - someone close to you constantly interferes in your personal life, using hypnosis techniques;
  • Aesop's dream book - a weakened energy field can cause injuries and unreasonable spending;
  • according to Freud, zombies dream of people who suppress their dark side of personality;
  • Hosse's dream book – meeting with energy vampires;
  • Miller's dream book - zombies foretell difficulties; such dreams often occur before public speaking.

If you dreamed about the walking dead on the eve of important negotiations or a deal, you should once again carefully review the terms of the contract - perhaps there are pitfalls hidden there. Such dreams may indicate that you can soon receive important information, learn a secret, or resolve a long-standing problem.

Dreams from Monday to Tuesday rarely come true; most often dreams show the psychological and emotional state of the sleeper. If you dreamed about zombies from Monday to Tuesday, and after waking up there was an unpleasant impression, then you should not take on new things.

Freud's Dream Book

Freud's dream book says that if zombies behave aggressively towards you, then your deception will be revealed, and offensive statements addressed to your loved one will cause a breakup.

If the dead block your path, then serious obstacles will arise. Your personal happiness depends on whether you can solve problems or not.

If you dreamed that your loved one turned into a zombie after visiting a cemetery, it means that your friends are having a negative influence on him, slandering you, convincing you that you need to break up.

Why do you dream about zombies and the zombie apocalypse – should you always worry?

If in a dream you have to communicate with zombies, then this is often a harbinger of a serious conflict with loved ones.
Sometimes nightmares can be absolutely absurd, a person does not take such dreams seriously. But if in a dream you have to communicate with zombies, then this is often a harbinger of a serious conflict with loved ones, friends, often against the background of alcohol or other addiction.

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Zombie apocalypse in a dream:

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  • if zombies passed by, then in real life problems and troubles will be avoided;
  • often zombies in dreams appear in the form of familiar people - this indicates some misunderstanding, disagreement with this person;
  • if the living dead is a boss or colleague, you may soon have to start looking for a new job;
  • if in a nightmare a zombie is a long-dead person, then this is a bad sign that indicates imminent negative changes in life;
  • stress, frequent panic attacks in everyday life.

A massive uprising of the dead can also signal significant changes coming soon; life will change dramatically. But such a dream may indicate an imminent serious illness.

Dreams from Tuesday to Wednesday do not come true, but dreams from Wednesday to Thursday are often prophetic, allowing you to find answers to complex questions, solve financial difficulties, and resolve conflict situations.

Dreams in which zombies overtake you

Did you feel like the walking dead were chasing you, and you were trying your best to escape from them? Such a dream indicates a lack of mutual understanding with loved ones. Perhaps you are experiencing an acute shortage of “kindred spirits” or feel like an “alien/stranger” in your work team.

Think about it, is the night vision really groundless and are you not in a meeting of deeply dishonest, evil, envious, selfish individuals? Maybe you should change your job?

Why do I dream of zombies running after me: the solution to nightmares

Dreams with the walking dead are not so scary, the real nightmare begins if they start stalking.
Dreams with the walking dead are not so scary, the real nightmare begins if they start stalking.

What does it mean to run away from zombies in a dream:

  • someone from the inner circle harbors a grudge and is jealous;
  • upcoming problems that you will have to solve on your own;
  • deterioration of mental and physical health;
  • accumulation of routine tasks that there is not enough time to deal with;
  • the presence in real life of a strong opponent, with whom it is now useless to fight.

The psychoanalytic dream book interprets the presence of running zombies in a dream as the presence of confused interpersonal relationships, someone from the immediate environment is only pretending to be a friend.
According to the interpretation of the Wanderer's dreams, a dream with the walking dead running should be taken literally - you urgently need to get out of your comfort zone and look for new ways of development.

Interpretation of a dream according to Wallace - in real life you have to do routine things that do not bring joy and are performed mechanically. The clumsy walking dead are a symbol of going nowhere, while work takes all your energy and leaves no time to make your dreams come true. The dream encourages you to use your brains, reveal hidden talents, and breathe new strength into life.

If you have problems in your personal life, you should pay more attention to dreams from Thursday to Friday - they will show the possible course of development of the relationship. From Friday to Saturday, dreams show the upcoming events that will occur in the life of the sleeping person and his environment.

Interpretation from dream books

Large modern

Seeing dead people in a dream, not just dead people, but walking evil spirits, according to the Great Modern Dream Book, means in real life being caught in something dirty and terrible. One of the dreamer's secrets will become public knowledge.

The dream book contains other meanings: if evil spirits come into the house but do not stay in it, the problems will soon become less severe and obvious. And if you had to run away from evil spirits, but managed to hide, the mistakes of the past will not harm the present. The situation will soon return to normal.


The dream book interprets dreams about zombies as a sign of difficult but necessary changes. The dreamer will have to accept his fate and even give up certain desires. Hiding from zombies in a dream means hiding from your true self.

Zombie people, according to the General Dream Book, symbolize the hidden part of a person - his desires and fears. If they rush out, the dream warns that by suppressing emotions, the dreamer will only make things worse.

Killing evil spirits in a dream is a favorable sign. It promises quick opportunities and normalization of the situation. The destruction of evil promises the destruction of barriers in real life. It will be difficult for the dreamer, but he will cope. As a result, he will emerge victorious.

What does it mean to dream about zombies attacking - fighting in a dream and in reality

Often in a dream, zombies are not only present, but also behave very aggressively.
Often in a dream, zombies are not just present, but also behave very aggressively - they bite, attack. Such dreams signal that the body needs complete physical and mental rest and a lack of positive emotions.

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Attacking zombies, according to the Mayan dream book, are a symbol of untapped opportunities; a person simply goes with the flow, he has no goals and dreams.

Zombies attack in a dream - why would that be:

  • the dead are trying to tear it apart - soon a person will suffer from gossip, slander;
  • killed a zombie in a dream - you will have to make a fateful decision;
  • evil spirits attack other people - a person experiences a feeling of envy of a successful person.

If in a dream you managed to reliably hide from the attacking evil spirits, then the person clearly guards the boundaries of his personal space and does not tolerate familiarity.

Good dreams that occurred on the night from Saturday to Sunday come true immediately. Negative visions rarely materialize in real life.

Dreams with a zombie attack

Most dream books agree that the attacking living dead dream of problems. Most likely - relating to the sphere of interpersonal or family relationships. For example, this dream may promise slander, the need to defend one’s reputation.

Let's analyze some other dream plots to understand what they mean:

  • one or more zombies tear you to pieces - there is a high probability of becoming the main character of gossip, intrigue, slander. Unfortunately, you will be forced to overcome all this mud on your own;
  • the dead attacked another person - in your work team there is a cult of a certain personality that you are very jealous of;
  • you suffered a bite and yourself turned into a living dead person - do not allow other people’s influence over you;
  • defeated a terrible monster - a very good dream, indicating that you have sufficient energy potential inside you, the main thing is to learn how to use it correctly and not bury your talents in the ground.

What does it mean to kill the living dead in a dream - interpretations of psychologists

Fighting the living dead in your own dreams indicates some important events in life. If you managed to take control of the evil spirits, then you should begin to act actively - the most favorable moment has come for the implementation of your plans, according to the eastern dream book.

Fighting the living dead, defeating them means having the potential and strength to overcome difficulties and solve problems. Killing a zombie in a dream is a good sign according to the English dream book, which signals an imminent victory, the end of the black streak.

But if you managed not only to kill the evil spirits, but also to bury them, such a dream can warn of large and wasteful expenses in the near future.

Tsvetkov's Dream Interpretation

As psychoanalyst Tsvetkov interprets such a dream, seeing a zombie in a dream means the end of a certain significant period in your life and a transition to something qualitatively new.

Sometimes zombies can mean receiving help from someone you wouldn't expect, or returning to old, long-forgotten affairs.

With the help of such a dream, your subconscious tells you the answer to a question that has been tormenting you for a long time and giving you no peace. Perhaps a powerful energy potential for exchanging information with other people or even with the Cosmos is opening up in you.

In any case
, seeing a zombie in a dream is a signal to action, a decisive change in one’s destiny.
If you saw yourself as a zombie , then you are clearly not satisfied with your life and dream of becoming a different person and receiving a different fate.

Turn into a zombie in a dream - how to decipher a nightmare

Sometimes a person in a dream himself becomes a walking dead man - such dreams can be repeated every night, causing a person to wake up in horror. To get rid of a nightmare, you need to figure out why you turn into a zombie in a dream.

Why does transformation into a zombie occur in a dream:

  • lack of harmony, eternal search for oneself;
  • conflicts at work;
  • problems in personal life.

In Vanga’s dream interpreter, a person who turns into a zombie in a dream is highly dependent on public opinion, lack of mental comfort, and the unattainability of the goal.

What did zombies do and what were they like in a dream?

What kind of evil spirits were:

  • scary - a real threat to health;
  • harmless - aimlessly following the desires of other people;
  • dirty - to hidden internal resentment;
  • with rotting flesh - to hidden diseases;
  • drenched in blood - to exaggerate existing problems;
  • with missing body parts - to painful experiences in the near future.

How many walking dead were there?

  • one - to the desire to be better than others, but without investing in yourself;
  • a few - to collective, but complex work;
  • crowd - to loss of your own opinion.

What did the zombies do:

  • running around aimlessly - to improperly built relationships in the family;
  • pursued the victim - to a hostile work environment;
  • pursued the dreamer - to the desire to get out of the vicious circle of problems;
  • rushing into the house - to instability in the financial sector;
  • crawling on the ground - to the dreamer’s helplessness in real life.

What does a zombie mean in a dream if the dead behave atypically:

  • talking - to closeness, forced isolation;
  • are afraid of the dreamer - to harshness and even cruelty towards loved ones;
  • running away from the dreamer - to the dreamer’s loneliness;
  • hiding - to vicious desires bursting out.

Apocalypse: death or rebirth?

Some dreams frighten us with their scope and the presence of a huge number of characters. Such frightening dreams include the dream of a zombie apocalypse. This is a sign that can be interpreted in different ways. This may be a warning that unpleasant, catastrophic changes will really happen in your life. But the dream can also symbolize the onset of a lucky streak. Everything unnecessary and outdated will go away, your life will be filled with new colors!

According to many interpreters, a dream reflects your internal subconscious processes - your mood to end old relationships, your old approach to reality. Welcome to the new reality!

The Dream Guide by David Loff

Sometimes we treat dreams about the end of the world as a dire warning. We have a premonition (or even confidence) that what just happened in a dream can happen in reality.

Zombie dreams also express fear of something that shouldn't happen. Such dreams are typical for periods of prevailing general hopelessness and unpredictability.

The dream may be a call to protect yourself from an outside threat; calling for greater activity in specific cases; a call to think again about the rational essence of your fears.

Dream Interpretation by A. Vasiliev

Kill zombies

Dream Interpretation Killing Zombies dreamed of why you dream about Killing Zombies in a dream? To select a dream interpretation, enter a keyword from your dream into the search form or click on the initial letter of the image characterizing the dream (if you want to get an online interpretation of dreams by letter for free alphabetically).

Now you can find out what it means to see Killing zombies in a dream by reading below for free interpretation of dreams from the best online dream books of the House of the Sun!

A snake or dragon kills a person - portends a great misfortune.

Killing yourself with a knife is a great happiness.

Killing a sheep is a disease, a misfortune.

Kill a leopard - you will receive an important assignment.

Escape from the crowd of living dead

Are you running away from a crowd of dangerous dead people? Your dream tells you about reality: most likely, you are in a hostile environment. Even if this situation is familiar to you, it cannot be considered normal. Remember in what situations, in what company do you feel misunderstanding? The dream says that it is time to change the environment.

A dream may tell you that the people around you are really not averse to enjoying your energy. Don’t waste your potential, better change your life and change your friends: you need those people who will appreciate and respect you.

What if in a vision the dreamer becomes the walking dead

Such a terrible sight can be caused by several factors.
In order to get rid of this nightmare, you need to reconsider your behavior and life priorities. Here is what can cause such a vision to appear:

  • misunderstandings with work colleagues,
  • problems on the love front,
  • the dreamer cannot decide on his place in life.

If you believe the seer Vanga, then such a nightmare is a hint from the inner self that the dreamer has a very weak will and may become a victim of someone’s harmful influence.

Also, such a dream indicates that the person sleeping in reality almost never brings the matter to its logical conclusion. He sets himself goals and objectives that he simply cannot fulfill.

Having found out what the walking dead mean in dreams, a person can decipher what his subconscious wanted to tell him with such a strange dream. Remember that those night visions that leave certain sensations after waking up are of particular importance for the sleeper.

Zombies in a modern dream book

According to modern interpreters, zombies can easily foreshadow joyful events. Don’t forget – everything is upside down in a dream, so don’t be surprised. Also, the modern dream book speaks of suppressed will or, on the contrary, the desire to manipulate. Understand yourself! What motives are driving you now? If you had such a dream, then it is best to understand its origins.

Another interpretation is an unexpected event, a strange situation. Expect unusual, strange encounters or absurd situations.

Unpleasant transformation

Do you see that your friend is not changing for the better, turning into the living dead? The authors of dream books unanimously believe that this is a sign of a future quarrel. The culprit of the disagreement will not be you, but your friend. At the same time, he will not show his best side, so we recommend that you be careful.

If the dream shows you your own transformation into such a disgusting character as a zombie, this speaks of your personal problems. You are very dissatisfied with something in life, you are being hampered by an intrapersonal conflict: your desires contradict your capabilities. It may be better for you to visit a psychologist, since this plot certainly does not indicate mental health and balance.

Miller's Dream Book about Zombies

Miller is optimistic about such a dream. From his point of view, the dream simply warns you that your communication is not going well. Something is bothering you in society, perhaps your position at work is causing concern.

There is a chance that you will not feel as confident in the company as you would like. If you have planned some kind of public speech or important negotiations in the near future, then it is better to abandon these plans - there is a high probability that these situations will be traumatic and unsuccessful for you.

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