Why do you dream about sperm according to the dream books of Freud, Lynn, Longo

  • March 23, 2019
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Confused about what sperm means in dreams? For correct interpretation, most dream books recommend paying attention to the smallest details from night dreams. For example, it is important to take into account not only the object of dreams, but also the emotions that the sleeper experienced when seeing a particular image. In addition, try to find the meaning of the symbol not only in books, but also in the depths of your own subconscious.

Interpretation by Gustav Miller

The famous psychoanalyst notes that people quite rarely see sperm in the realm of dreams, but it would be very difficult to overestimate the significance of the image. Miller is confident that the interpretation will be fundamentally different for dreamers of different genders. For men, such an unusual symbol can appear in a dream during a period of prolonged sexual abstinence; therefore, it does not carry any deep meaning. And for girls, a man’s seed in a dream is associated with the desire to conceive a child.

Seeing sperm on white sheets in a dream means unsuccessful completion of an important matter in reality. Most likely, a person has invested a huge amount of time, money and nerves for a long time in the development of some enterprise in reality, but it will not be successful. Although Miller is sure that one should not give up. If the owner of the vision continues to do what he likes, then he will definitely achieve great success, and money is a profitable business.

How to stop nighttime ejaculations

Although orgasm and subsequent ejaculation at night is not considered a pathology, many people do not like such processes, so they look for ways to avoid them. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to follow a number of recommendations:

  1. Ventilate the room as much as possible before going to bed so that there is fresh air in it and the temperature does not exceed 22 degrees.
  2. Avoid eating at night. If the stomach is full, it puts pressure on the prostate, which increases the likelihood of ejaculation.
  3. You should not watch erotic films and photographs at night, because this is “food” for the brain, which will stimulate it to launch erection mechanisms.
  4. Sleepwear should be as loose as possible so as not to provide additional friction.
  5. Sexual life should be regular. And if there is a long break in sex, you can make up for it with the help of masturbation.
  6. It is recommended to play sports and be as active as possible. This will normalize the testosterone production cycle and restore balance in the body.
  7. Follow all hygiene rules. If any inflammation begins in the area of ​​the head of the penis, this will only further stimulate nighttime ejaculation.

The oldest esoteric reference book

For a girl, a dream with sperm portends ridicule from colleagues and friends. However, this interpretation is relevant only if the ejaculation process occurred in front of other people. Otherwise, the beauty will have to uncover someone’s conspiracy in reality, which could have led to sad events if not for the dreamer’s intuition. In any case, you should be vigilant in the real world.

If a girl in the kingdom of dreams happened to feel the eruption of male seed in her own body, then in reality she will have to participate in an important matter that will require a responsible approach. But for a representative of the stronger sex, seeing another person’s seed means facing a competitor in the real world. It can be not only about business, but also about love life, so more attention should be paid to protecting what is dear.

Why do you dream about sperm: categories of dreams

In general, male seed means enrichment, fulfillment of desires and early pregnancy. In some cases, sperm warns of the imminent successful completion of affairs, “speaks” of the good health of relatives or loved ones. But many aspects are important for an accurate interpretation:

  • sperm color;
  • her smell;
  • at what speed did the sperm move;
  • location of seminal fluid;
  • actions with her;
  • traces of sperm on things or clothes, etc.

Depending on a number of reasons, the interpretation can vary dramatically from the basic wording of dreams.

Interpretations of the dream book of the Celestial Empire

Why do you dream about male sperm being in a jar for analysis? As a rule, such an image appears only to those people who experience health problems in the real world. The Chinese interpreter claims that you should immediately undergo a course of treatment, otherwise the disease will develop into a chronic stage. Most likely, the sleeping person is well acquainted with the illness that worries her.

For a girl to see the seed of an unfamiliar man on her own body is a sign that in the real world the beauty will experience great shame. Most likely, the reason will lie in her appearance or character traits. You can avoid shame only if you do not appear in society for some time. However, if this is not possible, you should exercise extreme caution when you are in unfamiliar companies.

Interpreter of the 21st century

Did a person dream about how he got an orgasm from having sex with someone he knew? This means that in reality he subconsciously wants something risky, unusual and forbidden. Maybe a person is not completely honest with himself, and therefore does not allow himself to admit his own desires?

And it also happens that no one appears in the vision. And therefore a person brings himself to the peak of pleasure. This vision is considered good because it foretells good events in reality, a lot of interesting surprises, leisure time with pleasant people, as well as meetings that will only bring joy.

It happens that a person experiences an orgasm in a vision, but at the same time feels anxious. In this case, you should prepare: life will present him with a number of trials and strength tests. However, the dreamer will quickly cope with them and will be generously rewarded by fate.

If you dreamed of something alarming, but the person experienced an orgasm for unknown reasons, you also need to be wary. This promises troubles and sorrows that he will encounter due to his incontinence, emotionality and haste.

Interpretation from Sigmund Freud

The world-famous psychoanalyst and expert in the field of dreams, who gained his popularity thanks to erotic interpretations of night scenes, could not help but pay attention to visions in which male seed appeared. Sigmund Freud notes that for correct interpretation it is necessary to pay attention to the smallest details that may initially seem insignificant.

Here are just a few common interpretations:

  • smelling male semen for a girl means a desire to quickly have sex with a representative of the opposite sex;
  • a dream with sperm for a man represents good health - a good sign for dreamers who have had problems with arousal for a long time;
  • seeing sperm on your belly for a girl means an unplanned pregnancy (more attention should be paid to contraceptive methods).

Freud draws the attention of his readers to the general emotional background that was present in the realm of dreams. Disgusted by having sperm on your body? Try to pay more attention to your sex life in the real world. Feeling the taste of semen in your mouth and enjoying it is a positive sign for a girl who has been trying for a long time to find a partner for a long-term relationship.

Cause of wet dream

Some guys are embarrassed that they have periodic wet dreams, so they try to find a way to get rid of nighttime ejaculation. But to do this, you need to find out about its reasons. When the entire body transforms during adolescence, the activity of the genital organs also changes significantly, especially their hormonal regulation. So, guys begin to produce sperm, and sperm accumulates over time. The average age when it starts is 12 years. But at this time, almost all guys have not yet begun their sexual activity, so there is nowhere for sperm to be released. That is why the mechanism of wet dreams is triggered, which is considered protective and is a way of adapting the body to existing realities.

With an increase in activity and frequency of sexual life, wet dreams stop completely. On average, this occurs at age 18 and later. But this does not mean that the problem disappears forever. In adult men, it may occur again over time if sexual activity is stopped for a long time. For example, this may arise due to the absence of a sexual partner, her pregnancy, distance from home, and for other reasons. In this case there are no pathologies.

Meanings from the Wanderer's Dream Book

Have you thought about why you dreamed of sperm on your hands? Terenty Smirnov (author of the interpreter) assures the sleeping person that in the near future she will receive an unexpected monetary reward, which will in no way be related to her professional field of activity. It is quite possible that after such a dream the owner of the plot will win the lottery or receive an inheritance. The Wanderer advises you to use the amount received wisely.

A dried seed on clothes portends a sleeping person to find himself in an awkward situation in the real world, which will be associated with the fact that the dreamer will find himself at the wrong time and in the wrong place. Perhaps the owner of the vision will catch a couple making love, or he himself will be caught. Be that as it may, after such a situation you will have to pretend for a long time as if nothing happened.

Causes of orgasm in sleep

Probably every man has encountered such a phenomenon as wet dreams at least once in his life at a certain age. In simple words, he can tell you that he cums during sleep. Why does this happen and is this the norm? A wet dream is an orgasm during sleep with ejaculation, which occurs in mature men unconsciously and without prior sexual stimulation. Thus, wet dreams occur without intimacy and in the absence of masturbation. This is a medical concept that is an absolute norm from a physiological point of view. There is no point in hiding, let alone being ashamed of, this phenomenon, because... wet underwear is not the biggest problem, but an indicator of a young man’s full puberty. It is worth noting that adult men also experience involuntary ejaculation at night, for which there are certain reasons.

Mayan prophecies

The popular Indian interpreter clearly states that sperm in a dream foretells a family addition in the real world. Quite often, such a plot appears on the eve of conceiving a child or before childbirth. The interpreter claims that pregnancy will proceed without visible complications. As for childbirth, it will be relatively painless and quick. As a result, a healthy and strong baby will be born who will develop quickly.

Still don’t understand why you dream about sperm? For a more accurate interpretation, it is recommended to pay attention to the situation that led to ejaculation. Copulating in the realm of dreams with a significant other and suddenly finding yourself covered with seed is a good sign for a young lady who strives for a long and happy relationship. Did you catch your husband or boyfriend cheating during ejaculation? Get ready for the betrayal of your significant other in reality.

The line between normality and pathology

So, if a man experiences involuntary ejaculation during sleep, called wet dreams, this is not a pathology. The frequency of ejaculation during sleep can vary from several times a week to none at all. Most often it depends on age, sexual activity, the characteristics of a man’s temperament and psychological factors.

There may be cause for concern if:

  • ejaculation occurs during the day;
  • Ejaculation is not preceded by erection and orgasm.

What do Ukrainians think?

Why do you dream of sperm that participated in the fertilization of the egg? In most cases, such an image appears in a dream only to those individuals who unceremoniously meddle in the personal lives of other people. The interpreter warns that one should not scatter advice left and right, since not in all cases the sleeping person is right. Moreover, there is no need to give recommendations to someone if you have not fully understood a particular situation.

Did you happen to see sperm in a dream that was on the bed or sofa after a recent orgy? In reality, a sleeping person will experience severe embarrassment, which will be directly or indirectly related to intimate life. Therefore, be sure to check whether you have closed the bathroom door before using the shower, and also do not leave your smartphone turned on if intimate photographs or very personal correspondence with a young man are stored inside.


To have a future without nocturnal emissions, you need to listen to the following recommendations:

  1. The main thing is the regularity of sexual activity.
  2. Avoid stress and depression. Don't get hung up on work and home problems.
  3. Exercise more and eat right.
  4. After consulting with your doctor, start taking multivitamin complexes.
  5. Remove tight and uncomfortable underwear and synthetics from the closet.

Two hundred years ago, involuntary nocturnal ejaculation due to medical ignorance was considered the most dangerous male disease, often leading to castration as one of the treatment methods.

Vanga's predictions

To understand why sperm is dreamed of, you need to try to remember exactly what actions were performed in the kingdom of Morpheus with seminal fluid. For example, smearing liquid over the body is a sign of disrespect that a sleeping person shows towards close relatives or friends in the real world. But swallowing ejaculation means meeting an authoritative person in the real world who will help the beauty get settled in life.

Dreams in which a man had to donate sperm for testing deserve special mention. Did you happen to masturbate to fill a container and hand it over to the nurse? In the real world, you will become the envy of many people. But collecting seminal fluid from other people is a rather negative phenomenon, which portends facing a serious illness that requires immediate treatment.

How does an orgasm occur in a dream?

So, a wet dream is a phenomenon that can periodically occur in adolescents, young men, and men according to absolutely the same mechanism. If a guy cums in a dream, this means that an excess amount of seminal fluid has accumulated in his body, which needs to be gotten rid of. It is this problem that the brain solves through self-regulation. It receives an impulse that the amount of sperm is too large and needs to be disposed of.

A man goes to bed, and during sleep he has visual images (usually with sexual overtones). Over time, this leads to an erection, the final result of which is ejaculation. As a rule, men wake up after the incident, but it is possible that awakening occurs before or during ejaculation. In this case, it is better not to interfere with this process and ensure the removal of excess sperm.

Folk remedies for treatment

During such a situation, caused by various reasons, the man’s body is overly stressed. Which makes it impossible to release all the accumulated “material”. To solve this problem, you can use the following traditional medicine recipes.

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This can be corrected with fresh pumpkin seeds and parsley. Pumpkin seeds contain a large amount of magnesium, which is lacking in other products, but cockerel contains a sufficient amount of potassium.

It wouldn’t hurt to make different decoctions based on these components, or brew parsley seeds with boiling water and take 3 tablespoons three times a day, the same can be done with pumpkin seeds.

Sage tea

Many people believe that sage is a seasoning with good taste. But in addition, this plant has medicinal properties that will help solve the problem of night ejaculation. To prepare a healing decoction, you just need to brew the dried flowers with boiling water and let it brew for a couple of hours, after which the tea will be ready for drinking.

Fenugreek with honey

To prepare, you need to mix crushed fenugreek with honey in equal proportions. And take one teaspoon daily.

Pumpkin and sesame oils

The ingredients must be mixed in equal quantities and taken 5 ml every day.

Warm bath with essential oil

It is believed that a cold shower relieves sexual desire. Yes, this is true, but only in the first hour after the procedure. Then everything turns out the other way around. But a warm bath before bed with a few drops of soothing essential oil promotes sound sleep without such manifestations.

Any of these remedies has a beneficial effect on well-being, in addition, they are all safe, with the exception of a possible allergic reaction.

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