Let's find out why you dream of a big wooden house? Seeing dilapidated housing in a remote village in a dream.

Despite numerous and often contradictory interpretations, in many dream books one can notice that a house in a dream is, first of all, a reflection of the person himself. It doesn’t matter what forms this reflection takes, but it is closely related to the personality, mental or physical state of the dreamer.

This opinion is held not only by psychologists. For example, the Russian folk dream book says that a house is a symbol of a person’s personality, his state of mind and social status.

According to the sorceress Medea, the house is a symbol of the human body and spirit , and the rooms with it symbolize physical or spiritual problems in certain areas of life.

Locked up with Miller

Miller's dream book offers an unexpected explanation for why one dreams of a house without windows. If you happen to see the room from the inside, the dreamer’s aspirations are reliably protected, and it depends only on his efforts which of them will be realized. The interpretation of the dream is encouraging that even in the worst case, the sleeper will not lose his position.

If you had to see an old house with boarded up shutters on the outside, changes will be provoked by external factors. All that remains is to adapt to the changed circumstances.

Freud's dungeons

Interpreting why one dreams of a wooden house without windows, Freud’s dream book draws attention to the moods that prevail in the dream. If you dreamed of melancholy and cramped conditions, the symbol is identified with the coffin. Perhaps in real life we ​​had to “bury” what filled it with meaning.

This is not the only interpretation of why I dreamed of a wooden house without windows. If in a dream you are trying to find a loophole in the wall to get inside, the plot speaks of frequent failures on the personal front. In women's dreams, the sign reveals uncertainty about one's own attractiveness.

Seeing yourself in a confined space and at the same time feeling quite comfortable is necessary for those who in reality need shelter. If there are windows in the building, but they are tightly curtained or boarded up, big changes are planned in your personal life.

Such different houses

Other dream books contain many interesting interpretations, which is why I dreamed of “blind” designs:

  • An unusual building means worries about interference from living to the fullest;
  • The image in a dream reflects a dead end situation; it will not be possible to find a way out without the help of loved ones;
  • Seeing a house without windows happens to those who are in the dark when intrigues are woven around;
  • The symbol in a dream reflects the desire to expand one’s horizons, travel, and communicate;
  • You have to see yourself inside on the eve of a risky adventure, watch your wallet;
  • A sign in a dream foreshadows rest, peace and a sense of security.

Don't get into your soul

In Vanga’s dream book there is an explanation of why one dreams of an unfinished object, in which window openings are not even provided for in the design. The symbol that you dreamed of means an extreme degree of distrust of the world around you and yourself. It is possible that the dreamer is overly absorbed in soul-searching.

Sometimes an unfinished “crypt” in a dream foreshadows an unfavorable period for new beginnings. Fate is in no hurry to give the green light to opportunities. The interpretation offers two solutions: try to break through the wall or wait a little until the gate is opened.

A dream in which you are building a big house

Building a house in a dream has many interpretations. In almost any dream book you can find a transcript of such a dream. An old English dream book: success in business, improving financial condition, making big profits.

Dream Interpretation by Grishina: you will fail in your creativity, life circumstances will not allow you to fulfill your plans, to reveal your potential.

Along with this, a dream can mean life changes, pleasant, joyful events, or moving. For a young family, building a house in a dream can mean the birth of a child.

Russian dream book: unexpected receipt of a large sum, winning. Tsvetkov's dream book: changes for the better. Zadeki's Dream Interpretation: happy event, receiving money. Azar's dream book: love relationships, happy romance.

There is always a way out

It’s interesting to know why you dream of a house without windows and doors. Tsvetkov's dream book believes that in reality the sleeper is dealing with insurmountable circumstances. All efforts made will be in vain; it is wiser to save your strength for better times.

If you dreamed of a room without window openings and doors, O. Smurova’s dream book, on the contrary, claims that right now there will be an unexpected way to brilliantly complete a seemingly hopeless task. So keep looking and don't give up!

The esoteric dream book reports that the dreamer is completely in vain to consider his inner world to be protected from any intrusions. Some event or idea will soon cause a revolution.


Old house without windows and doors

Dream Interpretation Old house without windows and doors dreamed of why in a dream you dream of an Old house without windows and doors? To select a dream interpretation, enter a keyword from your dream into the search form or click on the initial letter of the image characterizing the dream (if you want to get an online interpretation of dreams by letter for free alphabetically).

Now you can find out what it means to see an Old house without windows and doors in a dream by reading below for free interpretation of dreams from the best online dream books of the House of the Sun!

The upper part of the doorway signifies the man, and the lower part indicates the wife.

Whoever sees in a dream that his house has burned down will be touched by misfortune and sadness from the ruler or from the plague. And whoever sees that the doors of his house have been removed and replaced with others, he will sell his house or perhaps his wife, after his divorce someone else may marry her.

The Koran says: “Enter. through the gate. If you do this, you will win." (Surah Al-Maida, verse 23).

If you see a small door in your house in a dream, beware of actions that discredit you; such a dream indicates female infidelity in the house.

In general, doors in a dream mean obstacles.

If doors themselves open in front of you in a dream, this means that everything you have planned can come true and success in business awaits you.

A dream about an open door foretells a woman that she will soon have a new lover.

Opening the door yourself in a dream is a sign that you will have no one to blame or thank for what happened.

Seeing new doors in your home means adding to your family or changing your lifestyle associated with new problems.

For those who are expecting the birth of a child, such a dream predicts the birth of a son.

Doors that slammed in front of you and those that you could not open are a sign of failure.

Searching and not finding doors to your own home is a sign of obstacles in business; For patients, such a dream predicts that their illness will last a very long time and may end in death.

Stopping near a closed door in a dream and ringing it or making a phone call means that at the moment the implementation of your plans depends on other people. Expect to be disappointed.

A dream should be considered successful in which, after your calls, the door opens and you enter it.

Seeing open doors in a dream means a gift or an unexpected pleasant incident.

Locks on the doors mean the machinations of ill-wishers.

Locking the door with a key in a dream is a sign of imminent marriage for women.

If in a dream the door to your apartment or house suddenly swung open, then expect unpleasant news that will cause you a lot of trouble. Sometimes such a dream predicts grief and loss of a loved one. For some, the dream predicts that they will soon have to change their place of residence.

The creaking of a door in a dream will warn you of an unpleasant visit.

A door burning with a bright flame means a meeting with friends whom you will welcome with open arms.

Burnt out doors in a dream portend a great misfortune that could happen to one of your family members or to someone who had such a dream.

A dream in which you saw that you forgot to close the door means that through your own fault you will lose money or incur losses.

Walking through a door in a dream is a sign that you will do something that will cause you a lot of trouble.

If you dream that in a dream you entered the door of your parents’ house, then your worries will subside and your soul will find peace in the circle of loved ones.

A dream in which you saw a door close behind someone means a quick separation from this person.

For spouses, such a dream means divorce (if you saw or know that the door closed behind your spouse).

Hearing a knock on the door in a dream is a bad omen. Expect bad news - this is trouble knocking on your home.

If you dream that you are trying to close a door and it falls, then beware of an accident.

If a door falls on someone in a dream, then that person is in danger in reality.

See interpretation: House, Fire, Key.

Find a way out of a difficult situation.

Imagine walking out the door of your own home into the yard to get some fresh air. Try to experience a feeling of pleasure from the surrounding silence (see Courtyard, Air).

The door, like the gate, is a symbol of the female genital organs, the genital opening. Their symbolism is quite close.

If you are standing in front of closed doors, then you want to make an offer to the object of your aspirations to engage in sexual relations, but you do not dare.

If you stand in front of a closed door, pull the handle, and the door is not locked and opens easily, then your friend has long dreamed of sexual contact with you and will gladly meet your desires.

If you forgot or lost your house keys, then all is not well in your sexual relationship. Show more affection and tact in your relationship with your partner.

If you cannot open the door, then you may have sexual dysfunction.

If you varnish, paint or upholster a door, then you are very jealous, and in most cases unreasonably, and easily excitable; your sexual encounters may be brief due to premature ejaculation.

If you are installing a new door, then you dream of frequently changing sexual partners.

If you walk out the door, then your sexual partner is boring you, and you want to break up with him.

If there is someone in the house, but they don’t open the door for you, then you have a serious sexual conflict with your partner, you are unable to establish a sexual relationship; To improve your relationship, you may need to contact a specialist.

If you are afraid to open the door, then you have a strong fear of starting a sexual life, or having sexual contact with this partner.

If you open the door to someone, then this indicates your sexual dissatisfaction.

If a man finds a door open in a dream, then he cannot forgive his girlfriend for previous sexual relationships.

Seeing an open door in a dream foretells success and a warm welcome, while a closed door portends disappointment and trouble.

A door with a lock on it means meeting unpleasant people.

A door with creaking hinges means an unwanted visit.

A broken door means a generous offering, a burning door means the illness of someone in the household. Putting out the burning doors of your house in a dream means meeting with friends on a sad occasion.

Not finding doors near your home is an obstacle in business.

Locking the door with a key means marriage; if the door is not locked, you will get a new admirer. Simply closing an open door means disappointment and trouble.

Entering a door in a dream indicates that your efforts to get rid of unwanted visitors will lead to nothing.

Entering the door of your parents' house portends a cloudless existence surrounded by kindred spirits.

Seeing others entering or leaving the door means possible difficulties in putting things in order. If in a dream a door flies off its hinges and falls on you, this means danger that awaits your friends.

Standing in front of the doors of some establishment in bad weather and not being able to get inside is a sign of committing stupid things in reality and behaving like a capricious child.

Looking through the peephole while watching what is happening on the landing means that in the near future you will have difficulties that will lead you to insomnia and a nervous breakdown.

Closing the door with a latch means you will refuse to help neighbors with whom you are at odds.

To see a large and tall door means wealth and nobility will soon await you.

Seeing a richly decorated door means an impossible dream.

Opening the door means luxury, unjustified expenses.

Unexpectedly opening doors mean happiness, benefit, good luck.

Creaking doors mean an unpleasant meeting.

Seeing an open door to your home in a dream means lack of self-confidence and deception.

Looking for and not finding doors near your home means an obstacle in business.

Closing the door means danger.

The door crumbles into pieces - to an unpleasant situation.

They are knocking on your door - for upcoming important events in life.

The doorbell rings - bad news.

If you open the door and there is no one behind it, it means big trouble.

To see a beautiful door handle - you will soon have an interesting acquaintance.

A closed door means that you will not be appreciated.

Frustration, troubles, obstacles.

An open door means favorable circumstances, shared love, a generous gift.

New doors - to a new activity.

Burning doors of your house - to the illness and even death of one of the family members.

Searching and not finding the door of your own house means obstacles in business.

Slowly opening doors - love (for a woman) and meeting a woman (for a man).

Open doors mean success in all matters.

Entering the door means trying to get rid of slanderers and ill-wishers.

Seeing others coming and going means complications in solving your problems.

A door that has fallen off its hinges is a danger to those around you.

Breaking a door means doing something contrary to the law.

A large and tall door means wealth and nobility.

Seeing that there is no one behind the doors is a big trouble.

A gate or door made of stone portends longevity.

Gates, doors are tightly closed or blocked - things are not going well.

The doors fall into pieces - there will be an unpleasant situation.

Doors swing wide open - portends happiness and profit, good luck.

A dragon (snake) crawling into the door portends wealth and profit.

Doors and gates break, become unusable - portends a great misfortune.

Replacing the doors with new ones means the birth of a noble offspring.

A small door to the room opens - predicts a love affair.

Opening the door is wealth.

The doors leading to the grave open - good luck in all matters.

The doors suddenly swing open - portends great happiness.

The doors suddenly swing open - happiness and benefit, good luck.

Repairing or changing doors or gates portends great happiness.

Opening a door in a dream is a luxury, unjustified expenses; getting out of a difficult situation; commit adultery.

Seeing an open door in your house means uncertainty and painful forebodings; deception on the part of a friend.

The door in your house opens by itself, creaks and hangs on its hinges - a bad conscience; friends will betray; danger.

Locking your door is a big danger and will require a lot of courage.

To see someone else's door locked - friends will turn away; You will be an uninvited guest.

Breaking a door means you will encounter an obstacle on the way.

To see a richly decorated door means to desire something unattainable.

Seeing a small door in your apartment means something secret and prohibited in your life, something that you try to hide even from those closest to you.

Some creatures pass through it - the personification of vice.

There is a knock on your door - you will be called to an important task; good embassy; The main events in your life are coming.

It rings - bad news.

To be locked somewhere - don’t trust your friends; bad future; in general it's always bad.


Family dream book

Night visions about houses speak about the state of affairs of a person. The future of the person sleeping in reality depends on the shape of the building in a dream. Inspecting it, wanting to buy it, means grandiose plans and prospects. This dream may predict an imminent change in personal affairs or situation.

Building a house means being in a difficult situation, which hard work will help correct. The dream also means that the person is dissatisfied with his status or is bored. For the patient, this night vision foreshadows imminent death.

The interpretation of the dream largely depends on what actions the dreamer took in the house:

  • cover with a roof - disappointment and losses;
  • looking for a way out is a risky undertaking;
  • sweeping - arrival of guests;
  • washing the floor - death of a family member;
  • put things in order - correct mistakes;
  • decorate - the birth of an heir.

If you dreamed about an empty house, then this foreshadows separation from a loved one or material loss. Seeing your home engulfed in fire is a sign of losses and failures. The dream warns of the danger of people living in it. A burning living room means illness. The most unfavorable interpretation is if the interior of the room burns to the ground. The dream foretells great disasters and lasting misfortunes.

Dream interpretation of a house without windows, why you dream

In the dream book, a house without windows means positive changes and solutions to problematic situations. Also - to look for a solution to a complex problem, to be faced with a difficult choice. Sometimes - meeting a kind person under unusual circumstances.

The particular rarity of this symbol in dreams has caused controversy regarding its meaning. In order to more fully and in an expanded form answer the question of why you dream of a house without windows, we provide you with information from several dream books at the same time. This includes editions by Miller, Vanga, as well as lunar and modern versions.

Miller's Dream Book: a house without windows

According to Miller, a house without windows in a dream means positive changes and solutions to problematic situations. Miller argued that windows are described as a symbol of human aspiration and possibility. Their regular appearance in a dream is a harbinger of a white life streak and a prosperous future. And opening them promises financial wealth, monetary enrichment.

If the dream scared you and brought fear - what to do? Miller's advice: don't pay attention to difficult dreams. Everything you saw in them does not come true directly. Unpleasant images almost never foreshadow troubles and misfortune.

What does the dream in which you saw a new house promise?

Seeing a new, beautiful, bright house in a dream, according to Velesov’s dream book, means improving your financial condition and wealth.

The esoteric dream book interprets the image of a new home as a new turn in business that will bring good luck if you take an active part.

According to Simon the Canaanite, a dream about a new house means self-knowledge and finding your inner self.

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A house without windows or doors in a dream means:

1 According to the Dream Book of Krada Veles

2 Why do you dream about House?

The house is a dream of serious changes, instability or significant growth.

The house symbolizes a person:

If a man climbs or descends a smooth wall of a house, then he is prone to homosexual contacts.

If a man climbs onto the balcony of a house, then his feelings for a woman are quite serious.

If a woman climbs the smooth wall of a house, then her feelings for a man will most likely remain unrequited.

If a woman climbs onto the balcony of a house, then she needs female guardianship and is inclined to enter into a lesbian relationship.

Inside everyone, even the best of us, lies an uncontrollable wild beast that wakes up when we sleep.

The house personifies the dreamer himself, his inner self. Also reflects problems of the body, thoughts, feelings, spirit.

The personification of ourselves, as we are and as we think others see us.

Sometimes a dream indicates that there is a reason why you are not fulfilling your real needs.

Houses and castles in tarot cards symbolize civilization and stability. As a rule, houses in the Tarot are depicted as simple only occasionally (Six of Cups, Ten of Wands), and more often they are presented as castles. In the Eight of Wands card we can see a destroyed castle, indicating that everything changes in this life over time, changes await us.

To a calm life, quite happy, without major shocks.

Housing represents the dreamer’s immediate field of perception, a symbol of human existence, the personal space of consciousness in which a person resides. Home is our rear, shelter, family hearth (family relationships), fortress, protection, our mental (mental and emotional) state, health.

In addition, the house can mean the physical body of the sleeper, its parts and individual body functions. For example:

The characters inside the house are our feelings, relationships, interference, influences, states of consciousness of the sleeper.

Other houses are things to do, other people or opportunities.

For a woman, the state of the house additionally emphasizes the important “homely” atmosphere in her family and relationships with loved ones.

Houses usually appear in dreams as psychic images. Many times unknown unfamiliar rooms are discovered in these houses, indicating hidden or unexplored areas of the patient's potential ego structure.

The end of the house is for a date with family.

The human body, as well as one of the many symbols of aggression that finds no outlet, i.e. desire to have more freedom.

If someone shudders in a dream, it means that person is growing.

A symbol of human life and destiny / the human body and what happens to a person.

Directly related to the human body, the levels of the house represent the different levels of your personality: the highest spiritual level, the physical body and the subconscious.

Most often, the image of a home is an external expression of effective memories. Since the image of a house occurs very often, the appearance of this image itself does not carry a significant semantic load.

If an image of a special house appears, it has a specific meaning.

A large house on a hill, a hotel, an inhabited or abandoned house - all of these structures reflect greater efficiency that cannot currently be realized (i.e., suppressed self-realization).

Your home embodies you, your body, mind and soul. The size and condition of your home is directly related to how you perceive yourself and how you change over time. It may be influenced by your feelings at the moment:

On another level, your house in a dream reflects both the place where you are now and the place where you want to be. If you like a house in life, you feel safe and comfortable in it, then the house in a dream will largely resemble it, even if the dream corrects it, bringing it to perfection.

A strong house means a stable, prosperous life.

Various changes are happening to your home - you feel disharmonious with the world around you.

Regardless of whether the house in the dream was a familiar or unfamiliar dwelling, it can symbolize the very personality of the dreamer. A home inspection can signal the beginning of a journey of self-discovery.

The furniture in a dreamed house can show whether you are successfully coping with current affairs. When interpreting such dreams, you should try to remember whether the curtains in the house were open or closed: this may be an indicator of your readiness to tackle pressing problems.

The sleeper's reaction to the appearance of guests in the house may reflect genuine feelings for these people in real life.

House type:

A house in a dream often reflects a person’s personality, his emotional and spiritual state. Many analysts believe that different parts of the house represent different ages in life. The most modern sections reflect a person’s life at the moment; the older parts of the building symbolize the deep levels of the subconscious. Think about how you felt in this house: did you feel confident and safe or were you afraid?

Above and below: The upper floors of a house in a dream reflect the intellect of the dreamer, perhaps indicating the formulation of ideas or thinking about complex or far-reaching plans. The lower parts of the house represent hidden aspects of the personality where fears and memories are buried.


Seer Vanga

You dream of a nice, cozy home to fulfill your cherished desires, joy and peace of mind. A huge building in good condition is a sign of the end of a difficult life period. The dark streak is over and brighter days are coming.

An abandoned house dreams of great trials in fate, which will be very difficult to overcome. The person may have to lose his property. Seeing yourself in an unfamiliar private house is a sign of dramatic changes.

The construction of an unusual type indicates the unsettled life of the dreamer and his feelings about this. Entering such a building indicates that the sleeper will get involved in some incredible business.

Entering a tall and large house promises many good changes. This could mean a promotion or a source of profit. Such a vision promises an acquaintance with an influential person who will provide significant assistance in your endeavors.

Holes in the walls or floor predict separation from a loved one. A dilapidated building dreams of poverty and humiliation. The same interpretation applies to a dream in which a person sold his own house. Living in a dugout means poverty.

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