Why do you dream about a big brown hairy spider?

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The spider always evokes not the most pleasant associations in people, and horror in especially impressionable people. An incomprehensible, vile and poisonous insect causes an anxious feeling in the dreamer’s soul, a feeling of approaching disaster. Having seen such a dream, first of all, we open the pages of the dream book, looking for the meaning of what we dreamed at night.

Dreams about insects are considered nightmares by many. And the interest in them is due to the fact that what is taken away at night is the work of our subconscious, seeking to warn us about upcoming events, sending such strange and terrible signs and symbols. Any night image does not come by chance. So, let's try to understand why a spider dreams, and what a dream with its participation can mean. What should you expect from dreams of tarantulas and similar poisonous insects?

shaggy Spider in a dream: interpretation from 100 dream books

Pastor Loff's Dream Book

Why do you dream and what does a furry Spider mean?

The spider represents the feminine principle and is a lunar sign. The Great Mother, in her terrible form as the weaver of fate, is sometimes depicted as a spider. All lunar goddesses are spinners and weavers of fate.

Dream Interpretation of the Gypsy Seraphim

Why do you dream about a furry Spider, interpretation of the dream:

Since the spider is known for its webs, which it spins to hunt other insects, it is usually associated with a web or a trap that can trap a sleeper. This could be a dangerous act, a temptation, a bad habit, or a warning about a failed business. Some view the hairy spider as the personification of a woman - a predator whose love can be destructive. Getting caught in a web means hopelessness.

Dream Interpretation of the Healer Evdokia

Why do you dream about a furry Spider?

Missed opportunities, dangerous enemy; kill a spider - to success in business, but to a quarrel with your beloved. Cobwebs mean illness. A spider sitting on a web - if you are attentive and active in your work, good luck will accompany you. Seeing a spider weaving a web means peace and happiness in the family. If you are surrounded by cobwebs - luck in business, health, support from friends. Stumbling upon a web with a spider - despite dangerous connections, you will have quick success in life. Being bitten by a spider is a betrayal, a threat to the cause from enemies. If a large and a small spider crawls towards you at the same time, it means luck, but if a large spider bites you, your enemies will cause you harm; if a small spider bites you, it means attacks and envy. Running away from a big spider - luck will leave you under humiliating circumstances; if you killed it - improve things, make a profit, but if it comes to life and chases you again - changeability of fortune, illness. For a girl to see gold spiders crawling around her - to new friends and happiness.

Housewife's Dream Interpretation

Why does a woman dream of a furry Spider?

Represents influence from someone else or one’s own aspirations to capture the victim. Fighting a spider means conflicts with your superiors or opposition to your mother’s care. Holding a spider in your hands means receiving a gift. Web - beware of the trap. A spider crawling on your clothes with a cross on its back is a dead man in the house. To brush off a spider means your relatives will not approve of your decision to hastily marry. Brush away the cobwebs with a broom - a high-ranking official will refuse to receive you. A huge spider, the size of a person, is a sign of an impending threat; you may lose your property. If you are bitten by a spider, you may soon get the flu. Crushing a spider is a harbinger of failure and hardship. Water spiders - for a trip and new interesting acquaintances.

Freud's psychoanalytic dream book

Why do you dream and what does a furry Spider mean in a dream?

A woman who had such a dream is very afraid of being left alone. Her inferiority complex is the reason why she considers herself unworthy of her lover.

Ancient dream book

Why do you dream and what does a furry Spider mean in a dream:

If you dreamed of a spider, then this is a sign that in reality you are possessed by the fear of being abandoned by your partner. You underestimate your strengths and abilities, which is the cause of fear; get rid of your complexes and you will become the happiest among women.

Grandma's old dream book

Why does a sleeping person dream of a furry Spider?

Missed opportunity, business; to kill him is a threat of divorce, a sharp deterioration in family relationships; cobwebs - to illness.

Modern dream book

According to the dream book, a shaggy Spider means a dream:

You dream of a shaggy spider - a sign that you will be rewarded for your hard work. A spider weaving a web means that you will be calm and happy in your home. The web itself promises pleasant company and good luck in business. A dream in which you killed a spider foreshadows quarrels with your wife or lover. If a spider bites you in a dream, beware of your enemies: you may become a victim of betrayal. A dream in which you are surrounded by many spiders hanging on their webs promises you an unusually favorable combination of circumstances - good health, good luck, support from friends. If you come across a web with a huge spider in a dream, you can count on quick success in life. If you dreamed that you were running away from a large spider, your luck may leave you. But, if you killed this spider, then perhaps you will take a worthy position in society. A girl who sees golden spiders crawling around her in a dream will soon come to happiness. If a woman dreams of a spider, then in real life she is afraid that her partner will leave her. And all because she underestimates her strengths and abilities.

Seeing a spider in a dream

What does a dream about this insect or with its participation mean? Sometimes dream books give completely unexpected interpretations of even very unpleasant symbols: animals, insects. Often, interpretations given by various dream books link dreams of unpleasant insects with long-awaited events or meetings. In other cases, they can warn of upcoming conflicts and quarrels, illnesses and life difficulties. In the latter case, it is worth thanking the spiders that appeared in a dream and warned us about this.

For what

A dreamed spider is a harbinger of good luck and luck in business, subject to hard work and energy on the part of the dreamer, since luck does not come to the lazy. In other cases, a spider in dreams may indicate that a person has missed opportunities in friendship or business relationships, in solving important matters, which will soon have to be started again, but under more successful circumstances.


A dream about a large or even huge spider should not cause fear to the dreamer. Such a symbol does not represent trouble, but, on the contrary, promises big profits or participation in a very profitable enterprise.

73% of dreams about a big spider lead to a monetary reward

This can manifest itself in quite extraordinary ways: from a salary increase and bonus to winning the lottery. In other cases, a spider can mean a lucrative job offer with high pay or a promotion.


Small insects promise the dreamer a solution to a lot of small but very troublesome matters. Also, such a dream foreshadows a quick resolution of issues with enemies and ill-wishers. The coexistence of a large and a small individual in a dream promises success in business and successful resolution of all important events.

General interpretation of dreams with spiders

Spiders evoke few positive emotions in anyone, with the exception of biologists. However, images of spiders in dreams can be positive and portend good luck. Let's consider different interpretations on this issue.

The interpretation of a spider in a dream may vary, depending on the details:

spider color; actions; number of insects; your actions in a dream; who dreamed of a spider.

Insect color

If you dreamed of a black hairy spider , health problems await you. If an insect bites you, the disease will be severe and protracted. Also, a huge shaggy spider can warn about the beginning of activity of hidden enemies.

A brown insect can warn of the danger of poisoning: be careful with food. Some dream books interpret the vision of a brown spider as a joyful event - receiving a well-deserved reward.

White insects are a good sign for the dreamer’s material well-being. If you saw a huge white spider, your business will prosper. Interestingly, for single people, a white insect portends a wedding.

Spider in the house

House spiders on the ceiling predict that the dreamer will receive gifts. If they descend through the web from the ceiling, you should expect good news. A spider placed on the head signals contrived difficulties. If he gets tangled in the dreamer's hair, she should pay attention to the people around her, since among them there is a secret enemy and an envious person.

If an insect is above your head in a dream, in real life it’s time to seriously think about starting your own family.

What does it mean to dream about a spider crawling on a wall? A dream with such a plot promises good luck in business.

What dream books say about spiders

The ABC of dream interpretation sees vampiric forces in the image of a spider. Fighting insects portends conflicts with management or getting rid of excessive parental care. A hanging web symbolizes a trap. A spider in your hand means a gift.

Miller's dream book also points to the vampiric and parasitic qualities of an insect and defines this dream as the presence of energy vampires in the dreamer's life. The Italian dream book interprets a web as a bad past.

The Small Velesov dream book sees positive qualities in the image of an insect. Seeing a spider means guests, a wedding, a new friendship. Attacking spider - danger, intrigue, court. Weaving a web means money. Catching an insect means the birth of a son. Killing a spider means reprisals against enemies.

The Russian folk dream book interprets this vision in a negative aspect and claims that the spider symbolizes the enemy. A large insect is a dangerous enemy, small spiders are a minor hassle.

The family dream book believes that seeing a spider in a dream foretells receiving a reward. A spider weaving a web is a symbol of wealth and prosperity in the home. A hanging web is good luck in business. The killing of a spider foreshadows quarrels in the house. An insect bite means betrayal of friends. A lot of spiders on webs is a happy coincidence. A huge spider in a web is an extraordinary success in life. Running away from a huge spider means missing out on luck.

Colorful spiders

Sometimes people see colored spiders in their dreams. What does this mean?

The appearance of a white spider symbolizes only positive changes in the dreamer's life. As mentioned above, these could be material wealth, success in business, or pregnancy. The dream symbol has a particularly favorable meaning for young girls. He promises them increased female attractiveness and increased attention from the opposite sex.

The red spider portends anger. Also, with the help of such a dream, higher powers advise the woman to pay attention to the circulatory system, as there is a risk of developing heart or vascular diseases. The yellow spider symbolizes good luck, and the golden spider symbolizes profit. A lot of colored spiders in a dream portends joyful events.


The interpretation of a spider in a dream is a purely personal matter. You must listen to your inner voice, your intuition. For example, Chinese sages do not consider spiders to be vampires or pests. On the contrary, in Chinese symbolism the image of a spider is associated with a useful task - the destruction of flies and other parasites, the purification of space.

A spider's web can have two meanings: a trap for enemies and a trap for wealth. The interpretation of the dream will depend on the person’s emotional perception of what he saw.

The image of peaceful weaving is one of the positive characteristics of the insect. The spiders are peacefully weaving the fabric of fate. Seeing a hardworking spider in a dream is always a sign of prosperity and success. However, getting caught in a web is not always a good sign. Either you are confused in your own illusions, or you have fallen for the tricks of your enemies.

I dreamed about big spiders - interpretation of dreams according to dream books

How often do you dream about big spiders? Large spiders in a person’s dream mean failure on an emotional level or a breakdown in relationships. If these insects appear in people's dreams, this is often a bad situation for them; this sign in a dream announces the inevitable improvement of your affairs. For wealthy people, it can announce a decrease in their possessions and for travelers - a quick return to their home country. See the interpretation of the specific case.

Why do you dream about big spiders - Freud's dream book

If you dreamed of large spiders, this is a harbinger of future prosperity and happiness in your life.

If you dream of a large white spider, this is a sign that you have a chance for development or dramatic changes in your life.

You dream of large spiders with cobwebs, this dream foretells unspecified happiness.

You dream of a big brown spider, such a dream foretells problems and big problems.

In your dream you see big tarantula spiders, this is a sign that will soon become a religion for you.

A big red spider in a dream, this dream promises a future for you, and when you feed it, you will have some disappointment.

In a dream, you see a big yellow spider, it promises joy and satisfaction, teaches you something - happiness is generally understood.

A girl dreams of a big black spider is a prelude to business stagnation and a catastrophic professional situation.

Dreaming of a big spider biting you is a prediction of a deterioration in your economic situation, and it is likely that this condition will last for several more years.

If you dream of large spiders in the house, this is a preview of an unexpected success that you should soon see.

When a man dreams of a big spider, it is a good sign for him, especially on emotional grounds.

Large spiders in the apartment are a sign that you will cause your own problems.

When a large spider bites you in a dream, this dream signals that you are afraid of losing your identity and independence, while being disabled means that someone will unexpectedly help you.

According to the dream book, when you dream of a big green spider, it is a sign that you like a good reputation and you do not need to be afraid of any gossip about you.

A big hairy brown spider in a dream is a signal that you need to make more important decisions more carefully and look at them from the perspective of your previous experiences.

If you dream of a big gray spider, it is a sign that someone has hurt you and you will not be able to deal with it without the support of your loved ones.

When you dream of a big spider that attacks, it is a signal that you should take better care of your health and physical condition.

If you dream of a big shaggy spider, you should be warned that you must be vigilant in all situations because your inability to pay could be costly.

If you dreamed about a lot of spiders

Often in a dream there are a large number of arachnids. Why do you dream of spiders and cobwebs, there are many and of different sizes - the interpretations of different dream books are as follows:

  • Many spiders who diligently weave webs dream of trouble in reality, namely: ill-wishers are planning something bad behind the sleeper’s back. Be careful when communicating with people - the enemy is among them.
  • Seeing a gathering of them in a completely inappropriate place means a betrayal awaits you, which will greatly surprise you.
  • Little spiders do not promise anything bad. On the contrary, peace and order will reign all around. But if you crushed them, then a minor quarrel with someone close to you is inevitable.
  • A large number of arachnids attacked and bit the sleeping person - a deception in real life.

  • Flying webs with many spiders mean joy, success in endeavors, and favorable events.

  • If a free girl sees tiny golden spiders around her, a happy fate awaits her with true friends.
  • If the dreamer sees many creatures without experiencing fear and horror, then a calm period will begin in his life, full of joy and goodness.
  • If the sleeper in the night story had to kill them, then a scandal with his other half awaits him.
  • Dreaming of spiders in the house is a positive interpretation of the dream. This means that everything will be fine in your family: existing difficulties will be resolved, and new ones will not appear for a long time.
  • To climb into the web yourself and see a bunch of these creatures there - in reality, the dreamer is confused in his own thoughts and feelings.
  • I wonder why you dream of big and many spiders. This is a very good sign, foreshadowing a large influx of money for the sleeper.

Why do you dream about many big spiders - Miller’s dream book

When you dream of a lot of big spiders, it is a very successful sign. This means that you will soon achieve success in some field in which you work, but it will not necessarily be in the professional field.

Dreaming of many large spiders in your house is a signal that you have accidentally harmed someone, and if you see someone getting rid of large spiders, this is a warning that you will soon have association with envious people .

When many large spiders appear in a dream, no matter where it occurs, it may mean that you unconsciously feel the need to remain in a monogamous relationship. This dream also has meaning - you are very tired of relationships that are reaching a dead end, you will be given a chance to improve everything, take advantage of it.

Spider Actions

For a pregnant woman, the appearance of a black spider in a dream promises a successful delivery of her pregnancy. If she sees an insect making a web, there is a chance that she will have a girl. If you see a black spider sitting on a tree, there is a possibility of giving birth to twins. However, a frightening insect promises unkind talk from relatives to a pregnant woman.

If a large furry arthropod crawls over the dreamer’s body in a dream, this indicates the appearance of an envious person in the woman’s environment.

You should also pay attention to the details of the dream. For example, a spider can perform the following actions:

  • Weave a web. This dream foretells that financial flow will increase in the near future.
  • Descend into the ceiling. The dream foretells that the dreamer will be helped by her relatives in solving life situations.
  • To be in the center of a woven web. Such a dream indicates that success in business is guaranteed.

If the insect was found in the house, it is worth paying attention to exactly where it settled:

  • In a bank - the dreamer has complete control over the enemy.
  • In bed - misunderstanding reigns between spouses or lovers.
  • On the ceiling - your plans can be brought to life.

A spider that has bitten the dreamer is a harbinger of an exacerbation of chronic ailments. You should be very careful about your health and try not to overreact to stressful situations.

Why do big and small spiders dream – Vanga’s dream book

If you dream of big and small spiders, this may be a signal from your subconscious that you should understand any situation that will happen in your life and not be guided by your emotions or willingness to satisfy your needs, but you should use all your mental strength and intellect. Everything in your life will return to its place.

When this dream is where small and large black spiders are present and appear in a dream, this is a signal to you from your subconscious that you may be faced with some difficult situation that you can quickly figure out. You must clearly express your position without considering the possible consequences.

Why does a woman dream about a big spider - Nostradamus’ dream book

If a woman dreams of a big spider, the dream may warn that you will soon have a very tense and stressful situation due to financial problems, so you should try to save more and also relax in difficult situations to protect your nervous system.

This dream could also mean that the life you are currently working in seems too monotonous and you wish it was a little more exciting. This will happen soon.

If you dream that you are surrounded by large spiders, this is a sign that in life you are in a difficult situation that you can handle, depending on your future behavior.

Why do you dream about a big hairy spider - Hasse’s dream book

When you dream of a big hairy spider it could be a sign that you are using the wrong career strategy and therefore you are not able to achieve more meaningful success.

If in a dream you see a large, hairy spider from afar, this is a sign that you will be able to achieve good results in your goals and this will be the start to begin to fulfill your dreams and goals, even the most ridiculous ones as it may seem to others.

A large hairy spider that appears in a dream, regardless of color, is a warning about slander. This could be a warning that you will soon become a victim of gossip and that you should be prepared for this.

Why do you dream of killing a big spider - Loff’s dream book

When you dream that you are killing a big spider in a dream, this is a sign that something very negative will happen in your life, as the dream book interprets it, which will have a great impact on your future.

When you see someone killing a large spider, this is a prediction of some stressful situation in which you will be wrong in all respects, beware of provocateurs in the near future. But you will be able to get out of the situation with dignity and it will not affect your life.

In general, this dream symbol is a warning that your enemies or competitors will do everything to prevent you from achieving your plans.

If you dream that you are releasing a large spider in a dream, this is a prediction of some kind of misfortune that will soon be yours, but fortunately it will not be long-lasting.

Negative values

There are also meanings that have only a negative connotation:

  • An attacking arthropod creature promises aggression from spiteful critics. If the spider bites you, you will be affected by gossip that will negatively affect your life.
  • Huge and shaggy - the sleeper expects the treacherous actions of a person who is higher in status and rank. Most likely, this will affect the professional field - loss of job or demotion.
  • Running away from a tarantula in a dream is a bad sign. In reality, the sleeper will lose luck and a dark streak in life will begin. Perhaps he will find himself in an ugly situation in which he will be humiliated.
  • A spider crawling over the body and hair - such a dream promises a poor existence and difficulties.

Poisonous and big - someone from the inner circle is angry with the sleeping person and dreams of revenge. Analyze your relationships with people.

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