Dream interpretation of Fats: why do women or men dream about Fats?

Fat according to Miller's dream book
What does it mean if you dream about Fat:

Seeing yourself smeared with fat means that you have a pleasant journey ahead, which you will make with not very nice, but well-mannered companions.
In general, a dream in which fat appears is a sign of loss. Fat according to Hasse’s dream book
Why did you dream about Fat:

Animal - see - well-being.

Eating is a disease.

To extract is wealth.

Beef - things will go smoothly.
Fat according to Maly Velesov’s dream book
Dreaming of Fat, why:


There is: - dealing with a rich man.
Fat according to the Eastern Women's Dream Book
Why does a woman dream about Fat, what is this dream about:

Getting dirty with grease means that in the near future you will have to communicate with serious, strict people.

Fat, lard according to the Great Family Dream Book

Greasy, oily surfaces, spilled oil, as well as being smeared with fat or oil in a dream are a sign of a quick pleasant pastime, receiving good news, meeting your lover and receiving gifts. See Perfume, smell.

In such a dream, smells are very important.

Pay attention to them.

If in a dream you experienced pleasure at the sight of fat, then expect only good things.

If the dream disgusts you, then expect trouble.

This especially applies to dreams in which you get dirty yourself or carry clothes.

Eating fat (animal) or lard means illness or stagnation in business.

Cooking fat means big profits.

Eating fat can mean marriage.

Seeing lard in a dream means that happy changes await you.

Melted lard in a dream predicts happy love with a person to whom you had to prove your feelings.

Drowning lard in a dream is a sign that you can achieve what you want only through hard work.

Cutting lard in a dream foretells unexpected profits. See Oil.

Seeing Fat in a dream: Great modern dream book

Fat - losses await you.

It’s as if you were stained with fat - what you once considered a nice adventure, over time you will remember as not very worthy deeds; you will do everything to hide your old pranks from your loved ones, but in an unexpected way they will make themselves felt; you will have to talk about a lot, but even then you will try to hide some details; another interpretation of the dream: you are about to travel with a person who is not very pleasant in appearance, but has excellent spiritual qualities; by the end of the journey you will want to be like this person.

Fat according to the Dream Book From A to Z

Seeing animal fat predicts well-being in everything; vegetable fat: - illness and nervous disorder.

Smearing yourself with fat means that you will have some kind of journey in the company of a pleasant young man, which will give you undoubted pleasure.

A dream in which you cook something in fat portends minor losses.

Pork fat indicates that your friendships will strengthen and expand, and love will find a successful conclusion in marriage.

Beef fat: - a sign that your business will go smoother than ever.

Olive oil indicates that a certain action or desire to commit it weighs on your conscience, despite the calming arguments of reason.

Seeing fat and obese domestic animals, livestock and poultry means significant and lasting prosperity.

Cutting fatty meat: - to peace and pleasure.

What to do with him?

According to the Summer Dream Book, rendering fat from lard predicts obesity and a deterioration in the dreamer's well-being. Another interpretation option speaks of receiving benefits without much effort on the part of the sleeping person.

Eating fish oil predicts profitable investments; chicken oil means the opportunity to travel abroad or visit unknown places.

Did you dream that you had to burn a lot of fat? In reality, you mock those who love you. Try to change your behavior, because you risk losing someone dear to your heart forever. Smearing your body with this product is a sign of a pleasant time with an interesting young man.

Dream book of the 21st century

  • Seeing fat - you will find yourself a good assistant in business;
  • Eating fat means financial difficulties that you cannot solve without turning to close friends for help;
  • Butter - indicates the fulfillment of desires;
  • Buying butter means prosperity and contentment;
  • Getting dirty with butter means success in love;
  • Eating vegetable oil in a dream indicates the stability of your position, which is the basis for the upcoming calm and measured life;
  • Churning butter means increasing wealth;
  • Spread with butter - to gossip;
  • Anointing your head with oil means fame and recognition;
  • Eating highly oily foods is beneficial;
  • Seeing an oil mill means that your deepest desires will come true;
  • Working in a creamery - a dream foreshadows unexpected pleasant events.

If you dreamed about Fats: Everyday Dream Book

Why do you dream of fat according to the dream book:

Fat - Seeing fat means you are worried about the state of your affairs, your relationships with colleagues, with friends, with your family. Take a close look at your surroundings; most likely, there are people here who are putting a spoke in your wheels.

Seeing that you see yourself smeared with fat means that you may soon go on a trip with unfamiliar but pleasant people. If you see people covered in grease in a dream, you should treat them with caution; it is quite possible that these people do not treat you the way you would like.

The need arises especially acutely when you dream that you are shaking hands with such people. If possible, it is better to end all relations with them.

If you dreamed of fat in which you fry food or cook, it means that in the near future you will be faced with a lot of household worries. Washing greasy dishes in a dream means that problems will appear in the near future that will be very difficult to cope with; most likely, you will not be able to cope without outside help.

If you see that you eat fatty meat, you will be able to rise above your circumstances in the near future. Perhaps someone will turn to you for help. Try not to refuse help, because the moment will come when you, in turn, will need the help of this person.

Why do you dream of meat with fat?

Remember how in fairy tales? A sign of a comfortable life is “eat fat and sleep sweetly.” From this point of view, a chop or sausage with fat on the dinner table symbolizes a period of prosperity and well-being in all areas.

Of course, a lot depends on the quality of the product. Rancid pork fat symbolizes minor but terribly annoying problems and troubles.

Turning lard means working on your position in society, confidently climbing up the career ladder. If you dreamed of cutting fat from meat and simmering it in a cauldron, obstacles in your path will disappear by themselves, imperceptibly and practically without any effort.

Eating lard in a dream - what does it mean?

According to Freud's dream book, such a dream has the following meanings:

  • You will slightly overestimate your capabilities in your intimate life and end up feeling unwell;
  • Sleep concerns not only sex, but also food. The dream book advises you not to overeat;
  • The lard became soft and melted. You will experience strong sexual arousal at a completely inappropriate moment for intimate relationships.
  • It can symbolize your inaction in a situation that requires decisive intervention.

Fried lard in night vision

In your dream you are frying lard - a symbol of your receiving a not very prestigious position in reality, but one that brings good income.

Other dream books explain this dream this way: you yourself are ready to steal someone’s intellectual property. It is likely that you will start a business that was not yours.

To dream of a roast goose with lard dripping from it means an imminent visit of some powerful, influential guests.

In your night vision, you dreamed that you were frying lard on coals - your efforts will be noticed and appreciated in reality. Perhaps soon, without meaning to, you will find yourself privy to someone else's secret. Disclosure will have a negative impact on your business. But silence will bring profit. It is possible that you will gain some new knowledge.

Get ready, profitable prospects are coming the day before

For young girls, a dream in which they saw their legs covered in fat represents the likelihood of successfully marrying a rich and generous groom. For a man, a dream about a picture promises a lucrative contract or a successful business trip.

Cutting a lot of fatty meat in a dream predicts upcoming peace, tranquility and satisfaction with one’s labors. Burning a fatty substance, according to Miller’s dream book, portends renewal, getting rid of annoying problems, parting with the past, unnecessary things and relationships in life.

For a married woman, eating a lot of fish product in a dream means adding to the family of loved ones or a long-awaited pregnancy.


Seeing yourself stained with fat means long-term communication with serious people. This interaction will be exclusively business and involves large expenses. Perhaps you will be traveling in the company of well-mannered individuals who do not want to communicate. If the fat is thick and the sleeper tries to eat it, then you need to be wary of stomach diseases. If only your hands are smeared with grease, this means that in the near future there will be communication or some kind of interaction with dangerous and slippery people who need to be wary.

Dream interpretation pork, fish fat

Lard, lard, vegetable and sunflower oil, fish oil, badger oil - the variety of products has given rise to dozens of interpretations.
I dreamed about animal fat:

  • beef - the planned business will go easily and will be successful;
  • pork - favorable development of nascent relationships, a long-term relationship will end in marriage;
  • chicken - income without effort or conflicting desires of the sleeper;
  • badger - beware of lung disease;
  • Pisces - time to take care of your health.

Butter – fulfillment of desires, joy, fun. Seeing a creamery means completing a task, achieving a goal, happiness.

The fat layer on the meat means strengthening the position, power, help from a sponsor.

I dreamed of a puddle with a greasy gasoline film - trouble; to jump over one is to avoid them.

Seeing a frying pan of lard that bubbles and splashes is an insult to loved ones; uneven, conflictual relationships, in which the sleeper plays the role of tormentor.

A favorable dream for a woman, where she sees her own plump legs with fatty folds: a single woman will meet a generous, self-sufficient chosen one; a married woman will become pregnant and give birth safely.

Actions have meanings:

  • remove the fat layer from the jellied meat - you will soon reap the fruits of your labor;
  • shoot down - make a profit; anoint your head - become famous;
  • melt fat - for the sake of profit, the dreamer behaves incorrectly, lets his friends down, dodges. Think about your behavior so as not to be left alone;
  • picking it out with a spoon means loss of valuables.

In a dream, salted lard

Almost all dream books explain such a dream as a positive symbol. If the piece of lard is large, then your health is not in danger. The piece is small, there may be a slight discomfort. After such a dream, for preventive purposes, it is better to consult a doctor.

Choosing a large piece of lard for the purpose of purchasing means that in reality you will have good luck in your new endeavors. It promises profit even if the business at first glance seems to be a failure.

It takes a long time to choose and refuse to buy - in reality you will be accompanied by material losses.

Salted lard can also promise you some pleasant love adventures. The main thing in such adventures is not to eat too much, so that you don’t have to regret it later.


This symbol itself can be associated with anything in the subconscious. Therefore, in order to understand why fat is dreamed of, you should remember in what form it appeared. Was it smeared across a surface causing someone to slip? Night vision warns of uncertainty in one’s own actions, risk and the understanding that a dangerous mistake is possible.

In a dream, did you feel faint from a sharp and unpleasant greasy smell? The image only embodies what you hate in the real world. We can talk about anything, and it is important to remember other details of the vision.

Getting dirty with something greasy is a sign that you don’t want to get involved with a particular situation that is unpleasant. Eating fat and feeling sick from it is an indicator that you don’t like what you have to do. You may not see any other way out right now, but there should be one.

Strengthening the positive meaning of sleep.

It is advisable to eat something fatty on the day of sleep. While eating, think about your sleep.

Get dirty, wash off

Getting your hands dirty with grease means counting money, profit; strangers in him are a patron, a rich friend. Be vigilant - he uses people for personal gain.

I dreamed of clothes stained with grease - shame, lack of attention, fear of disgrace, uncertainty.

Seeing yourself with greasy hair and shiny skin is an inferiority complex; worries about excess weight; desire to lose weight. It's time to resolutely start playing sports.

Wiping a greasy surface is a solemn event, preparation for a holiday.

To wash off fat - gossip around, envy of colleagues, conspiracy.

Cleaning greasy dishes is a series of problems that you can’t get out of on your own. You will need the help of an influential relative.

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