Dream Interpretation of Holes: why do women or men dream of Holes?

Hole according to Astromeridian's dream book

A dream about a hole is interpreted by the dream book as a confusing situation. Seeing a hole in clothes in a dream is bad luck; disease. You will be given an offer that you have long dreamed of, but circumstances will turn out to be such that you will have to refuse it.

Seeing a hole in a sock in a dream means you will soon get sick; The reason for your cold is that you dress too lightly.

You dreamed that you seemed to be sewing up a hole - you will not refuse a lucrative offer; you will bring to life a simple idea that will bring you significant income.

Seeing a hole in a bag in a dream

Dreaming of seeing or holding a bag with a hole in it symbolizes situations where you may become the unfortunate victim of theft, robbery, fraud, schemes or anything related to your robbery. Conversely, you may be involved in dubious transactions. If in a dream you see items falling out of a bag through a hole, it could symbolize a lack of honesty when dealing with your competitors. This behavior of yours can be turned against you.

Why do you dream about a hole in the ground?

If in a dream you see holes in the ground, this means choosing the wrong path. If you fall into such a hole during sleep, it means that you are currently under the influence of someone who is not leading you along the right path. Perhaps you've recently met someone who really wants to please you, so you're willing to do anything to impress them. But it is worth thinking about the consequences of such behavior.

Seeing a hole in the wall in a dream

Seeing a hole in the wall, regardless of whether you notice it or not, according to the dream book, suggests that you will soon receive some useful or interesting information. After hearing this news, you will be able to fulfill your desire or acquire what you have always dreamed of.

Why do you dream about a hole in clothes?

When in a dream you see holes in your clothes, according to the dream book, this may indicate an upcoming debt. In the near future, you may owe someone or some company either a large sum, or money, or part of other valuable assets.

Seeing holes in the house in a dream

Finding holes all over your house in a dream can be interpreted as a sign of money problems. In particular, this symbol is often seen by those who are unable to manage their budget correctly or by those who have recently spent money in a very unwise way. You may need to reassess your finances and think more carefully about future purchases, as you could be digging yourself into a very deep hole in the future.

Why do you dream of a wide hole in the fence?

A hole in a fence in your dream symbolizes loss and unhappiness regarding money. By seeing this symbol, you may face financial difficulties or lose money in a rather dramatic and sudden manner in real life. This dream symbol is also associated with difficulties and problems on the path of life.

Seeing small holes in the door in a dream

Seeing a hole in a door in a dream is often a sign that your behavior or personality is a hot topic of conversation among your enemies and competitors. Those who plot against you are most likely planning to use your habits and tendencies to their advantage in order to defeat you. For example, if you tend to react in a hot-tempered, rash manner, they will likely try to provoke you into making a decision that you would not make under calmer circumstances. To avoid falling into their traps, you will need to carefully monitor your behavior and personal habits.

I dreamed of holes in the floor

A hole in the floor in a dream, according to dream books, is symbolically associated with the idea of ​​falling. This means that you may soon lose money or wealth, which will lead you to either a low standard of living or complete bankruptcy. Therefore, a dream about a hole in the floor is especially ominous for those involved in banking or investing. When you see such a dream, know that it predicts the imminent onset of difficult times. You may not even be able to afford the most basic necessities.

Why do you dream of a deep hole in the ceiling?

If you see a hole in the ceiling or roof in your dream, you can show all your negative sides of character. You should not allow this, because such a turn of affairs could turn many of those around you away from you. And this will entail a lot of other problems.

Interpretation of a dream about a hole in a shoe

A hole in a shoe is interpreted by the dream book as poor health or a deterioration in general well-being. If you are currently healthy, you may find that you get out of breath when walking up the stairs, or that bending over to tie your shoelaces is much more difficult than before.

Specify location

A hole in the body is a multifaceted symbol. Have you decided to find out what night vision promises you? Then it would be a good idea to indicate exactly where you saw the injury:

Dreaming of a wounded face

  • on your leg - you may soon lose your income, your business will cease to be profitable;
  • on the hand - the dream promises meeting a person who will be opposed to you;
  • in the stomach - to parting with your soulmate, the dream is especially negative for those people who have difficulties in relationships;
  • in your head - you are busy with intellectual work, often overtired, which can lead to negative consequences and exhaustion;
  • on the neck - your enemies will soon take decisive action, it will be quite difficult for you to resist them;
  • on the torso - you should rely only on yourself and not listen to the advice of others;
  • on the face - if a girl saw this plot, then she either exaggerates her attractiveness or considers herself ugly;
  • on the back - betrayal of a person you completely trusted;
  • on the finger - you have problems with blood circulation;
  • on the chest - you have a respiratory tract disease; the sooner you see a doctor, the better for you.

When no blood comes out of a hole in your body, you will greatly offend your loved one with your careless word or deed. Try not to lie to those you love, otherwise you risk losing their affection forever.

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A dream in which you happened to see a hole in the floor carries warnings about danger and unexpected turns of fate. Dream books foreshadow problems: someone is actively setting traps and traps against you if you manage to fail in a dream. An oversight in business, a damaged reputation, bad company - this is exactly what any hole under your feet dreams of.

Hole // Stern Robinson's dream book

If you dreamed about holes in clothes or shoes - health problems are possible. Imagine that you are buying new, high-quality clothes and shoes. Hole - can symbolize an impending problem. A hole can also mean a desire to have a holistic view of things. If you feel stuck in a time where physical laws do not apply, you may dream of a black hole. Of course, if everything goes well in your life, then instead of a black hole in your dream you will see a rainbow. A hole in the floor in a dream - your family affairs will be upset due to a frivolous attitude towards money. Floor. Falling into a hole is a bad dream and in reality foreshadows a lot of troubles due to your rash behavior, which will lead you into bad company.

You will see a hole in your clothes, according to dream books, to lack of money, dishonor and debts, from which you will not get out for a long time, unless you fix it in a dream. In the latter case, you can count on some improvement in your situation. If you manage to see the same clothes, but without a hole, then your situation will change for the better in the most unexpected way.

Vision about the wall in different countries of the world

Of course, every nation has its own mentality. This cannot but affect how we decipher the signs of fate.

Gypsies believe that if a wall suddenly appears, you will encounter unexpected difficulties in business. If the wall was surrounded on all sides by water, then you will anger some people. As for the fact that in a dream you will jump or climb over a wall, the prediction will be positive.

The French interpreter believes that a wall in a dream promises trouble with loved ones. You will stop understanding each other, you will begin to conflict and quarrel.

The ancient Persians associated the wall with the appearance of a stranger in your life. If you have experienced fear, then in reality you are afraid of future events.

Chinese commentators believe that if you climb up and cover yourself with a blanket, you will quickly advance up the career ladder. Climbing a red brick wall means bliss awaits you.

Interpretation of the Universal Dream Book

Brief interpretation: despondency; escapism; difficulty. Popular expression: to find fault with something; on the move; get into debt; weak link. What gets bigger the more you take out of it, and smaller the more you put in there? Hole in the ground! A hole can symbolize an impending problem. A hole can also represent a desire to have a holistic view of things.

If you feel stuck in a time where physical laws do not apply, you may be dreaming of a black hole.

Of course, if everything goes well in your life, then instead of a black hole in your dream you will see a rainbow!

Psychology of sleep

When in a dream you saw yourself wounded, then you will have to experience love disappointment. This will be a consequence of the fact that you thought too well of your other half, while this person did not deserve your attention.

When a hole was visible on the body of another person, then it is you who will have to cause mental anguish to your soulmate.

Sigmund Freud believed that when a dreamer sees a person with a wound in a dream, then he is callous and insensitive. Such a person should never be seen with his cheeks wet due to tears.

Caution and caution again

It’s bad if you dreamed that you fell into a hole in the floor. Seeing yourself near a damaged flooring, tripping in a dream and falling into a hole means ending up in a bad society where you will be forced to do bad things.

Dream books warn: expect a dirty trick from strangers. You can be caught taking a bribe, your reputation tarnished, or forced to commit an offense. Loss of vigilance and control over your actions, excessive gullibility, which will turn into a trap - this is exactly what dreams of a sudden failure or falling into a hole mean.

What famous seers say about such dreams

I dreamed of a wounded man

Such great people as Nostradamus and Vanga have long been dead. Despite this, people listen to their prophecies to this day.

Interpreter Vanga

The seer believed that if wounds or holes appear on the body, then this vision is negative. Surely the dreamer does not believe in God, does not recognize his existence, therefore he is without the protection of higher powers and is an easy prey for evil.

If you dreamed that you were helping another person who had holes in his body, in reality you were doing good deeds. Fate will give you a gift.

To see how an old hole on the body began to ooze blood again - old grievances will remind you of themselves. You will once again be forced to experience what once caused you pain.

Watching a relative with a hole in his body means your health will deteriorate.

Nostradamus's prediction

Holes in your body are a sign that a person close to you or your relatives will cause you to suffer mentally.

Accidentally injure a loved one - be extremely careful.

Spiteful critics will do everything possible to provoke you into conflict with your relatives. Do not start making claims until you understand the issue yourself.

Sew up holes, heal wounds - you will soon learn good news.

Seeing a hole from a dagger on your body means your friends may betray you, they will slander you, and discredit your good name.

Seeing wounds from a dagger in a dream

Seeing blood flowing out of a wound means the dreamer is tormented by a feeling of guilt.

It’s worse if an already healed hole in your body begins to bleed. Such a dream promises physical injury, the threat of getting into a disaster.

How to deal with the problem

Don’t despair if you dreamed of a holey parquet floor in a room. Seeing someone repairing it in a dream, helping to seal the cracks - means solving difficult problems. The dream means that you have not lost heart and continue to bravely fight circumstances.

Dream interpretation hole in the floor

Why do you dream about a hole in the floor? After waking up, the sleeper may have many questions, since this symbol leaves behind an unpleasant aftertaste. Some dream interpreters say that danger and unexpected turns of fate await the dreamer, but is this really so? Can all interpretations be trusted?

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