Dream Interpretation Digging up something: why do women or men dream about digging something up?

In the dream book, digging up a flower means that in the foreseeable future new love feelings will appear, leading to the development of relationships. Also, a person you don’t know treats you with warmth and affection. Sometimes - to do a good deed, behave very nobly and show your good side.

Such a symbol in a dream is a rather rare guest, and therefore its interpretation is very vague. To answer in detail the question of why you dream of digging up a flower, we provide you with information from the most famous and proven dream books. This includes editions by Miller, Vanga, as well as lunar and modern versions.

Digging up flowers and replanting them in the garden

Dream Interpretation Digging up flowers and replanting them in the garden dreamed of why you dream about digging up flowers and replanting them in the garden?
To select a dream interpretation, enter a keyword from your dream into the search form or click on the initial letter of the image characterizing the dream (if you want to get an online interpretation of dreams by letter for free alphabetically). Now you can find out what it means to dream about digging up flowers and replanting them in the garden by reading below for free interpretations of dreams from the best online dream books of the House of the Sun!

Seeing yourself in your garden in a dream means you will experience happy hours of a date with your loved one.

To climb into someone else's garden - in reality, fulfill your intention despite the unanimous opinion that it is useless.

Working in the garden means you will gain the respect of others thanks to your positive qualities.

A well-groomed and landscaped garden with a well and a greenhouse means a long path to success.

A garden overgrown with weeds suggests that you should not listen to the advice of deceitful friends.

A vegetable garden in which chickens walk around and any living creature that wanders in grazes - you will experience a lack of funds to complete the task.

A vegetable garden with a durable permanent fence - your request will be granted.

Walking around the garden is an omen of a lot of work and troubles with household chores.

A garden where vegetables are planted - to the fulfillment of selfish plans.

Plant a garden - prosperity awaits you, all your plans will come true.

A garden with a harvest means significant profit, if abandoned.

(See interpretation: vegetables, greens)

Seeing your own garden in a dream, well-groomed, blooming, with a lot of vegetables and flowers, walking through it, going into it is a sign of well-being, satisfaction with the progress of your affairs. Working in a garden in a dream means that you will have to work hard to achieve the level of well-being that you dream of. A dead, dried out, flooded garden in a dream is a sign of losses, losses, and failures in business. If you dream about melons and vegetable crops, then success in business awaits you.

A dream about a vegetable garden predicts difficulties on the path to success and fulfillment of desires, which, however, can be overcome.

You will work for yourself, and this work will bring both material and moral satisfaction.

The vegetable garden also marks the relationship between people (what is the garden, so are the relationships: large, well-groomed, beautiful vegetables or seedlings, etc.).


dream book digging up flowers for replanting in a dream

Dream book dream book digging up flowers for replanting dreamed of why in a dream, dream book digging up flowers for replanting? To select a dream interpretation, enter a keyword from your dream into the search form or click on the initial letter of the image characterizing the dream (if you want to get an online interpretation of dreams by letter for free alphabetically).

Now you can find out what it means to see in a dream a dream book of digging up flowers for replanting by reading below free interpretations of dreams from the best online dream books!

Lunar dream book

The highest probability of digging up a flower in a dream according to the lunar dream book occurs in the second and fourth quarters of the lunar cycle. This period of time is the completion of lunar growth, as well as waning. At the same time, a little time of the new moon and full moon is affected. It is clarified that the third lunar quarter has the lowest probability of this dream coming true.

You can find out the current moon phase and quarter in our lunar calendar.


Dream Prediction Colors

It has long been believed that color carries meaning. This was reflected in the customs, art, clothing and lifestyle of different countries.

Bright, rich colors foreshadowed good things, faded and faded colors were a symbol of destruction, old age, and failure; dark colors have always been considered a harbinger of bad things.

White color has always meant purity, innocence of thoughts and desires, the joy of life not overshadowed by suffering, sincerity of words, declarations of love, purity of soul. Brides were dressed in white, angels and saints were always white,

It is customary to give white flowers at weddings. It is customary for Catholics to give white flowers at funerals. And then the white color becomes a symbol of cleansing from sins, calling on the angels to protect the soul of the deceased in the other world.

In a dream, this color means envy, danger, illness, mourning, the machinations of enemies, the hypocrisy of friends, the betrayal of a lover or loved one.

The color blue has always been considered a symbol of honors given to people for their wisdom, the justice of wisdom. Blue often became the color of kings or knights. In combination with gold, it personified the inviolability and justice of power, which demanded submission and worship.

That is why these combinations were so often used in the clothing of noble people and crowned heads, in the interior of magnificent palaces, in porcelain ornaments and jewelry. In combination with red, it became even more powerful, and those around or courtiers bowed their heads from afar when they saw the colors of the kings.

Yellow is the color of the sun, flooding the sky and earth with its light, with which no one and nothing can equal, the color of glory and luxury. If we were talking about flowers, then yellow became a symbol of impermanence.

And the elders taught the young that yellow flowers should not be brought into the house, so that there would be no discord in it.

Yellow bed linen (according to legend) predicts discord between spouses. Yellow is both the color of betrayal and the color of gold, which attracts the eyes of greedy people and scammers.

Green is a sign of safety and reliability. Doctors believe that it soothes the eyes and brings peace. Thus, the greenery of trees and grass pleases the soul and inspires confidence that everything will be fine.

The beginning of spring, a new life, symbolizes the awakening of all living things, the beginning of a new year. It’s not for nothing that in the East the New Year is celebrated at the end of February, on Valentine’s Day, and Valentine’s Day falls on February 14th.

Plants produce fresh young green shoots, predicting growth for all living things, our being, our strength. Greenery also represents the growth of children and their birth.

The golden color, like the brilliant one, attracts the eyes of envious people, foreshadowing dangers due to intrigues started by enemies.

If the sleeper is sick, then his illness is his wealth. And after such a dream he has no hope of improving his health.

The poor man is rich only in his debts and groans. The glitter of gold does not promise him wealth, but only reminds him that he suffers due to its absence.

For a rich person, such a dream is only a reminder that he must take care not to lose it and beware of the machinations of enemies, betrayal and hypocrisy.

The color red has always been a sign of love, honor, reverence, passion, shame and blood.

Red roses have always been considered a symbol of love and recognition of one's feelings.

The red dress of the Roman patricians, trimmed with gold, called upon the lower ones to bow their heads before them.

Red velvet embroidered with gold was often a symbol of royal power and the glory of knights won with blood in fair battle.

The color that appears on the lover’s cheeks testifies to the ardor of his feelings.

The Red Corner (the main one, richly decorated, with icons in shimmering bronze and gold icon cases) was in every peasant hut. It was located in the most visible place in the house, and those entering were baptized in it.

The color brown in a dream means great experiences, grief, a joyless existence, need, lack of funds. Brown will not dominate in any coat of arms, flag, interior of palaces or clothing of kings. It is not pleasing to the eye and gives an earthy tint to the complexion. There is no joy or freshness in it. He is inconspicuous. The color of dirt, autumn with a washed-out road, a joyless existence.

Purple color is a symbol of honors, wealth, mutual love. Mixing pink and blue means tenderness and purity of feelings. In a dream, he predicts the fidelity of a lover, the joy of a date with him, the delights of love, gifts with meaning.

Orange color comes from a mixture of yellow and red. This is a mixture of ambition, desire for fame, contempt for other people, selfishness, indifference to other people's misfortunes.

Shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow - a harbinger of an unusual event that will surprise and delight you, like a peacock’s tail suddenly opening before your eyes, like the sparkling lights of a disco, like masquerade costumes shimmering with all colors.

Purple means power, strength, health, enviable position in society, respect, lofty thoughts and plans. This is a rich red color, the color of royal robes, military banners, tart red wine that has absorbed the warmth of the sun's rays and the shine of rubies.

The color pink symbolizes tenderness, innocence, naivety, and joy.

Gray means a joyless life, sadness, melancholy, boredom.

Blue color is a sign of sadness, bad omen, illness, the color of dark night, the color of witches and sorcerers.

Purple is a sign of wealth, prosperity, honor, power, wisdom.

Black color is a sign of sadness, mourning, death, funeral, enmity, disaster. Black clouds bring showers, a tornado has the appearance of a black pillar, demolishing everything in its path.

All criminals, sorcerers, thieves, swindlers, murderers, dressed in black clothes, do their dirty deeds in dark nooks, basements, and attics on dark nights. See interpretation: paint, clothes, face.

Interpretation according to different dream books

  • Miller's Dream Book

    The first edition of the dream book, compiled by an American psychologist, was published in 1901. More than a century has passed since then, and the dream book remains, perhaps, one of the most popular. It also contains an interpretation of the dream about planting flowers, and it is quite detailed. Planting in a pot means that in reality you will completely unexpectedly receive a gift that will pleasantly surprise and delight you.

    Work on the flowerbed - be prepared for the fact that the routine of everyday life will be diversified by a cheerful family celebration, and you will be one of the participants in this event. Landing in a city square - an event will happen in real life that will give pleasant emotions; in the forest - there will be fun, interesting leisure time in a pleasant company; in the garden - a dream foretells that you will soon be welcoming guests.

  • Vanga's Dream Book

    “Flower” dreams have a generally positive interpretation, but much of the interpretation depends on the details of the dream. Planting beautiful flowers means pleasant chores and a quick result of these affairs. Planting flowers in damp soil (that is, the land you saw in a dream was remembered and impressed) means disappointment, which you will unexpectedly receive from people close to you.

    Planting withered flowers means illness, worsening health, and this will force you to change your plans.

  • Longo's Dream Interpretation

    A dream about planting flowers has this interpretation - in reality you will engage in a noble task.

  • English dream book

    Here you can find several meanings of such a dream. Planting red flowers is a sign of romantic interest, white flowers are a sign of long-awaited news, and prickly flowers are a sign of being wary of gossipers who may spread unpleasant gossip behind your back.

    Planting flowers in a beautiful flowerbed while watering them with clean water is a sign of work, the result of which will be even better than you originally expected; replanting flowers in pots - a lot of household chores and minor troubles will fall on your shoulders, and you will need to put things in order some effort.

  • Dream Interpretation of Hasse

    In this dream book there is such an interpretation of a dream about planting flowers - this is a harbinger of a romantic passion that will greatly change your life.

  • Dream Interpretation of Nostradamus

    A new acquaintance will lead to a series of pleasant events.

  • Loff's Dream Book

    Painstaking work with delayed results - this interpretation can be found in the dream book.

Why do you dream about Colors?

As a rule, we see colored dreams because we live in a colored world. But if a certain color becomes dominant or appears in an unusual way in a dream, then it deserves more careful consideration, especially if the entire dream action takes place in an environment of different shades of the same color or if an object stands out for its non-standard coloring. Since many colors are traditionally associated with certain feelings and emotions, the nature of many of them is archetypal and associated with JUNG theory.

But you should not limit yourself to an unambiguous interpretation: the symbolism of color goes far beyond its limits and depends on your personal perception of color and related situations. If Jung's characterization does not suit you, try the free association method by comparing real-life images with the color of the object in the dream.


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