Dream Interpretation of Pines: why a woman or man dreams of Pines

Dreamed of Pines: interpretation of the Angelic Dream Book

Why see Pine in a dream

Pine trees are also well known for their wonderful fresh scent. The fine light wood is used for a variety of purposes in construction and furniture. Sculptural forms of different types can also play a role in dreams. Was it a lone Scotch pine, strong and silent—the suppression of someone you know? Or the western white pine, tall and narrow, like a stairway to heaven, meaning that you strive to climb even higher in life? Or is the long-lived pine, considered the main long-liver among trees and surviving in any circumstances?

What kind of pine tree did you dream about?

Most often, a dream in which a pine tree appeared means the onset of a bright, favorable period in life. Calmness in the home, joy, spiritual harmony, and idyll in relationships with loved ones will inspire the dreamer to achieve success. Sleep also predicts excellent health. At the same time, an old, dried or broken pine tree promises troubles, losses and financial losses. Be sure to remember exactly what the tree was like in your night story and, based on this, decipher it.


According to Jung’s dream book, an increase in vitality and good health awaits the dreamer after dreaming about a strong, large pine tree.


You are very confident. However, it is this quality that allows you to achieve your goals and enjoy the respect of those around you.


According to the Noble Dream Book by N. Grishina, if you see a small pine tree in a dream, minor chores will take a lot of effort and time. They will not bring the desired result, but you won’t be able to get rid of them yet.


A good sign that predicts an excellent financial situation. If a tall pine tree in a dream was covered in snow, then in reality one should expect unexpected enrichment that fell “out of the blue.”


According to Miss Hasse's dream book, seeing a blooming pine tree means a romantic date awaits you in the near future. It will bring a lot of positive emotions and new impressions.

dried out

Losses and losses will take a lot of energy. It is worth taking a closer look at your health and your loved ones in the near future. If you dreamed of dried pine branches, then in reality you will have to attend a funeral.

With cones

According to Miller’s dream book, seeing trees with cones in a dream means stable financial income and joy for the dreamer. There is a high probability that he will soon occupy a high position in society.

No bumps

According to Hasse's dream book, a powerful, tall pine tree without cones - a dream means positive changes in your personal life. The dreamer will gain particular popularity with the opposite sex. It is possible that on his way he will meet a person who will become a real soul mate.


This is a warning dream that indicates to the dreamer that he should keep his own emotions under control - aggression, anger, rage. Otherwise, they will only bring harm and will not allow you to achieve your plans.


Medea's dream book warns that a crooked tree in a dream promises danger or an accident. In the near future, you need to be careful and not get involved in dubious activities.


Good luck will accompany you in all your endeavors. Now you can not be afraid to start new projects and take on seemingly risky things. Success will contribute in all endeavors.


Interpretation from the dream book of Catherine the Great: great worries and numerous troubles will fall on the dreamer’s shoulders. This will be very stressful, but you won’t be able to get rid of obligations. Therefore, it is worth accepting everything as it is and doing things with humility.


Vanga's dream book interprets a night vision of a broken pine tree as a harbinger of loneliness and longing for the past.

According to other interpretations, such dreams mean the dreamer’s unpreparedness for troubles. You are too calm and peaceful, so when a difficult period comes, you will not be ready for it.

New Year's

A stormy period of fun and relaxation is expected soon. You will plunge into entertainment and have fun with friends. This is exactly what is needed now.

Interpretation of the dream Pine according to the dream book for 365 days

Why do you dream about Pine by day of the week?

Lonely pine - A dream you had in the spring on Saturday night - to a disease of the legs; and in the spring on any other night - to an unfortunate incident; to see a pine tree in the summer - to a quarrel with friends; in the fall - to loneliness; in winter - to sad news.

Sawing or chopping a pine tree - In the spring on Saturday night - to illness; in the spring on any other night - to a collision with a rude and cruel person; a dream in the summer means an incident that will drive you crazy; and in the fall - to melancholy; a dream in winter warns that you are about to act rashly.

Pine in a birch grove - A dream you had in the spring on Saturday night means that you will find yourself in a strange story; a dream seen on any other night in the spring means that you will be mistaken about your friend; and in the summer - to reconciliation with enemies; a dream in the fall - to the restoration of friendly relations; a dream in winter means that you must gather your courage and take decisive action after much hesitation and doubt.

Love, relationships

Did you dream of pine cones on a beautiful coniferous tree? The dreamer will have a love adventure that will bring a lot of pleasure. It is very likely that friendly relationships will transform into romantic ones and will bring him joy.

Why does a girl dream about this tree? If she quarreled with her lover, she will soon make peace. According to the dream book, such a vision promises strengthening relationships.

Seeing a green pine tree in a dream means success in love. Planting it means that the sleeping person will have many loyal friends on whom he can rely.

Did you dream of buying a green New Year's spruce or pine? The dream book indicates: the dreamer's family happiness will increase. He will also enjoy communicating with children. Decorating a New Year's tree or pine tree is a sign of important and joyful events.

Why do you dream about Pine according to the dream interpreter according to N. Stepanova

For those born from January to April:

Pine - To good health.

For those born from May to August:

Dream about a pine tree - For the arrival of a good person in your home.

For those born from September to December:

Seeing a pine tree in a dream - What you leave to your children as an inheritance will be sacredly preserved.

Who had the dream

When deciphering night dreams involving a pine tree, be sure to consider who had the dream. For women and men, the interpretation of the same plot will be different.

To a woman

  1. According to interpreter Miller, for a young girl to dream about a green pine tree means in reality to have success in a love relationship. Such a plot predicts the beginning or strengthening of a relationship with a man. If the lovers were in a quarrel, this means that they will soon make peace.
  2. A dried pine tree or its branches, especially if needles are falling from it, means heavy losses and troubles for a woman.
  3. For a married lady, a strong, tall tree or a large number of them means family well-being, excellent relationships with children and husband.

To a man

For representatives of the stronger sex, according to the Lunar Dream Book, even dried pine branches in night visions predict success in all matters and in work. However, you should be vigilant and careful.

For young people, a pine tree with cones in a dream means early marriage. You will finally meet your soul mate and be able to create a good family.


Felomena's dream book interprets the dream as follows: for a pregnant woman, a dream about a strong, green pine tree portends good health and promises the birth of a baby on a precise date. The birth will be easy. It is bad if the tree was dry or unhealthy in appearance. This indicates that a woman needs to pay more attention to her own health.


Pine symbolizes long life and high energy. Such a dream can indicate both the dreamer’s high life potential and the need to strive for it. However, if it recurs, and especially when the smell of pine needles is clearly felt, you should pay attention to the respiratory system. Bad harbingers are a broken, dried out or burning tree. The last plot speaks of the dreamer’s excessive emotionality, which can cause him irreparable harm. Buying this tree for the New Year holiday is the completion of some stage of life.

Other dream plots about pine

Gustav Miller views dreams about pine only positively. He prophesies success in any business to a person who has seen a vision of a regal, majestic tree. However, other dream books are not so categorical in their interpretation. Some stories involving pine trees carry a negative meaning. Let's take a closer look.

Pine branch

There is a favorable period ahead when everything planned will be carried out easily and quickly. The most positive sign is a pine branch in the snow, which you saw in a dream. It promises great success, fulfillment of desires and an excellent financial situation.

Climb a pine tree

Miller's dream book indicates that after such a dream you will be able to achieve a very high position in society.

Get off the pine tree

You take on too much and are involved in other people's affairs. This position can greatly harm you. Therefore, lower your ambitions and stop trying to give your advice to other people. Then everything will get better in your life.

Pine falls

White magician Yuri Longo believed that the plot with a falling pine carries a negative meaning. He predicts financial losses.

Sit under a pine tree

According to Aesop's dream book, if a person was sitting under a pine tree in a dream, the dreamer will rejoice at his own creative successes.

Hugging a pine tree

A very pleasant, sincere conversation with a good person is expected ahead. It will help clarify the situation and relieve stress.

Hear the pine trees rustling

According to Loff's dream book, a pleasant surprise awaits you. It will be somewhat unexpected, but it will bring joy.

The pine tree fell

Material losses, losses are just around the corner. It is necessary to be more careful with your finances and, if possible, save for a rainy day.

Pine and birch

According to Medea’s dream book, if you dreamed of a birch and a pine tree, you will find yourself in a very strange story. It is still unknown what the result of participation will be - positive or negative. Much depends on the emotions experienced in the dream. If they were good, then the events will bring satisfaction and joy. If you were nervous in your night visions, then in reality you shouldn’t expect anything good from this story.

Where was the pine tree in the dream?

In night dreams, a pine tree can be in the forest, in the yard, and even in the dreamer’s house itself. In general, regardless of its location, sleep is considered favorable. It promises good health, good prospects and opportunities for the dreamer. But for an accurate interpretation, you should familiarize yourself with the interpretations of popular dream books.

In the house

According to the interpretation of the dream book of the healer Akulina, if there was a pine tree in the house in a dream, this is a very favorable sign that promises an unexpected turn in business for the better. Your well-being will increase, as will your position in society.

In the courtyard

Soon you will occupy a very high, responsible position.

Under the windows

According to Phoebe’s Big Dream Book, a pine tree under the windows in a dream symbolizes many years of a person’s life.

In the forest

A tree in its natural habitat means success in any endeavor and good financial standing. The dreamer will be independent from money, as well as from other people. His business will go uphill, and family life will bring many calm, happy moments.

In field

A lonely tree in a field in a night scene symbolizes the dreamer’s loneliness, his longing for the past and dissatisfaction with the present. If there was more than one pine tree in the field, then the dream indicates the limitless possibilities of man. A period is coming when all things will be successful and there will be no obstacles on the way to achieving success. Don't miss this chance given by Fate!

On the mountain

The Chinese dream book interprets the dream as follows: if you dreamed of a pine tree on a mountain, you will be offered a leadership position. This will significantly improve your own position in society.

In the snow

Unexpected wealth is foreshadowed in Felomena's dream book for those who happened to see a snow-covered pine tree in night visions.

In water

The near future will bring a lot of positive emotions if the water was clean and transparent. A dream where a pine tree was in muddy, dirty water has a negative meaning. This means losses, the dreamer’s moral instability, poor health and possible health problems. After such dreams, you should be more attentive to everything that surrounds you, including yourself.

In a pot

After much hesitation and doubt, the time has come to act decisively and boldly. Take matters into your own hands, learn to take responsibility for your own life - then you will be able to achieve your goal.

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