Why do you dream of a drunken mother-in-law scolding: interpretation of sleep

If in a dream you saw your mother-in-law’s husband, you know that a joyful reconciliation awaits you with those with whom you have been in conflict for a long time. This dream has this meaning in most well-known dream books. But there are no less popular interpreters who interpret this night dream in a completely different way. Perhaps it all depends on the plot?! Let's figure out why the father-in-law dreams and how to protect yourself when the dream portends trouble.

Pleasant communication is a sign of joy and good luck

If you dream that your father-in-law hugs you, it means pleasant family meetings and get-togethers. And if you hugged, expect guests.

Kissing your husband's daddy on the temple - one of your relatives will help you get out of a deadlock situation by suggesting the right solution.

If you want to understand why you had a dream in which you are drinking with your spouse’s father and singing songs, take a look at the Lunar Dream Book. His interpretations will delight you: you will soon become the darling of fate - you will be lucky in everything.

If you dream that your father-in-law invited you to dance, expect good news and joyful news.

Miller's interpretations

The spouse's mother in a beautiful dress signals the upcoming opportunity to buy some beautiful thing. There is a high probability that the dreamer will visit a sale where there will be big discounts. Don't deny yourself the pleasure of shopping. Miller also gives the following interpretations:

  • If the mother-in-law looks younger in a dream, this is a good sign, indicating that everything will be fine for the sleeping woman in the near future. She is very lucky with her appearance, men like her, and her friends are jealous of her beauty. It is recommended to lead a healthy lifestyle and monitor your diet, as well as eat more fruits. Then you will be able to look beautiful at any age.
  • Did the spouse’s mother bake pies and treat them in a dream? It's time to invite guests to your house and have a party. Absolutely any occasion is suitable for this. The main thing is to invite those you really want to see. These could be childhood friends, relatives or even colleagues. A pleasant pastime will allow you to relax and forget about all the tormenting problems.
  • If you happened to kill your mother-in-law in a dream, this can only mean that a lot of aggression towards this person has accumulated inside. The sleeping woman clearly does not like her husband’s mother; this woman annoys the dreamer. The best solution in this situation is to keep your distance from the one that causes negative feelings.
  • Chatting nicely with your mother-in-law about all sorts of trifles means that the dreamer is a kind and sociable person. Friends appreciate her for her responsiveness and friendliness. However, the girl secretly suffers due to the lack of a suitable partner. Don’t worry, the long-awaited acquaintance will soon take place and the sleeping woman will learn what true love is.
  • Cleaning the house of the mother of the legal spouse means the need to restore order. Dear guests are due to arrive soon, we need to prepare for their visit. If the sleeping woman takes the time to clean, this will allow her to demonstrate her qualities as a housewife.
  • Seeing a portrait of a woman who is your mother-in-law in a dream means meeting tactless and insensitive people. They can cause trouble. Perhaps the sleeping woman already knows some of them. You need to be more careful when contacting imaginary friends - they can set you up and betray you.

Arguing with “dad” means depressing events

It’s bad if you dreamed of a quarrel with your spouse’s dad - this is a sign of failure, the White Magician’s dream book upsets with its prophecy.

But the Eastern Dream Book interprets a similar vision somewhat differently, with only one amendment that you are quarreling with your now deceased father-in-law. This plot means that you need to establish contact with your husband’s relatives in order to avoid unnecessary problems with them.

Fighting with your ex-father-in-law brings unpleasant memories.

Dreaming of a drunken father-in-law with whom you are arguing means difficulties in communicating with your loved one, and if it was a former father-in-law, then there will be problems with your ex-hubby. For example, you may not agree on how to raise a child.

Most common stories

If we are talking about the mother-in-law, it makes sense to remember what she looked like, what she did and what she said. All this will help solve the dream. It is proposed to pay attention to the following possible scenarios:

  • If an unmarried girl saw her future mother-in-law in a dream, this is a positive omen. The plot promises new interesting acquaintances and contacts. However, do not forget about caution and forethought. When communicating with new friends, you need to be more vigilant and attentive, because among your friends there may also be ill-wishers. The girl will only win if she keeps a small distance until a certain time. This will allow her to protect herself from trouble.
  • Did you see your real mother-in-law? There's a little trouble ahead. A dream of this nature may hint at a reluctance to contact this woman in real life due to an unpleasant attitude towards her.
  • The girl in the dream herself became a mother-in-law, although in reality she is not one - she will be able to overcome all her pressing problems and survive life’s difficulties with dignity. Now is a great time for new beginnings. Finally, the black streak has passed and the long-awaited white streak has arrived.
  • If the spouse’s mother in a dream simply stood in one place and said nothing, looking intently into her eyes, this means that the current worries are completely in vain, and the problems will be solved. This will be facilitated by an unknown elderly woman. The lady will amaze you with her good nature and love of life, and will also make you think about important things and change your perspective on a problematic situation.
  • Have you ever caught your mother-in-law crying? The plot foretells joyful events and a fun pastime. Many surprises and gifts from loved ones are expected.
  • A husband's mother laughing doesn't bode well. The girl may soon experience deep disappointment, but do not despair. Once at the bottom, you can push off and emerge. It is recommended to have courage and simply wait out the unfavorable period.
  • A dream about an ex-mother-in-law indicates that the ex-husband’s thoughts are still about the dreamer. He often thinks about her, remembering his life together. The man regrets the breakup and hopes that everything can still be returned.

Illness and other troubles, or difficulties await you at work

Feeding a “dad” who is dying in a dream means you have to cope with the difficult work that your boss will entrust to you.

The woman who sees that her father-in-law has had an accident and is seriously injured will have problems with colleagues, the Women’s Dream Book prophesies. It’s especially bad if the deceased is actually the father-in-law.

Helping your husband’s sick father in a dream means tedious and painstaking work.

Dream Interpretation of Astromeridiana

According to this dream book, a mother-in-law in tears indicates that the sleeping woman is making someone cry. It is recommended to think about who could be greatly affected by it. This person is very disappointed in the dreamer and thinks of her much worse than she really is. It is necessary to clarify the situation by talking with this person.

Seeing your mother-in-law drunk means victory over your enemies. Soon you will definitely be able to cope with all adversities. Problems will solve themselves. Joyful events are already on the way. You need to learn to accept all shades of life and not complain about fate.

Arguing with your mother-in-law in a dream means that you need to be more wary of your friends, especially if the relationship is tense. Perhaps your loved one is going to get together with another woman. Also, arguing with your husband's mother can mean gossip behind your back and the black envy of hypocrites.

If you happen to see your mother-in-law naked, there is a high probability that this woman is in serious trouble. Most likely, she is tormented by health problems or lacks the attention of loved ones. Perhaps you should visit a relative and inquire about her affairs.

An upset mother-in-law symbolizes meaningless disputes, discord and quarrels. In the near future, you will encounter rudeness and misunderstanding from relatives who will actively pursue their line.

Seeing how your husband's mother manages the house means having big claims against her. A conflict is brewing in which both sides are to blame. An outsider who is not indifferent to this situation will help you understand each other and make peace. You need to learn to appreciate your loved ones and not focus on the negative.

If the mother-in-law dances or sings in a dream, it foreshadows a cheerful holiday where you can enjoy a wonderful holiday in a pleasant circle of your closest and dearest people. At this event, you will be able to make useful contacts, which in the future will allow you to advance your career and achieve a lot in life.

Sad dreams about death, as a symbol of disappointed hopes

Did your late father-in-law die in your night visions? This means the collapse of hopes and dreams.

If you see that your father-in-law is lying in a coffin, who has not died, but is pretending to be dead, you are deceived in the feelings of your chosen one.

Seeing your dead father-in-law alive in reality means you shouldn’t trust what strangers tell you.

If you happened to see in your dream your spouse’s deceased father in reality, dead and lying in a coffin, then you saw practically the same thing that happened at the funeral - the only sad dream that promises the resurrection of lost hopes.

Actions of the mother-in-law and the dreamer

Caring for your spouse’s mother, who is not feeling well, means that someone close to you needs help. If you dreamed of a mother-in-law showing concern, the girl is fabulously lucky, because in real life she is surrounded by people on whom she can fully count. They will always help her in difficult times and support her in any way they can. Events can also develop as follows:

  • A tipsy woman hints to the dreamer that she has serious health problems - it’s better to check with a doctor just in case. Perhaps the disease does not manifest itself with any symptoms. The sooner a girl goes to the clinic, the greater her chances of a successful outcome.
  • If you happen to beat your mother-in-law, this indicates that the dreamer hates this person and has the most negative feelings towards him. You should better understand your feelings, because there is a high probability that in real life the sleeping woman takes her anger out on close people who are not to blame for anything. You need to try to calm down and improve relationships with your family.
  • Burying your husband's mother means problems at work and in your personal life. A difficult period is coming, which will require a lot of patience. If the dreamer plucks up courage and overcomes all difficulties with dignity, a reward will await her.
  • A dream about a mother-in-law with a smile on her face means that a certain woman is going to take away her loved one. Urgent measures must be taken to prevent this. It is recommended to act very subtly, systematically thinking through each step. This is the only way to maintain a relationship with a man. You should also take a closer look at your friends. It is possible that an insidious rival is one of them.
  • A quarrel with the mother-in-law hints at the tactlessness and ignorance of some individuals in the sleeping woman’s immediate circle. These people try in every possible way to provoke a conflict situation, but so far nothing has worked for them. It is recommended not to give in further, maintaining prudence. If a scandal occurs, it will be difficult to restore your reputation, and you will have to give up your career growth.
  • Fighting with a woman who is the mother of her husband means having a desire to take revenge on someone for something. The sleeping woman feels a strong resentment and cannot let it go. She needs to work with her feelings in order to free herself from a heavy burden.

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